DSPNET series - Audiotecnologias

DSPNET series - Audiotecnologias
DSPNET series
This amplifier is state of the art. Developed for touring as
well as permanent installations the DSPNET is your first
choice when you need performance and reliability in
every situation. Bringing the power of 4kW per channel at
2 Ω, with the built in temperature dependent 4 fan cooling
system it will stay cool even under the heaviest of
operating conditions while running very silent when only
a low output power is required. Located at the front are 2
removable dustfilters incorporated in a modern design.
By using a 3-step class H output stage and a separate
Switch Mode Power Supply for each channel, the
DSPNET delivers continuously high output power while
maintaining outstanding efficiency. And by using the
built-in pilot tone detection, dual power supplies and fault
output relay of the DSPNET series, you can also
integrate these units with your emergency sound system.
Made in Germany, this lightweight amplifier features a 24
bit 96 kHz AD/DA converter and a DSP that features
system filtering, up to 2 seconds of delay, EQ and
crossover functions. Configuration, monitoring and
controlling is easy as it never was before: Apart from the
local controls, the DSPNET-series has full Ethernet
communications capability. You can monitor the
performance and change all settings via your Windowsbased computer over your local area network or even the
Internet, enabling you to monitor installed amplifiers from
your office and servicing them when it is needed.
• Only 13 kg weight
• Output power up to 4000 W per channel (2 Ω)
• Built-in DSP
• Dual power supplies
• Temperature dependent, 4-fan cooling system
• Ethernet connector
• Neutrik Speakon outputs
• Optically matching line transformer unit available
• 2 rack units high housing
• 3 years warranty
• Class H output stage technology
• Class D output stage technology
Output power (RMS per channel, 2 channels driven)
2000 W
1200 W
650 W
4000 W
2400 W
@ Stereo 2 Ω
@ Stereo 4 Ω
@ Stereo 8 Ω
@ Bridge mode 4 Ω
@ Bridge mode 8 Ω
3000 W @ Stereo 2 Ω
2000 W @ Stereo 4 Ω
1100 W @ Stereo 8 Ω
3000 W
1800 W
1000 W
6000 W
3600 W
@ Stereo 2 Ω
@ Stereo 4 Ω
@ Stereo 8 Ω
@ Bridge mode 4 Ω
@ Bridge mode 8 Ω
4000 W @ Stereo 2 Ω
2500 W @ Stereo 4 Ω
1450 W @ Stereo 8 Ω
Spengler Str. 6
59067 Hamm
DSPNET series
S/N Ratio
THD 20 Hz...20 kHz @ 50% Output power
THD 1 kHz @ 50% Output power
IMD (SMPTE) @ 50% Output power
Frequency Range (+0 / -3 dB)
Damping Factor
Rack Space
Dimensions (LxHxP)
>100 dB flat, >103 dBA
5 Hz...40 kHz
>600 (balanced damping factor)
483 x 88 x 455 mm
13 kg
3 years
DSPNET network software
The DSPNET network software was designed for the
needs of modern sound engineers. The user interface
shows the DSP functionality just like analogue
components. No irritating graphics, just 1-to-1-portrays of
every single loudspeaker, amplifier and control, be it a
limiter, filter, or parametric equalizer.
When touring is your business, forget changing all the
settings on each and every location. Just save as many
pre-sets as you like and choose the one you need. Once
you've saved a set, it will save you hours when coming
back to venues you've been before.
Plus: You can give each and every amplifier on your
windows XP-based interface an individual name. No
more lists of MAC addresses or serial numbers to go with
your line array, just identify your equipment in a way that
makes sense to you.
Automatic network configuration
Based on the „plug & play“-principle it will automatically
recognize each component that is connected to the
network. IP address, default gateway and subnet mask
are automatically assigned to the connected units by
DHCP using a standard Ethernet router. Even when
connecting the amplifiers via an existing Local Area
Network (LAN), sharing it with computers, printers or
other hardware, the DSPNET network will be configured
automatically within seconds.
Standard Ethernet-based network
You can monitor the performance of your amplifiers
remotely via the Internet without needing special
hardware or a fixed IP address from your Internet
provider. Via your personal access page on our server,
you can control and monitor everything without leaving
your chair.
Spengler Str. 6
59067 Hamm
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