Modern electrical installation technology in hotels

Modern electrical installation technology in hotels
Tomorrow’s aspirations.
Modern electrical installation
technology in hotels
Delivered today.
Reference object*: Mercure Grand Hotel, Dortmund
Your partner for electrical installation in hotels.
As a hotel operator, you want to offer your guests the greatest possible degree of comfort. At the
same time, it is, however, necessary to keep the overall cost factors in mind. In new buildings as
well as in buildings undergoing renovations, Busch-Jaeger provides you with modern electrical
installation technology, which optimises the comfort as well as the safety and economic efficiency
of your building.
*All of the reference objects displayed in this brochure were fitted
with the modern electrical installation technology of Busch Jaeger.
Benefit from the numerous possible combinations
and the functionality of the products. Individual
and trendsetting solutions for every hotel.
The name Busch-Jaeger has been synonymous with
consistent performance, quality and innovation with
125 years. As the market leader in the electrical installation
sector, we are constantly improving and expanding our
products. Installed by tradesmen, Busch-Jaeger solutions
ensure reliable quality with state-of-the-art technology. As of
1969, under umbrella of the BBC, nowadays the ABB,
Busch-Jaeger focused on fields of wiring accessories,
electronic devices and building management systems.Discover the possibilities of modern electrical installations for
the individual and expandable layout of hotels and guest
houses. More comfort, safety and economic efficiency –
now and in the future.
Style is seen in the details.
Setting the tone in a room.
4 –9
The best protection.
For your guests and the hotel.
10 –13
Innovative solutions.
Save on expenditure and costs.
14 –17
Reference object: Four Seasons hotel, Hamburg
Style is seen in the details.
Setting the tone in a room.
The first impression often forms the overall view and for this reason every detail is important.
For this reason light switches, which have not been limited to pure functionality for a long time,
are for example also important. As a decorative element in a room, they clearly set the tone for
interior design in foyers, guest rooms, suites as well as in the hotel restaurant.
Various switch ranges and possible
combinations open up individual options for
laying out representative accommodation.
c a r a t aluminium waved gold
high-grade steel
aluminium waved chrome
Comfort in
every situation.
davos/studio white
davos/studio white
davos/studio white
davos/studio white
alpha exclusive ®
Comfort in
every situation.
f u t u r e ® linear
The switch, push
switch and socket
outlets of the individual
ranges can be freely
combined thanks to
their multiple combinations.
Light switch. Busch-Jaeger offers you a wide selection of switch ranges.
The design and colour variations of the switch and socket outlets conform
optimally to the interior design of every hotel. If desired, the rockers can be
provided with the signature of the relevant hotel.
davos/studio white
This device is available
as a rotary or touch
dimmer, whereupon
the function of the
rotary dimmer is
recognisable at a
Universal Rotary Dimmer. With this dimmer all types of lighting fixtures
can be dimmed comfortably and independent of the situation. This is how
you "conjure up", for example, different lighting atmospheres in the hotel
lounge or the foyer.
davos/studio white
The setting options
are on the back of
the control wheel, so
that your guests can
only vary the temperature to a degree
specified by you.
Electronic room thermostat. Now your guests can comfortably and sensitively control the warmth in each room . In this way, the state-of-the-art
thermostat ensures that the setpoints are quickly reached and reliably maintained. It is suitable both for new buildings as well as for subsequent instaldavos/studio white
Mains sockets can, in
addition to their original function, be used
for connecting ISDN
or system telephones.
lation where renovations are being carried out.
Telecommunication connection unit (ISDN/LAN). Communication
technology saves time and gives you access to information sources
around-the-clock. Installed at the reception or in the guest rooms,
this terminal unit offers your guests and employees the best connections.
davos/studio white
Centrally controlling
room functions.
With the SMARTtouch you can, for example in
conference rooms, comfortably control the different light scenes or the heating from a central
location . As different lighting is required for a
speech than a slide show. The respective light
scenes, which for example control lighting fixtures, blinds or screens, can be called up with
one touch of the display. The
touch surfaces of the display can
be individually adjusted depending
on the room.
Or also comfortably
by remote control.
If the panel is not in range, all of the functions such as
lighting, blinds, screens, heating or the lifter for the
beamer can be controlled via the remote control of
Busch-Jaeger or alternatively via the remote control of
Bang & Olufsen. This makes sense for speeches and
seminars if for example graphics or a film are
being shown. Simply presave the different
light scenes in the panel menu so that
you can call them up if required without
Bang & Olufsen
Beo4 remote control
Picture library: Architectural photo, Mövenpick hotel, Berlin
effort and interruption.
Clear functions.
Maximum ease of use.
Guests that are only staying one night quickly
feel overwhelmed by too much technology in
their room and hence do not use it. This combination of light switches and for example 4gang
control covers provide clear comfort. While the
light can be switched on and off in a familiar
way via the top push switch, the lower buttons
serve, for example, to control the blinds as well
as the different light scenes for watching television, reading or working at the desk.
Picture library: Architectural photo, Dorint Hotel "Old wall", Hamburg
Picture library: Busch-Jaeger
The best protection. For your guests and the hotel.
Busch-Jaeger electrical installation technology provides you with different measures and
products that can be combined with each other and in doing so effectively protects your guests
as well as the hotel and the interior decoration. This includes, for example, the automatic lighting
of halls and staircases as well as the smoke detectors in the rooms and in the building. In this way,
your guests can enjoy an untroubled stay.
Products that can be combined with each
other to suit every application.
Busch-Watchdog 180 UP
sensor comfort II
The movement detector
Busch-Watchdog 180 UP
sensor comfort II precisely
detects when someone
enters the room and automatically switches the light
on. It has a frontal range of
12 m and each side has a
range of 8 m respectively,
this ensures a large sphere
of action. It is ideal for
installation in long halls,
foyers or staircases. After
a specified run-on time,
the movement detector
automatically switches the
light off.
davos/studio white
Presence t e c h
Allwetter 44®
Busch-Watchdog 180 UP
with combination lens
alpine white
Installed in the guest
rooms or in the offices
of the hotel, Presence
t e c h is activated by the
slightest movement. In
this way, all connected
consumers such as
lighting or heating are
always available when
they are needed.
Outdoors, for example
on the hotel terrace,
around the house or in
the foyer, the water
protected and secured
against theft BuschWatchdog 180 UP
Allwetter 44® switches
on the light as and
when required. If someone approaches the
lighting automatically
switches on. A practical
and secure solution
particular in the dark.
Safety in the building.
In every room.
Busch Smoke Alarm with relay module. Also suitable for subsequent
installation. It protects against fires as if smoke is detected, its alerts
in due time by means of a loud acoustic signal. At the same time the
triggering of a smoke detector is passed on via the relay module and
reported centrally. Your guests can rest easy.
Reflex SI Linear Infoline. Busch-Infoline® is an alarm and alarm-response
system that among other things is suitable for installation in barrier-free hotel
rooms with a handicapped toilet. If for example a guest needs help when in the
toilet or in the bath, the signal is relayed around the building. Advantage: the
alpine white
switch design is suitable for the Reflex SI and Reflex SI Linear switch ranges.
Reflex SI Linear FI-SCHUKOMAT. This socket outlet with earth leakage
breaker offers protection from extremely dangerous shock current.
For example in guest bathrooms, in which devices such as hair dryers
and razors are used daily.
alpine white
Reflex SI Linear Busch-Protector® UP. This earth contacting socket with
integrated surge arrester protects the connected consumers such as the
music system in the hotel restaurant or bar from overvoltages, which can
occur between the distribution board and the socket outlet insert.
alpine white
Lighting that orientates you and keeps you safe.
When your guests arrive in the underground carpark of
the hotel it is immediately lit up as the Busch-Watchdog
Professional 220 registers every movement and automatically switches on the light when approached. Thanks to
Busch-Watchdog Professional 220
this type of light switching, energy consumption is simultaneously lowered as the lighting is only switched on
Picture library: Architectural photo
when needed.
Reference object: Country house Wachtelhof, Rotenburg
Innovative solutions.
Save on expenditure and costs.
Uniting comfort for your guests and operating efficiency do not have to cost you an arm and a leg.
With a well thought out electrical installation, you can reduce the installation expenditure and costs
and at the same time save energy. For example, in the case of lighting and air-conditioning control in
the dining-hall of your hotel.
Comfortably monitor and control such room
functions as blinds and room temperature.
5gang control cover
With this control cover
different functions can be
controlled from one location. For this reason, it is
particularly suited for
large rooms such as the
hotel restaurant, lounges,
conference rooms or the
foyer. With the press of a
button you can operate
the blinds, regulate the
heating or different light
scenes in different areas
of the rooms can be set
and called up.
studio white, high gloss
Simple solutions.
Optimum benefits.
studio white
davos/studio white
alpine white
studio white
loudspeaker module
Operating mode
socket outlet
6109 U
5fach UP
Kühlen Heat
bus® EIB
mit Abde
ckung !
Explosion diagram
room thermostat object
Simple solutions.
Optimum benefits.
If the chip card, which
also opens the room
door, is removed from
the switch when leaving
the room all consumers
are automatically
switched off. In this
way, you save on
unnecessary costs, if
the guest forgets on
one occasion to turn off
the light or lower the
The loudspeaker
inserts offers the best
stereo sound quality in
the smallest of spaces
and are available in the
different Busch-Jaeger
switch ranges. It is an
intelligent choice, for
example, in combination with light
alpha exclusive® card switch. If the guest inserts the chip card into the
switch upon entering the room, consumers such as the lights are switched on
and the room thermostat temperature is raised to the desired temperature.
It is that easy to combine comfort and economic efficiency with each other.
studio white
s o l o ® AudioWorld amplifier insert. The multiroom loudspeaker system
AudioWorld consists of a central unit, control sections with an integrated
amplifier and loudspeakers of different sizes. Your guests can, for example,
decide whether they want to listen to the sound of the radio or the television
davos/studio white
in the bathroom.
Reflex SI/SI Linear socket outlet With this socket outlet you can avoid many
The four side walls of
the socket outlet,
which give way, allow
for the plug to be
unplugged at an angle.
Neither the socket
outlet or the wall are
every day tripping risks. The connector disconnects easily from the socket outlet when a cable is tugged on, for example when someone trips over it or the
flex of the cleaner's vacuum cleaner is too short .
alpine white
In combination with the
5gang FM binary output, conventional push
switches can be integrated into the building
system technology.
s o l o ® room thermostat object range. There is a room thermostat available
for use in hotels where the guests only stay for short periods that can not be
operated manually or on location. The special cover of the room thermostat
is available in all switch ranges.
room thermostat object
range incl. 5gang binary
input Colour: davos/studio
A pleasant environment.
All year round and in every weather.
A pleasant environment is the prerequisite for your guest
feeling comfortable at all times. In the rooms, this room
thermostat ensures that the temperature remains constant.
Via the two push switches arranged on the display, the lightsolo
Room thermostat with
2gang button sensor
Colour: davos/studio white
ing can, for example, be switched on or even dimmed. The
blinds are similarly operated. The thermostat can control
both the heating as well as the air-conditioning system. If
there is no air-conditioning system present, the room thermostat can independently lower the blind when a specified
temperature is exceeded. For this reason no additional
Picture library: Artur, SIDE hotel, Hamburg
sensors are needed.
ABB offers wiring
accessories in various
Socket Outlet with Earth pin
Euro-American Socket Outlet
Shaver Supply Unit
ABB offers wiring
accessories in various
British Standard: alpha bs®
20 A DP Switch
20 A DP Switch
with neon
13 A Switchsocket Outlet
with neon
A member of
the ABB group
Your ABB-partner
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