detailed instructions
Quick Start Guide
Search by Address
1. Enter address in search bar: 100 Wilcox
Must include address number and street name
2. Press enter or select auto-complete
– List of other maps available
from the Town of Castle Rock
– Map Information & Legal
– Quick Start Guide &
Questions / Feedback
3. Automatically zoom to address found with
featured selected and popup with more
– Display Map Legend
– Return to GIS home page
Map Navigation Controls
Other Information
Map Buttons
Click & drag mouse to pan around map
Use mouse scroll wheel to zoom in & out
Click on feature to select and get popup info
– Zoom In
Drag finger on screen to pan around map
Pinch screen to zoom in & out
Tap finger to select feature and get popup
 Use arrow keys ( ← ↑ ↓ → ) to pan around map
 Use plus & minus keys ( + / – ) to zoom in & out
Mouse + Keyboard
 Fixed Zoom In: SHIFT + drag mouse
 Fixed Zoom Out: SHIFT + CTRL + drag mouse
 Center Map: SHIFT + mouse click
– Map’s initial extent
– Zoom Out
Supported Browsers
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