Dynamic Range of 2600:1 High Contrast and High Level of Colour

Dynamic Range of 2600:1 High Contrast and High Level of Colour
Dynamic Range of 2600:1 High Contrast and High Level of
Colour Purity — Highly Advanced Digital Technology
Reproduces Optical Performance in the Most Efficient Way
2600:1 High Contrast and Black
H i g h - R e s o l u t i o n
H D T V C o m p a t i b l e
Video/Data Projector
Natural Colour Reproductivity
DMD™ is a reflective device which can prevent light from coming through
by controlling mirror angles. Making good use of this DMD™ feature plus
employing a thoroughly developed optical engine, the XV-Z10000U/E
provides sharper blacks in black parts and a higher contrast ratio of
2600:1. Real blacks and clearly reproduced subtle colours provide
impressively beautiful pictures.
With the development of an
advanced optical engine
including Primary Colour
Wheels, the XV-Z10000U/E
provides high-grade colour
CIE Colour Space
Optional Accessories
Ceiling Mounts
RGB monitor loop-output adaptor
Installation Example with
the AN-TK202 and
DVI to 15-pin D-sub adaptor
3-RCA to 15-pin
D-sub cable (3 m)
Cutting-Edge Optical Technology Achieves High Quality Images
Nearly Equivalent to Movie Film
Projection Lens
Relay Lens
RS-232C serial
control cable (10 m)
by enhancing other colours to reach a bright white level and a
deterioration of black level because of white light straying onto
DMD™ chips. The XV-Z10000U/E uses a 3-Colour CW with only
red, green and blue primary colours, achieving high reproduction
of pure colours and
Colour Wheel
Colour Wheel (CW)
Condenser Lens
Low (obscured)
High (real black)
Colour Reproduction
Projection Lamp
Optimization of the Optical Engine
From the onset of XV-Z10000U/E development, all optical parts
have been thoroughly analyzed and experimented on in order to
search for higher contrast ratio. This brings anti-reflective coating
for every optical part, optimization of light insertion into DMD™
pixels, and a shutter in front of the projection lens. As a result,
backlight from diffused reflection in the optical engine and light
leaking from light reflection from objects other than DMD™
mirrors have been dramatically reduced to achieve higher contrast
270W SHP Lamp System
The 270W SHP lamp affords rich light quantity and adjusts
spectral characteristics, resulting in high luminance and high
colour reproduction, especially for reds, which remains a task very
difficult for conventional models.
Black Level
RGB Only
World’s First 6x* Speed Engine
Single DLP™ projectors employ a time sequential CW system in
which RGB images projected on the screen sequentially are mixed
and recognized as one image from the afterimage effects on
human eyes. But this causes a phenomenon called “Colour
Breaking”. And since projection time for each colour is relatively
long with the 1x and 2x engine, remaining afterimages appear on
the image for some time like a RGB rainbow. For a theatre
projector, this is a major weak point because mainly moving
images are projected. With the world's first use of a 6x* Speed
Colour Wheel in front DLP™ projectors, the XV-Z10000U/E
achieves a projection time 1/6 that of a 1x engine and improves
colour breaking up to
Conventional Current XV-Z10000U/E
a degree virtually
Colour Wheel
(* 5x speed with NTSC system)
3 Segments
(1x RGB)
3 Segments
(1x RGB)
6 Segments
(2x RGB)
Three Primary Colour Wheel (CW)
60 r.p.s. (1x)
120 r.p.s. (2x)
180 r.p.s. (3x)
Current DLP™ projectors employ a 4-colour (RGB and white)
colour wheel in order to increase white luminance and picture
brightness. However, this causes a debasement of colour balance
System Speed
1/180 sec.
1/360 sec.
1/1080 sec.
1/60 sec.
1/60 sec.
1/60 sec.
Projection Time
per Colour
5-BNC to 15-pin
D-sub cable (3 m)
DVI cable (3 m)
RGB cable
IBM VGA series (10 m)
RGB cable
Macintosh II series
(10 m)
For high ceiling
For standard ceiling installation
Installation adaptor
DMD™ chip
Number of pixels
HDTV compatibility*1
Computer RGB input signals
Video colour systems
Lens shift
Projection size
Projection distance
Contrast ratio
Input terminals
Output terminals
Control terminals
Power source
Power consumption
Projection lamp
Lamp life
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Supplied accessories
0.8" (2.0cm) 1280 x 720 dots DDR 12° Digital Micromirror Device™ (DMD™) x 1 by Texas Instruments
921,600 pixels
520 TV lines, 960 dots x 720 lines (computer data)
1080i (in advanced intelligent compression), 720p, 480i/p
SXGA, XGA, Mac 21", 19" (in advanced intelligent compression), SVGA, VGA, VESA, Mac 16"/13"
15-91 kHz (horizontal), 43-85 Hz (vertical), 12-135 MHz (pixel clock) (plug & play VESA; DDC 1/2B)
1:1.35 manual zoom and focus
Manual optical lens shift
25" - 300"
40" (102cm): 5'3" - 7'1" (1.6 - 2.2m), 100" (252cm): 13'2" - 17'9" (4.0 - 5.5m),
200" (504cm): 26'7" - 36" (8.1 - 11.0m)
800 ANSI Lumen in High Brightness Mode (500 ANSI Lumen in High Contrast Mode)
2600:1 (High Contrast Mode) / 1900:1 (High Brightness Mode)
Component / RGB x 2 (5RCA), video x 1 (RCA), S-video x 1,
DVI-I / HDCP (component and digital / analogue RGB) x 1, wired remote control x 1
DC 12V x 1
Wired remote control x 1, RS232C x 1
100-240V AC, 50/60Hz (Multi-Voltage)
365W (0.2W standby power)
270W SHP
2000 hours
18.7" x 7" x 16" (475 x 178 x 406mm) (including an adjuster leg)
18.7" x 6.8" x 15.6" (475 x 172.5 x 396.5mm) (main body only)
20.7 lbs. (9.4kg)
Remote control, two AA-size batteries, terminal cover, lens cap, CD-ROM (SharpVision Manager), projector operation manual, SharpVision Manager operation manual
Power cord
Power cord (for Europe/UK/Hong Kong and Singapore), computer RGB cable,
21-pin RCA conversion adapter, AV cable
Design and specifications are current as of January 2003, but are subject to change without prior notice.
*1 High Definition Television (HDTV) Monitor: Defined by CEA (Consumer Electronics Association, USA) to designate a 16:9 aspect ratio monitor or display with active vertical scanning lines of 720 progressive (720p) and higher.
* Digital Light Processing, DLP, Digital Micromirror Device and DMD are trademarks of Texas Instruments.
URL http://www.sharp-world.com/
1N0076N © SHARP CORP. (JAN. 2003 PRINT) I 5 E Printed in Japan
Bl ac ker Bl ac ks —
T he Key to Unb eatab l e C ol our Qual i ty i n H om e T heatre
Dramatically Renovated Black Reproduction Achieves
Far Deeper Expressiveness — The Excitement of
the Movie Theatre is Transformed into Your Room
Natural Image Creation and Full Colour Scale Expression for
the Rich Details of Movie Film
Enjoy the Effects and Performances of a Variety of Video Material with
the Picture Quality You Prefer
Sharp’s Original High Image Quality System Realizes Beautiful Images
Superior 16:9 Image
Conventional projectors extend a picture evenly
from the 4:3 original to fit into a 16:9 screen,
resulting in pictures stretched horizontally, i.e., wide
and short. With the XV-Z10000U/E, pictures can be
projected in a thinner ratio in the middle part and
only extended at the sides. This maintains natural
and proportional pictures close to the 4:3 original.
A Variety of Picture Adjustment Functions
Newly Designed Back-lit Remote
Control and Pull-Down GUI
(Graphical User Interface) Menu
Icon-based design on both the back-lit
remote and GUI menu allows even firsttime Sharp projector users simple
Colour Management System
The Colour Management System enables
adjustment of only a specified colour by just
pointing out the colour or the object on the screen
without influencing other colours on the same
screen. With convenient one-colour adjustment
there’s no need for troublesome whole-screen
Pattern Matching I/P Conversion
Enhanced Up-Scaling
Gamma Correction
Sharp’s original High Image Quality System
employs motion-adaptive I/P conversion by using
motion pixel detection, examining every pixel to
ascertain whether a motion pixel or not by
comparing four-field information. It then selects
intra-field I/P conversion for a pixel detected as a
motion pixel, and inter-field I/P conversion for a
still pixel. This motion adaptive I/P conversion
drastically improves jagged edges and blur level,
which have been major problems for conventional
I/P conversion. Also, edge detection and motion
quantity smoothing contribute to minimize
malfunction of motion pixel detection. In addition,
Pattern Matching Technology is employed to
elevate the level of high-quality I/P Conversion.
This function depicts pattern information in a
period from visual data, finds the vertically
matching patterns (which was until now
impossible) and creates a new pattern in the
midpoint of these patterns by their mutual
relation. Thus it smoothes out jaggies of
somewhat slanted, almost horizontal lines and
edges, providing higher quality images.
Conventional projectors need to convert the
resolution values of normal video signals in order
to project normal PAL or NTSC video pictures
through high resolution panels. This sometimes
results in unclear or jagged pictures. The
Enhanced Up-Scaling employs a much more
advanced smoothing technology, producing a crisp
and even picture.
Gamma Correction, with 6 position settings,
provides the ideal picture reproduction for any
picture source from videos to sports programmes.
Reducing resolution loss, this function allows
dark, low-iridescent scenes to be reproduced with
clarity. Plus, the XV-Z10000U/E uses simple
remote control-operated functions for adjusting
gamma, gain and offset of each RGB, enabling
Colour Temperature Adjustment
Original Picture
Conventional 16:9 Image
Superior 16:9 Image
Colour Temperature Adjustment, with 61 position
settings, reproduces the subtle tones especially
needed to display intermediate hue variations and
is adjustable with a wide range of tones in 100K
increments from 5,500K to 11,500K.
higher quality, smooth and detailed picture
Version 2.0
By using the supplied Gamma Control Software,
SharpVision Manager, gamma curves, which were
until now set automatically and out of user
control, can be precisely adjusted from users’ PCs.
Custom Settings
Users can adjust the gamma
curve on their PC.
Enhanced Three-Two Pull Down
for NTSC and Two-Two Pull
Down for PAL
Using the Film Mode, the XV-Z10000U/E can
beautifully reproduce movie film recorded in 24Hz
progressive format.
High Colour Temperature
(bluish tone)
Low Colour Temperature
(reddish tone)
Without Gamma Correction
With Gamma Correction
Other Outstanding Features
Whisper Quiet Operation —
Low Fan Noise: 32 dB
High-End DLP Technology — DMD™ HD2 Chip
16:9 HD DLP™ High-Definition
The XV-Z10000U/E employs the HD DMD™ Chip with
1280 x 720 pixel high resolution — A world’s first in front
projectors. A 16:9 image, for example, contains more than
1.56 times the image information capacity than XGA and
2.56 times that of SVGA, providing high-precision picture
projection. For 720P HD signals in particular, an original
high-resolution picture can be projected without
deterioration caused by pixel conversion.
The XV-Z10000U/E employs a Sirocco Fan with
less air disturbance for noise reduction while
enhancing cooling. The projector also uses a
Dome Duct with a long air duct system and
expanded silencer,
dramatically reducing fan
noise for movie viewing.
This leads to a super quiet
32dB operation during
Normal Theatre Mode
projection heights up and down for one screen
from the same projection distance. Projection
adjustments of even greater precision become
1:1.35 Zoom Lens
Throw Ratio: 1.8-2.2:1
1:1.35 Zoom Lens & Lens Shift
Function from Unique Optics
With a 1.35x zoom lens, the XV-Z10000U/E
delivers clear pictures from a variety of heights
and angles. In addition, with unique optics
technology the projector not only makes possible
natural angle projection, a weak point for current
single-chip DLP projection, but also employs a
lens shift function. This provides adjustable
• 2 Component Inputs, S-video, Composite
and DVI-I/HDCP Input
Use of the DVI terminal delivers all-digital
projection from input straight through to the
projected pictures without any picture loss
usually occurring from A/D and D/A conversion.
Convenient Features
13' 2"
17' 11"
Lens Shift Function
Multiple Input Terminals
Screen Size
Projection Distance (L)
54' 1" (16.5m) 39' 11" (12.2m)
45' 1" (13.7m) 33' 3" (10.1m)
36' (11.0m) 26' 7" (8.1m)
26' 12" (8.2m) 19' 11" (6.1m)
23' 11" (7.3m) 17' 7" (5.4m)
18' 11" (5.8m) 13' 11" (4.3m)
17' 11" (5.5m) 13' 2" (4.0m)
16' 5" (5.0m) 12' 1" (3.7m)
15' (4.6m)
11' 1" (3.4m)
12' 10" (3.9m) 9' 6" (2.9m)
10' 8" (3.3m) 7' 10" (2.4m)
7' 1" (2.2m) 5' 2" (1.6m)
• Switchable Screen with 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios
• GUI (Graphical User Interface)
• High-Quality Video Circuits (3D Digital Noise
Reduction, 3D Y/C Separation , 3-Line Digital
Comb Filter)
• Multi-System Video Compatibility
• 11-Language On-Screen Display (English, German,
Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian, Swedish,
Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese)
• Active Digital Keystone Correction
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