IBM Storwize V3700
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IBM Storwize V3700
Easy-to-use, affordable storage offering advanced
capabilities for small and midsize businesses
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Easily manage and deploy this system
using the embedded graphical user
interface based on the IBM® Storwize®
interface design
Experience rapid, flexible provisioning and
simple configuration changes with internal
virtualization and thin provisioning
Have continuous access to data with
integrated nondisruptive migration
Protect data with sophisticated remote
mirroring and integrated IBM FlashCopy®
Optimize costs for mixed workloads, with
up to three times performance improvement with only five percent flash storage
capacity using IBM System Storage®
Easy Tier®1
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Organizations of all sizes have the opportunity to use today’s massive
volumes of data to transform the way they do business. But storing this
valuable data can be expensive at a time when controlling costs remains a
priority. IT organizations have limited resources but need to stay responsive to dynamic environments and act quickly to consolidate, simplify and
optimize their IT infrastructures. The IBM Storwize family is designed to
deliver what they need from their storage systems, but more efficiently
than ever before. Offered in a wide range of storage systems, the Storwize
family delivers sophisticated capabilities that are proven, efficient and
IBM Storwize V3700, the entry-level system of the Storwize family, delivers efficient, entry-level configurations specifically designed to meet the
needs of small and midsize businesses. Designed to provide organizations
with the ability to consolidate and share data at an affordable price,
Storwize V3700 offers advanced software capabilities usually found in
more expensive systems.
Built upon innovative IBM technology, Storwize V3700 addresses the
block storage requirements of small and midsize organizations. Providing
up to 120 drives of capacity packaged in a compact 2U height, Storwize
V3700 is designed to accommodate the most common storage network
technologies to enable easy implementation and management.
Storwize V3700 leverages proven Storwize functions, management and
interoperability, including:
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Innovative and easy-to-use management capabilities
Virtualization of internal storage and thin provisioning for improved
storage utilization
FlashCopy to create instant copies of data for backup or application
IBM Systems and Technology
Data Sheet
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Remote replication functions to create exact copies of data at
remote locations
System Storage Easy Tier technology to optimize use of flash
and deliver better performance
One-way data migration to easily move data onto
Storwize V3700
Storwize family OpenStack Nova volume driver to help
automate storage provisioning and volume management for
enterprises by combining the efficiency of Storwize V3700
with the OpenStack open-source cloud platform
As part of the efficient, automated and intelligent IBM Smarter
Storage approach to storage, the Storwize V3700 is:
This entry-level system delivers high performance.
Performance is optimized through the cost-effective
deployment of flash storage with Easy Tier technology.
Thin provisioning saves space while maintaining
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Efficient by design
Intuitive user interface is based on the breakthrough Storwize
family user interface.
Internal virtualization helps users quickly respond to changing requirements.
Integrated FlashCopy protects data without wasting space.
Remote Mirror helps create copies of data at remote locations
for disaster recovery.
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With Storwize V3700 you can start small and grow easily.
Nondisruptive migration is included in base price.
Support for OpenStack compute cloud environments is
built in.
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IBM Storwize V3700 disk system at a glance
Host interface
1 Gbps iSCSI and 6 Gbps SAS (optional 8 Gb Fibre Channel, 10 Gbps iSCSI/Fibre Channel over Ethernet
host ports, 6 Gbps SAS 4-port host interface card)
User interface
Storwize V3700 graphical user interface
Single/dual controller
Dual controller
Cache per controller
4 GB upgradable to 8 GB
Drive type
Dual-port, hot-swappable 6 Gb SAS disk drives
Supported drives
Small form-factor (SFF) 2.5-inch disk drives:
146 GB, 300 GB at 15k rpm
300 GB, 600 GB, 900 GB and 1.2 TB at 10k rpm
500 GB, 1 TB at 7.2k rpm SAS nearline
Large form-factor (LFF) 3.5-inch disk drives:
2 TB, 3 TB and 4 TB* at 7.2k rpm
900 GB and 1.2 TB at 10k rpm
300 GB at 15k rpm
SSD drives:
200 GB and 400 GB
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IBM Systems and Technology
Data Sheet
IBM Storwize V3700 disk system at a glance
Maximum drives supported
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SFF enclosure: 24 x 2.5-inch drives
LFF enclosure: 12 x 3.5-inch drives
RAID levels
RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 and 10
Fans and power supplies
Fully redundant, hot-swappable
Rack support
Standard 19-inch rack-mount enclosure†
Management software
Storwize V3700 machine code
Advanced functions included
with each system
Internal virtualization, thin provisioning, one-way data migration and FlashCopy (up to 64 targets)
Optional licensed functions
FlashCopy upgrade (up to 2,040 targets), Easy Tier, Remote Mirror and turbo performance
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3-year limited warranty
Customer-replaceable units
On-site service
Next-business-day 9x5
Service upgrades available‡
Storwize V3700 LFF control enclosure:
Height: 8.7 cm (3.4 in.)
Width: 48.3 cm (19.0 in.)
Depth: 55.6 cm (21.9 in.)
Approximate weight:
– Empty: 18.0 kg (39.6 lb)
– Fully configured: 28.3 kg (62.2 lb)
Storwize V3700 SFF control enclosure:
Height: 8.7 cm (3.4 in.)
Width: 48.3 cm (19.0 in.)
Depth: 55.6 cm (21.9 in.)
Approximate weight:
– Empty: 19.0 kg (41.8 lb)
– Fully configured: 27.3 kg (60.0 lb)
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Operating environment
Air temperature:
Operating: 10°C – 35°C (50°F – 95°F) at 30.5 m below to 3,000 m above sea level
(100 below to 9,840 ft above)
Non-operating: -10°C – 50°C (14°F – 125°F)
Relative humidity:
Operating: 20% – 80%
Non-operating: 10% – 90%
Electrical power:
Voltage range: 100 – 240 V ac
Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
LFF control enclosure: 358 watts
SFF control enclosure: 405 watts
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Heat dissipation (BTU per hour)
LFF control enclosure: 1,222
SFF control enclosure: 1,383
Supported systems
For a list of currently supported servers, operating systems, host bus adapters, clustering applications and
SAN switches and directors, refer to the System Storage Interoperation Center at:
ISV solutions
For a list of high-quality solutions with our partner ISVs, including access to solution briefs and white papers,
refer to the ISV Solutions Resource Library.
Leverage proven ISV solutions
IBM is committed to the continuous improvement and seamless application integration of IBM disk systems to optimize
your business results and time to value. The IBM commitment
is visible through ongoing work and enduring partnerships with
independent software vendors (ISVs) such as Microsoft, Oracle,
SAP, Symantec and VMware.
Combining Storwize V3700 with leading ISV applications can
provide increased flexibility and deliver a robust information
infrastructure for your organization. Solutions have been qualified for applications in key areas, including backup and restore,
high availability, server virtualization, and database and performance optimization. IBM is committed to certifications with
key ISVs aligned with various industries including healthcare,
financial services, telecommunications and the public sector.
Why IBM?
The Storwize family of products from IBM, a recognized
leader in the storage industry, is known for providing efficiency
and high-performance storage for any type of workload.
IBM System Storage offerings, customized for small and midsize organizations, are specifically designed to deliver performance in streamlined packages that are easy to buy, deploy
and manage.
For more information
To learn more about the IBM Storwize V3700 disk system,
please contact your IBM representative or
IBM Business Partner, or visit the following website:
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* Statement of direction: IBM plans to make 4 TB disk drives available for
Storwize V3700 in the future. IBM plans subject to change.
† To
assure installation and serviceability in non-IBM industry-standard
racks, review the Storwize V3700 publications for any product-specific
installation requirements.
‡ Warranty
service upgrades via IBM ServicePac® and maintenance
laboratory measurements
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