Inmarsat Mini-M TechnicalSpecs - Explorer Satellite Communications

Inmarsat Mini-M TechnicalSpecs - Explorer Satellite Communications
Technical Specifications
Inmarsat’s mini-M service provides access to a range of essential mobile office
applications, including voice and data, from virtually anywhere in the world. With
coverage of 98 per cent of the world’s land mass as well as major shipping routes,
mini-M is an ideal solution for delivering communications needs across the globe.
Designed to exploit the spot-beam power of the
Inmarsat-3 satellites, mini-M terminals are small and
■ Compact and versatile equipment, with a range
of interfaces with PCs and other hardware
Robust – rugged and reliably designed, ideal for
field use
Since the introduction of the Inmarsat mini-M service in
January 1997 it has proved to be a firm favourite within
many vertical markets. With combined maritime, land
and aeronautical terminal commissionings now around
100,000 mini-M continues to provide the missing link
for many where local communications are of poor
quality, or simply don’t exist.
Major customer groups include journalists, aid
workers, business professionals, emergency services,
trucking companies, Government organisations, ship
owners and anyone operating in areas beyond the
reach of cellular or fixed communications.
Services and Service Provision
■ Land portable – smallest and most portable of the
units, designed specifically for the mobile user
Land mobile – vehicular mounted unit with
satellite tracking (or omni directional)
antenna enabling the user to make calls whilst
on the move
Large antenna mini-M – utilising the extra power
available from an 80cm antenna, the large antenna
mini-M (LAMM) is ideal for semi fixed or fixed
installations, providing the same quality of service
for a lower per minute charge. Also available in a
payphone variant
Maritime – featuring a gyro-stabilised antenna the
maritime unit is ideal for all vessel sizes from
leisure, coastal and fishing vessels to deep sea
commercial operations
Aeronautical – with its small size and low weight,
mini-M Aero can be fitted to virtually any aircraft
flying today
Terminal/Service characteristics
Land versions are lightweight and portable, weighing about 2.2kg (4.8lbs)
and resembling a laptop sized computer.
Rugged build quality
All units have been designed to stand up to the rigours of everyday in-field
use and rough handling.
Voice fax and data interfaces
With the increased reliance on e-mail and other data services, mini-M has
been designed to provide easy interfacing and reliable connectivity through
to corporate LANs and e-mail services. In addition, the terminals also
feature fax/voice ports for attaching other common external office devices.
Internal batteries
Yielding typical talk times of 2.5 hours and standby times of up to 50 hours,
a mini-M is ideal for those wandering far from the beaten track. Batteries
can be readily topped up with a car cigarette lighter adapter or an AC/DC
adapter/charger unit.
Detachable Antenna
Whether using a mini-M in a temporary or permanent location, the antenna
can easily be detached from the telephone/base unit allowing the user to
continue connecting via satellite from their room/office.
SIM card reader
Subscriber identity module (SIM) cards can be easily installed and removed
making it possible to share a mini-M among a number of users without
having to create complex billing arrangements. Containing the billing
identification and being credit card sized, the SIM card can be kept outside
of the terminal preventing unwanted calls being made on the user’s
airtime account.
STU IIB & STU III capabilities
Through a simple software upgrade users can assure the security of
their calls.
For further information about Inmarsat mini-M, please contact:
Inmarsat’s website:
Customer Services & Operations Phone +44 (0) 20 7728 1777 Fax +44 (0) 20 7728 1746
Inmarsat Ltd, 99 City Road, London EC1Y 1AX Telephone: +44 (0)20 7728 1000 Fax: +44 (0)20 7728 1110 Website:
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