Recycling Cash Solutions RCS-400 and RCS-500
The Complete Recycling Solution
Grey on the Outside,
Amazingly Bright
on the Inside
Transform Your Cash Handling
The latest RCS Solutions transforms your cash handling into smart cash management, improving your
business at all levels. The robust design together with the latest best-in-class technology and unique
software connection, make the RCS Solutions one of the strongest back office solutions on the market.
Turn Cash into Real Value
The RCS Solutions is a powerful automater for your back office operations within hospitality,
retail, leisure and public transport. Make this smart solution part of your daily operations and
decision makings, instead of spending hours on administration and counting. This ensures
quick return of investment through dramatically improved cash management. Feel safe with
proven and best-in-class technology and system.
Withdraw float
for day
Internal Cash Flow
Deposit cash at
end of day
Float delivery
CIT Cash Flow
CIT cash
Remove excess
Explore an Efficient Cash Cycle all the Way Around
The steady flow of cash into your back office needs to be counted, allocated and secured
quickly and efficiently. With the RCS Solutions you take control of your cash through an
efficient cash cycle all the way around, from internal cash handling to CIT operations. This
ensures both time and cost savings, as well as an increased customer service.
Superior Financial and Operational Control
The RCS Solutions works seamlessly with our unique monitoring software solution. It is the
ultimate management platform for superior financial and operational control of your cash.
The cash solution is also connectable to any existing network and can be monitored from
any remote position. Maximize the value of your business and benefit from best-in-class cash
management technology and system.
►► ERP integration
►► Financial control
►► CIT integration
►► Monitoring for maximum uptime
►► Report generation
►► Automatic reconciliations
►► POS Integration
►► Connected to all devices 24/7
The RCS Solutions is
the first choice for
the hospitality, retail,
leisure and public
transportation sector.
Explore True Cash Handling
The Simplest Process Can be the Most Revolutionary
The RCS Solution fully automates your cash handling allowing you to retrieve real-time data of the
cash flow on your computer and mobile device whenever you need it. It’s as simple as that.
Make cash handling
an easy operation all
around the clock
6. Easy Reconciliation
1. Login
with Automated System
Reporting & Tracking
5. Print Receipt
2. Cash Dispense
4. Cash Deposit
3. In Shift Currency Exchange
Features & Benefits
►► Streamlined cash handling
►► Reduced shifts, costs of office and staff
►► High security of cash
►► Improved in-store cash flow management
►► Secure, fast & accurate
►► Counterfeit detections
►► Issuing floats/banks
►► Reduced cash handling costs
►► Easy reconciliation
►► Optimized CIT deliveries and pickups
Latest Features
Cash Handling Volume
High note recycling capacity of up to 12,500 notes with 5
configurable cassettes and high coin recycling capacity
of 23,000 coins for multiple denominations.
All units can be connected
to the intelligente software
Unique Software Platform
High Security and
Storage Capacity
The RCS Solutions is connected to the
unique Software platform, enabling optimal cash management.
The new overflow box (5,500 coins)
increases the total storage of coins
up to 28,500.
Small Footprint
Easy to navigate end-user interface
for a quick and straightforward
employee operation and immediate
management accessibility.
The robust design with small
footprint optimize the back office
Flexible UCD Options
Best-In-Class Cash Handling Technology
UCD with coin cups or a large tray for big dispense
operations. Prepared for adaptation to customer tills.
The heavy duty cash recycler, together with its proven
sensor technology, makes it one of the strongest
solutions on the market.
Coins mixed, 12 coins per second
Notes in bundle mixed (200 notes), 8 notes per second
40 coins per second into till
8 notes per second in bundle of 100 notes
Storage recycling
16,000 coins, 8 coin hoppers
2,500-10,000 notes, 1-4 cassettes
Number of denominations to recycle
Storage pickup (CIT)
5,500 coins in a plastic tray
1- 4 cassettes for pickup 2,500-10,000 notes, stacked in
Total capacity
21,500 coins
12,500 notes
SCAN COIN coin validator, ECB certified
Type 5a, ECB certified
Article 6
2-3 mm steelplate
Size (Width x Depth x Height)
600 mm x 500 mm x 995 mm
600 mm x 800 mm x 1,200 mm
Weight empty
80 kg
700 kg
PC option: POS PC pole mounted, win 7 POS, 10” touch screen, 3” printer
and swipe card reader, barcode reader
Software: OrchardJ with full back office administration and pickup service
functionality, multi-currency and ready for software monitoring and
reconciliation service.
The RCS Solutions can be connected to different note units for
complete cash automization. Contact your SUZOHAPP partner
to see which model that suits your business the most.
CashComplete™ is a product of SUZOHAPP
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