enclosures - Diamond Systems
◆ Smooth exterior with multiple
mounting options
◆ Easy, rugged assembly
◆ Cable-free configuration with
Prometheus CPU
◆ Available in lengths from 1.7" to 10"
◆ Now available in black and purple
◆ Wall-mount panel available
Pandora provides a fast, light, rugged, and flexible
enclosure solution for PC/104 systems. In the Pandora concept, one end cap comprises a base plate
on which you construct your PC/104 stack and attach cables. Once your board and cable assembly
is complete, you simply insert the system into the
enclosure body and bolt it in place. Then attach
your cables to the second end cap and bolt it into
place. Pandora also includes plenty of space all
around your boards for cable runs. This results in
a solid, reliable, easy-to-use enclosure system and
also enables quick disassembly if needed.
Pandora’s design features smooth outer walls,
integrated pre-tapped mounting screw holes,
counter-sunk panel mounting holes, and flushmount hardware to provide a clean, finished unit
with simplified assembly effort and maximum interior space.
Pandora is available in two standard colors,
black and purple. It comes in multiple sizes, from a
slim 1.7" that houses one or two boards, up to a
roomy 10" length that accommodates
multiple boards plus a hard drive
or other equipment.
Select length <L> and color <C> in part
numbers below:
1.7" / 43mm
<L>: 170
3.0" / 76mm
50" / 127mm
7.0" / 178mm
10.0" / 254mm
<C>: (blank) Purple
Pandora enclosure
PB-Z32-<L>-E Pandora enclosure for
Prometheus, models
PR-Z32-E-ST and
PR-Z32-LC-ST (purple only)
PB-Z32-<L>-EA-<C>Pandora enclosure for
Prometheus PR-Z32EA-ST and Athena
Panel I/O board for PR-Z32E-ST and PR-Z32-LC-ST
Panel I/O board for
PBEC-00-<C> Blank end cap
PBEC-01-<C> End cap with PC/104
top/front-mount holes
PBEC-02-<C> End cap with PC/104
bottom/rear-mount holes
Wall mount end cap
End cap for PNL-Z32-E
panel I/O board (purple only)
PBEC-05-<C> End cap for PNL-Z32-EA
panel I/O board
End cap for PBMT-07
mounting plate (black only)
Internal mounting plate for
7" enclosure
1.7" / 43mm
3" / 76mm
5" / 127mm
Each standard Pandora case comes with two
blank end caps, one end cap with PC/104 mounting holes for bottom-up assembly (3 end caps total),
and stainless steel mounting screws.
blank end cap
wall mount plate
Pandora for Prometheus CPU
Pandora provides an especially rugged and convenient packaging solution for our Prometheus
PC/104 CPU. The CPU mounts directly to a Panel I/O
board that provides industry-standard connectors
for all I/O features. This panel board then mounts
directly to a specially-designed front plate. The resulting assembly requires no cables and can fit in
our smallest enclosure, measuring only 1.7" thick.
Two panel boards and matching end caps are
available to match the two versions of Prometheus
with and without the data acquisition circuit and
This configuration will also work with other
PC/104 CPUs, such as Athena, that provide connector compatibility with Prometheus.
7" / 178mm 10" / 254mm
Pandora for EPIC™
Standard end caps are available, either blank or
with pre-drilled PC/104 mounting holes. A convenient wall mount plate is also available with corner
mounting tabs so you can mount the system to a
wall or bulkhead. Custom end caps can be made as
well using the template available on our website.
Hard Drive
Mounting Board
Install a notebook hard drive
inside the Pandora easily with
our ACC-HDDMOUNT accessory board. This board mounts
a 2.5 notebook hard drive right
on the bottom of the PC/104
stack in the air gap created
by the PC/104 bus connector
pins, without requiring any
additional case length.
A base plate is available for mounting EPIC CPU
boards inside a 7" Pandora enclosure. This base
plate may also be used for PC/104 stacks mounted
in a non-axial configuration. The base plate slides
into interior grooves in the enclosure body and
bolts to the two end caps for rigidity.
Panel I/O Board
Our unique Panel I/O Board
system provides industrystandard I/O connectors for
the I/O on our Athena and
Prometheus CPUs, including
CRT, Ethernet, USB, Serial,
Parallel, PS/2, and data acquisition. Status LEDs and PC
speaker are also included.
Two power input options
are provided: a circular jack
can be used with an AC wall
adapter, and for rugged applications the multi-input DB9 connector provides power
input and ATX power control.
For cables and accessories, see pages 46-47.
bottom/rear end cap
Panel I/O board for Athena
and Prometheus CPUs
of case
board with
Assembly of Prometheus CPU
tel: 510-456-7800
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