ConnectUPS T M Web/SNMP Cards
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C o n n e c t U P S TM W e b / S N M P C a r d s
ConnectUPS Web/SNMP Cards enable you to
monitor and control remote UPSs from a Web
browsers or industry standard network management systems. ConnectUPS cards which
connect to the slot on the back of your Avaya
1000-6000 VA Online UPS (uninterruptible power system), support real-time web and SNMP
(Simple Network Management Protocol) communication over 10/100BaseT Ethernet connections and serve as a power-protected switching hub to support three additional 10/100BaseT
With the growth in distributed computing, computing and communication resources that reside
in multiple remote locations—and so do the UPSs that protect them. The ConnectUPS product
family compatible with all Avaya UPSs, allows you to monitor and control remote UPSs and
offers a broad range of networking enhancing features.
Supports real-time monitoring and control of UPSs across the network
Enables monitoring and control via web browsers, SNMP-compliant network management
systems or power management software
Delivers alarm notifications through email, to mobile phones, pagers, or SNMP traps
Enables rapid identification and analysis of critical power conditions
Logs and graphs detailed historical data to analyze trends
Uses standard communication protocols on 10Mb and 100Mb Ethernet networks
Performs as a switching hub for three 10/100Mbps connections (for the Avaya 1000-6000
VA Online UPS only)
Enables orderly shutdown and restart of remote UPSs
Supports orderly shutdown of protected operating systems during power outages
The ConnectUPS Web/SNMP Cards are ideal for networking and communications applications
that require remote monitoring via SNMP and the Web.
Ideally suited for:
• DEFINITY® Servers
IP Telephony
Media Servers (for example: S8100, S8300, S8500 and S8700)
Communications Servers
Wireless phone systems such as DEFINITY pocket phone
Contact Centers
Unified Communication
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Real-time Monitoring
Automatic Notification of Alarm Conditions
Gain up-to-the-minute assurance that computing and
ConnectUPS options send real-time alert notifications to
communication systems are receiving the continuous,
four designated recipients via email, PCS mobile phone,
clean power they demand. Through easily navigable
or pager, and via SNMP traps to an NMS or network
web pages, network administrators can check system
messaging to NetWatch software. Each recipient has the
status and view critical meter information, such as
option of receiving real-time event messages, daily status
input and output voltage, UPS load, battery voltage and
reports based on criticality, containing data and event
condition, at any time.
log files, or a combination of routine reports and event
Visibility via the Web
The ConnectUPS options support standard web browsers,
such as Internet Explorer or Netscape. Displays have
been designed also for simplified viewing using mobile
phone or PDA (personal digital assistant) browsers enabling systems managers to stay informed even when
Rapid notification via email speeds corrective action
away from their mission-critical workstations and servers.
Full Support for UPS MIB and Beyond
Simply point your web browser to the IP address of the
For monitoring and managing remote UPSs through
ConnectUPS Web/SNMP card for a display of current
an NMS, ConnectUPS options support not only the
status. You can access this information from a PC,
standard UPS MIB (management information base)
Internet-ready wireless device, or SNMP management
SNMP structure, but also unique extensions to that MIB
structure, which enable advanced functions that are
not addressed in the RFC-1628 standard.
Remote Administration of UPSs
From a web browser or NMS, which may be hundreds
or thousands of miles away, a system administrator can
shut down or reboot a remote UPS, perform remote UPS
battery tests, and set up scheduled shutdowns of UPSs
View critical power parameters over the Web from your PC, mobile
phone, or PDA.
and associated servers. The ability to shut down or restart
systems without a site visit dramatically reduces field
service expense and response time. Scheduled shutdowns
Integration with Standard SNMP Management
can be devised to conserve power or tighten security
during specific time periods, such as evenings or weekends.
You can use an industry-standard network management
system (NMS) - such as HP OpenView, IBM Director,
Tivoli, or CiscoWorks 2000 - to monitor power conditions across the enterprise and to manage remote UPS
systems and the operating systems they protect.
Configuration of control settings is fast, easy and
Integrate power protection into your existing SNMP network
management system
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Orderly Shutdown of Remote Operating Systems
Track and Record Detailed Historical Data
The Netwatch software, included with the ConnectUPS
ConnectUPS cards have built-in data and event logs that
card and Avaya UPSs, provides user notification
track and record specific power-related occurrences over
and shutdown capabilities for UPSs equipped with
time, at user-defined increments as fine as one-minute
ConnectUPS Web/SNMP cards. When alarm conditions
persist for a specified period, from 1 to 600 seconds,
the ConnectUPS initiates orderly shutdown of affected
equipment. Using NetWatch software (which is loaded
on the protected computers), up to 255 Windows,
Novell, and UNIX/Linux computers can be gracefully
shut down without operator intervention. This capability ensures data integrity during a power outage that
exceeds UPS backup time.
The system manager automatically receives warning
Analyze trends with powerful visualization tools.
messages when the UPS has shifted to battery power,
Graph Historical Trends for Rapid Analysis
battery power is getting low, or orderly shut-down
A JAVA applet on the ConnectUPS graphs data and
procedures are being initiated. You define exactly how
event log values over time, making it easy to analyze
to manage this shutdown - such as how long after going
chronic power problems and identify trends and
to battery power to begin shutdown, and how to stage
cause-and-effect relationships. Zoom and data-masking
the shutdown of servers by importance.
functions pinpoint specific anomalies for further
investigation. Text-based event logs contain easy-to-
If the UPS supports individual control of Load Segments
understand event descriptions with corresponding
(groups of outlets), the ConnectUPS detects these load
date and time stamp.
segments and provides the appropriate level of service to
each, as configured by the system administrator.
Integrated Switching Hub Capability
The ConnectUPS serves double duty as a switching hub
for three additional power-protected 10/100BaseT
Ethernet connections, thereby eliminating the expense of
buying a separate switching hub and a UPS to protect it.
Track key parameters with the ConnectUPS data log
Embedded ConnectUPS
Web/SNMP Card
3000 VA Online UPS Back Panel
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Te c h n i c a l S p e c i f i c a t i o n s
Protocol Support
Network Support
Switching hub
UPS Compatibility
Supported MIB
O/S Supported
for Shutdown
Operating Temperature
Operating Humidity
Power Input
Power Consumption
Dimensions (mm)
ConnectUPS for 1000-6000 VA Online UPS
Card providing remote monitoring and control of Avaya UPSs
Ethernet 10/100BaseT
Yes (Three 10/100BaseT Connections)
see chart below
UPS standard MIB RFC-1628, Powerware MIB, MIB II
Microsoft Windows 9X, ME, 2000/NT and XP, Various UNIX
(including Linux) versions, Novell NetWare
0 to 40º C
10 – 80%, non-condensing
9 Vdc unregulated
3.5 Watts
120 x 114 x 39
170 g
FCC Class B
ConnectUPS/Avaya UPS Compatibility
Compatible UPS
1000 VA Online UPS
1500 VA Online UPS
2000 VA Online UPS
3000 VA Online UPS w/PDM
3000 VA Online UPS
6000 VA Online UPS
Card SAP Code
UPS with embedded card
UPS w/card SAP Code
*Ships with serial port and DEFINITY alarm contacts card.
Ty p i c a l N e t w o r k e d U P S S o l u t i o n U s i n g C o n n e c t U P S P r o d u c t s
6000 VA Online UPS
1000 VA Online UPS
2000 VA Online UPS
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