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dk_h32表 [æ›´æ–°æ¸ˆãŁ¿] - AV-iQ
HDTV digital color camera
The new DK-H32 HDTV special application camera is ideal for
graphics stand, point of view and remote observation
applications. Images of the highest quality and stability are
assured with the three 2/3" 2.2-milion pixels CCDs and a 1.8 milliongate single chip DSP. This high-tech DSP, employs 30-bit
accuracy, and was designed for Hitachi's broadcast camera line to
outperform traditional analog signal processing. The DK-H32's functions can
easily be controlled remotely from a personal computer or dedicated control panel. Command and
communications protocol are available to users wishing to build custom software control applications.
LHigh S/N with HD-SDI
Outstanding Signal-to-noise ratio >54dB measured on the HD-SDI
(1080i) output.
L 12-bit ADC with the latest generation Hitachi DSP
High dynamic range and color fidelity are achieved by employing 12-bit
analog-to-digital converters on the RGB CCDs' outputs. Hitachi is
leading developer for High performance CPU & DSP in Broadcast
Fields. Hitachi’s highest 0.18Mm VLSIC processor with 3 million gates.
30-bit internal processing to provides high dynamic range with superb
video stability, Maintenance Free
L High Resolution
The three 2/3-inch 2.2million pixel CCDs with microlenses and digital
signal processing deliver >1000 TV lines horizontal resolution (Y channel).
L Small & light weight head
L Image enhancements from digital processing
• Dyna chroma and auto-knee
• Flesh tone detail etc.
• Variable detail boost frequency
• 6 vector independently variable masking and linear matrix masking
L Versatile CCD drive functions
• Five preset electronic shutter speeds
• Lock scan mode allows flicker-free pickup of a screen display having
a different scanning frequency than the Camera.
• Automatic electronic shutter (AES) mode sets the video signal to a fixed level.
• Charge control (CC) frame mode improves vertical resolution.
L Improved operational ease
• Real-time auto white balance detects and automatically compensates
for changes in the scene color temperature.
• A variable white gate permits selection of the area from which real-time
auto white balance samples the image. Any light source outside the
sampled area will have no effect on the setting of balance.
• Intelligent automatic level control (ALC)
Digital light metering utilizes a scene into 7 divided sensing areas and
an iris gate area with variable size and position.
• 2 mode gain control
AGC and 3-position programmable high gain switch.
L Bi-directional data transfer
An RS-232C input is provided on the camera head to allow remote
control from a personal computer.
An lD number for each camera can be registered allowing multiple
cameras to be controlled from a single computer.
L Auxiliary connector for external control
A simple control box can be connected to the AUX connector for externally controlling the lens zoom/focus and motorized pan/tilt head from a
personal computer.
L Three applications files (standard, observe, microscope).
Pre-programmed files also allow the user to adjust Detail, Masking,
knee, and other functions.
L Remote filter wheel
The optical filter wheel can be controlled with RS232C command protocol.
L Detached Optics Camera
The DK-H32-S10 HDTV camera with a detached optical block from the
camera body is available as a separate but, related product.
The distance between the camera body and the optical block can be
extend to 5 meters.
The DK-H32-S10 is specially designed to be used in helicopter and various
other applications using gyro-stabilized gimbal camera mounts.
Effective pixels
Aspect ratio
Scan format
Horizontal resolution
Standard sensitivity
Minimum illumination
Filter wheel
Shutter PRESET
Lock Scan
Power supply voltage
Power consumption
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Ambient temperature
Input signals
(BNC connector)
Output signals
HD-SDI 2 output
(BNC connector)
Video output
(monitor connector)
(selection by menu)
2/3" 2.2 M pixels lT-CCD
1920(H) x 1080(V)
HDTV 1080/59.94i
1000TV lines Y out
2000 Ix / F11
0.03 lx (F1.4, +18dB, Integration mode)
54 dB HD-SDI, Y: 30 MHz
3200K, 5600K, 5600K +1/16ND, 5600K +1/64ND
1/100, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000(S)
1/60.16 to 1/1985 s
OFF to 1/1000 s
12 V DC
approx. 22 W
99 mm x 105 mm x 155 mm
approx. 1.5 kg
0 to +40 ºC
-20 to +60 ºC
Tri-level sync 0.6 Vp-p p6dB, 757
0.8 Vp-p, 757
Y or G 1.0 Vp-p (with sync), 757
PB or B 0.7 Vp-p, 757
PR or R 0.7 Vp-p, 757
Tri-level sync 0.6 Vp-p, 757
Serial data input/output (4-pin connector) (internal switch)
1.5 Vp-p p6 dB, high (RU-3300N), RS-232C (for Personal Computer)
Standard composition
Camera head DK-H32
Lens Mount Cap
Operation Manual
Camera control panel
AC adaptor
IA-60a (I.D.X)
unit: mm
CAUTION: To ensure safe operation, please read the instruction manual before using this product.
These Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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