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ALCO Supplies /
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Cranberry Chloroprene Aquaprene. Powder- Free Examination Gloves. Smart Grip
formulation for enhanced wet and dry grip. 200 Saver Pack.
Transcend Nitrile
Cranberry Powder-Free Nitrile Examination Gloves 300 gloves per box. Low Dermatitis
Bee Sure Vibe Face
Mask Level 3
Bee Sure Vibe Face Mask Level 3. Quad- Fold with VA DuoSeal Design. Glamorous Pink,
Luminous Blue, Dazzling Green.
ArtCraft Dental
TempOff is the new standard in temporary crown removal. Powerful, efficient provisional
removal with virtually no patient discomfort. Custom fitting attachable soft grips available
for use on ceramic surfaces.
Waterlase Express™ is the only laser to feature in-depth, step-by-step, 4K HD animations
for every step of every procedure. The versatile and gentle combination of laser energy
and water has the power to relieve dental anxiety at the source—for you, your team, and
the patients you serve.
Bisco Dental Products
TheraCem is a dual-cured, calcium and fluoride-releasing, self-adhesive resin cement
indicated for luting crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and prefabricated metal/nonmetal/fiber posts. Delivering a strong bond to Zirconia and most substrates, along with
easy cleanup and high radiopacity, TheraCem offers the clinician a reliable and durable
cementation of indirect restorations.
Carl Zeiss Meditec
from ZEISS
Elevate and differentiate your practice with the new EXTARO® 300 from ZEISS —
enhanced visualization, ergonomic design, single-handed operation.
New Products debuting at CDA Presents in San Francisco | Aug 24–26, 2017
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DentalEZ Integrated
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The best just got better! Introducing the new NV PRO3 Microlaser. Optimized for all of
your periodontal, restorative and orthodontic procedural needs, the latest evolution in
cordless soft-tissue lasers enables you to deliver the benefits of laser dentistry to each
patient, while increasing practice production across all departments.
ViziLite PRO® Oral
Lesion Screening
The latest innovation in light-based fluorescence technology – ViziLite PRO – offers a fast
and effective screening approach that may facilitate early detection, and ultimately save a
life. This lightweight and ergonomic device uses powerful shortwave LEDs to generate
biofluorescence and enhance visualization. Screen over 100 patients on a single charge
and improve your procedural efficiency.
430 Torque
The 430SWL® from StarDental® offers a small head design, ceramic bearing turbines, and
high quality fiber optic glass designed to withstand the rigors of steam sterilization. The
430 Torque from StarDental® is the newest member of the 430 high-speed handpiece
family and it delivers power and choice. Learn more at
Core Dental
DentalEZ® created the CORE Dental Operatory Equipment line to help you succeed in
providing uncompromising service with great value. With attractive pricing, a 5 year
limited warranty and exceptional reliability, the CORE Chair, LED Light & Delivery Unit
provide you with the strong foundation you need for success. Learn more at
Online Parts
DentalEZ® Integrated Solutions now offers an easy to use online parts catalog that shows
part names & numbers, descriptions, photographs, exploded diagrams and retail pricing,
along with installation and other instructions. Users can drill down by product type, or
search by product or part number. Learn more at
New Products debuting at CDA Presents in San Francisco | Aug 24–26, 2017
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DMG America
TempoCem ID
TempoCemID is a translucent, all-purpose dual cure composite luting cement indicated for
temporary luting of crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays and onlays, as well as all kinds of
temporary restorations. Eugenol-free, it is available in a handheld syringe.
Doxa Dental
Ceramir C&B Quik
Ceramir C&B QuikMix is a permanent, radiopaque, bioceramic luting cement. Ceramir
Crown & Bridge QuikMix delivery system was released to provide an easy mixing
alternative. In Ceramir C&B QuikMix, the powder is supplied separately & the liquid is
supplied in a drop bottle. The QuikMix Kit provides everything a dentist needs to get
Harp Ortho FlosserJLC Dental Products
Harp Ortho Flosser
Developer and manufacturer of The Harp Orthodontic Flosser. The Harp is a Revolutionary
Orthodontic Flosser made of Braided Nylon that is reusable. Quick, Easy and One-handed
Ortho Flossing for Patients and Hygienists! Resistant to shredding and breaking. Won’t
displace brackets or bend archwires. Order Online at
Henry Schein
Carriere® MOTION
Class II Appliances
Patients can now personalize their orthodontic treatment with Carriere® MOTION 3D
COLORS™ Class II Appliances in fun, bold colors – blue, purple, green, gold, silver and
multi. The MOTION 3D COLORS Appliances turn Class II cases into simple Class I patients
by treating the sagittal dimension at the beginning of treatment in order to simplify the case
and reduce patient time in braces or aligners. This new treatment paradigm eliminates
competing force vectors and patient compliance issues inherent in traditional Class II
New Products debuting at CDA Presents in San Francisco | Aug 24–26, 2017
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Henry Schein
Carriere® MOTION
3D CLEAR™ Class
II appliance
Perfect for patients with high aesthetic demand, The Carriere® MOTION 3D CLEAR™ Class
II appliance is based on the philosophy of achieving a stable Class I platform in the
posterior segment at the onset of treatment in order to simplify treatment and reduce patient
time in braces or aligners. Like its metal counterpart, this new treatment paradigm
eliminates competing force vectors and patient compliance issues inherent in traditional
Class II correction. Whether it’s the simplicity-of-use, the sleek patient-friendly design, or the
remarkable speed and predictability of how it works, the Carriere® MOTION 3D CLEAR™
Class II Appliance is truly extraordinary.
KaVo Kerr - DEXIS
DEXcam 4HD
High Definition Intra-Oral Camera with 1.3 million pixel CMOS sensor that delivers high
definition images which remain clear and prevents distortion when enlarged. Used for
diagnosis, education, and collaboration, the images from DEXcam 4HD are highly
detailed, and the camera is easy to use, reliable, and portable. DEXcapture software
provides flexilbe guided workflows, putting you in charge!
Komet USA
DISCstance™ IPR
system (Kit 4671)
The DISCstance™ IPR system (Kit 4671) is designed to simplify and speed up the task of
stripping when indicated for correcting lower jaw tooth sizes that are disproportionate to
those of the upper jaw, for eliminating crowding, and for creating full-surface contact
(especially in the lower anteriors) in order to improve results stability following the end of
orthodontic treatment.
Composite Polishers
Footsie™ composite polishers from Komet USA are specially configured in a spiral shape
with a small foot at the end of each lamella (working part). This innovative design provides
exceptional flexibility and durability because the enhanced polishing lamellas resist
breakage during a two-step polishing sequence.
New Products debuting at CDA Presents in San Francisco | Aug 24–26, 2017
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Komet USA
Komet® Deep
Delivering high-performance, controlled efficiency to facilitate crown-preparation
procedures, Komet USA's innovative Deep Purple diamonds are specially designed for
fast, effective substance removal. Deep Purple diamonds feature high-quality and uniformly
sized, extra-coarse diamond grains embedded at the optimal depth for effective, rapid,
reliable performance.
The Atom micro-head highspeed offers a lightweight and slim body design. Which allows
for easy access to hard-to-reach areas with superior visibility and accessibility without
compromising comfort. Delivering 16W of power the Atom allows you to cut smoothly and
confidently without the loss of torque, elevating the Atom to the highest level of
performance within its class of micro-head highspeeds.
Meta Biomed Inc.
Endodontic Treatment System! All in one touch screen control device. Including: Endo
motor, Apex locator and Pen style Pack & Fill. This compact and light weight unit allows
the use of the Endo motor and apex locator at the same time. This also controls your
obturator for both pack and fill features. This unit will be mounted on your dental chair or
cart to allow ease of use and ensure accuracy.
OmniOptic™ is the first and only loupe to utilize interchangeable oculars, which allow the
user to switch between up to 4 different magnification powers (2.5x, 3.5x, 4.5x, 5.5x).
The ocular anchors are set to a specific, customized interpupilary and working distance to
provide a consistent working experience at any magnification level.
Ortho-Tain, Inc.
Class III Corrector,
Ages 6-12
The Class III Corrector, Ages 6-12 is a one size fits all appliance worn 2 hours per day,
and at night for a treatment time of 3-4 months. Daytime wear requires the patient to push
with their tongue against 3 tabs on the upper portion of the appliance in a forward
direction which moves the upper arch and teeth into an ideal anterior position (Class I).
New Products debuting at CDA Presents in San Francisco | Aug 24–26, 2017
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Ortho-Tain, Inc.
Toddler Habit
The Healthy Start Toddler Habit Corrector is designed for ages 2-4 to address Sleep
Disordered Breathing symptoms and help correct poor oral habits. It is used to develop
proper swallowing habits, prevent and/or correct tongue thrust, encourage arch
expansion, correct thumb or finger sucking, encourage nighttime nasal breathing and
eliminate mouth breathing, and position lips in closed position.
4.0x TTL Prismatic
The newly reimagined prismatic 4.0x TTL loupe is extremely lightweight compared to its
counterparts on the market. This high magnification allows the user to see a large image
without compromising image clarity, field of view, or depth of field.
Philips Sonicare and
Zoom Whitening
Philips Sonicare
Smart Power
Our best, most complete brushing solution, Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart reduces
gingival inflammation up to 70% better than Oral-B 7000 with CrossAction brush head, in
Deep Clean, non-connected modes using Premium plaque control brush head. For a
superior experience, it features brush head replacement reminders, brush head mode
pairing, a pressure sensor, a travel case and charging glass.
Prophy Magic
The electronic control system offers a smooth start allowing for easy loading and prophy
paste control. Then enjoy the comfort and accessibility of the lightweight handpiece. The
Prophy Magic FreeStyle is quieter than traditional handpieces, and intended to reduce
patient stress.
Pedo Character
Child's toothbrush with suction cup bottom, includes lizard, lion, pony and alligator. Perfect
size for ages 3-8. Can be customized. Very affordably priced.
New Products debuting at CDA Presents in San Francisco | Aug 24–26, 2017
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Shofu Dental
Dental Wings
Intraoral Scanner
Available in 4-gram syringes, 20 x 0.25-gram tips, and value intro kits, in 14 dentin and
enamel shades, Beautifil II LS (Low Shrink) offers the clinicians predictable and functional
aesthetics with greater strength, higher wear resistance and virtually instant polishability.
For more information on Beautifil II LS (Low Shrink) can be found on Shofu’s website at
St. Renatus
(tetracaine HCl and
oxymetazoline HCl)
Nasal Spray
Kovanaze® (tetracaine HCl and oxymetazoline HCl) Nasal Spray is indicated for regional
anesthesia when performing a restorative procedure on teeth 4-13 and A-J in adults and
children who weigh 40 kg or more. See full Prescribing and Important Safety Information,
as well as our 7-minute Kovanaze Training Video, at:
Why inject...when you can spray?
Swiss Monkey
Swiss Monkey
Dental Job App
Swiss Monkey is a free and innovative dental-specific app for job seekers. Employers pay
a low, flat fee to post their job and have it sent immediately to applicants in the area.
Applicant profiles are ranked and "matched" to jobs making it easier for employers to find
that perfect team member. Meet Swiss Monkey - the Dental Industry's Coolest Matchmaker.
Ultradent Products
Mosaic Universal
Mosaic universal composite balances beauty and performance for lasting, lifelike
restorations. Mosaic composite can be used for all restorative purposes: basic or complex.
Its well-balanced nanohybrid formula produces restorations of the highest quality.
Thermo Clone VPS
Thermo Clone impression material is designed to capture even the finest features quickly
and accurately. The results? Clear impressions with detailed margins—the first time. And
because the temperature-sensitive material sets quickly, you’ll see less distortion in your
impressions and more smiles on your patients’ faces.
New Products debuting at CDA Presents in San Francisco | Aug 24–26, 2017
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Unitas PPO Solutions
Patient Loyalty
Patient Loyalty Builder provides a compliant and custom in-house discount plan. We help
implement and market this plan. Practices can choose from 3 discount levels. Our Patient
Education Program will educate patients on dental care, treatment planning, and
understanding insurance. We help educate patients through an online resource center,
email communication, social media, and an incentive program.
Zest Dental Solutions
Removal Tool
This easy to use tool is designed to be used by the patient, or a caregiver, to assist with the
removal of a dental prosthesis including dentures and implant overdentures. Patient
Friendly and Easy to Use! To learn more about the new CHAIRSIDE Denture Removal Tool
FIXED Attachment
LOCATOR F-Tx: A revolutionary FIXED Attachment System making fixed full-arch cases a
snap! Unlike traditional fixed restorations, LOCATOR F-Tx “snaps” into place creating a
stress-free, passive connection without screws or cement. Maintains prosthesis integrity,
preserves esthetics and reduces chair time. NO SCREWS. NO CEMENT. NO
COMPROMISES. To learn more visit
Cem EZ™
Cem EZ™ is a dual-cure universal resin cement for luting crowns, inlays, onlays, and posts.
Cem EZ incorporates Danville Materials’ innovative curing technology, IntelliTek™,
designed to provide excellent long-term color stability as well as compatibility with a wide
variety of bonding agents.
New Products debuting at CDA Presents in San Francisco | Aug 24–26, 2017
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