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From a world leader in nonlinear digital video editing technology,
Avid Xpress DV v3.5 is the ideal software solution for anyone
looking for portable, affordable, professional editing and creative
tools for their Macintosh and PC platforms. With a revolutionary
real-time architecture offering 100+ customizable real-time effects,
an expert color correction toolset, powerful video and audio
editing tools, stunning titling and graphics, extensive import and
export capabilities, and outstanding compatibility with other
popular tools, Avid Xpress DV v3.5 is the professional choice in
Footage courtesy of Fireside Productions, Atlanta, GA.
DV editing software.
AVI D X P R E S S D V 3 . 5
AVI D X P R E S S D V 3 . 5
Designed by and for video professionals, Avid Xpress DV v3.5 combines
industry-standard Avid quality, compatibility, and ease-of-use with amazing
portability, connectivity, and real-time features — all at an affordable price.
Avid Xpress DV v3.5 is built on a revolutionary real-time
architecture that delivers more than 100 customizable
real-time effects, professional-level color correction
with waveform and vectorscope monitors, and
multiple simultaneous real-time streams —
Footage courtesy of Grant
Carroll, avidgrant@aol.com
all in software. You can preview a title, apply
a dissolve, perform color correction, and
animate a picture-in-picture effect simultaneously — all without rendering. And only
Avid Xpress DV v3.5 allows you to customize
every parameter of every real-time effect and
see it all right away. Avid gives you the
creative freedom you want and
the image quality you need to
deliver professional-grade video on
a desktop, laptop, or mountaintop —
anywhere your imagination takes you.
With Avid Xpress DV v3.5, you also get bi-directional project
compatibility with Avid Media Composer , Symphony™, NewsCutter , and
Avid Xpress systems, so every creative decision you make — dissolves, effects,
titles, layers, audio mixes, keyframes, color effects, plug-ins and batch information
> With customizable toolsets, the awardwinning Avid interface is easier to use
than ever. Now anyone with a laptop
can enjoy the industry’s most popular
editing environment – customized to
your unique style and workflow.
can be transferred to and from these popular high-end systems found in virtually
all professional studios. For digital delivery, Avid Xpress DV v3.5 gives you
nearly unlimited creative choices with today’s most popular third-party tools and
plug-ins. As a standalone system or connected to an Avid Unity™ LANshare EX
system allowing up to 20 users to share media, Avid Xpress DV v3.5 offers a
wide range of networking options, as well as support for NTSC, PAL, and film
standards. And because Avid Xpress DV v3.5 is made by video professionals
who utilize a variety of computers in pursuit of editing perfection — we provide
installation CDs for both MacOS X and Windows XP operating systems in each
box — so you’re ready no matter where — or what — in the world you create.
> Avid editing systems are currently
used to create 90% of all U.S.
primetime television shows, 80%
of all television commercials and
85% of all feature films – touching
more professional media than all
other editing systems combined.
> Avid won the 1998
Scientific and Technical
Oscar for the concept,
design, and engineering of
the Avid Film Composer
system for motion
picture editing.
Avid Xpress DV v3.5
software is built on
this same awardwinning technology
and benefits from
years of customer-inspired
Customizable UI
Footage courtesy of the National Hot Rod Association
Avid Real-Time Architecture
• Over 100 customizable real-time software
effects and multiple simultaneous real-time
streams to create and view richly layered
effects without rendering
• Real-time professional level color correction
tools that increase productivity and deliver
better, more sophisticated results
• Real-time performance on a wide range of
desktops and notebooks — including all
Apple PowerBook G4s
• ExpertRender™optimizes real-time performance
• Keyframable, real-time picture-in-picture effects
• Real-time display in both interface and
video monitor
Expert Color Correction Toolset
• Patent-pending NaturalMatch™ color matching
allows users to click on a face in two shots to
instantly match skin tones
• A three-window view allows users to more
easily compare color from frame to frame
• Customizable, advanced vectorscope, waveform,
histograms and parade monitors include RGB
and YCbCr histogram and parade, Y & Yc
waveform, and quad displays
• Based on sophisticated color correction
technology found in Avid Symphony — no other
software-only NLE comes close to this level
of professional color correction
Customizable, Professional Tools
• Industry-standard Avid user interface that’s
easy to navigate and learn
• Customizable menus, toolbars and keyboard
commands to enhance your workflow can be saved
and transferred to other Avid editing systems
• Unlimited video tracks via nesting for dynamic
multilayered compositions
• Best of class audio tools including real-time
audio mix, punch-in, EQ, automation gain,
stereo VU meters, and DigiDesign® AudioSuite™
• Easy manipulation of imported graphics,
including Adobe Photoshop layers
• AutoSave with Attic folder to revert to previous
version with 32 levels of undo
Footage courtesy of the National Hot Rod Association
Footage courtesy of Stiefel Productions
Source/Record Editing
AV I D X P R E S S D V v 3 . 5
Advanced Keyframe Model
ChromaCurve™ Graph
• Superior title animation, effects, and 2D/3D
compositing through Boris FX 6 LTD and
GRAFFITI 2 LTD (Full versions included
with PowerPack)
• SuperBin provides access to all media using
minimal screen real estate
Productivity Features
• Windows XP and MacOS X versions in one box
• Avid One-Step technology to automate
common tasks such as quick transitions
• Dynamic storyboarding with drag and drop to
the timeline
• Scrub clips and set in and out points with J-K-L
controls in any bin window
• Award-winning Avid Tour quickly brings new
users up to speed
• Online tutorial, hardcopy documentation and
built-in help
• DV scene extraction instantly builds individual
clips from a single DV clip
• Six customizable toolsets speed up common
tasks: Basic editing, source/record editing, color
correction, effects editing, audio editing and
recording from tape
• 24 fps EDL support for 24p HD (in PowerPack)
• Dual-processor support
Streamlined Interoperability + Workflow
• Avid Unity LANshare support for sharing
projects and storage in workgroups (up to 20
Avid Xpress DV clients per LANShare EX)
• Projects, bins, and sequences bi-directionally
compatible with other Avid editing systems,
including Media Composer, Symphony,
NewsCutter, and Avid Xpress
• Support for Adobe After Effects (in PowerPack)
• Avid DV codec provides higher quality DV
playback in After Effects
• DVCPRO PAL 4:1:1 support
• Upgradable to Avid Xpress Meridien™ hardware
• Import/export in many popular formats,
including: MPEG, QuickTime® 5, and QuickTime
Reference Movie
• OMF® files for collaboration with graphics
and other systems.
• EDL import/export allows finishing in tape
online facilities
• Seamless audio exchange with Digidesign
Pro Tools® systems
• AVX™ plug-in support to extend the native
AVI D X P R E S S D V 3 . 5
Avid Xpress DV v3.5
Avid Xpress DV v3.5 PowerPack
Avid Xpress DV v3.5 EduPack + LabPack
Avid Xpress DV v3.5 software offers
powerful Avid video editing tools at an
outstanding price, and includes the
following products at no additional charge:
Avid Xpress DV v3.5 PowerPack includes
everything in Avid Xpress DV v3.5 plus a
bundle of powerful software tools for a
fraction of what it would cost to purchase
them independently.
Special programs and pricing are available
for qualified educational institutions and
affiliates. These programs provide a number
of cost-effective options for building
standalone or networked media labs around
the industry-standard video editing software.
• Boris FX 6 LTD 2D/3D compositing
and effects tools
• Boris GRAFFITI 2 LTD titling animator
• Sonic Solutions DVDit! SE for Windows
• Microsoft Windows XP and 750 MHz
Pentium III or Pentium 4 processor
with a qualified DV In/Out card or
• MacOS X v10.1.4 and 400 MHz G4
or later
• 256 MB RAM (384 MB recommended)
• Avid Filmmaker’s Toolkit
- Avid FilmScribe™ to edit films
acquired in a wide range of film
formats, and then generate frameaccurate cutlists
- AutoSync™ synchronizes separately
captured audio and video clips
- Dupe Detection automatically keeps
track of shots you’ve already used
- Avid Script-Based editing allows for
editing directly from a script
- Avid Log Exchange quickly converts
clip log files created by other sources,
so you can import them into bins
• Avid IllusionFX™ offers 29 plug-in
effects such as Page Curl, Motion Blur
and Lightning
• Image Stabilization AVX plug-in to
eliminate unwanted camera movement
• Boris FX 6 and GRAFFITI 2 full
retail versions
• Support for Adobe After Effects
through Elastic Gasket
Avid Xpress DV v3.5 StudentPack
This bundle brings the industry-standard
Avid editing experience to students
and faculty at an unprecedented low price.
In addition to Avid Xpress DV v3.5
software, it includes Avid IllusionFX,
the Avid Filmmaker’s Toolkit, and
Image Stabilization AVX.
Avid Xpress DV Plug-Ins
Avid Xpress DV supports a wide range of
AVX and other industry-standard plug-ins.
For a complete list, visit our website.
Avid Xpress DV Training Series
A series of books that can be used for
self-training or to develop a training
curriculum are available from Avid.
They include: Avid Xpress DV Editing,
Introduction to Avid Xpress DV Effects,
and Creating Graphics for Avid Xpress DV
with Adobe Photoshop. In addition,
Avid offers fee-based training on
Avid Xpress DV software. More details
can be found at avid.com/education.
For the latest information on supported
hardware visit: www.avid.com/xpressdv
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