Rich Global NFC mCommerce, EMV, PCI and US VISA TIP* in One

Rich Global NFC mCommerce, EMV, PCI and US VISA TIP* in One
Rich Global NFC mCommerce, EMV, PCI
and US VISA TIP* in One Package
First integrated customer-facing solution to allow small
and medium size merchants to accept mag-stripe,
contactless and mobile phone payments and promotions.
The widespread use of mobile, smart phone and contactless
technologies by consumers is changing the way they interact with
the world and what they demand from retailers and retailer’s
systems. Consumers equipped with NFC mobile payment devices
will expect even more.
The ViVOpay 8100 is the first platform to provide small and
medium sized merchants with the advanced functionality and
capabilities required in this new environment. With the ViVOpay
8100 consumers have an intuitive payment process. They can
swipe or tap their cards or mobile devices, enter their PIN or
signature, respond to prompts and be exposed to real-time offers
and promotions through its LCD display in an engaging and
interactive payment process. We call it a Point-of-Interaction (POI)
device - a new breed of customer-facing terminals.
• PCI-PED 2.1 Certified
Protect your investment beyond 2014.
• Powerful New Applications
Increase revenue and customer loyalty with
interactive payment experience and powerful
• Multiple Secure Payment Options
Enables acceptance of existing mag-stripe
cards, and highly secure contactless cards
and NFC phones – without ever leaving the
consumer’s hand.
• Sleek and Modern Design
Customer-facing small footprint, designed
for countertop.
• Multifunction Point-of-Interaction
Integrated high contrast LCD display,
* Interfaces with third party or ViVOtech solutions: ViVOnfc –ViVOwallet, and
ViVOplatform –mLoyalty, mTouch, One-Touch, and Top-of-Wallet
The ViVOpay 8100 achieves all this while still meeting or exceeding
today’s requirements for a top-of-line payment acceptance device.
ViVOpay 8100 is 2.1 PCI certified for highest security with optional
signature capture. It accepts payments from existing mag-stripe
and contactless cards, and supports new NFC mobile phones. Its
powerful processor and high capacity memory allow retailers to
enable promotions, cross-selling and much more.
* VISA Technology Innovation Program (TIP)
• All-in-One Integrated Point of Interaction: Built-in contactless
ISO14443 A and B, MiFare, NFC
PCI PED 2.1 (online)
MasterCard M/Stripe
Visa MSD
American Express ExpressPay
Discover Zip
EMV L1 and L2 certification
Master Session
Secure ARM9 - 32 bit
16MB flash, 32MB SDRAM,
2MB Data flash
2x16 Characters
LCD, backlit
Multi-tone buzzer
Recessed for privacy 13
tactile keys, ADA compliant
Magnetic stripe:
3 tracks, bi-directional
1 (factory option)
RS232 (powered)
USB (powered)
Size (LWD):
7.5 x 5.1 x 1.875 in
190.5 x 129.35 x 47.63 mm
0.9 lbs / 0.4Kg
Power supply:
9 to 12VDC
USB 5Volts
Storage temp
Operating temp
Relative humidity
14 to 158 F / -10 to +70 C
32 to 104 F / 0 to 40 C
10 to 85% non-condensing
functionality avoids the need for future hardware upgrades.
• Integrated Mobile Payments and Promotions Module: Built-in
support for NFC mobile payments, marketing and loyalty programs.
• Supports Multiple Transactions: Supports PIN and signature-based
credit and debit transactions using mag-stripe, contactless ISO 14443,
MiFare and NFC.
• PCI 2.1 Certified: Highly secure and provides the retailer with protection
from obsolescence beyond 2014.
• Remote Download: Post-deployment firmware updates via remote
download without requiring additional hardware or device resetting.
• Powerful, Secure, Scalable Processing Engine: ARM-9, 32-bit
processor is a scalable, secure and powerful processing engine with high
capacity memory.
• PINpad: Tactile keypad meeting requirements for the visually impaired,
recessed to provide maximum privacy.
• Consumer Friendly: Equipped with integrated high-contrast LCD
display, buttons, LEDs and sound to provide visual and audible cues for
smooth transactions.
• Compatibility: Interfaces to POS and ECR host systems from most
leading vendors.
• Interface Software Development Kit (SDK): Facilitates rapid
integration to Windows 2000/XP/WePOS-based POS applications.
• Intellectual Property: Protected by several patent-pending applications.
Certified PINpad
* Application specifications depend on hardware & software configuration.
& EMV Smart Card
LCD Display
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©2012 International Technologies & Systems Corporation. ID TECH is a registered trademark of International Technologies & Systems Corporation.
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P/N: 620-0005-00 Rev.9/12
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