Configuring an Ethernet Connection Between Controller and Touch

Configuring an Ethernet Connection Between Controller and Touch
Configuring an Ethernet Connection
Between a Blue Fusion controller and an
MMI43XX Touch Screen
Control Technology Corporation, Hopkinton, MA • 800.282.5008 •
This document describes how to connect a Model 43xx series touch screen to a Blue Fusion Model 5xxx
series controller via Ethernet.
Setting up the Model 43xx Series Touchscreen
To set up the IP address of the touch screen, touch the “Settings” icon
password (default is 111111) and touch OK.
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from the Tool Bar. Enter the
Control Technology Corporation
Fill in desired network address information on this page and touch OK.
NOTE: the default address is
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Control Technology Corporation
To add a CTC controller to your EB8000 project, select the “System Parameter Settings” page and click on New under the
Device tab.
Choose CTC Binary from the PLC type drop-down menu, select the proper communication interface from the PLC I/F
drop-down menu. Ethernet will be configured for this example, then click on Settings.
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Control Technology Corporation
Set the IP Address to that of the controller; the default address of a Blue Fusion model 5200 is: Set the port
number to 6000. Click OK.
NOTE: This document is intended as a “quick start” guide only. For more detailed information click the “Help” button
within the EB8000 program.
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Control Technology Corporation
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