audio service solutions visual

audio service solutions visual
As a leading audio-visual systems company responsible
for some of the world’s most complex and high-profile
AV installations, Electrosonic is uniquely positioned to
meet your individual requirements and challenges, 365
days a year.
Meeting Rooms
The quality of our support has been demonstrated by
our client retention levels and growth achieved through
recommendations and referrals.
Visitor Centers
Electrosonic’s Service Solutions business offers a wide
range of services to ensure continuity of operation and to
protect your original investment.
Theme Parks
Control Rooms
Video Conferencing
Digital Signage
Local Government
Theaters & Auditoriums
Emergency Services
Security and CCTV
» Extend the life of your technology investment
» Maximize the reliability and performance of your equipment
» Lower your operational costs
» Keep critical operations running with emergency support
A high degree of flexibility in the range of services offered allows us
to tailor the optimum service plan to suit each customer’s individual
requirements. Clients get a known cost of ownership, and the assurance
that their investment in equipment is protected.
Support Services
Technical Support & Emergency Service
Equipment Repair
Preventative Maintenance
Remote Monitoring
On-Site Staff
Full-time and flex-time Electrosonic
support staff at your facility to ensure
quality of service
Managed Services
Video Conferencing Managed Services ensure ease of use and reliability of the entire communication system
Systems Integration
Systems design and integration of audio-visual and video conferencing technology
Projector Lamp Replacement
Projector lamp sales and a cost-effective Projector Lamp Replacement Program
Local and Global Support
Service In Real-Time
Running a service operation is very
much a real-time business. Our
“follow-the-sun” support system with
Service Operations Centers (SOC)
worldwide ensures the continuous
support required for our global clients.
Remote network-enabled monitoring
of AV and VC systems provides realtime fault identification and resolution.
Established in 1964, Electrosonic
has extensive experience engineering
and maintaining critical systems in all
types of environments. Our service
offerings and business processes are
derived from our unique understanding
of the challenges and requirements of
maintaining installations.
• Wide Range of Service and Support Solutions
• Contracts are Scalable to Your Needs
• Global Support Centers with Common Log System
• High Profile Reference Sites
• 24/7 Support On-Site and On-Call
About Electrosonic
• 13 offices and over 400 employees worldwide
• A Service Solutions business of over 180 dedicated staff
• Highly qualified engineering department of over 70 people
• Over 25 experienced project managers
Service Operations Centers (SOC)
Electrosonic’s Service Operations
Centers (SOC) operate around the clock
to continuously monitor alerts, open
trouble tickets, contact the on-site team
and troubleshoot issues as required.
A call logging system helps ensure that
response times are met. All calls for
support are logged to the centers, and
our staff then contacts the local technical
team to provide a seamless response.
Video Network Operations Centers (VNOC)
Within our SOC's support umbrella are Electrosonic's Video
Network Operations Centers (VNOC). The VNOC is key to
Electrosonic's Managed Services for web, audio and video
conferencing. Clients can access the VNOC via phone,
email and an online portal. Operators are all qualified video
and AV engineers that ensure an easy-to-use, reliable and
consistent conferencing service.
Support Services
Technical Support &
Emergency Service
Technical support issues
are routed through
Electrosonic's 24/7 Service
Operations Centers
(SOC) and an experienced
technician is ready to
address your concerns. If
further support is required,
an Electrosonic technical
specialist is available for
Electrosonic's dedicated
service centers ensure
priority turnaround. Where
practical and available,
a replacement can be
provided from Electrosonic
loan stock to ensure
that there is little or no
downtime. Electrosonic can
also be contracted to stock
mission-critical equipment.
A well-managed
preventative maintenance
program extends the life
of your equipment and
minimizes downtime and
repair costs. Periodic
professional calibration
can also optimize the
image quality of your
projectors and displays.
Remote Monitoring
Electrosonic has developed the tools to remotely monitor and
manage a wide array of technologies 24 hours a day, 365
days a year. From our Service Operations Centers (SOC),
support specialists access network-enabled diagnostic tools
that retrieve alerts and important configuration data from AV
devices, VC systems, network assets and facility management
systems, enabling fast troubleshooting and fault resolution.
• Accesses configuration and alert data.
• Auto event alerts for problems such as a disconnected
monitor or misconfigured Ethernet.
• Remote update and control of equipment.
• Content distribution and playlist scheduling.
On-Site Staff
Electrosonic is a leading international provider of on-site technical, customer
service and maintenance staff within the AV industry. Our multi-disciplinary
teams are fully trained and certified on your facility’s technology, giving you
peace of mind that your AV and VC systems work seamlessly and employees
and customers will have the best experience possible.
• Large international company support structure enabling a first class service
• National and multi-national contracts to the client’s bespoke standards
• VNOC services can be integrated to provide cost effective workforce solutions
• Embedded teams provide full range of managed services across the entire multimedia spectrum
Managed Services
Electrosonic can provide an extra level of support via
its Managed Services portfolio. Managed Services
make the latest communications technologies
accessible by ensuring the ease of use and reliability
of the entire system without the need for large
capital expenditure or in-house technical expertise.
• Video Conferencing
• Audio Conferencing
• Web Conferencing
Video Conference Managed Service
Experience all the benefits of video conferencing
without the large capital expenditure. For a fixed
monthly cost, Electrosonic will manage and
provide the entire conferencing ecosystem from
the technology itself to the related network
The video conferencing environment is becoming
more critical to organizations, but at the
same time more complex, due to the mix of
networks and endpoints involved. Electrosonic’s
video conference managed service is focused
on making video conferencing easy to use,
increasing availability, maximizing user adoption
and consequently increasing your return on
• Video Network Operations Centers
(VNOC) provide 24/7 support
• Virtual meeting spaces for VC and audio
• Scheduling portal with online interface
• Concierge service
• Outlook scheduling plug-in
• Usage and adoption reporting
• Can use Electrosonic or client's
Systems Integration
Whether you require an existing meeting room
outfitted with conferencing technology or
a 300-seat theater built with the latest 3D
projection and surround sound, Electrosonic has
the expertise and knowledge to design, engineer
and manage the project. Electrosonic project
managers and engineers are assigned to projects
from concept through to completion, working to
formal quality standards.
• Large or small AV jobs
• Fast-turnaround on small works jobs
• Out-of-hours installations/upgrades
• Hardware and software upgrades
• Control system programming
• Asset management tracking
Projector Lamp Replacement
Projectors need to be up and running when you
need them, and the most frequent reason for
failure is a faulty or broken lamp. Electrosonic
offers a suite of services to ensure that your lamp
replacement process is hassle-free, cost effective
and sources only quality lamps.
Free Recycling
Ensures environmentally
responsible disposal
Projector Lamp Sales
Electrosonic has the largest and most
comprehensive inventory of original equipment
manufacturer (OEM) lamps at the best prices.
Electrosonic also offers OEM alternative Xenon
and UHP lamps at a significant discount. Purchase
with confidence from Electrosonic and avoid the
risks associated with copy and counterfeit lamps.
OEM, Diamond & Sapphire Lamps
Besides a large inventory of OEM lamps,
Electrosonic offers Diamond UHP lamps
and Sapphire Xenon lamps as lower
price alternatives that match the original
manufacturer’s quality standards.
• Perform identically to the
OEM lamps
• Warranty equals or surpasses
the industry standard
• Priced up to 50% lower than
OEM lamps
• High quality and high availability
Projector Lamp Program
Electrosonic's unique lamp program eliminates
the hassle of procuring, storing and purchasing
projector lamps. The program's annual contract
locks in your lamp price, ensures there is a lamp
on our shelf ready to ship to you, starts the
warranty on the day you install the lamp and
handles recycling.
• Extended Warranty
The warranty begins at installation
• Set Price and Budget
For as long as the program is in place
• Payment on Receipt
You don't pay until you receive the lamp
• Guaranteed Availability
The right lamp when you need it
Projector & Display Calibration
Get the best image quality from your projectors
and displays. A professional projector calibration
will include adjustments for the widest luminance
dynamic range, accurate settings for the three
primary colors, and calibration to a specific color
temperature. It is recommended that a projector
calibration is performed each time a new lamp is
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