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Kambrook KUR10 User's Manual
8 Litre Urn
Kambrook 461 Plummer Street, Port Melbourne 3207, Australia
Customer Service Line (free call) 1800 800 634 Customer Service Fax 1800 621 337
Kambrook New Zealand, Private Bag 94411, Greenmount, Auckland, New Zealand
Customer Service Line/Spare Parts 09 271 3980 Customer Service Fax 0800 288 513
Due to continual improvement in design or otherwise, the product you purchase may differ slightly from the illustrations in this book. Issue 1/05
Issue 1/05
Do not touch hot surfaces. Use handles
for lifting and carrying the appliance.
Welcome to Kambrook and your new 8
Litre Urn. At Kambrook, we believe that
the safe performance is the first priority
in any consumer product so that you, our
valued customer, can confidently use and
trust our appliances.We ask that any
electrical appliance that you use be
operated in a sensible fashion with due
care and attention placed on the following
important operating instructions.
Features of your Kambrook 8 Litre Urn
Always use the appliance on a dry,
level surface.The urn is not intended
for use on water craft or other
non-stationery vehicles.
Do not operate the urn on an
inclined surface.
Do not move the urn while it is
switched on.
Keep clear of walls, curtains and other
heat or steam sensitive materials.
Minimum 200mm distance.
Do not place the urn on or near a hot gas
or electric burner, or where it could
touch a heated oven.
Carefully read all instructions before
operating and save for future reference.
Remove any promotional stickers before
using the urn for the first time.
Do not let the cord hang over the edge
of a table or counter, touch hot surfaces
or become knotted.
This appliance is designed for the boiling
of drinking quality water only, never use it
to heat or boil any other liquids or food.
Do not immerse urn cord or power plug
in water or any other liquid.
This appliance is for household use only.
Do not use this appliance for other than
its intended use. Do not use outdoors.
Always switch appliance to ‘OFF’, switch
off at the power outlet and then remove
the plug from the power outlet before
attempting to move the appliance, when
the appliance is not in use and before
cleaning or storing.
Unwind the cord before use.
This appliance is not intended for use by
young children or infirm persons unless
they have been adequately supervised by a
responsible person to ensure they can use
the appliance safely.
The installation of a residual current
device (safety switch) is recommended
to provide additional safety protection
when using electrical appliances. It is
advisable that a safety switch with a rated
residual operating current not exceeding
30mA be installed in the electrical circuit
supplying the appliance. See your
electrician for professional advice.
Young children should be supervised to
ensure that they do not play with the
Do not leave the appliance unattended
when in use.
1. Safety locking lid
6. Non-drip tap with two way flow lever
2. Cool touch carry handles
7.1800 watt concealed element
3.Water window
8. Boil dry cut out protection
4. Power ‘on’ light
9. Safety reset button (under the base)
5.Variable temperature control
Regularly inspect the power supply cord,
plug and actual appliance for any damage.
If found damaged in any way, immediately
cease use of the appliance and return unit
to the nearest authorised Kambrook
centre for examination, replacement
or repair.
When the unit has boiled, select the
desired setting from ‘MIN” to ‘4’ to
maintain temperature (recommend setting
‘2’ or ‘3’ for tea or coffee).
To pour hot water, place a cup below the
non-drip tap and push the tap down. For
continuous pouring, lift the tap in the
vertical position.
After use, switch the appliance to ‘OFF’,
switch the power off at the power outlet
and then remove the plug when appliance
is not being used and before cleaning.
Remove any promotional and packaging
materials before use.
It is recommended that before the first
use, the urn is filled to the maximum level,
boiled and water discarded.
NOTE:The lid should always be fitted and locked
into position when in use.
Always switch the appliance to ‘OFF’,
switch the power off at the power outlet
and then remove the plug before cleaning.
Never immerse the urn controls or cord
in water, or allow moisture to come in
contact with these parts.
The urn is fitted with a safety device
which protects against overheating should
the appliance be operated with insufficient
water or has boiled dry. If this occurs, the
urn will stop heating.The red power ‘on’
light will turn off.
Removal of mineral deposits
Mineral deposits in tap water may cause
the urn element plate to discolour.This
may be removed by using a commercial
kettle descaler which is available from
most leading supermarkets, department
and hardware stores. Alternatively;
Switch the appliance to off, switch the
power off at the power outlet and allow
the urn to cool. Press the safety reset
button under the base before refilling the
urn.The safety device will then be reset
and the urn will be ready for use.
2. Place the urn on a dry, level surface.
Use caution when pouring water from the
urn, as boiling water will scald. Do not
pour the water too quickly.
1. Fill the urn until 2/3 full with 1 part
vinegar and 2 parts water. Boil and allow
to stand overnight.
3.To fill with water, turn the locking lid
anti-clockwise and remove.
Do not open the lid when in operation as
steam may escape from the top.
2. Empty the solution from the urn. Fill the
urn with clean water, bring to boil and
discard the water. Repeat and the urn will
be ready for use.
1. Fully unwind power cord.
Steam may escape from the steam holes
on top of the urn. Exercise caution at all
To clean the exterior
The outside of the urn may be wiped over
with a damp cloth and polished with a
soft, dry cloth.
Always empty the urn before moving to a
new position/location.
Never carry the urn when in operation.
NOTE: Do not use chemical, steel wool, or abrasive
cleaners to clean the urn.
Always use the handles to carry the urn.
Use a small container to fill the urn. Do
not fill above the maximum 8 litre mark
on the external water window as boiling
water may splash out from the urn.
4. After filling the urn, ensure that the lid
is replaced and locked firmly into position.
5. Plug the power cord into a 230/240v
power outlet and switch on.
6.Turn the variable heat control to ‘5’ for
fast boiling.The red power ‘on’ light will
If the product includes one or a number
of accessories only the defective
accessory or product will be replaced.
KAMBROOK warrants the purchaser
against defects in workmanship and material,
for a period of 12 months from the date of
purchase (3 months commercial use).
In the event of KAMBROOK choosing to
replace the appliance, the guarantee will
expire at the original date, ie. 12 months
from the original purchase date.
Guarantee and purchase receipt for this
product are to be retained as proof of
purchase and must be presented if making
a claim under the terms of the
KAMBROOK guarantee.
In Australia, this KAMBROOK Guarantee
is additional to the conditions and
guarantees which are mandatory as
implied by the Trade Practises Act 1974
and State Territory legislation.
KAMBROOK reserves the right to
replace or repair the appliance within
the warranty period.
For service, spare parts or product
information in Australia, please call
KAMBROOK on the customer Service
Line (free call) 1800 800 634.
Warranty does not apply to any defect,
deterioration, loss or injury or damage
occasioned by, or as a result of the misuse
or abuse, negligent handling or if the
product has not been used in accordance
with the instructions.The guarantee
excludes breakages and consumable items
such as kneading blades.
For service, spare parts or product
information in New Zealand,
please call KAMBROOK New Zealand,
Greenmount, Auckland Phone 09 271 3980
Fax 0800 288 513. For spare parts phone
09 271 3980.
This warranty is void if there is evidence
of the product being tampered with by
unauthorised persons.
If claiming under this guarantee the product
must be returned to freight prepaid.
YOUR PURCHASE RECORD (Please complete)
Attach a copy of purchase
receipt here.
DATE OF PURCHASE______________________________________________________
MODEL NUMBER ________________________________________________________
SERIAL NUMBER (If applicable) ______________________________________________
Please don’t return purchase record
unless you are making a claim
PURCHASED FROM ______________________________________________________
Issue 1/05
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