satisfactory academic progress appeal for doctoral

satisfactory academic progress appeal for doctoral
Return this form to the
SAP Appeals Committee
DIRECTIONS—You may appeal your SAP suspension if unusual circumstances interfered with your
ability to meet SAP standards. Examples of unusual circumstances include, but are not limited to,
divorce, serious illness or injury, death of a family member, or documented disability. Please submit the
form with the required documentation and signatures at least two weeks prior to the end of the term.
In person on campus:
One Stop Student Services Center
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
333 Robert H. Bruininks Hall
130 West Bank Skyway
130 Coffey Hall
It is in your best interest to submit an appeal as soon as you receive your suspension notice.
To file an appeal:
By mail:
Office of Student Finance
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
200 Fraser Hall
106 Pleasant St. SE
Complete Sections A, B, and C of this form.
Gather and attach required supporting documentation and signatures.
You will be notified by email as to whether your appeal has been granted or denied.
To ensure privacy online, open in Adobe Reader (free at Please add the required signature(s) in blue or black ink.
SECTION A. Student information
Name (last, first, middle initial)
University ID
University email
Phone (include area code)
Projected graduation date
SECTION B. Reason for appeal
Describe the factors that caused you to fail to meet SAP standards and describe what has changed to allow you to meet SAP standards.
REQUIRED: Attach supporting documentation, e.g., letter from a physician, psychologist, or counselor.
COMPLETION DATES: Project your completion dates (month/day/year) for each of these program milestones:
Preliminary written exam
Preliminary oral exam
Thesis/Project proposal
Final oral exam
SECTION C. Certification
To the best of my knowledge, all information on this form is complete and correct.
Student’s signature
SECTION D. Adviser’s certification
Please attach a letter with your assessment of whether the student is making reasonable academic progress.
Name of graduate program adviser
SECTION E. Director of Graduate Studies’ certification
I approve the projected completion dates for the student’s program milestones.
Name of the director of Graduate Studies
To request copies of this form in an alternative format, please call a Disability Resource Center liaison
at 612-625-9578. The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity employer and educator. This
form is printed on paper made from no less than 20 percent post-consumer waste.
Please recycle.
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