Happy Families Snap
Happy Families
Shuffle and deal all the cards, face down. The
aim of the game is to make ‘families’. A family
is made by having 4 matching cards. The player
to the left of the dealer begins by asking another
player for a specific card. You must have at least
one of this ‘family’ already. For example, if you
already have one Eddie card, you can ask for
an Eddie card to try and make up your family.
If they have the card they must give it to you.
You can then ask the next player for a card –
this could be Eddie, or it could be for another
family. Continue in this way until someone says
‘No’ when you request a card. When you are
told ‘No’ it is the player to your left’s turn to ask
for a card. Play continues until all families are
complete and the winner is the player with the
most complete families.
Shuffle cards and deal to all players. Each
player makes a pile of their cards, face down,
in front of them. Starting with the player to the
left of the dealer, one by one, players must turn
their top card over (without looking at it first) and
place it in a pile in the middle. When a turned
card matches that already on top of the pile each
player races to call out ‘Snap’, the first player to
do this adds the centre pile of cards to their own.
That player then resumes play. If more than one
player calls at exactly the same time then the pile
remains in the middle and it is the next player’s
turn to place a card. When a player runs out of
cards they are out of the game. The last player
with cards is the winner.
Matching Pairs
Shuffle and place each card face down with no
overlaps. The oldest player begins. Take it in
turns to turn over two cards, making sure that all
players can see the images. If the cards match
they make a pair. The player can keep the cards
and pick again. If they do not match the player
must r e turn the cards, face down again, and the
next player picks. Play continues until all cards
are picked and the winner is the player with the
most pairs.
Lose the Sheep
The aim of the game is to not get ‘caught’ with
the ‘Sheep’ card. Remove 3 of the 4
‘Sheep’ cards, shuffle and deal the pack to
all players. Players should take out any pairs they
have and place them face down in front of them.
The player to the left of the dealer starts. They
offer their cards face down to the person on their
left, who picks out a card. If they make a pair
with an existing card they can place them face
down with their other ‘pairs’, if not they keep it
with the cards in their hand. This player then
offers their cards to the person on their left. Play
continues until there is only one card left, this will
be the ‘Sheep’ card and the player holding it gets
caught and loses the game. Baaaaaaa!
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