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Flexible Power and
Energy Configurations
UltraFlex 48 V
Plug ‘n’ Play Energy
With the introduction of the UltraFlex 48 V,
Ecoult is making its proven UltraBattery®
technology available for commercial and
residential applications, with 17 kWh usable
storage (at 60% range of charge) and 20 kW
of peak power.
The high-cycling, energy-efficient UltraFlex 48 V is safe and
simple to deploy, operate and maintain, making it the plug ‘n’
play energy storage device of choice for a range of applications
and environments, including:
• Small and medium commercial
• Distributed infrastructure such as mobile telecoms and utilities
• Rugged and remote locations.
Integrated Battery Solution
The UltraFlex 48 V offers both high power and energy.
Each UltraFlex unit comprises:
• 16 x UltraBattery 12 V monoblocs with integrated Monitors
• System Monitoring and Control
• Indoor or Outdoor cabinet
• Over-current protection on each string.
Flexible Applications
Renewables Integration
+Smoothing: Smoothing renewable energy power sources
+ Feed-in Management and Ramp-Rate Control: Distributed
management of renewable energy sources feeding into the
electricity grid
Diesel and Off-Grid
+ Hybrid Energy Systems: Down-size Diesel/fossil-fuel
generators and reduce generator use, greatly lowering
costs and fuel consumption while minimising CO2 and
other emissions
+ Remote Area Power Supply: Reliable off-grid renewable
power solutions
Energy Shifting/Cost Control
+ Peak Lopping/Peak Demand Management: Shifting energy
availability to cover demand peaks
+ Energy Arbitrage: Storing off-peak energy for use during
peak charge times
Revenue Generation
+ Frequency Regulation: Provide distributed grid ancillary
services or demand response
Any other ‘Partial State of Charge’ (PSoC) use: Where batteries
may need to charge and discharge rapidly and frequently.
Power and Energy Data
Continuous Power
Capacity for
regular cycling
Capacity for
emergency reserve
1 Hour Rate
10 Hour Rate
Nominal Capacity (100%)
Useable Capacity
(60% Range of Charge)
Useable Capacity
(90% Range of Charge
at 10‑hour rate)
*Charge rate tapered to a voltage limit at the top of the range of charge.
Cabinet Specifications
Nominal Voltage
Assembly Weight
Indoor UltraFlex Dimensions (W x D x H)
1 x 0.6 x 2 m
Data subject to change without notice. Based on ambient temperature of 25° C.
UltraFlex Configured for Indoor Use
Data cable to UltraFlex
compatible inverter
48 V DC
Cable to
Monitors & 12UB700 Monoblocs
Single Line Diagram of UltraFlex (included components
designated within dotted grey line)
UltraFlex Indoor System Dimensions
System Features
Key Features
Modular Design
1, 2, 3 & 4 x 48 V string configurations possible with up to
16 x 12 V monoblocs per cabinet.
Flexible sizing for different power and energy requirements.
Plug ‘n’ Play Solution
Available pre-installed or pre-wired for integration on-site,
depending on site accessibility.
Reduce onsite labour and accelerate installation time.
Small Footprint
Offering 20 kW power at the 1 hour discharge rate in a
1 m x 0.6 m footprint.
Passive Thermal Design
Maximizes battery life by channelling airflows to promote
operation within optimum temperature bands.
Indoor and outdoor version available.
UltraBattery Monitoring
A monitor on each UltraBattery provides access to State of
Charge and other vital information to assist with operating
the system within its optimal performance range.
Over-current Protection
Protect the system from excessive current and faults.
High power available in a small footprint means fewer
batteries, so space on site is optimised.
Maximizes your business case and return on investment
by reducing diverging effects of temperature on the
UltraBattery cells.
To suit different application scenarios and operating
environments – including indoor or outdoor installations.
Use monitoring data to manage the UltraBattery system
to achieve greatest longevity. Monitor each individual
monobloc remotely to diagnose issues before going to site.
Maximise the safety and longevity of your system with
application-specific rated breakers or switch fuses.
The breakers can also be tripped by the battery control
system to make sure the batteries are operated within
performance limits.
System Specifications
Operating Temperature1
10° C – 50° C 1
Watt Hour Roundtrip Efficiency
Greater than 91% DC-DC for rates below 0.4 C1 (8 kW)
Battery Monitoring System (BMS) Communications
Modbus via Ethernet or RS485
User Interface
Web-based HMI
Over-current Protection
Fuses or optional circuit breakers per string
Recovery of 95%+ battery components for production of
new batteries in a true closed-loop manufacturing process.
Please refer to Ecoult Use Rules for detailed temperature allowances
Behind the Scenes
UltraBattery® Technology in
Partial State of Charge Use
UltraBattery is a new dimension in lead-acid technology: a hybrid, long-life lead-acid energy
storage device containing both an ultracapacitor and a battery in a common electrolyte.
UltraBattery® Technology
Lead-Acid Cell
UltraBattery is a hybrid, long-life lead-acid energy storage device. It combines the fast
charging rates and longevity of an ultracapacitor technology with the energy storage
potential of a lead-acid battery technology in a hybrid device with a single common
UltraBattery is highly efficient in a continuous partial state of charge (PSoC) operation:
neither totally full, nor totally empty.
UltraFlex with optional outdoor enclosure
Conventional valve-regulated lead-acid
(VRLA) batteries, when used for renewable
support, are typically operated in a top of
range cycling pattern and can prematurely
fail if operated in the PSoC range for
extended periods. UltraBattery® technology
was created to exploit the performance
benefits of the partial state of charge
(PSoC) band.
During lead-acid battery operation,
lead sulphate crystals grow on the
negative electrode during discharging
and fully dissolve at full charge. In PSoC
some crystals can become permanent,
increasing the battery’s internal resistance,
and decreasing its power, capacity and
efficiency. UltraBattery® chemistry inhibits
the sulfation allowing the battery to operate
with high efficiency in a PSoC.
The outcome: UltraBattery outperforms
and processes more energy in PSoC
UltraBattery is a new player in the leadacid family. Lead-acid batteries are
the world’s most ubiquitous chemical
storage chemistry, favoured for its reliable
performance in demanding conditions and
its ability to deliver high power and energy.
As the world’s most sustainable industry,
processes developed over the last century
support the closed loop recycling of old
batteries into new batteries.
Every UltraBattery is fully monitored with browser-based reporting
With UltraBattery, lead-acid becomes a
fully-monitored, fast-cycling, partial charge
technology suited to almost every any
energy-storage application.
To find out more about the UltraFlex 48 V, including its availability, contact Ecoult on +61 2 9241 3001 or email info@ecoult.com
The new Ecoult UltraFlex was developed with support from funding received from Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) under
its Emerging Renewables Program.
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