Very low frequency subwoofer
Two Neodymium 15” with 4” ventilated voice coil.
Double Interactive chamber with K-Horn
High power & precise sound reproduction
Efficiency & high output level
Low thermal compression & distortion
Handling & transportation ergonomics
Low & mid-low sound reinforcement
High power & high precision
Versatile application for FOH/Monitor
45 Hz - 300 Hz
2300W AES
104 dB SPL @ 1W / 1m
143 dB SPL Max @ 1m
4 Ohm
37.8” x 24” x 23.6” (960 x 600 x 600 mm)
Single channel amplification
Processor mandatory
The TB215S APG work as part of medium power
to high power sound systems. It is equipped with
two new generation convection cooled
“Neodymium” 15” woofers, mounted in a double
interactive K-Horn chamber. This load, exclusive
to APG, makes it possible to limit the enclosure
volumes of the loudspeakers. K-Horn technology
makes it possible to create an active horn,
allowing a gain of 4dB on the selected bandwidth.
The twin chamber provides excellent control of
transducer displacement increasing their
mechanical reliability. The TB215S is
characterised by a very high.
combination of {efficiency X bandwidth} conferring
acoustic performances equivalent to that of
a great number of subwoofers featuring 18” cone
The size and the ergonomics of the TB215S were
considered in great detail to offer the greatest
possible ease and comfort for handling, transport
and storage. The 7 integrated handles are laid out
and orientated so as to allow all the possibilities of
gripping and handling. It can be fitted with
4 optional casters allowing “convoy” style haulage,
or “wheelbarrow” handling.
The operation of the TB215S requires the use of
an APG dynamic processor from the LP Series or
the Matrix Series.
It is ideal for low frequency reinforcement with
Matrix Array, Isoline, Beam Series & Dispersion
Series featuring a 15” or 12” driver.
Subwoofer TB215S
The APG TB215S is a high performance subwoofer combining acoustic
innovation and new design developed according to the requirement criteria
of operators. It is characterized by an exceptional acoustic pressure
and a sound reproduction with impressive impact. The manufacturing
processes and the sophisticated ergonomics of the enclosure in
conjunction with the use of “Neodymium” woofers, confer 30% less weight
compared with competitor products. The result is that all handling and
movement, except direct lifting, can be done by one person. The choice of
15” woofers provides a real acoustic versatility between FOH application
for which crossover is between 60Hz & 80 Hz and the stage monitor
application for which crossover can be set up to 160Hz.
This flexibility is also applicable with main systems based on 15” or 12”
drivers. The TB215S subwoofer is ideally intended for low frequency
reinforcement in high power long throw configuration or for indoor or
outdoor applications with medium size power systems. It offers a very high
musical quality, thanks to its frequency response, and a very low level of
distortion even at extremely high power. The TB215S must be used with
dynamic APG processors and the speakers for which it is recommended.
Technical Specifications
Frequency range without processor (± 3 dB)
Frequency range with processor (± 3 dB)
Sensitivity @ 1W / 1m
Maximum continuous level@ 1m
Peak level @ 1m
Nominal impedance
45 Hz to 300 Hz
40 Hz à 80 Hz (1)
104 dB SPL
137 dB SPL
143 dB SPL
4 ohm
Coil Diameter
Type of load
2 x 15" neodymium convection cooling
4" (100 mm)
Reversed double K-Horn
Recommended Amps
AES (2)
1800 to 3600 W
7800 W
2300 W
(1) Depending on the system used, the frequency
response is generally limited to 80 Hz and
sometimes limited to 60Hz or 100Hz by the APG
processors. However the TB215S can be used up to
300 Hz.
(2) The acceptable AES power handling corresponds
to a 2 hours test using pink weighted noise (peak
factor 6dB) through a frequency range.
(3) The 4 pins Speakon connectors are wired 1+,
1- in and 2+, 2- to allow transfer of signal to the top
(4) The KR100 & KR125 options are respectively
100mm and 125mm rotating casters with brakes.
(5) The tropicalization option includes the coating of
the cabinet with a polyester shell, stainless steel
screws and bolts and waterproofing treatment of the
“A five years warranty covers passive
filters, transducers and compression
drivers. The warranty does not cover
cosmetic damages and damages due
to misuse, improper installation, or
damages caused by alterations.
Construction and characteristics
Protection Grill
Front panel
Dimensions (H, W, D)
Net unit weight
Gross weight, packed
15 mm Finnish Birch plywood
Black impact resistant aquarethane coating
Acoustically transparent perforated steel, 2mm thick
Black, 10 mm acoustic foam
6 built-in metal bar & 1 side handle
37.8” x 24” x 23.6” (960 x 600 x 600 mm)
121lB (55 kg)
130lB (59 kg)
KR100 (4)
KR125 (4)
TROPIC04 (5)
100 mm rotating casters ( x 4)
125 mm rotating casters ( x 4)
Waterproof treatment category 4
Signal Processing
The dedicated APG processors we offer for our range of systems, allow to combine different type of
subwoofer with speaker top. These processors provide with active crossover, EQ, speakers protection,
standard filtering functions for a stereo system including subwoofers.
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Printing : January 2008
APG has a comprehensive research and development policy for
the continual improvement of its products and service. Due to this
new materials, manufacturing methods and technological changes
may be introduced without prior notice. As a result, an APG
product can differ from its published description in certain areas.
However, unless otherwise indicated, its characteristics will always
equal or better the published specifications.
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