V ideo Conf erencing
V-T h e r e ™ 2 1 0 0
Video Conferencing System
V-There™ 2100 is an all-new low-cost conferencing system
that delivers essential video conferencing features at a
price point for the person or department on a budget.
V-There 2100 gives you complete web browsing
capabilities to help you tailor the video conferencing experience to meet a variety of needs. This is an industryleading feature in set-top video conferencing systems that
delivers seamless support of Microsoft Office documents
and PowerPoint® presentations.
Dual monitor support allows you to configure the system as needed. A VGA/SVGA output delivers high-quality
video to a graphics monitor, allowing information to be
easily viewed. The XGA input makes sharing your PC
graphics quick and easy. V-There delivers all these features for thousands of dollars less than the competition.
The included AccuMic II™ provides ClearOne’s
award-winning clear, intelligible audio to enhance your
video conference. The AccuMic II provides 360-degree
coverage with our exclusive Distributed Echo
Cancellation® and noise cancellation technology for
ClearOne-quality sound. You can add a second AccuMic II
for expanded coverage.
Focusing on the room environment, V-There provides
the ability to detach the camera housing from the base
unit. In this configuration, only the camera is seen by the
users, creating a friendlier, more inviting look.
For mobility, V-There supports wireless LAN
connectivity for IP video conferencing. Using an optional
PCMCIA wireless LAN card, V-There provides a true integrated wireless solution.
V-T h e r e g i v e s y o u c o m p l e t e w e b b r o w s i n g a n d
HTML information-sharing capabilities.
Features and Benefits
• High-quality video—Data transfer rates to 768kbps
for H.323 and 128kbps for H.320 calls
• AccuMic II delivers ClearOne’s award-winning audio.
A second AccuMic II can be attached for larger venues.
• 1BRI IMUX interface for simplified installation
• Graphics display support —VGA/SVGA display of
video and graphics
• Integrated web browser —View HTML documents on
local monitor and send snapshots of browser screen to
remote site via still images
• Easy-to-use GUI —Includes phone book with memory
locations for your favorite numbers
• PIP (picture in picture) —Provides viewing flexibility
• Control via infrared handheld remote and keyboard
• Wireless 802.11b support via optional PCMCIA card
Distance Learning
Corporate Training
Conference Rooms
• Compliance: FCC, CSA CE
T h e V-T h e r e 2 1 0 0 i s m a n u f a c t u r e d a n d m a r k e t e d b y
C l e a r O n e , f o r m e r l y G e n t n e r.
video conferencing
Standards Support
H.320 and H.323
H.320: 56-128kbps
H.323: 64–768kbps
User Interface
Express mode for efficient conference control
Expert mode for advanced conference features
Phone book holds hundreds of entries
Microsoft Internet Explorer browser
PowerPoint plug-in for simplified
Auto snapshot for simplified
Context-sensitive online help
Language Supported: English
Additional Features
2x PCMCIA 2.0 slots
2x external RS-232 connectors
IR handheld remote
IR keyboard
Remote software upgrade
Sleep mode
V-Meeting1 scheduling using Microsoft
Remote management via V-Console1
Frame Rate
15fps at 56-320kbps
30fps at 336-768kbps (decode)
Up to 20fps at 336-768kbps (encode)
Full-duplex Distributed Echo Cancellation
Noise cancellation
Automatic gain control
Automatic microphone gating
Video Input
1x main PTZ camera input
1x camera 2: S-video
1x camera 3: composite
1x XGA auto detect
Network Interface
10 Base-T Ethernet port supporting TCP/IP,
Wireless via 802.11b2
S/T BRI interface: Built-in 1BRI IMUX
Auto-SPID detection
Video Output
1x composite
1x S-video
640x480, NTSC
720x576, PAL
Video Format
NTSC/PAL, auto detect
Auto on, auto off, moveable
Video Features
Far-end camera control (H.281/H.224
FECC) for both H.320 and H.323
Single or dual monitor support
VCR support
Graphic Image Format
JPEG, web content, Microsoft Office
documents via HTML
PowerPoint via plug-in or HTML
Web presentations via built-in browser
Annex D on both H.320 and H.323
Camera Presets
10 local camera presets
Video Standards
Audio Input/Output
1x AccuMic II input
1x line level input (RCA)
1x line level output (RCA)
Optional second AccuMic II
Picture Resolution
SQCIF Decode
Audio Standards
G.711, G.722, G.728 (H.320 & H.323),
G.723.1 (H.323 only)
ISDN Protocols
1TR6, 5ESS, DMS100, ETSI, NI-1,
NTT/INS, VN3, Australian
Main PTZ Camera
Integrated or can be detached
Field of View: 47.5°
Zoom: 16X
Focal Length: 4-64mm, F1.4 to 2.8
Min Lux: 6 lux
Auto focus, auto white balance
Auto-sense power supply
Power Requirements:
100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 36W, 1A max
Dimensions (LxDxH)
12.57" x 10.69" x 6.45"
31.93 x 27.16 x 16.39 cm
5.57 lb/2.08 kg
2 years parts and labor
V-Meeting and V-Console available as future
AccuMic II
Three microphone elements
Optional; contact ClearOne for the list of supported
wireless cards.
ClearOne Communications ~ 1825 Research Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84119 ~ 1-800-945-7730 ~ www.clearone.com
© 2002 ClearOne Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. Information in this document subject to change without notice. 802-170-101 Revision 2.0
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