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Empowering solutions
PA962 – The logical choice for rugged mobile computing
The driving force behind adapting mobile solutions within your
application is based upon business productivity and efficiency. Bearing
this in mind, Unitech has designed the PA962.This high-end industrial
PDA was specifically designed for mobile use in the field service, warehousing, transportation, retail and other logistic & service environments.
The PA962 offers you durability and endurance
The PA962 has a robust, but above all ergonomic design. It is built to
withstand multiple 1,2 meter drops to concrete and is IP54 rated for the
resistance against dust and water.This makes the PA962 ideally suited for
use in harsh environments and / or outdoor applications.
The large capacity battery pack (13,3 Watt-hours/1800mAH @ 7.4 V)
ensures you maximum operation with minimum downtime, therefore
offering all-round functionality to effectively manage data at the
point of activity.
Versatile design for Data Input – Anytime, Anywhere
The PA962 offers you the tools for a fast and accurate data collection. It
features a backlit, 19- key keypad with large buttons, a high-resolution
colour VGA TFT touch screen and a built-in scanner capable of reading
industry standard barcodes. Data collection never has been so easy!
Need to go wireless? The standard PCMCIA (type II)- & CF (type II) allows flexible and
on-demand integration of technologies to realize your WLAN or WWAN solution.
Furthermore, the slots can also be used for the expansion of memory or the use of a
snap on reader etc. Just consider the value of having the freedom to integrate your
802.11b, GPRS, DECT, Bluetooth or any new technology where and when you want it!
We view it as a good protection on your investment.
User Friendly
Even though the PA962 features rich functionality, no compromise has been made with
regard to its user friendliness.You will find that the terminal fits perfectly into your hand,
weighing just 442 grams (incl battery), while the shape of the unit along with the large buttons make it extremely easy to handle.The high contrast, backlit touch screen and backlit
keypad make sure that at all times you have a clear, sharp view of all your data collection
Main Features
Microsoft WinCE.NET4.2 Professional Plus
Intel 400 MHz 32 bits PXA255 CPU.
Transflective TFT Color Screen provides brilliant & vivid display
Backlit 19-key keypad, including numeric-, alpha- & function keys
User controllable LCD and keypad backlight
User Accessible PCMCIA Type II slot & CF type I/II for flexible expansion
Double-cell rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack 7.4V 1800mAH
IP54 sealed against water & dust
1.2M free drop to concrete floor - minimum down time
Usage & Storage
Operating System: Microsoft WindowsCE.NET4.2 Professional Plus
Intel 400 MHz 32 bits PXA255 CPU. Built-in real
time clock.
RAM 64 MB, flashROM 64 MB
A 8Ω Speaker as the sound transducer.
Volume controllable by Software
LED Indicator:
dual color (green/red for good scan and
charging status)
Withstands multiple 1.2 meter (4ft.) drops to a concrete floor
IP rating:
IP54, splash water and dust resistant
Length / Width / Depth: 185mm / 87.6mm / 43.3mm
442g with battery pack
240x320 transflective TFT color LCD supports 256K color,
with backlight, with touch panel
Barcode Scanner
Operating time:
Software & Tools
Full duplex asynchronous communication
IrDA 1.2 (SIR) compliant. Up to 115, 200 baud rate.
Type I/ II slot
Type II slot
Both slot accept memory-, modem-,WLAN- &
WWAN cards or can be used for installation of
i.e. a GPS modem, snap on reader etc.
Other Tools:
Auto Installer:
A unique tool allowing the device to return to a pre-defined status after a
cold-boot, reset etc. without the intervention of the user. It restores the default
Operating System, applications and connection settings. Additional option is to have
the WinCE-skin removed from the system, such that the operator can only run the
application(s) designed to fulfill his / her task.
Terminal Emulator
- Microsoft Terminal Services
Development API's (Application Programming Interface)
- CEUtility, .NET compact framework, Quick (Binary) Searching, Printing, Scan key,
Scanner, PCMCIA/CF control
Pre-installed drivers for:
- Wired LAN Connectivity
- 802.11 Wireless LAN Connectivity
- Modem, GSM, GPRS, wired and wireless WAN Connectivity
Additional tools
FlashMan, RegFuncKey, MultiBay, UniPing, ScreenRotate
Programming development tool:
MS Embedded Visual C++ V4 using Unitech PA962 SDK
MS Visual Studio.NET
Powernet TN client
MCL Collection
1) Rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack
(13,3 Watt-hours/ 7.4V@ 1800mAH/)
2) Rechargeable Ni-MH @1.2V, 600mAH as
backup battery
3) 12V DC external adapter, 2A
10 hours at 1 scan per every 5 seconds with LCD
backlight on
3 hours with docking station or charging cable
Standby: 100mA at 8V
Suspend: 5mA
Touch Screen, stylus, keypad, full alphanumeric software keyboard and
barcode scanner.
650±10 nm visible laser diode
39±3 scans/sec.
25% absolute dark/light reflectance
UPC-A/E, EAN-8/13, Codabar, Code 39,
Code 39 full ASCI, Code 93, Code 32,
Interleaved & Std. 2 of 5, EAN 128, Code 11,
Delta, MSI/Plessy, Code 128,Toshiba.
RS232, USB
3 hours
AC adapter 12V DC@2A
Spare Li-ION battery pack
Charging/communication cradle
Easy car holder
Professional vehicle kit
2-slot battery charger
4-slot battery charger
RS232 charging/communication cable
USB charging/communication cable
USB null-modem cable for cradle
RS232 null-modem cable for cradle
External Antenna Kit
RFID Reader Kit
Input Devices
Light source:
Scan rate:
Scan Angle:
Docking Station
Power input:
19 hard-key backlit numeric keypad with navigation-/ cursor-, ESC-,
ENT-, FUNC- and Backspace key. Supports alpha mode. 2 side buttons
for scanner trigger.
Operating Temperature: -5ºC ~ 50ºC
Storage Temperature:
-20ºC ~ 60ºC
5- to 95% RH non-condensing
Versatile models
PA962-020AB; No scanner WinCE.NET 4.2
PA962-022AB; No scanner WinCE.NET 4.2 with integrated RF 802.11b
PA962-920AB;With scanner WinCE.NET 4.2
PA962-922AB;With scanner WinCE.NET 4.2 with integrated RF 802.11b
PA963-920AB; Same as PA962-920AB but with integrated gungrip
PA963-922AB; Same as PA962-922AB but with integrated gungrip
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