Simplex 4100ES Upgrade Brochure

Simplex 4100ES Upgrade Brochure
Next generation platform manages
an entire fire and life safety network
from a single location
Enhanced protection in networked
In today’s complex multi-building, high-rise and campus
environments, life safety is a top-of-mind concern. The
protection of people, property and assets can hinge on the
ability to quickly respond to an emergency and effectively
manage system information from a central command
With these challenges in mind, Simplex created the TrueSite
Workstation – an advanced, next generation life safety
information management system developed specifically
for large, network installations. The leading edge TrueSite
platform enables multiple panels and buildings to be
monitored and controlled from a single location. UL listed
and FM approved as a supervising station receiving unit,
the TrueSite system can provide an outstanding life safety
information management solution in commercial facilities,
hospitals, universities, hotels, airports and other demanding
A powerful platform for centralized
When it comes to managing the wide array of information
that drives a large fire alarm network, the TrueSite system
stands out for its power, flexibility and ease of use. A PC
based graphical command center that runs on Microsoft
Windows, the TrueSite workstation can seamlessly
accept and process information from literally thousands
of detectors, notification appliances and other network
devices. The system’s power is evident in its ability to:
• Monitor and control up to 50,000 devices
• Support seven network loops and as many as 686 panels
• Monitor any brand of control panel using agency listed
digital alarm communicators
• Store historical data for up to 500,000 events
• Graphically display information and events on a campuswide site map and individual building floor plans
Fast emergency response and notification
The TrueSite workstation has been designed to support
fast, efficient response to emergency situations. In an
emergency, TrueSite receives incoming data from system
devices and then automatically provides operators with
color coded action messages; customizable WAV file based
audio notifications; and detailed, step-by-step instructions
on how to respond to the specific condition.
TrueSite workstation supports the simultaneous display
of graphical and textual alarm data on up to four display
screens, giving system operators added ability to
quickly assess system activity and respond rapidly to an
emergency. TrueSite also includes highly configurable email
event notification capabilities, extending the power of the
system to mobile and offsite team members.
What can TrueSite do for you?
• Strengthen protection of life and property through centralized life safety information management
• Help accelerate emergency response and control
training costs with intuitive graphical interface and
event specific operator instructions
• Improve operational efficiency through quick access
to information and customizable menus
• Protect your investment and prepare for the future
with forward-backward compatibility
• Total solutions – Simplex can deliver a complete, cost
effective solution that meets your needs today and is
flexible enough to scale as your facility and
requirements evolve.
• No project too large or small – From retrofits and
upgrades to new construction, Simplex can handle
virtually any project.
• Proven experience and reliability – A commitment to
quality and a history of successful installations have made
Simplex one of the most trusted names in the industry.
High resolution color graphics
With an advanced graphical user interface, the TrueSite
Workstation provides touchscreen or mouse-driven access
to all system control features. It can import building site
plans and graphically display fire, emergency, supervisory
and trouble conditions occurring on the network. Higher
screen resolutions provide additional space for detailed
graphics. Plus, pan and zoom technology makes it easy to
zero in on a specific point of interest.
Seamless integration, outstanding
At a time when interoperability and continuity are more
critical than ever, the TrueSite system combines seamless
integration with industry leading survivability. Using its
Digital Alarm Communication Receiver (DACR) interface,
TrueSite can accept alarm information from virtually any
control panel. This enables TrueSite to tie together, in an
integrated solution, control panels from other vendors as
well as panels in locations too remote to be networked.
The TrueSite system is further distinguished by its
exceptional survivability. Unlike some other systems, the
TrueSite workstation operates as an actual node on the
fire alarm network. This architecture has the advantage of
providing true peer-to-peer linkage with all panels on the
network, thereby fortifying the TrueSite system’s ability to
continue operations even if a catastrophic event cripples
other parts of the network.
TrueSite Incident Commander:
• Space saving, all-in-one computer/monitor design
• 19” color, touch screen interface
• Mounts in the fire alarm panel cabinet
• Main and battery backup power supplied by the
fire alarm panel
TrueSite Incident Commander: TrueSite
Workstation Power built into your Fire
Alarm Panel
TrueSite Incident Commander takes all of the leading-edge
features of a TrueSite Workstation and delivers them in a
space-saving package that mounts in a Simplex 4100ES fire
alarm control panel cabinet.
Featuring a large, 19” (48.3 cm) high resolution, color touch
screen interface, Incident Commander runs off the UL864
listed power supply and secondary batteries in the panel,
ensuring that the system continues to operate even if the
electricity fails. This integrated design saves work space
and eliminates the need for costly fire alarm listed UPS
back-up power supplies required by desktop systems.
Ready for today…and tomorrow
Keeping with our commitment to stand by our customers
and maximize the value of their life safety investments,
TrueSite can meet today’s needs and carry your system
into the future. Our earlier generation GCC and IMS
workstations can be easily migrated to TrueSite. What’s
more, TrueSite features forward - backward compatibility
with Simplex products, and has been specifically designed
to facilitate system expansions and upgrades. Not only
does this bring a high degree of expandability to the fire
alarm network, it also provides the framework to help meet
emerging life safety and mass notification needs.
Simplex, Tyco, TrueAlarm, TrueAlert, TrueSite, SafeLINC and any other product names listed above are marks
and/or registered marks. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.
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Simplex provides a comprehensive array
of fire alarm solutions to customers
around the world. With over 100 years of
history we are a leader in life safety.
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