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SunLite GigE
Data Sheet
SunLite GigE
The SunLite GigE
is an integrated
Gigabit Ethernet
test unit
The SunLite GigE, is a rugged, compact and lightweight handheld test solution
with long battery operation hours for the installation and maintenance of Metro
Ethernet and IP services. A complete set of testing capabilities makes the SunLite
GigE ideal for the field technician who needs to verify end-to-end transport of
Gigabit Ethernet/IP traffic, perform BER tests, determine throughput, link
utilization, round trip delay, and IP connectivity.
The intuitive graphical user interface of the SunLite GigE, along with the
straightforward creation and sharing of test profiles, allow technicians with
limited Ethernet or IP testing experience to verify performance parameters for
Gigabit Ethernet services. The wide range of test functionalities of the SunLite
GigE provides all of the tools needed for verifying Service Level Agreements
(SLAs) between service providers and their customers.
KEY features
• Full 10/100 Mbps and Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Mbps) line rate traffic generation
• Enables service providers and operators to turn-up and troubleshoot
Gigabit Ethernet and IP services
• Performs throughput, latency, frame loss, and back-to-back
tests per RFC 2544
• BER testing at Layer 2, and Layer 3 (IP) for Gigabit Ethernet
and IP services
• IP verification with Ping, Trace Route, and IP Throughput across a
routed network
• Generate up to 8 traffic flows with different MAC address, VLAN tags,
MPLS, IP address, payload and bandwidth configurations
• Class of Service (CoS) (via VLAN P-bit) and IP Type of Service (ToS)/DSCP
traffic prioritization settings
• 10/100/1000BASE-T and 1000BASE-X dual media
test interfaces
• Control/Respond Loopback feature to loop-up/down a far end ST T, MT T
Ethernet test modules or GigE Responder
• Test Profiles for fast and efficient test set configuration and operation
• Rugged, compact, lightweight, quick boot-up time,
high resolution color screen
• Eliminates the need for multiple instruments
• Complete solution for Installation and Maintenance (I&M) of
Gigabit Ethernet and IP services
• Cost-effective and future-proof
• Completely interoperable with STT, MT T Ethernet test modules or GigE
Responder for mixed 10/100/1000 Ethernet deployments
• Allows service providers to verify SL As between themselves and
their customers
• Automated SL A verification with RFC 2544 testing
• Layer 2 CoS settings for verifying Metro Ethernet services
• Test profile storing and loading for fast deployment of
Gigabit Ethernet services
Connector type
Duplex LC for 1000Base-X
RJ-45 UTP for 10/100/1000Base-T
Optical transceiver type: SFP (small GBIC) field interchangeable
SA580-850 (1000Base-SX)
– Wavelength: 850 nm multi-mode
– Power: -9.5 dBm to -4 dBm
– Wavelength: 770 nm to 860 nm
– Signal: -21 dBm to 0 dBm max
Optical Power Measurement (OPM) function available
SA580-1310 (1000Base-LX)
– Wavelength: 1310 nm single-mode
– Power: -9.5 dBm to -4 dBm
– Wavelength: 1270 nm to 1600 nm
– Signal: -25.5 dBm to -3 dBm max
Optical Power Measurement (OPM) function available
RFC 2544
Throughput, latency, frame loss rate, and back-to-back frames tests conform to
RFC 2544 standard
Recommended frame sizes (64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, and 1518 byte) plus one
user configurable frame size (64-12000 byte) can be tested
Tests can be run individually or in sequence
Available for Layer 2, and Layer 3 testing, including Ethernet routed circuits
Configurable IP header fields (ToS, TTL, Protocol, and Frame Offset) for QoS
verification testing
SA580-1550 (1000Base-ZX)
– Wavelength: 1550 nm single-mode
– Power: +3 dBm to -2 dBm
– Wavelength: 1270 nm to 1570 nm
– Signal: -24 dBm to -3 dBm max
Optical Power Measurement (OPM) function not available
SA580-RJ (1000Base-T)
1000Base-T SFP transceiver
Other Features
Operation Mode
Point-to-Point mode
Auto-negotiation enabled or disabled
Auto-negotiation parameters: Pause flow control, 10/100/1000 full/half
duplex mode
Multiple User Profiles
Up to 16 different test configuration profiles may be saved
Test profiles saved and loaded with the press of a button
BER/Throughput Testing
End-to-end testing with two test sets
Single-ended testing with loop on the other end
Test results are saved in text format for easy retrieval, sharing, print and analysis
of data through the management port
Traffic Generation
Layer 2, or Layer 3 traffic
Configurable source and destination MAC address
Configurable 802.1q VLAN tag and 802.1p priority
Configurable source and destination IP address (IPv4)
Configurable IP header fields (ToS, TTL, Protocol, and Frame Offset) for QoS
verification testing
Up to 8 traffic flows (MAC address, IP address, VLAN tag)
Test patterns: All 1s, All 0s, Alt1010, ITU-T PRBS (2e9, 2e11, 2e15, 2e20, 2e23,
2e31) normal or invert, or user defined (2 bytes)
Frame length 48 to 1522 bytes or Jumbo frame (up to 12 kbytes)
Frame rate 0% to 100% bandwidth utilization with steps of 0.01%
Traffic shaping: Constant, ramp, or burst
Error/Alarm injection: Bit, CRC error and rate injection
Test duration
Performance statistics: Transmitted and received bandwidth
utilization (Min, Max, Average), frame rate (Min, Max, Average), transmitted and
received line rate and data rate (kbps)
Frame statistics: Aggregate and per stream statistics in number of transmitted
and received frames, number of received VLAN tagged frames, number of lost,
out of sequence frames, number of received runt, oversized, multicast, flow
control, broadcast and unicast frames, inter-frame delay measurement
(Min, Max, Avg, Variation)
Loopback Mode
Automatically loops incoming frames with swapping the source and destination
MAC/IP address
Manual or controller/responder mode
IP Features
Sends Echo (Ping) requests
Statistics on Ping messages
Product description
Size (W × L × H): 3.6 × 6.3 × 1.6 in (90 × 160 × 40 mm)
Weight: 1.10 lb (0.50 kg)
Color TF T-LCD screen: 320 x 240
Operating temperature: 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)
Storage temperature: -4° to 158°F (-20° to 70°C)
Humidity: 10% to 85% non-condensing
Link/Activity, Signal/Error, Pat. Sync, Power/Battery, LEDs
Li-Ion rechargeable batteries
Retractable stand
Water projection proof
Other connectors
• DC power jack for charger
• USB Host connector for file transfer. RJ-45 ports can be used for field software upgrade, file management and transfer.
SLGE Single port, dual media, 10/100/1000 Mbps
Ethernet test unit
SA580-850 850 nm LC SFP Field Interchangeable
Optical Transceiver
SA580-1310 1310 nm LC SFP Field Interchangeable Optical Transceiver
SA580-1550 1550 nm LC SFP Field Interchangeable Optical Transceiver
1000Base-T SFP Transceiver
Additional Accessories:
SA148 SFP Optics Container
Cable, 100 Ohm, CAT 5, RJ45 (M) to RJ45 (M),
Cross-over, 6’
Cable, 100 Ohm, CAT 5, RJ45 (M) to RJ45 (M), 6’
Optical Patch Cord, LC-SC duplex, MMF,
62.5/125 um, 6’
Optical Patch Cord, SMF, LC-SC duplex, 6’
Trace Route
Trace the IP route over the IP network
Gateway, Router IP address traceability
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