Patients diary of 24-hour measurement — please follow the

Patients diary of 24-hour measurement — please follow the
Premium-quality for your health
Patients diary of 24-hour measurement
— please follow the instructions enclosed —
Date of measurement:
dosage of
blood pressure medicine
(acc. to BP monitor)
date of birth:
stat. [ ]
amb. [ ]
Premium-quality for your health
Informations for the patient using the boso TM2430 PC2
During the measurement please pay attention to the following issues:
· Avoid
- the contact of the unit with water
- impact and fall of the unit
- the bending and twisting of the cuff tubing
· In the case of tightly fitting outer clothing, ensure that the blood supply to
the arm is not cut off when the sleeve is rolled up.
· Do not attach the cuff over wounds as this can cause further injuries
· Ensure that the cuff is not attached to an arm where arteries or veins are undergoing
or have undergone medical treatment (e.g. shunt).
· For women who have had a breast amputated, do not attach the cuff to the
arm on the amputated side of the body.
· During the measurement, medical apparatus that are being used on the same
arm at the same time, may malfunction.
· The cuff must not be too tight. There should be enough space to fit roughly two
fingers between arm and cuff.
· During the measurement try to stay relaxed and especially to hold the arm motionless.
· Do not talk during the measurement.
· Check that the air tube is not kinked during the measurement. This could cause
congestion of the blood flow and subsequent injury.
· The blood pressure measurement should not prevent the flow of blood for an
unnecessary length of time (> 2 minutes). If the monitor fails to function correctly, remove the cuff
from the arm
· Excessive frequent measurements can cause injury by restricting blood flow.
· The blood pressure measurements are taken by the unit automatically in programmed intervals.
· A measurement can be interrupted at any stage by pressing the START/STOP button; the cuff
deflates automatically.
· External interference, e.g. movements of the measuring arm, disturbing vibrations e.g. driving by
car or the use of public transport during the measurement can lead to incorrect measurements
Premium-quality for your health
· In case of an unreadable measurement another measurement is taken automatically after one
· If the measurement is taken in an unsuitable situation (e.g. whilst driving a car or using public
transportation), the measurement can be interrupted by pressing the red START/STOP-button. The
measurement then may be taken in a more appropriate situation by pressing the START/STOPbutton.
· For the correct assessment of your measured values, please include all activities and complaints
completely in the "Patients diary of 24-hour measurement" form overleaf. Especially sleeping
periods, physical strain or mental stress as well as dosage of the blood pressure medicine should be
· In order to get typical blood pressure measurements, the daily routine should be executed as
normal as possible.
· The blood pressure is a dynamic variable and can be influenced by different effects:
e.g. such as sitting, standing, lying; Movement before or during the measurement; Physical
condition (stress, illness ...)
· Please do not switch off the unit – even after 24-h-measurement is completed
Sleeping mode
If the sleeping hours are not programmed in advance but "Sleeping mode" is used, the button
"AUTO" has to be pressed briefly before going to bed. Now next to the "A" a "S" is indicated in
the display for "Sleeping".
After getting up in the morning, again the button "AUTO" has to be pressed briefly, so the
unit gets back into "Daytime" – now the "S" disappears and only "A" is indicated in the
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