DEQ-R Series - Velodyne Acoustics

DEQ-R Series - Velodyne Acoustics
DEQ-R Series
OEQ-SR , OEQ-10R , OEQ-12R and OEQ-15R
DEQ.l 5R
OEO-1 2R
The DEQ-R Series subwoofers are the ideal combination of technology and an intuitive user interface, and cHer incredible value. Quickly and easily add a
powerful. feature-rich subwoofer to your entertainment system. Use the remote control to maximize the bass in your room from any source, while a clear1y
visible LED display instantly confirms your choice. Backed by over 25 years of experience, the DEQ-R subwoofers deliver great bass ... made easy.
• One-touch Auto-fQ room bass correction
Superior DSP digital performance
Remote control with front-panel feedback
Four one-touch listening presets
Efficient "Green " digital amplifiers
Digital "Distortion Limiting System " lowers audible distortion
Extended excursion drivers
Flexible low-pass crossover with Sub woofer Direct
• Front-firing, slotted bass reflex cabinets
Room Bass Maximization
DEO-R subwoofers are easily matched to any room. Place the included microphone in your favorile seating position, push the remote's ' EO" button , and a
five-band equalizer automatically adjusts your sub for great sounding bass.
DSP Digitally Controlled
Embedded Digital Signal Processing chips control all audio functions with digital precision Ihat is unsurpassed in this price range, tuning the subwoofer more
accurately than analog systems and producing louder, lower, more accurate bass.
Convenient Remote Control with Easy to Read LED Display
DEO-R subwoofers offer high technology made easy! The remote control lets you control all the sub's functions from the comfort of your favori te chair with
visible feedback on the fron t panel. Adjust the volume, blend perfectly with the main speakers, customize the bass to your taste or input source, or limit the
subwoofers' output for night listening, or neighbor-friendliness - all with one touch .
Efficient "Green" Digital Amplifiers
A newly designed series of efficient, low-noise, digital ·Class D' amplifiers feature a switching-mode power supply.
Velodyne's DSP Distortion Limiting System
The digital precision of Velodyne's Distortion LimiUng System assures maximum driver excursion and amplifier output, reproducing music and home theater
with a fraction of the audible distortion found in competitive products, without sacrificing output or dynamics.
OEQ.8R, OEQ.10R, OEQ.12R, and OEQ.15R
Extended Excursion Drivers
The four customized drivers feature vented pole pieces and custom-wound copper voice coils to dissipate heat and limit distortion, for long-term reliability
and listening enjoyment.
Flexible Crossover with "$ubwoofer Direct"
DEQ-R subwoofers include an adjustable 40 Hz - 120 Hz low pass crossover that alloW'S the sub to ideally match any main speakers, The Subwoofer
Direct feature alloW'S the DEQ-R subs to play the output of the LFE channel of a 5.1 or 7.1 channel receiver unaltered , assuring the highest levels of
pertormance without any degradation.
Cabinet Design
The DEQ-R Series cabinets are engineered using a front-firing, slotted bass-reflex deSign, minimizing the distortion known as ' port noise" and maximizing
bass impact. With all the bass generated forward, DEQ-R subwoofers are easily placed in any location, or concealed in custom cabinetry.
.,..., ....
.,..., ....
(9P piston dWne!ef)
15' (38 cm)
(12.r piston diameter)
390 watts DynarrWcJ
195 wans RMS ~
450 watts [)ynoo'id
225 watts RMS Power
1500 watts Dyn~
750 watts RMS Power
S' (2Q.3em)
(6_3' plslon diMleter)
360 waItS Dynamicl
160 wans RMS~
10" (24.5 em)
(8.2' piston diameter)
12" (3O.5 cm)
Cabinet Design
SklI-103ded Bass-Reftex
Frequency Response
17 • 240 H~
32 -12Q Hz
16 · 240 Hz
2a· 120Hz
14.6·240 Hl
25 -12Q Hl
14 - 240 tu:
2-laYef coppet"
2S4 -la)'f!(coppet"
ReinlO<Ced fiber
ReinIO<Ced fiber
Magne1 Structure
High-Pass Crossover
Fixed at 120 Hz hlgh.pass
FIXed at 120 Hz high-pass
Fixed at 12Q Hl high.pass
Fixed at 12Q tu: high-pass
Low-Pass Crossover
40 . 120 Hz adjustable
(1 2dB octave. 24 dB uttmate)
40· 12Q Hz adjustable
(12 dB octave, 24 dB ultimate)
40-12Q Hz ;40stabie
(12 dB octave. 24 dB ultimate)
40 · 12Q Hl adjustable
(12 dB octave. 24 dB ultimate)
Gold plated line-level
Digital Phase
0,90.180, 270 degrees
Auto 0ni0II
Video Shielding
LED Display
Gold plated 6ne-1eve1
0, 90, 180,270 degrees
0,90. 180, 270 degrees
0, 90, 180,270 clegrees
Mic:, mit staod, remote control
Mic, mit stand, remote o:lIlIroi
Mic, mit stand , r9rllOle conlrol
Mic, mit staod. remote control
(cm) 'll'ilhgrille
ISS x1 2' xlSS
(39.4 x l'l 5 x 39.4 em)
16Sx !5" x 17,6"
le,5"x 15"x le.e"
(42 ~38~ 4-4 .7em)
(47 x 38 ~ 4 7.8 cm)
21,5" x 18.4 x 20.6'
(54 ,6 ~ 4 6.7 ~ 52.3 cm)
Warranty (parISI1abor)
(North AmeIica)
Three ~rs (eIeWonics)
Five years (driVI!!S)
Three ~rs (electronics)
FIVe years (dril'elS)
Three years (electronics)
Five years (drivers)
Three years (elecrronics)
Five years (drivers)
Shipping Weight (approx.)
4-4 Ibs, (20 Kg)
5SIbs. (25 Kg)
611bs, (28 Kg)
751bs. (34 Kg)
C<opyrigIIICI2010 Vtb1ynoAoJus6ct. Inc. Spet:i6cab:lno ~ tI cII¥o.Io '"""-11 ncJIice,
0I>e< ~OI regl$lt/8d~~trlIl>'OP!IItYrJ"'" ~_ .....,2010
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