CASE STUDY Sky Sports Studio Lighting

CASE STUDY Sky Sports Studio Lighting
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Sky Sports Studio Lighting
Versatile Lighting for Multi-Use TV Studio
Key Information
The Client
Sky Broadcasting
Sky Sports Studios
Deliver a flexible lighting system for newly
combined Sky Broadcasting studio spaces
Essential Requirements
Flexible, Safe for live audiences,
Reduced glare on projection surfaces
Value of Contract
Key Products
Pulsar Chromascape AR111
CORE Lighting Colour Point uplighter
ETC SourceFour Mini profile
Robe Lighting 300LED wash
Sky Broadcasting recently turned to White Light for
equipment and advice for the new production setup
in their sports programming studio space.
The project – revamping Sky studios 4 and 5 for the
new football season – involved combining the two
spaces with a new layout and design concept.
“The idea was to bring Sky’s entire Saturday football
programming under one roof – literally!” said Iain
Davidson, Lighting Director at Sky, who oversaw
the lighting installation on the project. “Sky Sports
always like to push the boundaries and give you a
Based on the idea of combining the spaces,
designer Toby Kalitowski created a large organic
roof piece for the space that straddled both studios.
This would serve as the main presentation area for
Sky Sports programmes Saturday Night Football and
Match Choice.
Iain worked closely with White Light’s Jonathan
Haynes on the installation which posed two unique
challenges. Firstly, the large roof piece designed
to bring the spaces together had blocked half of
the existing lighting hanging positions in the studio.
Secondly, the production design called for 5 large
front-projection screens, meaning managing light
levels and spill would be a top priority.
Functional, Versatile, and Visually Appealing
Great Hall
Lighting for Stadium & Studio
Adding Colour, Wirelessly
It was agreed that the header, which was made to
look like a stadium roof, would be accompanied by
practical units that could be rigged and de-rigged
every week. “We wanted these fixtures to look
light stadium lights, but function like studio lights,”
said Iain. They needed to be durable, have the
right appearance on camera, and offer tight beam
control. Pulsar Chromascape AR111 fixtures were
chosen to fit the bill. The high brightness LED units
come in stainless steel housing and consume just
17W per fixture.
For the floor units, light quality and colour
range were key considerations – but the units
also needed to look good on camera. The new
design setup would also have to allow for a
studio audience, making safety a key concern.
CORE Lighting Colour Point LED uplighters were
chosen for the task. The battery operated units
are wirelessly controlled, making for fast set up
time and no cabling. The sleek looking uplighters
fit perfectly with the studio’s new design and are
easily adapted for different programmes.
Complete Solution
After consultation and product trials White Light
provided Pulsar Chromascape LED fixtures to
cover the studio space overhead, CORE Lighting
LED uplighters for flexible colour options, Robe
300 LED washes for added depth and ETC
Source4 Mini profiles as special highlights. The
lighting rig was installed in the summer of 2013
and was ready in time for the new football season.
The new set is in use across several Sky Sports
programmes including FL72, Sportswomen,
Dumbledore’s Office
Weekend Warmup, and Saturday Night Football.
Photography courtesy of Sky Broadcasting
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