Thank you for purchasing our VENTURA BIKE
Thank you for purchasing our VENTURA BIKE-PACK SYSTEM.
Before use please read all instructions and our Limited Warranty carefully.
To Fit : Ducati 1199 Panigale, 1199 Panigale S
(12-14), 899 Panigale (2014)
Remove the pillion footpeg castings if fitted.
The L-Brackets attach at the pillion footpeg casting
mounting points as in Diagram #1 using the M8 x 25
button head bolts through the M8 spring washers, M8
x 17 x 1.4 flat washers, part #749 braces, then the LBracket flat mountings and into the bike. Leave loose.
A range of various style packs for the Aerodynamic
systems, along with storm covers and optional shoulder
straps (where applicable) are available.
Check with your local dealer, distributor or contact us direct
for the latest models.
Diagram #1
LD001/B locking device (fitted to L-Brackets)
1 x LK001/S Key
4 x M8 x 25 buttonhead capscrews (bright zp)
4 x M8 x 17 x 1.4 flat washers (bright zp)
4 x M8 spring washers (bright zp)
2 x Part #749 brace (bright zp)
ATTENTION: This system is not designed for use with
a pillion passenger.
WARNING: Due to the lightweight construction of this
motorcycle the maximum luggage capacity for this system
should not exceed 6.3kg or 14lbs. This replaces any other
weight limit stated in these instructions.
WARNING: When riding with a rear seat cowl fitted, cover
any surfaces which may come into contact with the pack
with an abrasion resistant film to avoid marking the surface
WARNING: When using a pack facing rearwards it must be
supported by the carrier portion of the pack rack. The carrier
of the pack rack must be fitted facing the rear. Failure to
comply can result in irreparable damage to the pack or its
Legend to Diagram #1
HELPFUL HINT: To ease fitment into the L-Brackets we
recommend a light coating of beeswax, candle wax or light
grease be applied to the bottom of the Pack-Rack legs.
M8 x 25 button head capscrews, M8 spring
washers and M8 x 17 x 1.4 flat washers
Part #749 brace
Insert a Pack-Rack or Sport-Rack into the L-Brackets,
ensure the rack is level and tighten all mounting
WARNING: Read your owners manual, do not exceed the
manufacturers maximum recommended weight for rider,
pillion and luggage combined.
D038.1B : Issue 1 : May 2014
Manufactured by:
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128-134 Maui Street, P.O. Box 10-393, Hamilton, New Zealand
Telephone +64 (7) 849 4392, Facsimile +64(7) 849 4114
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Diagram #2
All fasteners and components must be checked for tightness and
security before each ride.
Any surfaces that could possibly come in contact with the pack(s)
should be covered with protective material such as abrasion
resistant film, to prevent marking or damage to the surface finish.
When riding solo always have the pack facing forward with the
load over the pillion seat.
When riding with a pillion passenger the pack must be fitted
facing rearwards.
Tighten the L-Bracket locking devices by following the
procedure in the ‘General Instructions for Use’.
Locking Device Tightening Instruction
For racks with formed indents on swaged ends.
Ensure the knurled locking nut is wound fully back and
is in contact with the head of the locking device.
Tighten the locking device firmly and securely by hand
making sure that it is centrally located in the indented
groove on the swaged legs of the rack.
Turning the knurled locknut clockwise, tighten firmly by
hand. Using the key tighten an extra 2mm (1/8" approx)
of circumference travel.
For racks without indents
Ensure the knurled locking nut is wound fully back and
is in contact with the head of the locking device.
Tighten the locking device by hand until it comes into
positive and firm contact with the rack.
Using the key, tighten a further 1.125 (1 /8) turns.
Turning the knurled locknut clockwise, tighten firmly by
hand. Using the key tighten an extra 2mm (1/8" approx)
of circumference travel.
D038.1B : Issue 1 : May 2014
Manufactured by:
To secure the pack use the straps with the quick release clips
and attach around the horizontal rung on the Pack-Rack carrier.
On some models the quick release system is not available. In
this situation loop the shoulder straps around the rung and fasten
to the buckle. If any of the securing straps hang down below the
rack, and could possibly get damaged from an under seat
exhaust, loop the straps up behind the quick release clips or
Always place heavy items at the bottom of the pack and load
evenly. Do not position sharp objects against the fabric of the
The following instructions should be
strictly adhered to. Failure to do so may
result in an accident causing injury or
The VENTURA Bike-Pack System was not
designed as a back rest and should not be
used as one by the pillion passenger.
Unless specified to the contrary in the fitting instructions or the
motorcycle manufacturers recommendations/specifications the
recommended maximum load capacity of this system is 9kg
(20lbs). It is important that the pack is always securely fastened
to the Pack-Rack.
The maximum recommended speed that this system can be
used is 130 kph (80mph) or the legal speed limit, whichever is
the lower. This limit may be reduced by other accessories, worn
tyres, improper handling, overall motorcycle condition or weather
Exceeding the weight capacity or the recommended maximum
speed may drastically affect the motorcycles handling, stability
and performance.
The L-Brackets must always have the Pack-Rack, Sport-Rack or
Grab-Handle fitted.
Carrying luggage may sometimes partially obscure your tail light
causing your safety to be compromised...
VENTURA have this covered!
Our VTL-001 auxiliary LED 12v stop/tail lamp is flexible and may
be fitted to any surface on the back of your motorcycle using the
adhesive backing or the mounting bolts supplied.
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128-134 Maui Street, P.O. Box 10-393, Hamilton, New Zealand
Telephone +64 (7) 849 4392, Facsimile +64(7) 849 4114
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The VENTURA BIKE-PACK SYSTEM is designed as a complete
unit. The use of non VENTURA parts, bags or other attachments
will render the warranty void.
The Ventura Bike-Pack System was designed to be used with the
models specified in our fitment list in their original standard
specification. Unless otherwise specified the fitment of optional or
non standard parts and accessories will render the warranty void.
Dold Industries Ltd., or its re-sellers, cannot be held responsible for
loss or damage however caused in the event of its equipment
being used with Motorcycles fitted with optional or non standard
parts and accessories unless specifically specified by Dold
Industries Ltd.
The following VENTURA accessories are available for these/this
model motorcycle(s):
VENTURA Light-Guard :
VENTURA Auxiliary LED Lamp:
"Happy and Safe Motorcycling"
NOTE: Some jurisdictions do not allow limitations on how
long an implied warranty, if any, lasts, and do not allow the
exclusion of limitation of incidental or consequential damages
so the limitations and exclusions below may not apply to you.
This warranty gives specific legal rights, you may have other
rights which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.
Dold Industries Limited ("Dold") warrants this product to be free
from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and
maintenance for a period of one year from its date of original
purchase. Dold shall, at its option, either repair or replace a
defective product returned to it or its authorised agents, freight
This warranty does not apply to any product which has been
altered, damaged or rendered non-functional through
improper installation or maintenance, abnormal wear and tear
due to exposure to the elements, negligence, abuse, accidents
or any like circumstance.
Dold shall not be liable for any incidental nor consequential
loss or damage resulting directly or indirectly from any
defective product, its sole obligation being to repair or replace
such defective product.
This warranty is in lieu of, and excludes, all other warranties,
expressed or implied, including the warranties of merchantability
and of fitness for a particular purpose.
To make a warranty claim return the product to the dealer who
supplied it with evidence of date of purchase. If you are not
satisfied with their response, please contact the distributors for
your country or: Dold Industries Ltd, 128-134 Maui Street, P O Box
10-393, Hamilton, New Zealand.
Telephone +64 (7) 849-4392. Facsimile +64 (7) 849-4114.
E-mail: Internet:
D038.1B : Issue 1 : May 2014
Manufactured by:
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128-134 Maui Street, P.O. Box 10-393, Hamilton, New Zealand
Telephone +64 (7) 849 4392, Facsimile +64(7) 849 4114
E-mail: Internet:
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