H5527.4-EMC CLARiiON CX4 Series Data Sheet

H5527.4-EMC CLARiiON CX4 Series Data Sheet
Accelerating performance: simply and efficiently
• Next-generation CX architecture: provides
leading performance, new levels of
scalability, and even higher resiliency
•Improved performance and lower storage
costs using CLARiiON’s storage efficiency
products: FAST (sub-LUN), FAST Cache,
and Compression
• Unified storage management across
CLARiiON, EMC Celerra, and EMC
RecoverPoint with EMC Unisphere
software, a single sign-on, intuitive
interface designed for the entire lifecycle—
from straightforward initial deployment
to integrated customer support
The EMC® CLARiiON® CX4 series delivers industry-leading innovation in midrange storage with
the fourth-generation CLARiiON CX™ storage platform. The unique combination of flexible,
scalable hardware design and Advanced Storage Efficiency products enables the CX4 series
systems, powered by Intel Xeon processors, to meet the growing, diverse needs of today’s
midsize and large enterprises. Using the CLARiiON system’s new simple and efficient features,
you no longer have to compromise on performance or price. CLARiiON CX4 can now automatically balance performance and capacity, optimizing your storage investment and addressing
your data’s dynamic needs. Now you can get more out of your arrays with fewer resources,
less time, and less money.
All this is available with a choice of systems ranging from affordable entry-level solutions to
high-­performance, maximum-capacity configurations for the most demanding requirements.
The powerful CX4 series includes the CX4 model 120, CX4 model 240, CX4 model 480, and
CX4 model 960. All models come pre-configured with Fibre Channel and iSCSI connectivity,
enabling you to choose the best connectivity for your specific applications.
• Lowest cost of ownership: consolidate
twice the workload in a single system
and future-proof your investment via
EMC UltraFlex technology
Delivering up to twice the performance and scale as the previous CLARiiON generation,
CLARiiON CX4 is the leading midrange storage solution to meet a full range of needs—from
departmental applications to data-center-class, business-critical systems.
• Best energy efficiencies achieved with
power-saving technologies such as Flash
drives, low-power SATA drives, and drive
Advanced storage efficiencies and simplified
management tools: performance and simplicity
without compromise
• Proven CLARiiON five-nines availability:
multi-path data access, automated system
diagnostics, online upgrades, and global
hot-spare technology resulting in no single
points of failure
• Optimized for virtualized environments:
VMware integration and the reliability,
high availability, and software functionality required for all virtualized
• Advanced information protection
capabilities: local snapshots, clones, or
continuous data protection (CDP) options;
synchronous and asynchronous remote
• Ease-of-use capabilities: customerreplaceable components including
non-disruptive replacement of disk drives,
power supplies, fans, and small-formfactor-pluggable (SFP) optical transceivers
d ata s h e e t
The EMC CLARiiON new and improved Advanced Storage Efficiency products include FAST for
sub-LUN tiering, FAST Cache, Compression, and Virtual Provisioning. These new capabilities
drive down costs and deliver unparalleled simplicity and performance. By building sophisticated intelligence into the array, EMC CLARiiON automatically manages capacity and performance, providing visibility and reporting to customers via the easy-to-use EMC Unisphere™
interface, Unisphere Analyzer, and Unisphere Quality of Service Manager products.
Enable customers to get the right data, to the
right place, at the right time with CLARiiON FAST.
EMC CLARiiON Fully Automated Storage Tiering (FAST)—improve performance and efficiency— FAST delivers optimal performance at a lower cost by dynamically moving “hot”
data to higher performing drives and “cold” data to more cost-effective capacity drives. FAST
now tiers at the sub-LUN level, providing more granular movement of data within the LUN by
automatically moving data in 1 GB chunks. This results in overall lower costs as customers
receive more performance value from their fastest drives and are able to store more data on
higher capacity drives. FAST’s automated analysis and policy-based movement of data saves
administrator’s time by having the storage system do the work associated with both preand post-provisioning tasks. FAST is managed via the new Unisphere Interface, so users can
easily configure FAST and schedule data movement to automatically occur as frequently or
infrequently as desired.
EMC CLARiiON FAST Cache: turbo-charge application performance—FAST Cache is a performance optimization feature that accelerates application performance by up to 200 percent.
Using Enterprise Flash drives to extend existing cache capacities, FAST Cache automatically
absorbs unpredicted “spikes” in application workloads.
Key FAST Cache features include:
•Support for up to 2 TB usable capacity
•Supports read and write operations
•Simple configuration and monitoring via Unisphere
•Non-disruptive integration
EMC CLARiiON Block Data Compression—Block Data Compression further advances storage
efficiency by compressing cold or inactive data and reclaiming valuable storage capacity—
reducing data footprints by up to 50 percent. Compression reduces capacity and power costs
by eliminating redundant data and, because data compression works as a background task,
there is minimal system performance overhead. Compression is intended for relatively
inactive LUNs, such as backup copies, archives, and static data repositories. Compression
can be turned on for LUNs in Pools or RAID Groups; in the latter case, LUNs in RAID Groups
will be migrated to pools.
EMC CLARiiON Virtual Provisioning: simplify storage growth management—Using Virtual
Provisioning, LUNs can be provisioned in storage pools to be either thin to reduce storage
costs by increasing capacity utilization, or now thick, to increase performance. Virtual
Provisioning also now includes Space Reclamation, whereby thick LUNs (or RAID Group
LUNs) can be migrated to thin LUNs, thus returning unused space that can be used by other
LUNs in the pool. Pool-based LUNs, which provide for greater flexibility, can be easily
expanded or shrunk, and can be used with FAST to utilize multiple tiers (e.g., Flash, FC,
SATA). CLARiiON Virtual Provisioning integrates with existing CLARiiON storage management
and replication software and supports advanced capabilities such as Unisphere QoS Manager, Unisphere Analyzer, FAST Cache, EMC SnapView™, SAN Copy™, MirrorView™, and
Analysis and simplicity that saves time and money
EMC Unisphere: easily manage CLARiiON storage from anywhere, anytime—Unisphere is
the next generation of storage management that provides a single, integrated, and simple
user interface for CLARiiON, EMC Celerra®, and RecoverPoint SE. Unisphere is a fresh
approach to storage management. It is designed with the entire product lifecycle in mind,
from straightforward initial deployment to streamlined support experience. The Unisphere
dashboard is a single screen for at-a-glance management and reporting. Using the dashboard, administrators gain instant and actionable knowledge of what’s occurring in the
entire environment. Unisphere has many unique capabilities that radically simplify system
management. Unisphere’s single sign-on automatically discovers all other CLARiiON, Celerra,
and RecoverPoint SE installations in the environment. Unisphere is extensible, and over
time, will support other mid-tier products from EMC such as Replication Manager and
EMC Analyzer: resolve performance issues in real time—Unisphere Analyzer provides trend
analysis, reporting, and system-capacity management that can be used to improve performance and assist in the hardware capacity-planning process. Analyzer enables your IT staff
to immediately address performance or capacity issues by providing critical data via easily
accessible charts and reports that are customizable by time period, elements, and metrics.
Analyzer aggregates data and creates valuable, actionable reports that help your IT team
resolve any issues as soon as they arise.
EMC Unisphere Quality of Service Manager: manage CLARiiON to meet performance
service levels—EMC Unisphere Quality of Service Manager (QOS Manager) enables you
to monitor and achieve performance objectives for applications. With QOS Manager, you
can schedule user-defined policies while optimizing the performance of mission-critical
applications. For example, you can set up a policy to optimize response time for your email
application during the day, and another policy to optimize bandwidth when your backup
process runs in the evening.
EMC CLARiiON CX4 technology advancements
Enterprise Flash drives—EMC-customized Flash drive technology provides low latency and
high throughput to break the performance barriers of traditional disk technology. EMC is
the first to bring Flash drives to midrange storage, and expects the technology to become
mainstream over the next few years while revolutionizing networked storage.
Flash drives extend the storage tiering capabilities of CLARiiON by:
•Delivering 30 times the IOPS of a 15K RPM FC drive
•Consistently delivering less than 1 ms response times
•Requiring 98 percent less energy per I/O than 15K rpm Fibre Channel drives
•Weighing 58 percent less per TB than a typical Fibre Channel drive
•Providing better reliability due to no moving parts and faster RAID rebuilds
UltraFlex technology—the CLARiiON CX4 architecture features UltraFlex technology, a
combination of a modular connectivity design and unique EMC FLARE® operating environment
software capabilities that deliver:
•Dual protocol support with FC and iSCSI as the base configuration on all models
•Easy, online expansion via hot-pluggable I/O modules
•Ability to easily add and/or upgrade I/O modules to accommodate future technologies
as they become available (i.e., FCoE)
CLARiiON CX4 Model 120
Best value entry-level networked storage:
The CX4 model 120 can be configured with
5 to 120 disk drives to support up to 128 dualconnected hosts. CX4 model 120 customers can
take advantage of EMC’s unique data-in-place
upgrade to the CX4-240, CX4-480, or CX4-960
models. This system comes with EMC PowerPath
software and supports the full suite of CLARiiON
advanced software functionality, including the
local and remote replication offerings EMC
SnapView, MirrorView and RecoverPoint.
Multi-core Intel Xeon processors, increased memory, and 64-bit FLARE—the CX4 boasts
up to twice the performance of the previous generation and provides up to 2.5 times more
processing power with multi-core Intel® Xeon® processors. The CX4 architecture also delivers
twice the capacity scale (up to 960 drives), twice the memory, and twice the LUNs compared
with the previous generation of CLARiiON systems.
With the CLARiiON CX4, the FLARE operating environment has also been upgraded from a
32 bit to a 64 bit environment. This enhancement enables the scalability improvements
and also provides the foundation for more advanced software functionality such as Virtual
Low-power SATA II drives, adaptive cooling, and drive spin-down—Low-power SATA II drives
deliver the highest density at the lowest cost and require 96 percent less energy per terabyte
than 15K rpm Fibre Channel drives and 32 percent less than traditional 7.2K rpm SATA
drives. Drive spin-down enables customers to set policies at the RAID group level to place
inactive drives in sleep mode. Target applications include backup-to-disk, archiving, and test
and development.
protect data and virtualize—at a low cost of
Lowest cost of ownership—CLARiiON CX4 systems deliver the scale, performance, and
advanced technologies to run your infrastructure for less. The CX4 series allows customers to
take cost out of their business in the following ways:
CLARiiON CX4 Model 240
Best-in-class performance for midrange
networked storage—EMC CLARiiON CX4-240
provides powerful networked storage that
scales seamlessly—up to 459 TB of capacity.
The CX4 model 240 supports up to 256 highly
available, dual-connected hosts, and scales from
5 to 240 disk drives. CX4-240 customers can take
advantage of EMC’s unique data-in-place upgrade
to the CX4-480 or CX4-960 models.
•Consolidating twice the workload in a single system: competing storage providers require
customers to deploy multiple arrays to equal the performance and scalability of a single
•Optimize storage capacity: customers can provision less often by leveraging CLARiiON Virtual Provisioning. This means that rather than buying additional capacity upfront, customers can reduce and/or defer initial capacity requirements and save on acquisition and
energy costs by running their systems at higher utilization rates and adding capacity as
needed without disrupting applications. Additionally, CLARiiON’s unique Virtual LUN technology allows customers to move data non-disruptively between storage tiers as requirements change.
•Future-proof your investment: the CX4 series provides investment protection via UltraFlex
tech­nology. Built into CLARiiON CX4, this expandable connectivity supports the latest
connectivity such as 8 Gb/s FC and 10 Gb/s FCoE in existing as well as new systems.
With UltraFlex, customers no longer need to buy another storage system simply to support
new network technology. Additionally, data-in-place upgrades allow for in-family and
cross-CX-series-generation upgrades to CX4 while leveraging prior investments in drives,
disk enclosures, I/O modules, and system software.
Save energy
CLARiiON CX4 power-saving technologies enable customers to reduce energy use—without
sacrificing performance or scalability.
•Flash drives provide 98 percent better efficiency per I/O than with 15K FC disks, and
30 times the performance.
•Low-power SATA drives use 96 percent less energy per TB versus 15K FC drives, and
32 percent less energy than traditional SATA disks.
•Policy-based disk spin-down automatically places selected inactive drives in sleep
mode; activates on-demand to meet application requirements.
•Adaptive cooling dynamically adjusts cooling based on system activity.
Continuous availability and data protection to
keep your business running
CLARiiON delivers superior levels of protection through advanced capabilities of the system,
offering built-in support for concurrent local and remote repli­cation. This provides systemlevel and site-level protection from planned and unplanned outages.
Proven system-level availability—All CX4 systems are built on technology with five-nines
availability, the highest in the midrange.
CLARiiON CX4 Model 480
Flexible, high-capacity networked storage—
EMC CLARiiON CX4 model 480 supports up to
256 highly available, dual-connected hosts
and has the capability to scale up to 480 disk
drives for a maximum capacity of 939 TB. The
CX4-480 supports Flash drives for maximum
performance and CX4-480 customers can take
advantage of EMC’s unique data-in-place
upgrade to the CX4-960.
CLARiiON CX4 Model 960
Premium-performance, maximum-capacity
networked storage—EMC CLARiiON CX4 model
960 enables you to handle the most dataintensive workloads and large consolidation
projects, while reducing energy consumption.
CLARiiON CX4-960 supports Flash drives for
premium performance. It also supports up to
512 highly available, dual-connected hosts
and scales up to 960 disk drives for a
maximum capacity of 1,899 TB.
•Up to 11 GB of mirrored write cache, where each storage processor contains both primary
cached data for its LUNs under management, and a secondary copy of the cache for its
peer storage processor
•Battery backup for controllers and cache vault disks which allows for an orderly shutdown,
and cache destaging to ensure data protection in the event of a power failure
•RAID protection levels 0, 1, 1/0, 3, 5, and 6, all of which can coexist in the same array
simultaneously to match the different protection requirements of your data
•Proactive hot sparing enhances system robustness and delivers maximum reliability and
•Redundant data paths, power supplies, drive connections, storage processors—all with
non-disruptive field-replacement capabilities
•Continuous cache and data integrity error detection/correction, automatic diagnosis, and
advanced call-home capabilities for enhanced availability
•Backed by the storage industry’s number-one-ranked services and support organization
•More granular fault detection, isolation, and error correction capabilities with all CX4
series systems, leading to even higher levels of system reliability
•Continuous system monitoring, call-home notification, and advanced remote diagnostics
Comprehensive site-level data protection—Through integration with EMC RecoverPoint/SE for
CLARiiON, the CX4 offers concurrent local and remote replication of the same data, so you
can simplify deployments and manage operational and disaster recovery from a single
management interface. CLARiiON CX4 arrays include the RecoverPoint splitter function which
simplifies RecoverPoint/SE deployments and lowers bandwidth and installation costs since
no additional fabric components are required. The CLARiiON array-based splitter built into
FLARE also provides protection for FC and/or iSCSI environments and can optimize bandwidth
up to 10 times.
Optimized for virtualized environments—VMware®-certified CLARiiON CX4 is the leading
midrange storage platform for VMware and delivers the reliable, high-availability storage
required for all virtualized environments.
CLARiiON’s full integration with VMware extends the value of virtualized server
Features and functionality include:
•Virtualization-aware Unisphere: discover and map the entire environment from virtual
machines to physical servers to supporting storage. Unisphere provides detailed virtual
machine storage data and automatically maintains and updates relationships. Management
and reporting are simplified with access through the Unisphere Task Bar.
•Share storage easily: dual-protocol Fibre Channel and iSCSI connectivity provide more
flexibility to meet application needs, while UltraFlex technology, Flash drive support, and
five-nines availability provide you with a shared storage solution that’s integrated with
VMware Storage vMotion™ for maximum flexibility and the best resiliency in the midrange
•Simplify disaster recovery: customers can ensure rapid, reliable disaster recovery by
leveraging VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) using RecoverPoint or MirrorView/S
software to simplify and automate disaster recovery setup, failover, failback, and testing,
and help ensure the proper execution and management of recovery plans.
•Improve resource management: integrated CLARiiON Unisphere Quality of Service with
VMware DRS provides end-to-end application service-level management from the virtual
server to CLARiiON storage. CLARiiON Virtual Provisioning allows you to quickly and
efficiently provision storage to meet the dynamic needs of virtual machines.
•Optimize network performance: PowerPath/VE automates the process of load balancing
hundreds or thousands of virtual machine network and storage connections, eliminating
manual management of dynamic I/O loads and providing standardized path management
across virtual and physical environments.
Active LUN
Save Area
Save Area
Access to
Snapshot Data
Save Area
Save Area
Save Area
Save Area
Save Area
Save Area
SnapView can create up to eight clones from a
production source, and up to eight fully readable
and writeable point-in-time snapshots of logical
units (LUNs) using EMC’s copy-on-first-write
algorithm. These can be used for non-disruptive
backups, testing, analysis, or simply to be kept
on a rotational basis for potential recovery.
A complete suite of advanced storage software
EMC CLARiiON offers a complete suite of advanced storage software—the most extensive
in the industry—designed for full backwards compatibility.
EMC PowerPath and PowerPath/VE multipathing: keep your critical applications online—
EMC PowerPath and PowerPath/VE offer intelligent, high-performance, multi-path access
between CLARiiON and attached servers. Primary capabilities include automatic path
failover, dynamic load balancing, and automated optimization of system resources, which
provide predictable and consistent access across physical and virtual environments.
PowerPath and PowerPath/VE also include capabilities to enable non-disruptive, array-toarray migrations.
EMC CLARiiON Host Encryption: protect information from unauthorized access—EMC
CLARiiON Host Encryption is a host-based encryption solution which ensures compliance
and maintains data confidentiality as data moves from the host to disk on storage. CLARiiON
Host Encryption maximizes ROI by enabling you to selectively encrypt only your most sensitive
data, thereby reducing management cycles, and it simplifies the administrative burden and
cost of managing multiple point solutions for encryption.
EMC SnapView: accelerate backup and restore, application integrity, and application
development, all from one software product—EMC SnapView software is available across
the CLARiiON CX4 series. SnapView creates consistent point-in-time snapshots and full-copy
clones of production data while maintaining application integrity for non-disruptive backup.
Restore information and applications consistently in seconds versus the hours often
required for traditional tape-based methods.
SnapView can create up to eight clones from a production source, and up to eight fully readable and writeable point-in-time snapshots of logical units (LUNs) using EMC’s copy-on-firstwrite algorithm. These can be used for non-disruptive backups, testing, analysis, or simply
to be kept on a rotational basis for potential recovery.
EMC RecoverPoint: get cost-effective network-based data protection—EMC RecoverPoint/SE
is a comprehensive data protection solution for CLARiiON providing operational recovery to
any point in time with the continuous data protection (CDP) license option—or asynchronous
remote replication for disaster recovery with the continuous remote replication (CRR) option.
RecoverPoint/SE protects companies from data loss due to common problems such as data
corruption, software errors, viruses, and end-user errors, while also protecting against catastrophic events that can bring an entire data center to a standstill.
EMC MirrorView: maximize data availability through advanced synchronous and asynchronous disaster recovery—EMC MirrorView software provides highly available data storage by
performing remote data mirroring between CLARiiON arrays across a campus or across the
globe. Because MirrorView is array-based, applications and servers are free to service users.
MirrorView/Synchronous (MirrorView/S) replicates data continuously for maximum availability. MirrorView/Asynchronous (MirrorView/A) replicates data independent of the application
I/O, ensuring recoverability and extending distance.
Location A
Source and Target
Location B
MirrorView/Synchronous and MirrorView/Asynchronous run on all CX4 series, CX3
UltraScale™ series, and CX700, CX500, and CX300 array platforms.
Remote Source
and Target
Location C
Location D
MirrorView sessions for remotely mirroring
information are quickly and easily managed
from one central location using EMC Unisphere
software. MirrorView is compatible with midsize
and high-end CLARiiON CX3 UltraScale series and
CX4 series arrays as well as most previous
generation CX arrays.
EMC SAN Copy: copy data between multi-vendor storage systems for data mobility—
EMC SAN Copy software enables high-speed data copying between multi-vendor storage
systems. With SAN Copy you can rapidly copy data between CLARiiON and EMC Symmetrix®
systems and between EMC, HDS, IBM (Shark and DS4000 series), Sun, and HPQ systems.
SAN Copy is tightly integrated with SnapView software so that a replica that is created via
SnapView can be replicated to a second array with SAN Copy. SAN Copy runs on all CX4 models
as well as CX3, CX700, CX500, CX600, and CX400 arrays.
EMC RepliStor: host-based data protection software for Windows servers—EMC RepliStor®
software provides file-based local and remote asynchronous replication for Microsoft Windows environments via IP.
EMC Replication Manager: automate replication management—EMC Replication Manager
simplifies management and automation of the entire information replication process from the
application layer to the array for CLARiiON SnapView, SAN Copy, RecoverPoint, and other EMC
replication software. From replica discovery, configuration, and scheduling to a simple wizard-driven process for recovery operations, Replication Manager enables you to maximize
the value of point-in-time copies of application data.
Online upgrades
CLARiiON offers the best investment protection through data-in-place upgrades for both
in-family (CX4-to-CX4) and intergenerational (CX300, CX500, CX700, and CX3 series to CX4)
systems. This helps you preserve investments in hardware drives, disk array enclosures
(DAEs), and IO modules, and provides a cost-effective way to utilize the latest in technology
Look to EMC Global Services to maximize CLARiiON
CX4 series benefits
EMC Global Services provides the strategic guidance and technology expertise organizations
need to address their business and information infrastructure challenges, and derive the
maximum value from their CLARiiON hardware and software. EMC is committed to an exceptional total customer experience through service excellence. Our 13,000+ professional- and
support-service experts worldwide, plus a global network of alliances and partners, leverage
proven methodologies, industry best practices, experience, and knowledge derived from
EMC’s 30-year information-centric heritage to address the full spectrum of customer needs
across the information lifecycle: strategize, advise, architect, implement, manage, and
EMC support options for CLARiiON CX4
CLARiiON CX4 series systems include three-year enhanced warranty—5x9 onsite support
with next-business-day response on hardware and the FLARE storage operating environment,
and a 90-day warranty on software media. Customers can upgrade to the Premium level of
service—7x24 hour onsite response, critical escalation management, EMC replacement of
parts, and root-cause analysis—during the warranty period.
Warranties can be extended with an EMC Service Agreement.* Ask your EMC sales representative about the full spectrum of services from EMC that can benefit your organization.
*Warranties may vary outside the United States. Contact your EMC representative for local
warranty and service terms and conditions.
With CLARiiON CX4 series arrays, you can
non-disruptively replace disk drives, power
supplies, fans, and small form-factor pluggable
replacement utility wizard that guides you
through the disk replacement process while
automatically checking each step to make sure
data is protected at all points in the process.
•Easy to manage: Powerful tools deliver easy service, maintenance, and management
features to get maximum performance.
•Easy to support: EMC eServices available on EMC Powerlink®, EMC’s secure extranet,
deliver information and tools to optimize your CLARiiON investment. Support tools and
easy-to-replace components empower customers to resolve most routine issues.
emc service offerings for clAriion cX4
EMC offers a full range of services to help you maximize the value of your information and
EMC investment.
•EMC Implementation for CLARiiON CX4 Series QuickStart is an installation and
implementation service available for each of the CLARiiON CX4 series storage arrays
and includes connectivity to hosts within your SAN.
•EMC SAN Design and Implementation is a consultative service that delivers a customized
implementation of SAN storage into your information infrastructure.
•EMC Two-Terabyte Data Migration Service delivers data migration in conjunction with a
new CLARiiON storage array implementation for up to 2 TB of data in standard fixed-file
formats within a single authentication domain.
•EMC Implementation for CLARiiON SAN Copy installs and initializes EMC SAN Copy or
•Implementation for CLARiiON SnapView—Replication Manager QuickStart implements
Replication Manager software to support replication operations on an EMC CLARiiON
storage array using SnapView.
•EMC Implementation for CLARiiON MirrorView services implements EMC replication
technology bounded by two CLARiiON storage systems in a single physical location, or, with
a custom engagement, a review of your requirements to determine the implementation
Let EMC Global Services help you strategize, implement, and derive maximum business
value from your information infrastructure.
contAct us
For more information on the superior
performance, functionality, and economics
offered by the CLARiiON CX series of mid-tier
networked storage systems, contact your
EMC sales representative or authorized EMC
value-added systems integrator. You can
also visit our website at www.EMC.com.
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