Endian UTM Mini 25
Secure everyThing
Endian UTM Mini 25
The new generation of UTM hardware appliances
The ideal network security solution for small businesses and
remote branch office locations takes a step forward. The new
set and forget Endian gateway is built on a completely new
platform and has double the power of the previous generation.
This product offers a complete set of UTM features including
a powerful hotspot solution that makes this the ideal SMB
solution you need to connect and protect your small business
4 Ethernet ports
16 GB Storage
Desktop Appliance
Mini 25
Firewall Throughput
1,5 Gbit/s
VPN Throughput (IPsec & SSL)
120 Mbit/s
IPS Throughput
150 Mbit/s
Antivirus Throughput (Proxy)
175 Mbit/s
Web Security Throughput
400 Mbit/s
Concurrent Sessions
Max Concurrent Hotspot Connections
Mini 25
44mm x 232mm x 153mm
1.1 kg
2 GB
16 GB
4x Gigabit Ethernet
LAN Bypass
Power Supply
40W External
LCD Display
Hardware Warranty
included in maintenance
Endian UTM Mini 25
Network Security
Virtual Private Networking
BYOD / Hotspot*
• Stateful packet firewall
• Application control (including
Facebook, Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp
and more)
• Demilitarized zone (DMZ)
• Intrusion detection and prevention
• Multiple public IP addresses
• Multiple WAN
• NEW Quality of service and bandwidth management
• SNMP support
• VoIP/SIP support
• SYN/ICMP flood protection
• VLAN support (IEEE 802.1Q trunking)
• DNS proxy/routing
• Anti-spyware
• Phishing protection
• Encryption: Null, 3DES, CAST-128,
AES 128/192/256-bit,
• Blowfish 128/192/256-bit,
Twofish 128/192/256-bit,
• Serpent 128/192/256-bit,
Camellia 128/192/256-bit
• Hash algorithms: MD5, SHA1, SHA2
256/384/512-bit, AESXCBC
• Diffie Hellman modes: 1, 2, 5, 14, 15,
16, 17, 18, 22, 23, 24
• Authentication: pre-shared key (PSK),
RSA keys
• X.509 certificates
• IKEv1, IKEv2
• Dead Peer Detection (DPD)
• NAT traversal
• Compression
• Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS)
• VPN Site-to-Site
• VPN Client-to-Site (roadwarrior)
• L2TP user authentication
• XAUTH user authentication
• Encryption: DES, 3DES, AES
128/192/256-bit, CAST5, Blowfish
• Authentication: pre-shared key, X.509
• Support for VPN over HTTP Proxy
• PPTP passthrough
• VPN client-to-site (roadwarrior)
• VPN client for Microsoft Windows
and Apple OS X
• Possibility of multiple logins per user
• VPN failover
• Multiple server support
• Support for mobile devices
(Android, iOS)
VPN Portal for Clientless Connections*
• Web-based access to internal
• Configurable portal page
• Support for multiple destinations
• Destination-based authentication
• SSL offloading
User Management & Authentication
• Unified user management for OpenVPN, L2TP, XAUTH, VPN Portal
• Group management
• Integrated certificate authority
• External certificate authority support
• User password and certificate
• Multiple authentication servers (local,
LDAP, Active Directory, RADIUS)
• Fully integrated one-time password
(OTP) support
• Configurable captive portal
• NEW Use your website as portal
(SurfNow Button)
• Free access to allowed sites
(walled garden)
• Wired / wireless support
• Integrated RADIUS service
• Connection logging
• Bandwidth limiting based on user,
ticket or global settings
• Social login (Facebook, Google)
• NEW Social Enabler (sharing on
social networks)
• MAC-address based user accounts
• Configurable multiple logins per user
• User accounts import/export via CSV
• User password recovery
• Automatic client network
configuration (support for DHCP
and static IP)
• Fully integrated accounting
• Generic JSON API for external
accounting and third party
• Instant WLAN ticket shop (SmartConnect)
• Single-click ticket generation
(Quick ticket)
• SMS/e-mail user validation and
• Pre-/postpaid and free tickets
• Time-/traffic-based tickets
• Configurable ticket validity
• Terms of Service confirmation
• MAC address tracking for free
• Cyclic/recurring tickets (daily, weekly,
monthly, yearly)
• Remember user after first
authentication (SmartLogin)
• Multi-location setup through
master/satellite configuration**
• External authentication server (Local,
LDAP, Active Directory, RADIUS)
• Firewall stealth mode
• OSI layer 2 firewall functionality
• Spanning tree
• Unlimited interfaces per bridge
Web Security
• HTTP & FTP proxies
• HTTPS filtering
• Transparent proxy support
• URL blacklist
• Authentication: Local, RADIUS, LDAP,
Active Directory
• NTLM single sign-on
• Group-based and user-based web
content filter
• Time based access control with
multiple time intervals
• Panda cloud-based anti-virus
• Cyren URL filter
• SafeSearch enforcement
Mail Security
• SMTP & POP3 proxies
• Anti-spam with bayes, pattern
and SPF
• Heuristics, black- and whitelists
• Anti-virus
• Transparent proxy support
• Email quarantine management
• Spam auto-learning
• Transparent mail forwarding (BCC)
• Greylisting
• Cyren anti-spam
• Panda cloud-based anti-virus
WAN Failover
• Automatic WAN uplink failover
• Monitoring of WAN uplinks
• Uplink types: Ethernet (static/DHCP),
• NEW Support for UMTS/GPRS/3G
USB dongles
User Authentication
• Active Directory / NTLM
• Local
Network Address Translation
• Destination NAT
• Incoming routed traffic
• One-to-one NAT
• Source NAT (SNAT)
• IPsec NAT traversal
• Static routes
• Source-based routing
• Destination-based routing
• Policy-based routing (based on interface, MAC address, protocol or port)
High Availability
• Hot standby (active/passive)
• Node data/configuration synchronization (not for BYOD/Hotspot)
Event Management
• More Than 30 Individually Configurable Events
• Email Notifications
• SMS Notifications
• Powerful Python Scripting Engine
Logging and Reporting
• Reporting dashboard
• Detailed system, web, email, attack
and virus reports
• Live network traffic monitoring
(powered by ntopng)
• Live log viewer
• Detailed user-based web access report (not in Mini 10 and Mini 10 WiFi)
• Network/system/performance
• Rule-based logging settings (firewall
• Syslog: local or remote
• OpenTSA trusted timestamping
Extra Services
• NTP (Network Time Protocol)
• DHCP server
• SNMP server
• Dynamic DNS
Management / GUI
• Centralized management through
Endian Network (SSL)
• Easy Web-Based Administration
• Multi-language web-interface
(English, Italian, German, Japanese,
Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Turkish)
• Secure remote SSH/SCP access
• Serial console
Updates and Backups
• Centralized updates through Endian
• Scheduled automatic backups
• Encrypted backups via email
• Instant recovery / Backup to USB
stick (Endian Recovery Key)
* Not in UTM Software 10, UTM Virtual 10, UTM Mini 10, UTM Mini 10 WiFi ** Master functionality not in UTM Mini 25, UTM Mini 25 WiFi and UTM Mercury 50
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Endian UTM Features
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