A11 Fire Procedure September 2016
Risk Assessments
The school contracts an external professional company to carry out an annual Fire Audit and
Risk Assessment which assesses the schools compliance of the most recent regulations and
legislation and reviews the locations, condition and suitability of signs, lighting and exits.
The school contracts an external professional company to provide the duty staff/coordinators with Fire Marshall training on an annual basis. The school also holds annual
training for all staff detailing the contents of this policy.
The school contracts an external professional company to service and maintain the fire
detection and alarm system and to service all fire extinguishers. The fire alarm system is
tested every Monday morning and details recorded in the Fire folder, which is kept next to
the fire alarm panel.
Fire Drills
The school holds regular fire drills, at least 1 per half term, including times when boarders
may be asleep and times when lessons are not taking place. These drills are recorded in the
Fire folder, which is kept next to the fire alarm panel.
Visitors: All visitors must sign in and out using the Visitors Book in the school office. The
school provides details of the fire procedure on the reverse of the visitors badge and visitors
are advised of the fire assembly point.
Fire Bell: When the fire bell sounds the first priority is to evacuate all parts of the school
buildings and for all staff, pupils and visitors to assemble for roll call outside the main school
The following procedures must be adhered to every time the fire bell rings. Once the bell
rings staff must not silence it until evacuation and roll call are completed even if they know
what has set it off.
Science Laboratories When the fire alarm sounds the Gas Shut Off valve must be operated
before evacuation.
Duty Staff: These are staff who have direct responsibility for a group of pupils when the
alarm sounds e.g. teachers for the class they are teaching, house staff for pupils in sick
bay/surgery, staff running activities, staff supervising meals or on break time duty.
Duty staff are responsible for the evacuation of pupils in their care. Such evacuation must be
swift and orderly ensuring pupils evacuate the building in a calm and quiet manner using the
closest available exit. They must hand pupils to their form tutors who will ensure pupils line
up in silence in form lines on the grass beside the front car park outside the school reception
and remain with the pupils unless otherwise instructed by the co-ordinator.
Other Staff: Staff who are not responsible for a form group should immediately report to the
Admin staff: Admin staff must collect the register file and visitor book and distribute the hard
copy registers to form tutors, the remaining staff must report to the fire co-ordinator.
8.30am to 6.00pm weekday: Members of the SLT (who are not responsible for a form
group) and the Caretaker
Other hours and weekends: Boarding House Staff
All co-ordinators must report to the fire alarm area in reception.
The first co-ordinator to arrive must put on the Orange Fire Marshal vest, the
remaining Yellow Fire Marshal vests are given to the next co-ordinators to arrive.
The first co-ordinator must check the alarm system and organise the remaining coordinators, duty and admin staff to:
Locate source of the alarm.
Ensure both the main entrance doors are open
Supervise pupils lining up in silence.
Arrange distribution of registers to staff (during the school day form teachers will
account directly for the pupils in their form) on duty and ensure they are checked.
Ensure all visitors are accounted for.
Await information from staff checking the school.
If necessary summon the emergency services. When satisfied that all pupils are
accounted for- silence the alarm. The first co-ordinator has sole responsibility
for silencing the alarm.
When satisfied that it is safe to enter the building, the first co-ordinator provides permission
to dismiss the pupils in an orderly manner. No pupil is to enter the building unless authorised
by the first co-ordinator.
The first co-ordinator is responsible for recording the proceedings in the Fire Logbook in the
school office.
During the school day all areas of the school buildings – including boarding houses, dining
hall, Art department etc must be checked and all pupils sent to the assembly area. At other
times only the pupils and staff who should be in the main building need be evacuated and
accounted for.
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J Sinclair
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Annual review August 2016
 Procedure reviewed to ensure current legislation and
practices are included.
 Procedure updated with changes to staffing and
Annual review November 2016 (H+S, F+S Governance)
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