Portable Spectrum Analyzer PSA-45D
Portable Spectrum Analyzer
Satellite Communications
✓ 950-2150 MHz L-Band Satellite
✓ Dual Resolution Bandwidth
✓ 50 User Screen Memories
✓ Direct Sunlight Readable LCD Screen
✓ 13/18 VDC & 22 kHz LNA/LNB Power
✓ Remote Monitor Via Ethernet IP
Easy Satellite Installations!
When aligning satellite dishes, there is no better
tool than a spectrum analyzer. You’ll find them on
every network uplink truck, at every cable TV
downlink site – anywhere business depends on a
clean strong signal. A spectrum analyzer lets you
view the actual wideband signal as the antenna
sees it. In virtually seconds you can identify and
optimize the signal. Dish alignment and cable
verification are quick, dish installations among
trees or obstructions are a snap.
Technical Specifications
High Sensitivity!
With an input sensitivity greater than –85 dBm,
you can easily see signals that are below the
receiver threshold. The screen refreshes at 12 Hz,
so response to dish movement or signal variations
is instantaneous. A precision rotary encoder provides quick and exact continuous tuning across the
entire band.
Frequency Coverage:
950-2150 MHz L-Band, continuous precision rotary encoder tuning
Extendable with MFC’s
Frequency Display:
±100 KHz, On Screen
Greater than 1,200 MHz - 0
Resolution Bandwidth:
3 MHz; 100 kHz
Full Remote Monitoring & Control!
RF Sensitivity:
Greater than -85 dBm Typical
Reference Levels:
-10 dBm, -30 dBm, -50 dBm
Amplitude Accuracy:
± 2 dB Typical
Dynamic Range:
40 dB On Screen
Remotely monitor & control the PSA-45DE version
spectrum analyzer with a standard PC or Laptop
via Ethernet IP protocol! Using a graphical user
interface, you can not only control, but download
saved data directly to the PC for report documentation, conditioned signal monitoring, and data logging. No more trips to the site merely to check and
log the readings!
Input Connectors:
Type-N, 50 Ohm, N/F Adapter Included
LNB Power:
+13/18 VDC & 22 KHz Signal
9.5” W x 4.5”H x 9.5” D/8 lbs
Power Requirements:
85 - 265 VAC 50/60 Hz, 12VDC, Vehicle Power Cable Included;
Internal Li-Ion Battery Pack and Smart Charger
5.7” High Contrast ¼ VGA
Specifications subject change
©2005 Avcom of VA, Inc.
Compact, Light, Portable!
Only 9.5” x 4.5” x 9.5” and 8 lbs. Thanks to LCD
technology and low power draw, an Internal battery lets you work anywhere. The sturdy aluminum
case and carrying handle are designed for the rigors of the field. An optional cordura nylon case
protects the analyzer and gives you a pouch for
hand tools, cables, and even a frequency extender.
• AVSAC-2 Cordura Nylon Carrying Case
• MFC-3242-45, 3.2-4.2 GHz Extender
• Ethernet IP Remote Control Option
For ordering information visit www.avcomofva.com or call 804-794-2500
500 Southlake Blvd.
Richmond, VA 23236
Fax 804-794-8284
Of Virginia Inc.
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