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Specialist flash accessory and firmware update enhance macro
potential of TG-4 TOUGH flagship
New flash diffuser delivers outstanding close-ups
Hamburg, 29 March 2016 – Owners of the rugged TOUGH TG-4 can
boost the impressive macro capabilities of this specialist low-light,
> Highly portable flash diffuser
outdoor camera with Olympus’ new FD-1 flash diffuser. The FD-1
redistributes light from the built-in flash to evenly illuminate close-up
subjects. The reflective diffuser makes it possible to capture even
moving subjects without blurring – irrespective of low ISO setting – up
to 15m underwater*. The circular FD-1 is ideal for shooting between
two and 30cm from the lens, where extreme proximity would otherwise
prevent light from the flash reaching one side of the subject. To ensure
perfect control, the FD-1 incorporates a lever for adjusting the strength
of the flash. By controlling the exposure of the subject in the
foreground, you can darken the background and make the subject
stand out – to spectacular effect. The FD-1 is available for €59.90 from
28 April 2016 and comes with a TG-4 firmware update that adds several
other new features.
that boosts creative potential of
> Perfectly lit close-ups in poor
> Capture dimly lit moving
subjects without blur
> Darken background to make
macro subjects stand out
> Can be used up to 15m
> Side lever for fingertip
exposure adjustments in
increments of 0.3 EV,
equivalent to 1.4 steps
(in Microscope Mode)
Tailor-made for TOUGH quality
The new FD-1 complements the five features that make the TG-4 the best
TOUGH camera ever for high-quality, go-anywhere imaging: the super-bright
lens, Variable Macro System, system accessories, its convenience and
toughness. True to the TOUGH credo, at 20 grams and less than 2 cm deep,
the FD-1 is compact, portable and simple to use, making it ideal for shooting
on the move – above or below sea level. It can be attached to the camera
> Effective flash range:
2 to 30 cm, in Microscope
Mode from W to T
With W setting up to 30 cm
at ISO 100
With T setting up to 30 cm
at ISO 500
and removed in a single action, and menu set-up is simple. The FD-1 is
compatible with the Olympus silicone jacket (CSCH-122), which offers
additional protection in the harshest conditions, and it is equally effective
underwater* as hanging from a kite surfer’s harness.
Made to make Microscope Mode even better
Whether on land or a coral reef, the FD-1 ensures the TG-4 is the top-
performing, rugged imager in the light-starved, macro shooting environment.
> Supplied Firmware Version 2.0
It is specifically designed to make the most of Microscope Mode, the primary
for TG-4 ensures easy set-up
mode in the TG-4’s Variable Macro system. It has an effective flash range of
30 to just 2 cm from the lens (Microscope Mode covers 30 to 1 cm) and a
focal-length range of 30 mm to 100 mm**. The firmware update ensures the
> Compatible with TG-1, TG-2
and TG-3 with some limitations
camera automatically selects the high shutter speed and low ISO setting
required to capture radiant, detailed shots of dimly lit subjects in all their
natural glory. The update also makes it possible to adjust the strength of the
flash with a flick of your finger. Using the lever mounted on the left of the
diffuser, you can adjust exposure from +2.0 to -2.0 EV in increments of 0.3
In combination with Microscope Mode, the FD-1 helps dramatically improve
image quality at high magnification, taking advantage of the TOUGH’s 6.7x
combined optical and digital zoom (13.4x with Super Resolution Zoom) and
super-bright lens that retains its brightness even at wide angles.
TG-4 firmware updated for extra features
The free Firmware Version 2.0 required for the FD-1 adds several other new
features. You can now save shooting settings in A, P and Microscope
Modes, and capture 299 shots when interval shooting (up from 99). What’s
more, file names can be set according to the sequence stored in the memory
card or the camera (Reset or Auto respectively).
Accessories for action lovers
The TG-4 is shockproof to a height of 2.1 metres***, crushproof to a weight
of 100kg***, freezeproof down to -10°C***, dustproof and waterproof to a
depth of 15m, without a special underwater housing***. That makes it the
perfect camera for sporty people with big imaging ambitions, and it has a full
range of specialist accessories to match. This includes products designed
for underwater use at depths greater than 15 metres. From a Sport Holder
for attaching the camera to a harness to a housing that is waterproof down
to 45 metres, TOUGH accessories are available at extremely competitive
prices. For the full range, visit the dedicated section of the Olympus website.
Additional TOUGH accessories
> FCON-T01 Fisheye Converter lens for quirky, wide-angle shots in severe
conditions, including underwater
> TCON-T01 Teleconverter Lens for extreme close-ups underwater, or
> CSCH-121 Neoprene Case for added protection against scratches and
high drops
> CSCH-123 Sport Holder for carrying your camera hands-free and within
reach on the front of a harness or backpack
> CSCH-122 Silicon Jacket for protection from scratches
> CSCH-107 Hard Case with a carabiner hook for securing your camera to
a variety of outdoors equipment
> CHS-09 Floating Handstrap in red for a sporty and highly visible way to
hold onto or relocate your TOUGH
> LG-1 Macro Light Guide for illuminating slow-moving macro subjects
evenly using Live Guide settings, on a stable surface, as close as 1 cm
Product specifications are subject to change without notice. Please check the
Olympus website at for the latest specifications.
* After use underwater, rinse with fresh water then wipe thoroughly to
remove moisture.
** 35mm equivalent
*** Waterproof according to IEC standard publication 529 IPX8. Shockproof
figures equivalent to MIL Standard (Olympus test conditions). Freezeproof
and crushproof according to Olympus test conditions. Using the camera with
the FD-1 cannot guarantee shockproof or crushproof performance under
Olympus test conditions.
For questions or additional information, please contact:
Christian Pott
Olympus Europa SE & Co. KG
Tel.: +49-40-23773-3277
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Olympus Europa is the headquarters for the region Europe, Middle East
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Olympus provides innovative solutions for state-of-the-art medical
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award winning products are instrumental in detecting, preventing and
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artistic freedom. In the hands of its customers, Olympus’ high-tech
products help to make people’s lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling.
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