Part II EE Projects 2001 - 2002 - IEEE International Symposium on

Part II EE Projects 2001 - 2002 - IEEE International Symposium on
2004 IEEE International
Symposium on Consumer Electronics
Draft Program
Photo – black and white
September 1-3, 2004
Holiday Inn, Reading, UK
IEEE UKRI Consumer Electronics Chapter
IEEE UKRI Signal Processing Chapter,
IEE Signal Processing Professional Network,
The University of Reading
2004 IEEE International Symposium on Consumer Electronics
Symposium Papers
Digital Rights Management
An Agent Enabled DRM System with EPLE for Network Streaming and Distribution
of Digital Audiovisual Content
Bo LAN and Tzekian TAN
Digital Audio Watermarking Utilizing Discrete Wavelet Packet Transform
De Yu Wang, Chi Sheng Liu and Chau Kai Chang
Analysis of Watermarking Capacity in Wavelet Domain
Fan Zhang and Hongbin Zhang
Increasing Robustness of a Patchwork-Based Audio Watermarking Algorithm
Using Attack Characterization
Nedeljko Cvejic and Ilijana Tujkovic
Block-Based Watermarking in the DCT Domain
Yoon-Hee Choi and Tae-Sun Choi
Improving Robustness of Visible Watermarking Schemes for Images
Shinfeng D. Lin and Shih-Chieh Shie
A R-D Optimization Based MPEG-2 Quantization Algorithm
WANG Jiansong, CHU Jinghui and YU Sile
MAVD: MPEG-2 Audio Video Decode System on MDSPTM
Ganesh Yadav, R K Singh and Vipin Chaudhary
An Approach for Interactive Television Based on Insertion of Hypermedia
Information in MPEG Standard Video
Andre Leon S. Gradvohl and Yuzo Iano
A Reduced Memory MPEG Video Decoder
Patricia Chiang and Lucas Hui
Systems Engineering for MHP Applications
Matthias Erdmann, Tibor Kunert and Markus Mehnert
Terminal Architecture Issues for Interactive and Reactive TV Media using
MHP-Java and MPEG4
Keith Baker, Rop Pulles and Pavel Sasno
MPEG-4 and Beyond
Efficient Implementation of MPEG-4 Object-Based Video Encoder
Lei Sun and Wenjun Zhang
A Room Acoustics Design Tool for MPEG-4 Conforming Scene Design
Ulrich Reiter, Fabian Körner, Michael Kootz and Stefan Rüffer
A Plug-In Based Audio Rendering Concept for an MPEG-4 Audio Subset
Ulrich Reiter and Andreas Dantele
Novel Mode-Selection Mechanisms for Realizing a Live MPEG-4 ASP Encoder
Sung-Wen Wang, Yi-Shin Tung, Hsien-Shuo Chen and Ja-Ling Wu
Data Storage Exploration and Bandwidth Analysis for Distributed MPEG-4 Decoding
Milan Pastrnak and Peter N.H. de With
A New Method of Selective Enhancement for MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 FGS Transcoding
Xiaowei Song, Yu Liu and Guiling Li
The Shadow Tool – New Visual Cues for MPEG 4 Authors
Helge Drumm
Perceptual MPEG4 Video Encryption and Its Usage in Video-on-Demand Systems
Shiguo Lian, Dengpan Ye, Jinsheng Sun and Zhiquan Wang
Description of Audiovisual Virtual 3D Scenes: MPEG-4 Perceptual Parameters
in the Auditory Domain
Andreas Dantele and Ulrich Reiter
MPEG-21 & DIDL: Dawn of a New Multimedia Era
Sadegh Hashemipour and Maaruf Ali
JPEG and Transforms
Visually Lossless Adaptive Compression for Medical Images with JPEG 2000
David Wu, Damian M. Tan and Hong Ren Wu
High Performance Two-Symbol Arithmetic Encoder in JPEG 2000
Yu-Wei Chang, Hung-Chi Fan and Liang-Gee Chen
Masked Motion JPEG 2000: a New Video Compression Scheme Based on JPEG2000
David Faura and Patrick Garda
Low-power and High Speed VLSI Architecture of 2D DWT for JPEG2000
Xuguang Lan, Nanning Zheng and Yuehu Liu
JPEG Rate Control Algorithm for Multimedia
Arcangelo Bruna, Stewart Smith, Filippo Vella and Filippo Naccari
A Novel Reconfigurable IP Core for the 5/3 and 9/7 Wavelet Filters
Based on Lifting Scheme
Chengyi Xiong, Jinwen Tian, Jian Liu and Sheng Zheng
Mesh Based and Object Oriented MCTF Wavelet Coding Exploiting
GA Motion Optimization
Cesare Feci, Massimo Valiani, Fabrizio Frescura and Saverio Cacopardi
Audio Signal Processing
Architecture Design for 1.2 kbps Speech Synthesis
Jia-Ching Wang, Jhing-Fa Wang, Yun-Fei Chao and Ming-Chi Shi
Implementation of the Compact Acoustic Model for Embedded System
Junho Park and Hanseok Ko
Robust Dual-Channel Noise Reduction for Automatic Speech Recognition
in Real Car Environments
Sungjoo Ahn and Hanseok Ko
Speech Enhancement for Robust Speech Recognition in Car Environments
using Griffiths-Jim ANC based on Two-Paired Microphones
Yongseok Cho and Hanseok Ko
Decoder Optimization of Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition System
on DSP Platforms
Seokyeong Jeong and Hanseok Ko
An Analysis of Real Time Implementation of Fourier Transform-Based
Frequency Recognition Algorithms
Marc Bartels and Scott Linfoot
Image Processing
An Image Interpolation Method using a Classification-Based Neural Network Approach
Hao Hu, Meng Zhao, Paul Hofman and Gerard de Haan
Color Correction Method for CMOS Camera Phone Image
Chan-Ho Han, Seong-Geun Kwon, Seung-Jin Lee, Eun-Su Kim and Kyu-Ik Sohng
A Coprocessor for Intelligent Image and Video Processing in the Automotive
and Mobile Communication Domain
Jörn Jachalsky, Martin Wahle, Peter Pirsch, Winfried Gehrke and Thomas Hinz
Extension of the Depth of Field using Multifocus Input Images
Alfio Castorina, Alessandro Capra, Salvatore Curti, Marco La Cascia and Valentina Lo Verde
A Novel Image Data Fusion Technique for Imaging Sensors Devices
Alfio Castorina, Sebastiano Battiato and Arcangelo Bruna
Ringing Artefact Reduction Using Adaptive Averaging Filtering
Z. Q. Cai
Communications – Wireless
Efficient Hybrid ARQ Schemes for Satellite Communications
Sunheui Ryoo and Sooyoung Kim
Diffuse Optical Wireless Communications for Domotic Indoor Networks
Francisco J. López-Hernández, Carlos Figuera Pozuelo, Asuncion Santamaria Galdon
Jose Rabadan, and Rafael Pérez-Jiménez
An Embedded System for Wireless Data Communication on Trains
Fabio Bonizzi, Umberto Manzoli, Luca Larcher and Paolo Pavan
Data Burst Transmission Scheme to Suppress Audible Noise in Mobile
Handheld Terminal
Youngbin Chang, Jaeweon Cho, Panyuh Joo and Hyeonwoo Lee
Improving the Mobility of DVB Handheld Devices with Inter-Carrier
Interference Compensation
Karsten Schmidt and Albrecht Rothermel
Joint Channel and Data Estimation for TH-UWB MA Systems in Multipath Channel
Hee-wook Kim, Hyung-Myung Kim and Do-Seob Ahn
DVB-H – the Emerging Standard for Mobile Data Communications
Michael Kornfeld
Mobile Phone Vulnerabilities: A New Generation of Malware
Jazilah Jamaluddin, Nikoletta Zotou, Reuben Edwards and Paul Coulton
A Comparative Study of Mobile Application Development in Symbian and J2ME
using the Example of a Live Football Results Service Operating over GPRS
Omer Rashid, Robert Thompson, Paul Coulton and Reuben Edwards
Mobile Multimedia Instant Messaging and Presence Services: the Architecture
and Protocols
Mahfuzur Rahman, Bin Hu, John Buford and Alan Kaplan
Enhancing security in Wireless Networks
Stelios Koutroubinas, Theodore Karoubalis, Panagiotis Rozos,
Panayiotis Nastou and Panayiota Bei
Speckled Computing: Disruptive Technology for Networked Information Appliances
D.K Arvind and K.J Wong
Widening Access to Broadband Hotspots Employing Bluetooth
Jazilah Jamaluddin, Ratish Nair, Reuben Edwards and Paul Coulton
Incorporation of User Behavioural Patterns in the Management of
Quality–of–Service (QoS) for Future Mobile Networks.
Basil Dudin, Paul Coulton and Reuben Edwards
Communications – Baseband Architecture and Systems
An Architecture of Reconfigurable Transceiver for OFDM/TDD based
Portable Internet Service System
Jae Ho Jung, Jun Hyung Kim, Sung Min Kim, Hyun Chul Choi and Kwang Chun Lee
Efficient Survivor Memory Management for the Traceback Method in Viterbi Decoders
Shang-Chih Ma
Performance Improvement of a Decision-Feedback Equalizer in Terrestrial DTV
Receivers by Reduction of Error Propagation
Hyoung-Nam Kim, Sung Ik Park and Seung Won Kim
Architecture of IEEE802.11i Cipher Algorithms for Embedded Systems
Yukio Mitsuyama, Motoki Kimura, Takao Onoye and Isao Shirakawa
Non-Data-Aided and Non-Timing-Directed Feedforward Frequency Acquisition
for Linear Digital Modulations
Eva Arias-de-Reyna and José I. Acha-Catalina
Broadcasting Associated Service Architecture and its Synchronization Support
Jongwoo Sung, Daeyoung Kim, Yoonmee Doh, Hyungjoo Song and Hankyu Lee
Soft-bit and Numerical Precision Requirements on Multiband Full-Rate
Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Receivers
R. Simon Sherratt and Sou Makino
Communications – Modulation
PSSS - Parallel Sequence Spread Spectrum a Physical Layer for RF Communication
Horst Schwetlick and Andreas Wolf
Improvement on Bit-Error-Rate Performance of DS-CDMA by Employing 4-Elliptical
Phase Shift Keying
Chunyi Song and Shimamoto Shigeru
Performance Prediction of DAB Modulation and Transmission using Matlab Modelling
Lukas M. Gaetzi and Malcolm O. J. Hawksford
Forward Link Capacity of the WCDMA System Using High Altitude Platform Stations
Tae Chul Hong, Bon-Jun Ku, Jong-Min Park and Do-Seob Ahn
Improved Multistage Decoding of Multilevel Codes for Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM)
Volker Fischer, Alexander Kurpiers and Florian Kulla
Simulation of Impedance and Propagation in PLC Networks
Dubravko Saboliæ, Alen Bažant and Dinko Begušiæ
Concurrent Data Transmission on Analog Telephone Channel by Data Hiding Technique
Siyue Chen, Henry Leung and Heping Ding
Video Signal Processing
Content Adaptive De-blocking
M. Zhao, R. E. J. Kneepkens, P. M. Hofman and G. de Haan
Delta Rate Control for DV Coding Standard
Antonio Navarro, Paulo Gouveia and Antonio Silva
A One-pass VBR Video Coding for Constant Storage Size
Jun Hou and Haibin Yin
Algorithm and Architecture Design for De-Interlacing System
Cheng-Chang Hsu and Yung-Chang Chen
Intra-field De-interlacing Using Up-scaling Techniques
M. Zhao and G. de Haan
Natural Scenes Enhancement by Adaptive Color Correction
Filippo Naccari, Sebastiano Battiato, Arcangelo Bruna, Silvia Cariolo and Alfio Castorina
MV-based Adaptive Transcoding Technique for Reduced Spatial Resolution
Yan XU, Guiling LI, Yu LIU and Ying GUO
Chroma Error Analysis and Compensation for Heterogeneous Video Transcoding
Yu LIU, Guiling LI and Ying GUO
A Novel Rate Control Algorithm in the Heterogeneous Transcoding
Ying GUO, Guiling LI, Yu LIU and Yan XU
A Rate-Constrained Full Search Algorithm for Fast Motion Estimation
in a Video Encoder
Byung Cheol Song and Kang Wook Chun
Edge-and-Motion-Based Semantic Video Object Extraction and Application
to Scene Composition
Yih-Haw Jan and David W. Lin
Motion Compensated Frame Rate Conversion by Overlapped Block-based
Motion Estimation algorithm
Taehyeun Ha, Seongjoo Lee and Jaeseok Kim
Video and DVD
A Unified Program Resource Management Scheme of Personal Video Recorder
Wei LU, Sile YU and Jinghui CHU
Multi-Channel Video Streaming Server for Surveillance Systems
R.G.J. Wijnhoven, E.G.T. Jaspers and P.H.N. de With
Automatic Video Contrast Enhancement
K. H. Goh and Yong Huang
Architecture and Analysis of Color Structure and Scalable Color Descriptor
for Real-Time Video Indexing and Retrieval
Jing-Ying Chang, Chung-Jr Lian, Yen-Wei Huang and Liang-Gee Chen
Enhanced Polyharmonic Broadcasting Scheme for Popular Videos
Hari Om
Performance Evaluation of a DVD Processor Using Transaction Level Models
Subramania Sudharsanan
A 380MHz two-stage OEIC for the use in DVD Pickup Units
Jürgen Leeb, Kerstin Schneider and Horst Zimmermann
H.263 and H.264
A High Definition H.264/AVC Hardware Video Decoder Core for Multimedia SOC’s
J. Cush, Y. Hu, A. Simpson and K. McAdoo
A Rate-Control Scheme Using Fast Frame-Rate Controlling and
Adaptive Rate-Quantization Modeling for H.263
Din-Yuan Chan, Chun-Yuan Chang, Shou-Jen Lin and Chung-Wei Lin
A New Bit Estimation Scheme for H.264 Rate Control
F. Pan, Hongtao Yu and Zhipin Lin
Tool-Aided Performance Analysis and Optimization of an H.264 Decoder
for Embedded Systems
Heiko Hübert, Benno Stabernack and Henryk Richter
Fast Inter Mode Decision with Adaptive Thresholds for H.264 Encoding
Wu Dajun, D. Wu, S. Wu, K. P. Lim, F. Pan, Z. G. Li and C.C. Ko
Evaluation and Integration of Markov Noise Reduction Technique in H264/AVC
Khalil Hachicha and Patrick Garda
Multimedia Collaboration Architecture for the Digital Home
Vinod Cherian Joseph, KyungHee Lee and Doo-Hyun Kim
A Study of the Multimedia Data Service Using External Devices
Synchronised with TV Program
Hirokazu Konishi and Kenjiro Kai
A Distributed Multimedia Communication System and its Applications to E-Learning
Hans L. Cycon, Thomas C. Schmidt, Matthias Wählisch, Mark Palkow and Henrik Regensburg
A User-Centered Control System for Personalized Multimedia Channel Selection
Wei-Po Lee and Jian-Hsin Wang
Semantic Organization to Enhance Active Learning Based on
Distributed Multimedia Educational Resources
Yanyan Li and Xiaochun Cheng
UPnP AV Architectural Multimedia System with an OSGi Platform
Dong-Oh Kang, Kyuchang Kang and Jeunwoo Lee
Software Architecture of a Digital Media Hub
S.I. Sudharsanan and Shivkumar Krishnan
FPGA Based Systems
Symmetrical Dense Disparity Estimation: Algorithms and FPGAs Implementation
Chonghun Ro, Taehyun Ha and Jaeseok Kim
New Fast Disparity Estimation Algorithm by Diminishing Search Range
and FPGA Implementation
Ji Yong Park, Won Jae Lee and Jae Seok Kim
Fractal Quantization
Oswaldo Cadenas and Graham Megson
Investigation into Low Power of a 2D Inverse Discrete Cosine Transform (IDCT) in FPGAs
Oswaldo Cadenas, Mark-Alexander Brandt and Graham Megson
An SDR Inspired Design for the FPGA Implementation of 802.11a Baseband System
Paul Coulton and Dylan Carline
Fast IDCT Implementation on Hardware Accelerator Devices
Antonio Silva, Orlando Nunes, Carlos Aragao and Antonio Navarro
Internet & PC Applications
Simplified Content Access for Net-enabled DTV
Fernando M. Matsubara, Shin Miura, Shigeru Imai and Shinji Akatsu
Web-based Query Engine for Content-based and Semantic Retrieval of Audio
M. Sert and B. Baykal
Using IEEE 1394 Network for Cluster Computing
Yong Yu and Yu-Fai Fung
Networks and IP
A Light-Weight Service Discovery Framework for Home Network
Wei Dong and Shiyuan Yang
Analysis of the Performance of Hybrid Networks
Christoph Heuck
The IP Datacast System - Overview and Mobility Aspects
Gunther May
Performance Evaluation of Building Network System Using TCP/IP
Chae-Sung Leem, Kyung-Bae Chang, Il-Joo Shim and Gwi-Tae Park
Desktop Videoconferencing: A SIP Solution over IP Network
S. Omar and Q. Bi
Manufacturing, PCB and Test
Genetic Algorithm Based Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Inspection System
Syamsiah Mashohor, J.R. Evans and T.Arslan
Is it Time for Consumer Electronics to Rethink Test Strategies in CE?
Stefan Mozar
Development Function Test Equipment for Smart Airbag Electronics Control Unit (ECU)
Kyung-Bae Chang, Jae-Hyup Lee and Gwi-Tae Park
VTEG: VHDL Test Environment Generator
Sudip Saha and Sujatha Sriram
High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) Cable Receiver Front End
Design and Conformance
S. Thomsen, R. S. Sherratt and P. Harding
Convergence of Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) SDI
for Audio Multiplexing and De-multiplexing by Implementing Modular Design
P. Harding, R. S. Sherratt and C. G. Guy
Home and CE Products
UPnP™ Technology as Needed, but Insufficient Enabler for the Connected Home:
why UPnP™ A/V is not a Commodity
Stefaan Motte
An AV System Using Natural Language Understanding
Morimasa Matsuda and Tomohiro Hase
Distributed Authoring of Object-Based AV Applications
Uwe Kühhirt, Gregor Pötzsch and Helmut Ziegler
Implementation of Smart Home Control using LabVIEW and PDA
Sang-min Baek, Kyung-Bae Chang, Il-Joo Shim and Gwi-Tae Park
Smart Alarm Clock - a Networked Home Appliance with Bluetooth Connection
Lan Zhang and Henry Leung
Design and Implementation of Layer Architecture Software Modules for LCD TV Systems
Ying-Wen Bai and Hong-Ji Chen
Design and Implementation of the Integration Applications for a Portable
MP3 Player with a Bluetooth Hand-free/set
Ying-Wen Bai and Chun-Lee Chiang
Contactless Smartcard Integration in Portable Consumer Devices
Stefan Barbu and Simon Elrharbi
A J2ME Based Digital Map System
M Divya, T A Phan and N Vun
HDD Enhancements for Consumer Products
Dilbag Singh and Vish Iyer
Design and Realization of the Resource Management for a Set-Top-Box
Ying-kun Wang, Yuan-hua Zhou and Jun-hua Chen
Tied Mixture Modeling Optimization for Korean-Digit in the Embedded ASR System
Kihyeon Kim and Hanseok Ko
Bio Identification, Interactive and HCI
The FPGA Prototyping of Iris Recognition for Biometric Identification
Employing Neural Network
F. Mohd-Yasin, A.L. Tan, M.I. Reaz and M.S. Sulaiman
A Wireless Battery-powered Fingerprint Identification System for Ubiquitous
User Authentication
Satoshi Shigematsu, Takahiro Hatano, Hiroki Morimura,
Katsuyuki Machida and Yukio Okazaki
Enrichment of Semantic Metadata Based on Interactions with User Associations
Alexander F. Peregudov and Konstantin F. Glasman
Multi-Service Models for Non-PC Users
P. Hulsen, E. Vlemmix, P. Vartiainen and J. Leinonen
Delivering T-Learning with TV-Anytime Through Packaging
P. Hulsen, J.-G. Kim and K.-O. Kang
Speech Interactive Agent System for Car Navigation Using Embedded ASR/TTS and DSR
Heungkyu Lee, Ohil Kwon and Hanseok Ko
System Architecture for Interactive Home TV Services
Meng-Huang Lee
The Digital Pen as a Human Computer Interface
Sandip Jassar
Design of an Efficient Signature Analyzer for BIST Model with
Minimal Hardware Requirements
A. Ahmad, A. Al-Lawati and J. M Al-Balushi
The Design of a Wearable Computer with Wireless Display
Rui Wang and Shiyuan Yang
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