Clustering for Axway SecureTransport
Clustering for Axway SecureTransport
Standard and Enterprise Options Ensure Business Continuity
Hardware fails. Software fails. Systems require periodic downtime for upgrades and
maintenance. Volumes spike or grow until they overwhelm existing infrastructures. All
of these scenarios can slow or disrupt the Managed File Transfer (MFT) data flows,
processes, and services that are critical to maintaining business continuity.
To improve availability, scalability, and performance for business-critical services like
MFT, many IT organizations have implemented clusters of loosely connected computers
called “nodes.” When a node fails, work is dispersed among the other nodes in the
cluster, helping to ensure that mission-critical business processes and services
are “always on.” And when the overall load exceeds the capabilities of the cluster,
additional nodes can be added to handle data and transaction volumes now and in
the future.
Axway Standard and Enterprise Clustering
What is Clustering?
Computer clustering is connecting
two or more computers via local
area networks (LANs) so that they
work together as a single computer.
Each node (computer used as
a server) runs its own operating
system, and a given task can be
executed on a specific node or
on all computers. Clusters are
developed to improve performance,
availability and cost-effectiveness
over single computers.
Axway SecureTransport, an enhanced MFT gateway, is the most scalable and resilient
MFT product on the market. SecureTransport supports Standard Clustering and
Enterprise Clustering to meet a wide range of capacity requirements and help
organizations ensure business continuity.
Standard Clustering: This feature enables Active/Active and Active/Passive
deployments, with no dependency on an external database. This option provides
efficiency and a low total cost of ownership for organizations that need both
redundancy and scalability.
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Enterprise Clustering (LEC): SecureTransport is the first MFT product to leverage an
in-memory data grid that enables organizations to leverage an external database
so that they can:
“In today’s world of 24x7x365
global operations and
competition, downtime results
not only in immediate lost
ƒƒ Scale to 20 nodes with unlimited concurrent connections and up to a 200-percent
performance improvement per node over Standard Clustering.
revenue and productivity,
but also in lasting damage
ƒƒ Gain elastic scalability in physical and virtual deployments by adding capacity
to support peak loads or unplanned growth. (Adding nodes does not require
downtime for the cluster.)
to corporate reputation that
erodes customer confidence in
ƒƒ Use policy-based load distribution to isolate lines of business and server tasks in
different parts of the cluster.
your brand. Enterprises today
must be always on and always
ƒƒ Improve resiliency/disaster recovery with more nodes in service and faster
recovery times.
available to an extended network
of customers, employees, and
Advanced Axway Enterprise Clustering capabilities include automated node
Forrester; Build the Always-on
and Always-available Extended
Enterprise, August 2012
management and recovery, dynamic and policy-based load configuration and
tuning, and automated server health monitoring.
Enterprise Clustering
Axway SecureTransport
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In Memory Data Grid
External Oracle
The Axway Advantage
Experience and expertise
What is an in-memory data grid
“IMDGs provide an in-memory,
Axway has a proven track record of serving customers with complex business
and IT environments. Our experience is encapsulated in our people, processes
and products, ensuring that our customers benefit from best practices derived
from valuable lessons learned.
distributed (across large
Recognized by analysts as a leader in MFT technology, Axway has helped
thousands of customers around the world drive business value through Managed
File Transfer, including ultra-high-end shared service bureaus that meet the
demands of multiple business units and organizations in one
scalable infrastructure.
distributed applications can
Leading technology
failover support, as well as
“grids” of networked servers)
store (usually called “cache”
or “space”), in which multiple,
place, retrieve and exchange
large volumes of data objects.
... IMDGs provide security,
management, clustering and
space partitioning, warmup
Clustering for SecureTransport leverages leading and emerging technologies to
improve performance, management, scalability, and resiliency, so you can rest
assured that your MFT infrastructure is always available to support the way you,
your customers, and your partners do business — 24 x 7 x 365.
and overflow management.
Organizations often use IMDGs
to retain frequently accessed
data — such as Web pages,
ƒƒ Redundancy: RAID data protection, dual ports, and redundant power supplies,
controllers, network cards, paths, and servers ensure that there is no single
point of failure.
ƒƒ Management: Integrated cluster management functionality (including
automated node management and recovery, dynamic and policy-based load
configuration and tuning, and automated server health monitoring) simplifies
management and enables SecureTransport to be layered on top of well-known
cluster solutions without adding complexity or a new learning curve.
ƒƒ Storage: Clustering storage systems must be able to support multi-host
shared access with each host using its own dedicated port.
SecureTransport’s Standard Clustering option uses an embedded database with
transparent data replication, so you don’t need to worry about ports. Enterprise
Clustering leverages In-Memory Data Grid technology and an external Oracle
database, which handles port management.
database rows, information
feeds or XML documents — in
the distributed space. “
Source: Gartner, Innovation
Insight: Invest in In-Memory
Computing for Breakthrough
Competitive Advantage, 16
November 2011
100% Resiliency
ƒƒ All servers/tasks are active
across the cluster
ƒƒ Integrated with an external
ƒƒ Seamlessly swap and configure
Both options use external SAN or NAS storage, with either the SAN drivers or the
NAS head dealing with multi-path locking.
Performance and Scalability
ƒƒ Visibility and analytics: Axway provides dashboard views for real-time
monitoring, reporting and audit of business and IT processes across the
ƒƒ Unlimited scalability
ƒƒ High-performance cache
management layer
ƒƒ Delegated authority
w w w. a x way. c o m
“… in today’s digital age,
Ease of implementation, integration, and migration
businesses compete 24x7 on
a global stage — and if IT is
unavailable, the business is
Combined, Axway’s technology, experience, and expertise provide a smooth path to
getting your MFT Clustering solution up and running, and maintaining and improving
its effectiveness and efficiency over time.
unavailable. Business leaders
and users don’t care if it’s a
hurricane, cyberattack, or human
error that disrupts IT services —
they expect these services to be
available no matter the cause.”
Forrester; Move Beyond Disaster
Recovery and Prepare for
Business Technology Resiliency,
September 2012
ƒƒ Initial set up requires fewer resources than other offerings, and Cluster
management features integrated into SecureTransport make configuration of
additional cluster nodes simple; the core configuration is automatically shared
across the cluster.
ƒƒ Integration with other Axway solutions, as well as non-Axway solutions, can be
accomplished quickly and easily.
ƒƒ Migrations are less invasive than other offerings, providing more transparency to
business units.
ƒƒ Templates and partner cloning significantly reduce partner-enablement time and
ƒƒ Server nodes can be cloned and added to the cluster in minutes.
ƒƒ Superior Disaster Recovery support enables exponentially faster recovery time for
nodes in a cluster or DR site.
ƒƒ Your organization does not need to have special skillsets, such as BPML.
ƒƒ Support for virtually unlimited concurrent connections provides ultra high-end
availability, scalability, and performance.
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