PT-12X-SDI-G2 Data Sheet v1_1 rev 2-16

PT-12X-SDI-G2 Data Sheet v1_1 rev 2-16
12X SDI (GEN2)
Model Number:
PT12X-SDI-GY-G2 (gray)
PT12X-SDI-WH-G2 (white)
Video Conferencing Camera
The PTZ Optics 12X-SDI is a 1080p camera with 12X optical zoom for capturing both wide angles and long
shots. With support for 3G-SDI, HDMI, and IP Streaming (H.264, H.265 & MJPEG) this camera is ideal for
broadcasting high definition video signals for broadcast, recording or video conferencing applications.
72.5 degree wide-angle lens.
High performance in low illumination situations and Wide Dynamic Range.
Full 1920x1080p HD Resolutions up to 60 frames per second.
2D and 3D noise reduction with our latest “low noise CMOS sensor”.
RS232, RS485 & IP Control
RJ-45 H.264, H.265 & MJPEG Streaming port
HDMI, 3G-SDI, IP Streaming (All Simultaneuos)
Camera & Lens
12X Zoom 3G-SDI Camera
Power Adapter + Cord
IR Remote Control
RS-232C Cable
User Manual
Rear Board Connectors
Video CMOS Sensor
1/2.7” CMOS, 2.12 Mega Pixels
Video Output Interface
HDMI, 3G-SDI, IP Streaming, CVBS
Frame Rate
1080i/60 & 50, 1080p/60 & 50,
Network Interface
1080p/30 & 25, 720p/60, 50, 30 & 25
Audio Interface
Line In, 3.5mm (IP Stream Only)
12x, F3.5mm-42.3mm, F1.8-F2.8
Communication Interface
RS-232, RS485
Lens Zoom
Baud Rate
2400/4800/9600 bits
Field of View
Power Supply Interface
JEITA type Power Adapter (DC IN 12V)
Min Lux
0.5 Lux at F1.8, AGC ON
USB Interface
USB 2.0 (future use)
Shutter Speed
1/30s - 1/10000s
Vertical Flip & Mirror
Horizontal Angle of View
6.9° (tele) to 72.5° (wide)
Vertical Angle of View
3.9° (tele) to 44.8°(wide)
Working Envciornment
Pan & Tilt Movement
Electrical Index
Power Supply
12W (Max)
Input Voltage
12V DC (10.8 - 13.0V DC)
Physical Specifications
Dimension (in.)
5.56W x 6.88H x 5.88D (8“ H w/ Tilt up)
Dimensions (mm)
142W x 175H x 150D (204H w/ Tilt up)
Pan Movement
Box Dimensions
9”x9”x10” | 229mmx254mmx229mm
Tilt Rotation
Up: 90°, Down: 30°
Camera Weight
3.05 lbs. (1.38 kg)
10 IR Presets (Up to 255 via RS-232)
Boxed Weight
5.4 lbs. (2.45 kg)
Rev. 1.1 2/16
DATA SHEET PTZ Optics Specifications & Diagrams
Rev. 1.1 2/16
1. Audio LINE IN Interface
7. RJ45 IP Interface
2. CVBS Interface
8. HDMI Interface
3. System Select Switch
9. 3G-SDI Interface
4. RS485 Jack
10. USB2.0
5. RS232 IN jack
11. DC 12V Jack
6. RS232 OUT Jack
12. Power Switch
1. Standby Button
Press this button to enter standby mode.
Press it again to enter normal mode.
NOTE: Power consumption in standby mode
is approximately half of the normal mode.
2. Position Buttons
To set preset or call preset.
3. * Button
For multiple function.
4&13. Set/Clear Preset Buttons
Set preset: Store a preset position
[PRESET] + Numeric button (0-9): Setting a
corresponding numeric key preset position
NOTE: Preset 0 - 9 via remote control and
the rest from web, keyboard and the serial
port. Clear preset: Erase a preset position
[RESET] + Numeric button (0-9),
or: [*] + [#] + [RESET]: Erase all presets
5&14. Pan/Tilt Control Buttons
Press the arrow buttons to perform
panning and tilting. Press the [HOME]
button to face the camera back to front.
6. Return Button
Press the button to back previous menu.
7. Zoom Buttons
Zoom+: Zoom In (Slow and fast speed)
Zoom-: Zoom Out (Slow and fast speed)
8. L/R Set Button
Set the left & right direction of remote
[L/R Set] + [1]: Normal direction.
[L/R Set] + [2]: Left and right direction
will be reversed.
9. Focus Buttons
Used for focus adjustment. Press [AUTO]
to adjust the focus on the center of the
object automatically. To adjust the focus
manually, press the [MANUAL] button, and
adjust it with [Far] (focus on far object)
and [Near] focus on near object).
10. Camera Address Select Buttons
Press the button corresponding to the
camera which you want to operate with
the remote controller.
11. # Button
For multiple function
12. Multiple Function Buttons
Function 1. Set camera IR address: Press 3 keys
contiguously can set camera IR address as follow:
[*] + [#] + [F1]: Address 1
[*] + [#] + [F2]: Address 2
[*] + [#] + [F3]: Address 3
[*] + [#] + [F4]: Address 4
Function 2. Image freezing function Press [F4]
to start the freeze function. The word "Freeze"
displays on the upper left corner. After five
seconds, the display disappears automatically
(though the freeze feature continues). To cancel
the freeze, press the [F4] key the word
"Unfreeze" displays on the upper left corner.
After five seconds, the display disappears
15. Menu Setting
Menu button: Press this button to enter
or exit the OSD menu.
16. Backlight Button
Backlight button: Press this button to enable
the backlight compensation. Press it again
to disable the backlight compensation.
NOTE: Effective only in auto exposure mode.
NOTE: If there is a light behind the subject,
the subject will appear dark. In this case,
press the backlight ON / OFF button.
To cancel this function, press the backlight
ON / OFF button.
16. 17. P/T RST Button
Press the button to self-calibrate pan and tilt
once again.
Shortcut Set Function
[*] + [#] + [1]: Display OSD menu in English
[*] + [#] + [3]: Display OSD menu in Chinese
[*] + [#] + [4]: Show IP address
[*] + [#] + [6]: Quickly restore the default settings
[*] + [#] + [8]: Show the camera version
[*] + [#] + [9]: Quickly set mount mode (flip / normal)
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