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25th Anniversary
Welcome to the 25th Anniversary of Bayou Wars. It’s hard to believe that we
have been doing this for this long. Please check with us at the reception desk
for any schedule changes or recent additions.
FRIDAY – June 2, 2017
Friday Morning
Clay Cooper’s Traditional Opening Event:
28mm Wars of the Roses battle using the “To the
Strongest” rules by Simon Miller
Clay Cooper
9am – 1pm
Lion Rampant – ancient skirmish rules – simple and lots
of fun – get in an introductory game prior to the
Steve Wirth
9am – 1pm
Lord of the Kanto Rules– Warfare during the “Age of the
Country at War” (The “Sengoku Jidai”) 6mm samurai
armies; up to 10 players – no experience necessary.
Chris Johnston
hour on the
Assortment of Vintage Boardgames – take a walk down
memory lane; back to when it all started and brought you
here today - Milton Bradley’s Hit The Beach; Avalon
Hill (Axis and Allies) / Xeno Games (World at WarExpansion – play as an allied or axis power –play as a
team player or selfishly conquer the world on your own;
Avalon Hill “Battle Cry” - Your first ACW game; 2 – 6
players ages 12 and up –
Friday Afternoon
2pm – 6pm
Introduction to L’Arte de la Guerre –
This “sandal camp” game allows beginners to learn the
basic rules for this very popular ancients game including
movement and combat; 4-8 players.
Chris Johnston
2pm – 6pm
Outside of Kursk
Don Odom
2pm – 6pm
Tewfig Bey confounds Osman Digna. The Fuzzy-Wuzzys
attempt to overthrow the Egyptians. Colonial Adventures:
WWII Micro armor Blitzkrieg Commander rules
Ken Hafer
6 - 10 players. 15mm. 4 x 6 table
2pm – 6pm
Lion Rampant Fantasy Tournament – Chris Swearingen
brings back the popular “Play all Convention Long” Lion
Rampant tournament. Whomever collects most points
throughout the convention, well, wins. This is Louisiana,
play early and play often.
Chris Swearingen
2pm – 6pm
Pathfinder Society Quest: Honor's Echo
A series of six Quests designed for 1st-level characters.
The grand Taldan Empire once controlled half of Avistan,
but during the Even-Tongued Conquest, it could not
manage an ongoing war with both its neighbor Qadira and
the secessionist rebels in its outer provinces. As Taldor
struggled to control its crumbling territories, its monarchs
sought scapegoats for its failures, including the righteous
war hero Countess Honaria Alcasti. Stripped of its nobility,
her family has survived in obscurity for seven hundred
years. However, her descendant Remaio has identified
evidence that might redeem the Alcasti name and his
ancestor’s honor. Can the PCs help exonerate her name and
bring glory to Taldor once more?
Jeremy Gremillion
"Honor’s Echo" includes six, 1-hour adventures that take
the PCs from the verdant wilds of Andoran to the arid
wastes of Qadira to the cultural heart of Taldor itself.
Experience the adventures in any order to create a unique
This scenario is designed for use with the Pathfinder
Roleplaying Game.
Written by Eleanor Ferron, Jenny Jarzabski, and Landon
Friday Night
6pm – 11pm
Little Round TopBlue and Grey fight for Gettysburg
Regimental Fire and Fury rules
Bob Kelso
6pm – 11pm
Medieval Fantasy Skirmish. Monsters are raiding the
countryside and a group of heroes must stop them. Will
you take control of a sword wielding knight, a magic
wielding mage or another hero to defeat the evil beasts.
Richard Allen,
Addison Moseley
Custom rules set. 28mm models. Kid friendly!
6pm – 11pm
Fist Full of Lead – Back to the town of Buckshot 28mm
Cowboy game.
Dwaine Balius
6pm – 9pm
L’Arte de la Guerre –Ancients Tournament
Round 1
Chris Anders,
Lost World
Dinosaur Hunt House rules
Ryker Doskey
7pm – 1am
Betrayal at the House on the Hill
GM: Jeremy Gremillion
Jeremy Gremillion
Betrayal at House on the Hill quickly builds suspense
and excitement as players explore a haunted mansion of
their own design, encountering spirits and frightening
omens that foretell their fate.
Betrayal is a tile game that allows players to build their
own haunted house room by room, tile by tile, creating a
new thrilling game board every time. The game is
designed for three to six people, each of whom plays
one of six possible characters.
Secretly, one of the characters betrays the rest of the
party, and the innocent members of the party must
defeat the traitor in their midst before it’s too late!
Betrayal at House on the Hill will appeal to any game
player who enjoys a fun, suspenseful, and strategic
Saturday Morning
9am – 1pm
Naval Assault The Great War. A British taskforce
escorts transports to a landing site against Turkish
forces. But the former Kaiserliche Marine Battlecruiser,
the Goeben, recently renamed the Yavuz, has been sent
by the Turks to intercept and disrupt the landing.
B5wars rules.
Richard Allen,
Addison Moseley
9am – 1pm
The Battle of Corinth 28mm Modified Brother against
Brother- 6 players
Can you sweep the Union invaders and secure the
“Crossroads of the Confederacy” or will you be able to
drive the Rebels back and retake the junction. Choose
Bloody Broadsides –Saving the Rao
Napoleonic Naval fight!
Stephen Huckaby
ACWGamer: The
9am – 1pm
L’Arte de la Guerre – Tournament
Round 2
11:30 am
"The Bloodiest Square Mile in Normandy!" Operation
– Mitten: 27-28 June 1944 – A Command Decision Test of
Battle Scenario - On the 27th of June Operation Mitten
was launched to eradicate a salient in the line to the North
of Caen and capture the chateaux of De La Londe. Troops
ALL DAY of the 3rd Division’s 8th Brigade were tasked with these
objectives. On the evening of the 27th the 1st Battalion of
the South Lancashire Regiment put in a deliberate attack
repulsed with great loss. The following morning the other
two battalions of the brigade with tank support from the
Staffordshire Yeomanry attacked again in the face of stiff
opposition but by the end of the day took the objectives.
Children under 14 welcome, with accompanying adult.
Bill Majure
Chris Anders
Dudley Garidel
noon – 3pm
L’Arte de la Guerre – Tournament
Round 3
Chris Anders
Saturday Afternoon
Pathfinder Module: The Godsmouth Heresy
2pm – 1am
An urban and dungeon adventure for 1st-level
Deep below the anarchic city of Kaer Maga,
someone—or something—has begun stealing
corpses from the city’s most prestigious tomb, the
Godsmouth Ossuary. Fearing the worst, the clerics
of Pharasma in charge of maintaining the crypts
quietly call for aid, not wanting to risk their own
members in combating whatever horrors may have
crept in from the tunnels and hidden chambers of
the legendary Undercity. Yet when the PCs venture
below the closed-off sections of the crypt, what they
find may be more than they bargained for. For
beneath the infamous crypt lies a temple from an
ancient empire devoted to sin, and a former
Pharasmin cleric who’s weathered his goddess’s
wrath to create an army of undead minions, their
dead flesh standing ready to support his heretical
Josh Gremillion and
the Pathfinder
The Godsmouth Heresy is an adventure for 1st-level
characters, written for the Pathfinder Roleplaying
Game and compatible with the 3.5 edition of the
world’s oldest RPG. It takes place beneath the clifftop city of Kaer Maga, an ancient prison colony
turned den of thieves and refugees.
Written by Rob McCreary
2pm – 6pm
2pm – 6pm
2pm – 6pm
Return to Darkest Africa; Rules: The Sword in Africa
supplement to The Sword and the Flame;
Eight players - Set in a rural area in the wilds of east
central Africa. Innocent villagers, dastardly slavers,
stalwart Brits, conniving Belgians; who could ask for more,
except maybe some wild animals – 28mm figures
54mm Colonial- with figures he played with as a kid.
Axis and Allies Naval
Jim Pitts
Paul Arceneaux
Darren Messina
2pm – 6pm
The Saxon assault on Heorot. Can the Saxons evict the
Vikings and burn the village? Warrior Heroes 6 – 10
players, 28mm 4 x 6 table
Ken Hafer
2pm – 6pm
Donny Brooke – 28 mm Circa 1668 Can the Dutch blow
the Bridge before Louis’ Cannon Crosses.
Dwaine Balius
2pm – 6pm
A Bridge Too Far – (6 to 8 players) Bolt Action 2nd
28mm – British Paratroopers attempt to hold the
bridge at Arnhem long enough to give XXX Corps time to
Charles Pecquet
Baton Rouge
Society of Miniature
Battle of Tientsin (Main Battle, July 13,1900)
Chinese Boxers versus Imperialists
28 mm, Black Powder rules
Can the Righteous Fists defeat the Foreign Devils?
The Baton Rouge Society of Miniature Gaming
L’Arte de la Guerre
Round 4
David Horaist and
Tim Wiedel
Chris Anders
Saturday Night
6pm – 11pm
What if Napoleonic
French face Russians and Austrians
20mm Bring up the Guns rules
Steve Wirth
River Parishes
8pm – 11pm
8pm – 11pm
Blue Max WWI aerial dogfights ALWAYS a FAVORITE
Hilton McManus
Castle Siege – 28 MM – “No Marriage!” When
you refuse the King’s order for your only
daughter to marry your arch enemy, you shut the
gate and start the oil boiling!
Zombiecide – join a group of survivors in a
Zombie apocalypse world – from the famous
board game by that name
Dwaine Balius
Scott Allen
Sunday Morning
Sunday 9am Saxon zombie feast! As many players as can belly
– 1am
up to the table! 28mm 4 x 6 table
Ken Hafer
Sunday 9am Bloody Broadsides –Saving the Rao
Napoleonic Naval fight!
– 1am
Bill Majure
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