CipherLab 8600 Series Mobile Computer

CipherLab 8600 Series Mobile Computer
New Generation of cOS Terminals
Designed for the demanding needs of warehouse, distribution center and manufacturing industry,
the CipherLab 8600 series combines functionality, ruggedness, and mobility all into one terminal
with easy-to-use features. The 8600 series operates with the CipherLab Operating System (cOS),
which reduces redundant system programming and fulfills serious AIDC applications. Its compact
design is shelled with durability which makes it easy to move around. Along with versatile features and value-added software, 8600 series is an ideal companion for your work force and will
undoubtedly simplify their tasks and increase their overall productivity.
New Generation of cOS Terminals
New Generation: The 8600 Series
The 8600 series mobile computer is a
pioneer product of new generation.
It is a combination of functionality,
ruggedness, and mobility rolled all
into one efficient device. The new
8600 has a color display that defines
background and text with various
c olors to improve readability and
support rich data management tasks.
It runs on CipherLab OS to reduce
redundancy in programs and applications
for users. A rugged protection standard
is in place to fully protect the 8600’s
functions and features. A modular
charging / communication system and
swappable keypad provides flexible
configuration. Along w i t h a l l t h e s e
f e a t u r e s , t h e F o r g e Application
Generator designed for the 8600
provides new and updated benefits
for productivity.
Swappable Keypad
Durability and Ruggedness for Excellent Protection
The 8600 series mobile computer is specifically designed
with top durability in mind. Being compact and ergonomic,
it’s extremely rugged with IP65 standard which is capable
of enduring exposure to dust, dirt and water jets. It can
withstand 1.8 m drops onto concrete and also endure up to
1,000 tumbles at 1 m, which ensures efficiency in harsh
conditions and protection from accidental drops or other
unexpected damages. These protection features make the
8600 series one of the toughest of its kind in the market
today. The 8600 series’ rugged features also have the
optional hard shell that gives extra protection and ease of
grip. The LCD display is covered by a polycarbonate panel
protector for extra protection from hits and accidents. With
all of these rugged capabilities, the 8600 series proves to
be a great asset under harsh environments and can greatly
reduce possible replacement costs due to unexpected
Flexible Keypad and Modular System Designs Built with Compatibility
The 8600 series’ flexible design comes with swappable keypads
which give the 8600 series the power to easily swap between 29
or 39 keys when it is necessary. The 8600 series also comes
equipped with a modular system which provides various
combinations of charging / communication cradles and battery
chargers. This makes the initial configuration modification very
simple. This flexible design will also assist in reducing the inventory
level while providing more cost-effective re-configurations for end
users. Additionally, it will also make repair and replacement
process easier and quicker.
Modular Charging and Communication System
Ergonomic and Lightweight Design
The 8600 series is purposely designed with ergonomics and lightweight to
provide more flexible mobility for its users. Weighing only approximately
240 grams, it allows for comfortable operation all-day with maximum
mobility. It also has an optional pistol-grip that the users can employ for
easier operation of intensive scanning to improves productivity.
Versatile Reader Options with Long-lasting Power
The 8600 series is equipped with versatile reader options in linear imager,
laser and 2D imager to ensure flexible assistance with all your scanning
demands. It also comes with optional RFID reader option to improve
efficiency of inventory management for warehouse and distribution
centers or apply for asset management in challenging environments.
Having long lasting power along with these capabilities can absolutely
provide an efficient solution to wider data collecting demands.
Smooth Operation with Flexible Wireless Communications
WLAN security proven 802.11 b/g/n technology and Bluetooth®
communication V4.0 dual mode help deliver real-time quality data
transmission. The 8600 series is compatible with the most up-to-date
wireless technology. The 8600 series also comes with GPS as an option
which is unique among other products of its kind. When it is required, this
GPS feature can be engaged to improve accuracy of outdoor asset
management and give field workers the ability to provide more complete
information for management anywhere.
Value-added Software for Quick Start-up and Efficient Operation
The 8600 series is equipped with the Forge
Application Generator which is designed for
simple dealing with sequences of input, data
output. Additionally,
application’s running sequences could be
simulated on PC. Users can easily create an
application without worrying about writing any
program codes. It also comes with Text Browser
which gives the 8600 the ability to support more
web-based applications. The Text Browser has
the capability of rendering pages with text
related HTML tags, and makes IT technicians
easily maintain centralized application. The 8600
series is supported by central remote
management software, Remote Console, which
enables the PC host to manage and maintain
multiple mobile devices and reduce time for the
IT management in wide-spread deployment. The
8600 series is also equipped with some typical
user applications to help with easy startup and
provide you with more efficient operation.
--------- Menu ---------
1.Order Processing
2.Return Processing
3.Stock Inquiry
4.Stock Taking
5.Receiving Inspection
6.Shipment Inspection
7.Label Printing
Application Generator
New Generation of cOS Terminals
Program memory
ARM Cortex-M3
16MB Flash
Data memory
micro SD slot with SDHC support
Operating power
Rechargeable 3.7V 1100mAh / 2200mAh Li-ion battery
32 / 64
Working hours1 (1100mAh / 2200mAh)
12 / 242
Data retention
25 days
0.5W, 80dB@2KHz
IEEE802.11 b / g / n
WLAN security
Bluetooth V4.0 Dual mode
(2.1+EDR / BLE)
Bluetooth V4.0 Dual mode
(2.1+EDR / BLE)
Bluetooth® profile
GPS JN3, Internal antenna
Linear imager / Laser / 2D imager
Frequency: 13.56MHz, Support tags: ISO 14443A, ISO 14443B, ISO 15693
2.83’’ color LCD, 240 x 320 pixels, TFT with programmable LED backlight
Swappable, 29Keys / 39Keys, programmable LED backlight
170 x 60 x 30 mm
Dimension (L x W x H)
Approx. 240g
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
User environment
-10° to 60° C / 14° to 140° F
-20° to 70° C / -4° to 158° F
Storage: 5% to 95% / Operating: 10% to 90%
Humidity (non-condensed)
Impact resistance
Multiple 1.8m / 6ft. drops onto concrete, 5 drops on each side, 1,000 tumbles at 1m / 3ft, IP65
Electrostatic discharge
± 15kV air discharge / ± 8kV direct discharge
EMC regulation
GCC C Compiler and BASIC Compiler
Development support
FORGE Application Generator,
Remote Console
Applicable software
RFID (read / write) (Optional)
GPS (Optional)
Barcode scanning
Data capture
18 / 36
17 / 343
Two programmable dual-color LEDs (red / green and blue / green), vibrator
FORGE Application Generator,
MIRROR Terminal Emulator,
Remote Console, Text Browser
FORGE Application Generator,
Remote Console
Charging and Communication Cradle, Cradle Kit
Hard Shell, Pistol Grip, Snap-on Cable, Battery Charger, Wristband
1 year
Based on one standard laser scan per five seconds with level 1 backlight.
Bluetooth ® on; IEEE 802/11b/g/n on. The test is based on one broadcasting packet in one second.
Bluetooth ® off; IEEE 802/11b/g/n on. The test is based on one broadcasting packet in one second.
Based on 8630 with Laser engine, RFID, GPS and 1100mAh battery included
Charging and
Communication Cradle
Battery Charger
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