Low cost, effective detection of SF6 leaks.

Low cost, effective detection of SF6 leaks.
SF6 GasCheck 6000
Low cost,
detection of SF6
The SF6 GasCheck 6000 is a low cost,
portable detector for the fast detection of
SF6 leaks.
• Fast, accurate leak detection
• Easy to use
• Portable
• Low cost operation
• Automatic range shifting
• Simple solution for SF6 switchgear leaks
• Audible alarm and LED bar graph display
• Detects small to large leaks
• Automatic compensation to ambient conditions
• Detects leaks in serious contaminated areas
• Intelligent control system
Unrivaled Detection.
The easy to use, processor controlled instrument features both an audible alarm
and an LED bar graph display, letting you know if a small, medium or big leak has
been detected.
The leak detector automatically compensates all ambient influences like
temperature changes or movement of air in the room. Intelligent control sets up
the instrument appropriately for the ambient situation.
The ‘Auto Shift’ function
The exclusive ‘Auto Shift’ function compensates for any SF6 concentration that may
be present at the measuring site, e.g. caused by previously escaped leakage gas.
SF6 GasCheck 6000 automatically detects the highest present gas concentrations,
and selects the corresponding measuring range. It then uses the present gas concentration as its zero line, and begins to look for even higher gas concentrations,
which by all means occur when a leak is approached. This will again be indicated
audibly and visually. It is thus possible to determine leaks even in an already
seriously contaminated area.
High voltage ionisation
1x10-6 mbar l/s for SF6
Approximately 1 second
Sound pitch proportionally follows leak rate
8 position LED bar
385 mm flexible pipe
-20 to +600C (-4 to 122 0F)
CE declaration of conformity
1.16 kg (2.5 lb) including accessories
230 x 75 x 300 mm (9 x 2.9 x 11.8”) including transport case
The assessment of large leaks is often useful to get an idea of a component’s leak
tightness, before much more sensitive instruments like SF6 LeakCheck P1:p must
be used.
What’s included
1 x SF6 GasCheck 6000 leak detector
1 x tranport case
1 x sensor protective cap
1 x water vapor filter
1 x user manual (mulitlingual)
Applications include
• SF6 Switchgear • Service & maintenance in SF6 switchgear production
• Mobile leak detection on test equipment (pressure, mass flow..)
Ion Science INC.
4153 Bluebonnet Drive,
Stafford, TX 77477, USA
Toll free: 1 877 864 7710
E: info@ionscienceusa.com
SF6 GasCheck 6000 V1.0. This publication is not intended to form the basis of a contract and specifications can change without notice.
The ideal low cost SF6 leak detector
The SF6 GasCheck 6000 leak detector is a great device for mobile SF6 leak
detection. In practical use, it has a detection threshold of 1x10-6 mbar l/s, which
makes it perfectly suitable for simple leak detection applications on SF6
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