Power Socket Improvement
Service Bulletin
Power Socket Improvement
Effective Date: Aug. 2012
Prepared by:
Benson Wu
Models Affected:
E3x/E5x/E7x &
A3x/A5x/A7x (EP304, EP306 & EP308)
Bulletin Number
S/N’s of affected parts:
Matrix CV E3x/E5x/E7x-F & A3x/A5x/A7x-F power socket can be damaged because of a liquid (sweat) issue.
Due to sweat issues, the power socket terminal connectors can have issues.
1. Remove the shrouds as needed to expose the power socket assembly.
2. Disconnect the power cable terminals and ground wire coming from the power socket assembly (Figure A).
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3. Press the tabs on the switch, and remove the power socket assembly the frame (Figure B).
(Figure A)
(Figure B)
4. Position the power socket assembly so that the back side is exposed (Figure C).
5. Apply a piece of Mylar tape to cover the hole in the power socket assembly (Figure D).
(Figure C)
(Figure D)
6. Coat the back side of the power socket assembly with Silicone (GE’s Silicone II Window and Door 100%
Silicone is recommended as it is black) (Figure E).
7. Apply the silicone so that all electrical connections are covered so that liquid cannot pass through to the
connections (Figure F).
(Figure E)
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(Figure F)
8. Re-mount the power socket assembly onto the unit (Figure G).
The power switch should be oriented
so that it is on top.
Switch on TOP
(Figure G)
9. The silicone also needs to be applied to the side walls of the power socket assembly to prevent liquid from
moving down the side walls of the socket to affect the power connections.
socket assembly installed (Figures H & I).
This should done with the power
The frame side of the switch has limited access when
installed; the use of a Popsicle stick or tongue suppressor is recommended to install the silicone.
(Figure H)
3 Revision Date: 01/04/2017 | Revised by: RT
(Figure I)
10. Repeat Steps 2-10 to seal the coaxial / Ethernet assembly.
The coaxial / Ethernet assembly is mounted to the
front of the unit opposite from the power socket assembly (Figures J & K). NOTE: Make sure that the entire
back side of the Ethernet port is coated with Silicone as this is a likely area for liquid to enter the shroud.
(Figure J)
Re-install the shrouds removed in Step 1 and test the unit for function.
4 Revision Date: 01/04/2017 | Revised by: RT
(Figure K)
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