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Yavapai AZ H.O.G. Chapter 1271
April, 2017 Volume16, Issue 4
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Grand Canyon Harley-Davidson
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Mayer, AZ 86333
Toll Free: 1-877-888-GCHD (4243)
Director’s Memo
Hello HOG Chapter members! I wanted to offer a friendly reminder to everyone to check the calendar on our Yavapai HOG
Chapter web site (http://yavapaihog.com/calendar/) for upcoming rides and events that may be of interest to you! We’d really
love to have you come out and join us!
I’d also like to remind you of the upcoming Accident Scene Management class, scheduled for April 22 nd and 23rd at the Mayer
shop. Saturday the 22nd will be the Basic class, followed by the Advanced class on Sunday the 23 rd. The cost is $50 per person
per day, but its money well spent as you’ll pick up new knowledge and skills that can be used in any accident scenario, whether
bikes are involved or not! We need a minimum of 10 confirmed enrollments for each of the two classes in order to keep the
classes on the schedule, otherwise they’ll be cancelled, so please get out there and get signed up right away! The URL for
online registration is: https://www.eiseverywhere.com/ehome/43305?&year=2017&month=4
My heartfelt thanks to all of you for everything you do to make this chapter fun! Let’s get out there and do some ridin’!!
Mike “Sprinkles” McKibben
Table of Contents
Director’s Memo,
Chapter Info
Secretary pt. 1
Officers List
LOH Report
Secretary pt. 2
Safety Officer Report
Head Road Captain
Assistant Director’s Notes 8
Bowling Thunder
Hogs-n-Dogs Flier
Safety Officer Rpt. Cont. 10 –12
Chapter Meeting Photos
Hogs-n-Dogs Photos
Pie R Squared Ride Photos 14
They Fought, We Ride Photos 15
Memos & Notes
Accident Scene Course Ad
Swap Meet Flier
Advertisements & Pricing
Yavapai AZ H.O.G. Chapter 1271
www.facebook.com/Yavapai AZ HOG
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1035 Mayer, AZ 86333
Dealer Sponsor: Kyle Rose, 928-774-3896; kyle@gch-d.com
Dealer Principles: Richard and Beverly Doughton, 928-632-4009
H.O.G. Manager: Christina “Blondie” Anderson, 928-632-4009; blondie@gch-d.com
Yavapai HOG Chapter #1271 General Meeting Minutes
04 March 2017, Gavel Sounded at 0940
Chapter Pledged Allegiance to the Flag
Officers Present: Director, Assistant Director/Editor, Treasurer, Secretary, LOH, Head Road Captain/Photographer, Membership,
Web Master, Safety, and Publicity Officer.
Director’s Report/Comments: Members who have not renewed will no longer receive the HOGwash and email blast.
Chapter calendar is up to date with plenty of events.
Director Mike is asking for members to step up and lead a ride. Your point of contact would be one of our Road Captains.
Welcome Home Veterans Day on April 1st with KSU at 1100 from Mayer H-D to the Cotton Wood Fair Grounds.
Trash Trek will be on April 8th.
Volunteers are needed to help with the joint chapter picnic on May 27 th at Bellemont H-D.
Assistant Director/HOGwash Editor: Member submitted articles, and pictures are welcomed. Submitting an article for the newsletter will earn you 75 Road Warrior points. Articles should be submitted in MS format or simply in the body of an email. Pictures
should be in .jpg format.
Treasurers Report: The balance as of 03/04/17 is $3,213. Approved as read.
Secretaries Report: Membership approved secretaries report as published in HOGwash. All active members appear to be receiving chapter group emails. Be sure to send your current email address to the secretary stevenbeck1@cableone.net
HOG Manager: Christina discussed up coming dealership sponsored events with the chapter.
Hogs & Dogs is now immediately after the General Meeting.
Mayer H-D Bike Blessing Mar 18th.
Fashion show on 04/01 at Mayer H-D, Christina is asking for male and female HOG members to model the new line of HarleyDavidson Motor Clothes.
Bellemont H-D Bunny Run/Egg Hunt on April 15th and 16th.
Bike Blessing at Bellemont H-D on April 29th.
Mayer H-D Blood Drive on May 6th at 10:00-2:00.
Veterans Appreciation Day at Mayer H-D on May 13th.
Combat Veterans Ride at Bellemont H-D July 29th 4:00 to 7:00 PM.
Membership Officer: Chapter has 65 Active members. If you haven’t received your membership card catch up with Morgan at
one of the chapter events.
Continued on Page 4
2016 Officers
Director: Mike McKibben
Assistant Director: Troy Weigel
Treasurer: Garry Young
LOH Notes
Hello HOG Family! Below is information about a Chapter Ride
planned for April 22nd to Red Rock State Park.
It’s a nice ride to get there, and the picnic grounds are beautiful. There’s also some interesting things for our group to do if they
want to. With lunch provided by LOH, it’s going to be a great
day! Please RSVP so we know how many lunches to make.
Secretary: Steven Beck
Please RSVP by responding to this email/sending a note
Membership: A.E. Morgan
Activities: TBD
Ladies of Harley:
Shannon McKibben
Safety Officer: Bob Hastings
Head Road Captain:
Wayne Schwetje
Photographer: Wayne Schwetje
Historian: David Owens
Publicity: Don Ridlon
Webmaster: Todd Carter
Editor: Troy Weigel
Red Rock State Park is a 286 acre nature preserve and environmental education center in Sedona with stunning scenery. Easy trails run
through the park, winding through manzanita and green meadows
along the banks of Oak Creek. Park facilities include a visitors center,
classroom, theater, gift shop, restrooms and picnic tables.
Lunch by LOH & entrance to the Park:
will be supporting our LOH Charities by buying lunch and the entrance
to the park on this ride. We will ask each rider for $12 at the beginning of the ride which includes entrance to the park, and a Brown
Bag lunch consisting of things like; a deli sandwich, pickle,
cookie, chips and a drink. Riders PLEASE RSVP so we know how
many lunches to make! We need at least 12 people to get a discounted entrance fee. Otherwise it will be $1 more.
Ride Meetup:
Date: Saturday, April 22nd
Time: 10am; briefing at 10:15, KSU at 10:30am
Where: Maverick Station at Fain Rd & Hwy 69
Miles: 53 miles one-way; 1 hr 15 minutes
RC’s: Linda and Todd Carter
Thank you for your continued support of our LOH Activities!
Shannon McKibben - LOH Officer
Hello Chapter Members and Friends,
Editor’s Notes
So have you been getting out and enjoying the riding season so far? Have you had a chance to shop at one
of our advertisers? If so, did you get a photo or two while there? This can be a win-win situation for you and
the advertiser. They will enjoy the business and you can show us your BEST H.O.G. side.
How many of you have the latest and greatest “smart” phone? Many of the new phones have a pretty good
camera. So while you’re out and about enjoying the local area, state, or U.S.A. why not take a few snap shots.
Who knows that might lead to an AWESOME chapter ride!!! You might even want to show your creative
journalistic side and write-up a few details about your ride.
I hope to hear from you soon!!!
Editor, HOGwash
U.S. 6252302
-----------------------------------------------------------------------Head Road Captain / Photographer: Wayne will be leading new member rides throughout the year. This is an excellent opportunity to hone your group riding skills. These rides will be held twice a year or as needed.
There is a New Mexico Pie Town Run in the works for 2 nights.
LOH Officer: Shannon is requesting 5 to 6 members for the Christmas Party Committee to be active by Aug. The projected date
is Dec. 9th.
Safety Officer: Accident Scene Management Class is April 23rd and 24th. Well worth the money spent. You will receive essential
knowledge to maintain an accident scene while waiting for medical personnel and law enforcement arrive.
Public Relations Officer: Don the Public Relations Officer has been extremely diligent in subscribing new advertisers.
Road Warrior (R.W.) Program: Make sure you “John Hancock” the sign-in sheet at all events. You will receive your Road Warrior
Patch/Rocker when 1500 points are accumulated made possible through active participation with the chapter. Points must be
accumulated with-in the current calendar year.
Web Master: Todd reported that the Yavapai HOG web site is up and running. The activities calendar is up to speed.
Hidden HOG Number: Congratulations to Sam Clark and Michele Goudreault for seeing their HOG number in the Newsletter.
Reading the Hogwash keeps us updated on current and future chapter events. If you see your HOG Number and show it to one
of the officers before the chapter meeting begins. You will have your pick of any prize displayed on the raffle table.
Dealership Merchandise: You will get 10% off clothing merchandise during your birthday month. Check the Mayer HarleyDavidson web site for Special Events Hosted by the Dealership and HOG Chapter.
Door Raffle: Linda Carter, Robert Fredrick, and Steve Edwards won a door prize.
Attendance Award: Just before the end of every meeting a dice is drawn. The number correlates with our chapter roster. This
month Albert Padilla was the lucky winner. He was not present. Current balance is $100.
50/50 Draw: Steve Edwards won the draw.
Adjourned: 10:19 AM, Next General Meeting is 01 April 2017 @ 1000(no fooling)
Steve, Yavapai HOG Secretary
Continued From Page 2
Hello Fellow HOG Members!!
As we get into riding season there are a few things we should be considering as we get those motorcycle out of storage. Listed
below is a 10 point check list that includes T-CLOCKS. T-CLOCKS is an acronym for Tires, Controls, Lights, oils, chassis and stands.
We’ll get into those plus a few other items to go over before hitting the road.
10: Helmets
But what kind of helmet should you buy? Two words: DOT and Snell. Basically, you will want to get a helmet that has at least been
certified by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), and it can’t hurt to have one that’s also been certified by another group
like the Snell Foundation. The latter is a nonprofit organization that researches motorcycle helmet safety.
You should also inspect your helmet before a ride, especially if you haven’t used it in a while. If you’ve crashed in your helmet, or
if it has a loose or broken chinstrap, is several years old, or has been cracked or damaged in any way, it should be replaced. Check
for dents and scratches and make sure the internal padding is still comfortable. Remember, one crash or fall will damage the foam
inside the helmet, dampening its protective ability.
Next on our checklist, we’ll look at the rest of the protective gear a safe rider should wear.
9: Protective Gear
Helmets are a critical part of protecting your life when you’re on a motorcycle, but what about the rest of your body? In addition
to broken bones, crashing on a bike without adequate protection puts you at risk of road rash and an assortment of other injuries.
For this reason, experienced riders know to wear the proper gear at all times.
At the very least, this means a leather or textile jacket, gloves and protective shoes. It could also mean pants, kneepads or an entire suit. Like your helmet, it’s a good idea to inspect these items before you go for a ride.
Make sure the jacket is made from a sturdy material like leather and doesn’t have any holes or tears. If it does, it’s time to replace
that item or get it repaired. In addition, make sure it still fits properly if you haven’t used it in a while — an ill-fitting piece of gear
isn’t very helpful.
The same goes for your gloves, pants, and shoes. If they’re worn out, don’t use them. Motorcycle gear can be expensive, but an
ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
In this next section, we’ll talk about how to make sure your tires are up to the task at hand.
8: Tires
Tires have to be monitored on a motorcycle for the same reasons they have to be monitored on a car. When tire treads wear
down, they have less grip on the road and less traction in wet conditions. The rubber on them slowly depletes until the tread —
the area water moves through — becomes less and less useful. However, motorcycle tires wear down a little differently from car
In countries where vehicles stay to the right of oncoming traffic, like the United States, motorcycle tires wear down on their front
left sides faster than the right. This is because left turns have a larger turning radius. The rear tire, however, tends to wear more in
the center.
Worn-out motorcycle tires can be very dangerous. It’s important to check the tires from time to time to see if they need replacing.
In addition, check your tire air pressure about once a week — you don’t want to have them underinflated or overinflated, which
can affect your fuel consumption, handling and tire life. Replace bent or cracked rims immediately.
Next — your motorcycle can go, but can it stop? We’ll learn how to inspect your brakes.
Have you seen this guy? If not you need
to get out and ride.
Our next π Ride is to Luchia’s located in the
beautiful town of Wikieup. We have great
roads for you to enjoy. The date is April 15th
meeting at Denny’s parking lot by Gail Gardner Way & Iron Springs Rd. Time to meet is
9:30 with KSU at 10:00 Want to see you
Ride Safe Wayne H.R.C.
Yavapai AZ H.O.G.
Sponsored and/or sanctioned rides and events. Listings are/may be subject to change.
April 2017
1 Chapter meeting, GC H-D , Mayer, 9:30 a.m. Hogs-n-Dogs immediately follows 11:00 to 1:00.
1 Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans, Cottonwood. There are a couple of ride options for this. 1st
option is to stage at GC H-D Mayer at 11:00 KSU 11:30 and ride to the Verde Valley
Fairgrounds, ceremony to start at 1:00. 2nd option is to go to Sedona for A Ride of Honor for
Vietnam Veterans. Staging and bike blessing 10:30 in Sedona Posse Grounds Park, KSU 11:00.
5 Bike Night, Far From Folsum Grill, Whiskey Row, 214 S. Montezuma St., Prescott (just South of
Goodwin St.), Contact Katie at GCH-D for details.
5-9 Arizona Bike Week, Westworld, Scottsdale.
6-9 Arizona Bike, Peoria Sports Complex, Peoria —- A FREE event!!!!
Trash Trek, GC H-D, Mayer, starts 10:00 a.m., We would like 10-12 volunteers.
12 Bowling Thunder, Antelope Lanes, Prescott Valley. Crazy pin action starts at 6:30 p.m.
15 Pie R2 ride, Luchia’s, Wikieup. Meet Dennys on Gail Gardner Rd & Iron Springs Rd 9:30 a.m., KSU
10:00 a.m.
15 Swap Meet GC H-D, Mayer, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. See add on page 17.
19 Bratwurst and Lederhosen, Willow Creek Restaurant, 2516 Willow Creek Rd., Prescott, 6:30 p.m.
This is on a Wednesday so we can enjoy their German Nite
22 Accident Scene Management Basic Course, GCH-D Mayer, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
See ad on page 17.
23 Accident Scene Management Advanced Course GCH-D Mayer, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Ad on pg 17.
26-29 Laughlin River Run, Laughlin, NV.
27-29 Dealership Open House, GC H-D, Mayer, all day each day. Contact dealer for info.
Bike Nite Thursdays, Westgate Plaza, Glendale (101 & Glendale Ave.) 5-9 p.m.
Assistant Director’s Notes
Hello Fellow Chapter Members,
So how’s your riding been going? Have you checked out the calendar posted on the chapter
website? There are a lot of events and rides listed there. But, did you know these are just a few
suggestions. Anyone can submit an idea for an event or a ride. Your chapter officers want to make
this a riding and fun chapter. By getting ideas from you, the members at-large, the chapter will
truly be yours.
Our new R2 (Pie R Squared) ride is one heck of a fun ride. The chapter’s Head Road Captain
has once again worked his magic in taking us on fun and scenic rides. Our next ride is April 15th.
Knowing Wayne you don’t want to miss this one.
We are still in need of a few members to help with the planning of the joint chapter picnic on
May 27th with our sister chapter in Bellemont. Here is yet another chance to for a few creative
and fun folks to show what they can do.
Saddle Up, Lets Ride!!!!!!
Assistant Director
Yavapai AZ H.O.G., Chapter 1271
U.S. 4540066
7: Brakes
In hairy situations where it looks like a collision is imminent, many motorcycles have an advantage over cars thanks to their smaller size and maneuverability. But that only goes so far — a good, well-maintained set of brakes is still essential.
It’s critical to make sure that your brakes are working properly. Fortunately, like many motorcycle parts, they can be a little easier
to work on than car brakes. From time to time, inspect the brake fluid reservoirs on the handlebars and the rear of the bike. Refill
the fluid as necessary, preferably from a new container.
Also, look to make sure that your brake pads aren’t too worn. You can do this by looking at the pads through the wheel with a
flashlight, as well as taking the brakes apart and inspecting the pads more directly. If they are in fact worn out, the pads can replaced in a manner similar to that of car brake pads.
Next up, let’s take a look at the other fluids on the bike, including motor oil and coolant.
6: Fluids
Motor oil is essential to any internal combustion engine. It makes sure the engine’s many moving parts are lubricated and don’t
grind against each other, which causes damage. Motorcycle engines run at much higher RPMs than car engines, so the oil has an
even tougher job on a bike.
Your bike has a dipstick that you can use to check the oil level, or a glass panel that lets you inspect the oil level visually. When it
gets low, it’s time to change the oil. If you haven’t ridden in a while, it’s always a good idea to check the oil before you take off.
Your manufacturer recommends the oil get changed at certain intervals, but the oil needs to be changed more frequently after
longer rides at high RPMs and other conditions.
The other fluids you should inspect are the brake fluids, which we described in the previous section, and the coolant. As the name
implies, the coolant prevents your engine from overheating. On many bikes, there’s a visible panel near the engine that shows
how much coolant is present. If it gets low, add more. All of these are good things to check before a long ride.
Next, we’ll discuss why it’s important to inspect your motorcycle’s lights and electric systems.
5: Electronics
One of the biggest risks a motorcycle rider takes is that he or she is less visible than a car. Countless accidents happen because a driver simply doesn’t see a motorcycle. For this reason, it’s crucial that your
bike’s headlights, brake light and signal lights work properly.
Now is a good time to check out the battery. Does the bike start without any trouble? Are the battery terminals free of corrosion? If you’re experiencing problems in this area, it may be time for a new battery.
Test your various lights, making sure you don’t have any burned out bulbs, cracks in the lights, or damaged reflectors. Make sure the regular and high beam light work. Test out the turn signals, and ensure
that the rear brake light comes on when you use both the front and rear brakes. In addition, make sure no
wires are exposed that could come loose or catch on your body later. You will also want to test out the
horn and make sure it works properly.
Our inspection is going well. Let’s move on and check up on the chassis parts of the bike.
4: Chassis Parts
On a motorcycle, the word “chassis” refers to the frame and suspension. These are two of the largest and
most important components on the bike.
Inspect the bike’s frame and look for dents, cracks, lifting paint or other damage. Make sure the bolts are
in place tightly and that the wheels and frame are aligned properly. A crash or wear may have caused
them to be off. The exhaust should be firmly connected and not leaking. The rear shocks should move up
and down smoothly and without resistance. The front suspension forks should have smooth travel.
Look and see if the coil springs on the suspension have broken or are cracked at any point. In addition,
check the motorcycle belt drive or chains, making sure the sprockets aren’t worn. If there is wear, it’s a
good idea to replace the chain and sprockets at the same time. Look for items like missing pins and clips
as well.
Next up, let’s look at the bike’s controls, and make sure they work correctly.
3: Controls
Now we need to check the control parts on the motorcycle, which are responsible for turning your input
into moving and stopping.
The throttle on the right handlebar should open smoothly and snap close when you release it. Also on
that handlebar is the front brake lever — make sure it can be applied without any problems or stiffness.
On the other handlebar, we have the clutch lever, which should go in and out smoothly and be able to
shift gears without slipping. Also, check the rear brake pedal, which is usually located on the right foot
peg. That does most of the stopping work on a motorcycle so it should be operating properly.
Now check for other items like the hoses and cables running around the bike. They should not be frayed
or kinked up in any way; this is also a good time to make sure they’re properly lubricated. Make sure the
hoses aren’t cut, broken, leaking or deteriorating.
We’re getting toward the end of our checklist. Now let’s take a look at the motorcycle’s mirrors.
2: Mirrors
Next, look at the mirrors on your motorcycle. A rider has to be able to see everything around him or her
clearly. Not spotting a car coming up from behind can have devastating consequences.
If the motorcycle is missing one or both mirrors, do not ride it. Similarly, look for mirrors that are cracked or
missing pieces of glass. Replace these, and clean your mirrors if they’re dirty.
Before you start riding, you must also adjust your mirrors so you can see correctly. Georgia Motorcycle Operators’ Manual describes this procedure: Sit on the bike and take a close look at the mirrors. Adjust each
mirror so you can see the lane behind you, and as much as the lane next to you as possible. The mirror may
show part of your arm or elbow, but that is normal. It’s the road you should be most concerned about.
Finally, let’s take a look at the last item on our safety checklist, the stands.
1: Stands
Properly working kickstands can support the weight of the motorcycle and you on top of it. When inspecting a kickstand, look for any kinks or bends in the metal. It should swing down freely without resistance. In addition, the stand should not come down on its own while you’re riding. Many bikes have a kill
switch that prevents you from driving off in gear while the stand is down, so make sure that works correctly.
If your bike has a center stand, make sure that can support its weight as well. Again, look for bends and
cracks in the metal, and whether or not it can hold the motorcycle securely. Some center stands act as lifts
for the motorcycle so you can raise them off the ground to replace tires and do other maintenance. Make
sure that works properly as well.
You can find more about this article and other safety related articles on the MSF, Motorcycle Safety Foundation page.
Ride Safe!
Safety Officer, Bob Hastings
General Membership Mtg &
Where’s the
Gavel? I think
Blondie took it!!!
Seriously Sam, the
Dog has his own H.O.G.
Card. But I think he
rides in a side-car
hooked up to Linda’s
Is it Really????
Can it Be???
I think so!!!!
Yes, it’s Ron
Matthews. He’s
Oh, I was supposed
To order pie and
Not a healthy salad??!!!
One of these folks
Isn’t a chapter member!!!!
I think it’s the guy
In the yellow shirt!!!!!!!
They Fought
We Ride
Scottsdale to New River
Happy Birthday!
You get 10% off all purchases you
make at GCH-D during your
birthday month.
For every chapter ride, you
must be at the meet up location
15 minutes prior to the KSU for
a safety meeting.
No exceptions!
March Jackpot:
All submissions, articles or
photos, need to be turned into the editor by the 22nd of
the month.
Mention HOG Save 10%
2016 Advertisement
Price Listing
Ads must be camera ready.
If sent via email,
images need to be in a JPEG file.
Business card:
$10 month
$90 annual
¼ page:
$15 month
$135 annual
½ page:
$25 month
$225 annual
Full page:
$50 month
$450 annual
Make your check payable to:
Yavapai AZ HOG Chapter 1271
Mail to: Yavapai AZ HOG
ATTN: Don Ridlon
Grand Canyon H-D
P. O. Box 1035
Mayer, AZ 86333
If you wish, you may also hand deliver
your ad with payment to the Grand
Canyon Harley-Davidson dealership,
located at 10434 Highway 69 in Mayer,
AZ. Please state “ATTN: Don Ridlon”
on the envelope.
We look forward to hearing from you.
As an advertiser, you will be sent, via
email, the HOGwash for each month
that your advertisement runs.
Thank you.
Questions? Contact:
Don Ridlon, Publicity Officer
Yavapai AZ HOG Chapter 1271
publicity@yavapaihog.com, 602-695-5367
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