Digital clock Cristalys 7

Digital clock Cristalys 7
Digital clock
Digital clock
Cristalys 7
► Indoor clock with liquid crystal display (LCD).
► Fixed or alternate hour with date or week number.
► Extra flat casing.
► Optimal viewing distance 30 metres, angle of vision 160°.
► Power supply with 2 LR 14 batteries for an autonomy over 3 years
or PoE (Power over Ethernet) for NTP version.
► 3 casing colours: aluminium, white, burgundy.
► Versions: independent quartz, radio synchronised (FI or DCF), DHF receiver, impulse slave movement, IRIG B/AFNOR
coded time receiver or NTP receiver.
► NTP transmission mode: multicast only.
► Silent operation.
► Programming and time setting through 2 buttons.
► Optional very low voltage power supply from 6 to 24V AC/DC (or external 230V).
► Operating temperature: from 0 to 50°C.
► Humidity: 80% at 40°C.
► Weight: 0.7 Kg.
► Eco function providing energy savings through switching off display between 23.00
and 6.00.
► 12 or 24 hour display mode.
► Automatic summer/winter time changeover and perpetual calendar with
multi-time zones.
► Permanent data saving.
► Accuracy of the time quartz base: 0.2 second/day.
► Absolute time accuracy with optional radio synchronisation.
► ABS casing, IP40, IK02.
► PoE consumption: 2.5 W maximum; Class 0 device.
Dimensions in mm
Technical features:
► Norm NF EN50081-1: generic emission standard.
► Norm NF EN50082-1: generic immunity standard.
► Norm NF EN60950: safety of information technology equipment.
France Inter and
DCF transmitter
Add to the reference: A for aluminium casing colour, B for white, D for burgundy.
Ref. : 643 501 S
Cristalys 7 references
► Independent quartz
938 111
► Radio synchronised France Inter
938 121
► Radio synchronised DCF
938 123
► Slave movement on impulses or IRIG B/AFNOR receiver
938 131
► Slave movement on impulses or IRIG B/AFNOR receiver (very low voltage) 938 132
► DHF radio receiver
938 141
► DHF radio receiver (very low voltage)
938 143
► NTP PoE receiver
938 163
Digital clock
Digital clock
Cristalys 7
Cristalys 7
on table support
3 casing colours:
aluminium, burgundy, white
Display modes:
Hour only :
or alternate with :
► 12h mode, 
► 24h mode, 
► Day-Month (31 :12), 
► Month-Day (12 :31), 
► Week number, 
Movements and synchronisation:
Quartz movement
► The clock is totally independent, the time information comes from its own time basis.
► Automatic summer/winter time changeover.
DHF movement
► The clock is radio-synchronised by a DHF transmitter.
► Automatic summer/winter time changeover.
FI or DCF Radio synchronised movement
► The clock is independent, the time information comes from its own time basis which is
rectified, in case of drift, by comparing it to the FI or DCF transmitter signal.
► The radio synchronisation permit to display the time with perfect accuracy.
► Automatic summer/winter time changeover.
IRIG B/AFNOR coded time receiver
► The coded time distribution consist in transmitting a complete time message each second :
the setting on time of the receivers is realised automatically and speedily as soon as they
are connected on the clock line.
► The IRIG B/AFNOR coded time does not transmit interference and is insensitive to other
electrical interference.
24V minute impulses receiver movement
► The receiver clocks are connected to a distribution line and activated by means of
electrical impulses transmitted every minute by the master clock.
NTP PoE receiver
► A NTP time server sends UTC time periodically on the Ethernet network. The clocks pick up the time
messages, apply the relevant time zone and set themselves automatically to local time.
The NTP server must have a transmission (Poll) period of less than 128 seconds.
PoE power is supplied to the clock through the network via the RJ45 plug.
► Wall support (supplied)
► Table support
► Double sided bracket for wall or ceiling mounting
► Double sided bracket for wall or ceiling mounting (long length)
► Single or double sided bracket specific length for wall or ceiling mounting
(Please specify on the order the fixing mode (wall or ceiling) and the length
between the top of the clock and the fixing point).
► Support for very low voltage power supply
► Embedded TBT (very low voltage) power supply (Capacity: 20 clocks)
► Wall plug-in TBT power supply (capacity: 20 clocks)
202 266
938 902
938 901
938 905
938 908
938 903
938 914
938 916
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