Lenore McMackin, PhD, President and CTO
InView Technology Corporation
InView Technology Corporation Software for Compressive Imaging
CompressView™ software is an easy to use interface developed in-house exclusively for use with
InView’s Compressive Sensing-based cameras. The application is designed to manage camera setup,
data capture and processing, and image reconstruction, display and saving. With this interface the user
can connect the camera to a network or automatically find any camera already on the network. Once
found, the camera is ready to use. Default parameters for acquisition, reconstruction and timing can be
easily changed using scroll down menus. The software comes included with every SWIR camera and is an
easy to use application compatible with virtually any Windows based PC. CompressView™ also contains
the camera’s API and is scalable and configurable for the development of application specific software
CompressView™ provides a mix of simple controls and more advanced features for the experienced
user, as shown in Fig. 1. InView’s image reconstruction software is based on an efficient algorithm for
solving a class of compressive sensing problems with Total Variation regularization. It is based on using
the augmented Lagrangian method and alternating minimization algorithms to solve subproblems, a
method first developed at Rice University [3]. InView has enhanced the basic TVAL algorithm with noise
reduction routines that allow the practical application of compressive sensing methods in ordinary
indoor and outdoor lighting environments.
Figure 1 – CompressView™ user interface
InView Software Description
Copyright © 2015, InView Technology Corporation
Preliminary Document: This document contains advanced information on a product under development. Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Lenore McMackin, PhD, President/CTO, InView Technology Corporation, 6201 E. Oltorf St., Ste.400, Austin TX 78701
From the foundational theory of compressive Sensing (developed only within the last decade)
researchers at Rice University invented the “Single-pixel camera” architecture that has only one pixel yet
constructs detailed images. InView Technology Corporation has licensed this foundational technology
from Rice and developed a compressive sensing computational imaging platform that constructs highresolution images from low-resolution sensors and represents a significant departure from traditional
digital cameras. [2] InView’s compressive sensing architecture has particularly strong advantages at
shortwave infrared wavelengths where InGaAs arrays are very expensive and low resolution. Now
protected by 13 issued patents and additional applications, this platform is embodied in the InView210™
camera that produces XGA resolution SWIR cameras from a single InGaAs detector. At 1024 x 768
pixels, XGA represents nearly twice the pixel count of typical SWIR cameras.
InView Technology Corporation is the clear leader in Compressive Sensing Imaging, and
continues to enhance its IP portfolio surrounding the implementation of its unique
imaging modality. InView welcomes licensing and investment inquiries. Contact us for
more information.
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What is
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InView Software Description
Copyright © 2015, InView Technology Corporation
Preliminary Document: This document contains advanced information on a product under development. Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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