Digital Substation
Digital Substation
Control and Automation Systems
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Moving together
Arteche Group |
An expert in power system protection, control and automation |
saTECH - Digital substation automation system
saTECH - Product range
saTECH SynchroStar: Precise time sync for substation environment
Substation level |
›› Resilient systems for critical applications
›› Flexibility and scalability
›› Take your grid under control
›› Minimize your CAPEX
›› saTECH SET - Substation Engineering Tools
›› saTECH CNF - IEC 61850 IED configuration tool
›› saTECH HMI – SCADA runtime
›› saTECH SCU – Substation Control Unit
| 14
›› saTECH BCU series – Bay Control Units
Bay Level
Process bus level |
Protection, control and Automation engineering services |
›› saTECH RIO - High density Remote Input Output terminal
›› SDO - Digital Measurement Solution
Digital Substation | Control and Automation Systems
| 10
1. Arteche Group
ARTECHE Group’s business is focused on providing equipment,
applications and solutions for the electricity sector worldwide.
In power generation, transmission, distribution and industry,
the group has become a key player in the search for answers
to new challenges. A position maintained by a deep knowledge
of the different international electricity systems, efficient clientoriented organization and remarkable investment in research and
development. This is shown by over 50% increase in the brand
references in the past five years.
years of experience
countries with equipment in operation
million € in orders - 2012
ARTECHE’s strategy over the last years made our group a symbol
of reliability, quality and trust, both in solutions and in corporate
Corporate alliances have taken a key role in ARTECHE’s history,
becoming and asset which has contributed to our international
growth and to the development of innovative solutions.
of sales invested in R+D - 2012
personnel at your service
Digital Substation | Control and Automation Systems
2. An expert in power system
protection, control and automation
Arteche has a deep experience in power protection, control and
automation fields with more than 250 HV substation automation
systems in operation only in Spain and more than 20,000
intelligent devices installed around the world.
This expertise has provided us an in-depth knowledge of different
system topologies, control strategies and communication
protocols, with hundreds of projects successfully executed during
more than 30 years. Arteche is now one of the market leaders in
interoperability, system integration and multi-vendor solutions
for TSOs in some countries.
Combining state of the art digital platforms and our deep
knowledge in all electrical engineering fields, we provide
protection, automation and communication solutions for real
time operation of all kind of substations under open standards,
using our own proven substation-grade hardware and software
Digital Substation | Control and Automation Systems
Years of expertise in control and automation
Power substations
Control devices in operation
Global Service, Local Presence
USA, Mexico, Brazil, Europe
Conceived under a philosophy of native IEC 61850 and taking
advantage of other open standards, saTECH product range is a
fully digital automation, control and monitoring platform to operate
substations secure and efficiently.
An open, flexible and scalable solution that helps to design and
deploy new power control systems and retrofit existing ones,
integrating old serialized IEDs into a modern digital control system
throughout different standard protocols.
Resilient systems for critical applications
›› Robust
hardware: Specially designed for HV substation
environment, our saTECH Substation Automation devices make
up a mission critical platform to keep your power grid under
control also in most demanding situations.
›› Redundancy: All of our devices have full redundancy, hot standby
capabilities and can be employed to self-heal the protection and
control system. In case of unavailability of an IED, the system
switches to backup terminal without affecting the system
›› Cyber
security: saTECH range has been developed with
cybersecurity in mind from scratch.
›› Self-healing:
In case of internal hardware fault or program
error saTECH devices activates his self-reliant characteristics,
recovering themselves autonomously when possible.
Flexibility and scalability for new substations and
retrofit projects
›› Flexibility
to deploy advanced control strategies: Implement
new functionalities getting the most of new communication and
interoperability capabilities implemented in state of the art IED,
like IEC 61131 visual logic programming or goose messaging.
›› Powerful gateway capabilities: Up to 9 independent WAN ports
to communicate with operation centres and other substations
using different telecontrol protocols. Integrate legacy IEDs into
an IEC-61850 using standard protocols (IEC-61850, DNP, IEC
60870-5-101/103/104, Modbus and others).
›› Modularity: Wide range of hardware configurations fitting each
solution to the control philosophy of different operators. saTECH
gives flexibility to meet different installation requirements using
the same proven and scalable platform.
›› Scalability:
IEC-61850 User oriented engineering tools with
reusable libraries to ease system maintenance and retrofit works,
key to future proof your investment. The engineering software
also help your engineers to get updated the system engineering
Digital Substation | Control and Automation Systems
Take your grid under control
›› Smart monitoring: The extensive system diagnostic capability
ensures a high level of availability of each monitored asset,
pinpointing and alarming in real time any event or performance
›› Predictive
maintenance: saTECH closely monitors all
substation assets in terms of operational conditions, effective
load capacity and health indicators avoiding unplanned
outages and emergency associated repair costs.
›› Remote
management: Full featured remote control and
monitoring functions allowing remote supervision, operation
and maintenance, including a web based SCADA viewer.
Minimize your CAPEX
›› Simplified engineering process: Manage system configuration
through IEC-61850 engineering tools based on SCD files. Take
advantage of quickly autogenerated HMIs screens from SCD
files that can be adapted easily to your preferences using a
powerful GUI. A user oriented interface and reusable libraries
help to minimize engineering time.
›› Reduced copper wiring usage: saTECH distributed I/O devices
enables the conversion of copper I/Os signal into digital
data over fiberoptics near to the primary devices, reducing
the overall cost of the installation, improving security and
simplifying the commissioning and testing tasks.
Digital Substation | Control and Automation Systems
More than 30 years of
expertise developing
reliable solutions for power
system automation.
Distribution Automation | Products & Solutions Overview
saTECH SynchroStar
Precise time sync
for substation
Local SCADA interface.
Substation Control Unit.
Substation Engineering
s a T E C H
Bay Control Unit.
Distributed Control
SDO MU Merging Unit
SDO ICT Optical Sensor
Transmit values of current and
voltage from CT/VT and NCCT under
IEC 61850-9-2 LE
Faraday effect interferometric
current sensor for HV/UHV lines
Digital Substation | Control and Automation Systems
5. saTECH SynchroStar: Precise time
sync for substation environment
saTECH SynchroStar GPS is a high precision clock for the most
critical industrial and substation applications. It uses reference signal
from GPS (Global Positioning System) and wide variety of outputs
and time coding standards.
Designed with high a quality oscillator, the device is characterized
by superior frequency stability and improved holdover performance
that allows maintaining high accuracy internal clock even when the
GPS is disconnected or when satellite signal is not available over
extended periods of time.
›› saTECH SynchroStar GPS
Built on Arteche long history and expertise in substation automation,
saTECH SynchroStar software can optionally include IEC 61850
stack and data modelling allowing the device to be seamlessly
integrated into an IEC 61850 based SAS. Clock parameters are
modelled according to IEC 61850 and presented in the form of
standard Logical Nodes that can be accessed via communications
Two optional devices (TX and RX) allow cascade time signal
distribution to IEDs located in the substation through both
fiberoptics or IRIG-B, enhancing diagnosis and forensic substation
›› saTECH SynchroStar GPS application using cascade topology.
›› saTECH SynchroStar GPS rear view
Digital Substation | Control and Automation Systems
6. Substation level
saTECH SET- Substation Engineering Tools
saTECH SET is a substation automation engineering tool based on
System Specification Language defined in IEC 61850 Part 6. It is a
User friendly workstation software that simplifies the engineering
process, reducing related cost in substation automation projects.
Based on SCL files, saTECH SET can manage SSD, SCD, ICD and
CID files. It is a standard system configuration software with
advanced functionalities to enhance substation engineering. An
overview of its key features:
›› Extensions to automate the load of CID files (Configured IED
Description) into each device through the local area network,
in a multi-vendor environment. This single tool can configure
all the system architecture, including HMI, SCUs, BCUs, and
other IED`s.
›› A graphical and textual programmable logic editors, based on
IEC-61131-3 programming language, allow an ease configuration
of interlocking as well as any other bay or substation level
automation task.
›› Full featured HMI screens editor to design custom views like
single line diagrams, IED, bay and substation level views,
network topology, instant measures, events or alarms.
›› Monitor device status in real time.
Digital Substation | Control and Automation Systems
saTECH CNF- IEC 61850 IED configuration tool
saTECH CNF is a user friendly IED configuration tool freely
distributed with all our saTECH devices. Based on IED Capability
Description (ICD), saTECH CNF gives support to generate
Configured IED Description (CID) files:
›› A graphical and textual programmable logic editors, based on
›› Screen editor to design custom views loadable to the device
for local monitoring and control: like single line diagrams, bay
level views, instant measures, asset status, events or alarms.
›› Monitor device status in real time.
saTECH HMI –SCADA runtime
saTECH HMI is a SCADA/HMI multiplatform software for
substations monitoring and control systems. Based on SCL files,
saTECH HMI offers a powerful graphical user interface to operate
the entire substation from a single point in real time: single line
diagrams, bay level views, instantaneous measures, event logs,
alarm screens, local commands with security features or primary
devices status.
It can be implemented in different topologies, retrieving
information from a SCU or from bay level IEDs. With multiprotocol
support, saTECH HMI provides flexibility to integrate existing IED
in retrofit projects.
For data mining, preventive maintenance and Forensic tasks
saTECH HMI gives analytical information like trending graphs
from IEDs, binary or analog data sources.
saTECH HMI serves high resolution screens and elements
sustained on vectors with zoom capabilities. Additional interfaces
can be added, including web based access.
Digital Substation | Control and Automation Systems
saTECH SCU –Substation Control Unit
saTECH SCU is the entire substation monitoring and control
unit of saTECH platform. It has a redundant enabled modular
architecture that offers a high performance, flexibility and
scalability to meet each installation requirements. Its key features
›› A substation grade device designed for extreme conditions,
without mobile parts.
›› Enhanced WAN/LAN communication capabilities.
›› Substation level logic processor based on IEC 61131-3.
›› Capable
to manage communication with hundreds of IED
›› Hot-standby
redundancy architectures with database
synchronization to maximize reliability.
›› Multi-vendor support.
›› Optional protocol gateway.
›› Integrated
cyber security features: embedded firewall,
password encryption.
›› Optional local SCADA/HMI.
›› saTECH SCU as gateway.
Digital Substation | Control and Automation Systems
Level 3: Control center
›› IEC 60870-5-101
›› IEC 60870-5-104
›› DNP3/TCP,DNP3/Serie
Level 2: Substation
Physical interfaces
9 x Ethernet 100BaseTX
›› 16 x RS232 or RS485/RS422 serial ports
›› 2 x USB IRIG-B ports
›› Up to 64 DI and 32 DO
Level 1: Bay
›› IEC 61850 Server/Client
›› GOOSE Server/Client
›› DNP3-Serie, Modbus/RTU
›› IEC 60870-5-101
›› IEC 60870-5-103
›› IEC 60870-5-104
›› SAP20
›› Other protocols upon request
›› saTECH
SCU as dual substation controller, dual HMI and
communication with remote control room.
7. Bay Level
saTECH BCU series – Bay Control Units
Our substation grade saTECH BCU series is a bay data acquisition
and control IED with a high density of inputs and outputs, capable
to manage a full featured 500kV bay.
With native IEC 61850 stack and multiprotocol support , saTECH
BCU enables different kind of migration strategies to digital
substation, integrating legacy devices using serial or Ethernet
protocols into a fully digital system.
saTECH BCU offers a modular hardware configuration to meet
I/Os requirement of each installation, providing the following key
›› saTECH BCU 3U
›› Hardware design without mobile parts.
›› Solid state storage.
›› NVSRAM memory, rated from -40° to +85°C.
›› From 2Us up to 5Us 19-inch rack-mount form enclosures to
meet the input/output requirements of each.
›› IEC-61131 bay level programmable logic processor.
›› Embedded cyber security features including encryption,
advanced user authentication, integrated firewall and secure
communication protocols (HTTPS, SFTP, SSH).
›› Optionally a high resolution touch screen allows local monitor
›› saTECH BCU 2U
and operation, with customizable screens like single line
diagram, alarm list, instant measures or primary device status.
›› Ease of configuration and SCADA integration allowing multiple
simultaneous connections.
Digital Substation | Control and Automation Systems
8. Process bus level
saTECH RIO - Distributed Control Unit
Installed near to primary assets, saTECH RIO is an intelligent
control and data acquisition device specially designed to manage
breakers and switchgear installed in switchyard. As a process
bus device, helps to digitalize copper wiring reducing overall
installation cost and enhancing monitoring and control functions.
Its key features are:
›› Analog I/Os signals acquisition and conversion to digital format
using GOOSE messaging, in compliance with IEC 61850-8-1.
›› Open
and close command through fiberoptics with status
monitoring capabilities.
›› Ruggedized for substation field environment, with an enhanced
EMI behaviour.
›› Minimize data errors related with electromagnetic interferences.
›› Enhance local operator safety due to the elimination of
hazardous voltages pathways from primary devices.
›› A IEC-61850 cost-effective distributed RTU.
Digital Substation | Control and Automation Systems
SDO OCT - Optical Current Transformer
The SDO OCT Optical Current Transformer is a highly accurate current
measurement transformer for high voltage systems, based on a fully
passive optical transducer (The SDO ICT). The SDO OCT provides a digital
measurement solution for metering and protection applications in the next
generation of high voltage digital substations.
ARTECHE SDO OCT uses the most advanced fiber sensing technology
based on a patented technique (NIMI) that allows construction of passive
interferometric transducers.
The SDO MU is an integral part of the optical instrument transformer.
It performs all the necessary signal processing and analogue to digital
conversion. It samples the measured values according to frequencies specified
in IEC 61850-9-2LE and IEC 61869 standards.
Then it synchronizes and merges the current and voltage channels before
encoding the output signal to the digital format of Sampled Values (SV) and
streams it via redundant Ethernet ports to the Process Bus network.
SDO ICT - Passive optical in-line current transducer.
›› Fully
passive current transducer based on optical fiber. No
power supply required in the switchyard.
›› Full galvanic insulation.
›› No risk of open secondary’s.
›› Maintenance free.
›› Reduced dimensions for an
and easy retrofit integration.
optimized substation footprint
›› IEC
Class 0.2 accuracy and full linearity over an unlimited
dynamic range.
›› Single
transducer both for metering and for protection
›› The current transducer is independent from the voltage level.
SDO MU - Merging unit
It sends and receives the optical signal to and from the sensor
controlling up to three SDO ICT current sensors. In addition to
that, it can interface with one conventional CT and up to four
conventional VTs. Thus, a single SDO MU device can acquire
and digitize a complete set of 3-phase current and voltage plus
The SDO MU performs all the necessary signal processing and
analogue to digital conversion. It samples the measured values
according to frequencies specified in IEC 61850-9-2LE and IEC
61869 standards.
›› SDO MU Merging Unit
›› Proven interoperability with major protection manufacturers
in the industry.
›› MTBF equivalent to that of digital protection relays.
SDO SAMU - Stand Alone Merging Unit
The SDO SAMU Stand Alone Merging Unit is intended for
connecting conventional current and voltage instrument
transformers to digital protection and control equipment in the
substation through the Process Bus, according to the IEC 618509-2 LE protocol, providing full digital measurement (Sampled
Values) for metering and protection applications.
Digital Substation | Control and Automation Systems
More than 20,000 control
devices in operation
Distribution Automation | Products & Solutions Overview
9. Protection, control and Automation
engineering services
As a system integrator and multi-vendor solution developer, we
offer specialized engineering services related with substation
protection and automation systems. Both acting as a local
partner’s supporter or as a turnkey system provider, our
services portfolio includes:
›› Turnkey
protection, control and automation solutions for
new and retrofit substation.
›› Commissioning, testing and start-up related services.
›› Protection and control panel manufacturing.
›› Selectivity studies, different vendor protection relays setting
up and testing.
›› Analysis
of existing systems and definition of retrofit
›› Ethernet and Serial secure communication networks (LAN/
›› Commissioning, testing and star-up related services.
›› Training courses.
Key Project
New Zealand
RGE: ST-136
Turn key SAS for a
retrofit project under
IEC-61850. Existing
devices integration.
Communications with
control center under
CFE - S.E. Lomas Verdes
Turn key IEC-61850
SAS for 230kV/23kV
Santa Rita 525 kV
Turn key SAS including
protection, control,
automation and
communications with 3
control centers.
REE: Romulo project
2 substations Turn key
SAS (400kV and 220kV)
and HVAC/HVDC inverter
station automation
for the submarine
interconnection between
the Spanish Peninsula
and the Balearic Islands.
Differential protection
scheme for underground
cable fault detection in
a mixed transmission
line (Overhead/
Turn key SAS under IEC61850 with more than
350 IEDs, the biggest
IEC-61850 integration in
the world according to
the devices quantity.
Digital Substation | Control and Automation Systems
Our solid engineering and
integration knowledge
guarantees successful
and timely execution of
protection and automation
Distribution Automation | Products & Solutions Overview
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