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Wind Generator Feeder Protection
Grid Interconnection
Fault Indication Solutions
Revenue and Power Quality Metering
Engineering Services and Consulting
Making Electric Power Safer, More Reliable, and More Economical®
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories has delivered solutions for over 25 years that make electrical power systems
safer, more reliable, and more economical. Wind energy operations worldwide deploy advanced power management
solutions from SEL and are supported by SEL engineers who know their industry and business.
Headquartered in Pullman, Washington, USA, and with three world-class
manufacturing centers, SEL has sales offices in 15 countries and technical service centers in over 30. We have provided solutions for critical
operations in over 135 countries and for some of the most recognizable
companies in the world, including:
BP Alternative Energy
Horizon Wind Energy
Texas Wind Power Company
Iberdrola Renewables, Inc.
Innovative Research and Development
Through meticulous research and development, SEL consistently
delivers innovative, practical products with unmatched features and
performance for protecting and securing electric power systems.
SEL products provide secure power system protection, monitoring,
automation, communication, metering, and control.
SEL designs and manufactures products for the world’s most challenging production environments to exceed all industry standards
for temperature, shock, and electric stress. SEL products operate in a
temperature range of —40° to +85°C (—40° to +185°F). They can withstand electrostatic shock up to 15 kV and are vibration/shock resistant
up to 15 g.
Ten-Year Worldwide Warranty
The SEL ten-year, worldwide product warranty is proof of
our confidence in the quality products we manufacture,
following the strictest industry standards.
SEL Product Hospital quickly restores devices to proper operating
condition and collects valuable product information. SEL measures and
reports data using mean time between failures (MTBF) and mean time
between removal (MTBR) statistics.
Learn more by visiting us online at
SEL provides innovative, technologically advanced power management
solutions and was chosen # 1 among protective relay manufacturers
across all categories in a recent study by Newton-Evans Research
Company. SEL protection, monitoring, and control solutions meet the
specific needs of the wind energy industry.
Wind Generator Feeder Protection
Grid Interconnection
Fault Indication
Revenue and Power Quality Metering
Capacitor Control
Feeder Protection
Alarm and Annunciation
Satellite-Synchronized Timing
Information Processors
Transformer Protection
Breaker Protection
Line Protection
Secure Communications
Engineering Services and Consulting
Trust SEL to Protect, Monitor, and Control Wind Power Systems
Use one platform to collect and display power system data for wind power system automation and control.
Embedded Automation Computing Platform
Ethernet Security Gateway
Transmission Line
SEL-3530 Real-Time Automation
Controller (RTAC) with HMI
Ethernet Security Gateway
Satellite-Synchronized Clock
Line Protection
Mirrored Bits®
SEL-352 Breaker Failure
Protection and Control
SEL-734 Advanced
Metering System
Transformer Protection
Feeder Protection With
Arc-Flash Detection
Wind Generator
Dual Feeder
Capacitor Protection
and Control System
Test Point Reset
Fault Indicator
Fault Indication System
Radial Feeder/Collector
Loop Feeder/Collector
One-line diagrams are for illustrative purposes only.
Actual feeder/collector configurations may vary.
SEL Solutions for Wind Energy
Wind Generator Feeder Protection
The SEL-700GW provides complete dual feeder protection for distributed generation. High system availability is
obtained by using two sets of overcurrent elements (50/51) to detect and isolate a fault on either feeder. The
SEL-700GW also provides many functions of a programmable logic controller (PLC). Multiple communications options,
a variety of I/O choices, and programmable SELogic® control equations make the SEL-700GW a complete solution.
SEL-700GW Wind Generator
Protection Relay
Grid Interconnection
The SEL-700GT provides an IEEE 1547-compliant intertie protection solution
for distributed generation. Optional synchronous generator protection and
synchronization provide complete generator and intertie protection in one
compact and economical package. Multiple communications options, various
I/O choices, and programmable SELogic control equations make the SEL-700GT
a complete solution for intertie and generator protection.
SEL-700GT Intertie
Protection Relay
Fault Indication
SEL Faulted Circuit Indicators (FCIs) help operations personnel quickly determine the fault
location, isolate the faulted section, and restore power. As depicted in the illustration below, the
terminations used for underground cables in the transformers and junction boxes are excellent
locations to install faulted circuit indicators. Features and benefits include:
• Line-powered operation (no batteries required) means longer life and limited maintenance.
• High 1200 A current trip value with delayed trip response time option coordinates with most
• Remote display allows indicator status to be quickly determined without opening the enclosures.
• Easy installation on terminators with capacitive test points saves time.
• Integrated junction shields ensure adjacent phase immunity in junction box applications.
• Applicability in both transformers and junction boxes reduces installation errors.
SEL Test Point Rest Faulted Circuit Indicator
SEL Solutions for Wind Energy
Distributed Generation Interconnection
The SEL-547 Distributed Generator Interconnection Relay allows a wind turbine to be connected to
the electric utility grid. When the SEL-547 detects a condition that could adversely affect the
generator or the electric grid, it sends a trip signal to the breaker, separating the wind turbine
from the utility supply.
SEL-547 Distributed
Generator Interconnection Relay
• Low-cost compact package incorporating essential
protection and control elements for distributed generation
• Protection and control elements required by IEEE 1547
• Modbus® and SEL communications interface
Revenue and Power Quality Metering
The SEL flagship SEL-734 and SEL-734P Advanced Metering Systems provide high-accuracy, fourquadrant metering with advanced load profile recording. In addition to revenue metering, the
SEL-734P meter provides advanced yet user-friendly power quality reports, capacitor bank control,
and time-synchronized phasor measurements. Indoor mounting options and prewired outdoor
enclosures from SEL facilitate high-end metering at virtually any location.
SEL-734 Advanced Metering System
Feeder Protection
SEL-751A Feeder Protection Relay
With Arc-Flash Detection
SEL feeder protection solutions provide complete feeder protection, with overcurrent, overvoltage,
undervoltage, and frequency elements with flexible I/O options, easy mounting, and fast settings.
With the SEL-751A Feeder Protection Relay, you can easily upgrade protection without cutting or
drilling existing cutouts with a small form factor and multiple mounting adapters. Quickly integrate
into serial- or Ethernet-based communications with IEC 61850, Mirrored Bits®, DeviceNet™, and other
protocols. The SEL-751A also provides fully automatic protection against dangerous arc-flash events.
Without arc-flash detection (AFD), an arc flash can cause severe personal injury, extensive equipment damage, and lengthy system outages. AFD interrupts power to the arc flash before it can
cause significant damage.
Transformer Protection
SEL-787 Transformer Protection Relay
SEL transformer protection solutions allow you to optimize the life of your transformers by monitoring key health indicators with cumulative through-fault current recording measurement and logic
input. With the SEL-787 Transformer Protection Relay, you can apply 2 three-phase winding inputs,
and an optional single-phase restricted earth fault input and three-phase voltage input. Benefits
include advanced automation and flexibility, single or dual, copper or fiber Ethernet communications ports, asset management data, and easy retrofit of most electromechanical relays.
Alarm and Annunciation
Make complex alarming simple with SEL’s alarm and annunciation panels, including 42 inputs, 11
outputs, programmable logic, and up to four communications ports supporting DNP3, Modbus, and
SEL protocols. You can simplify commissioning and troubleshooting with a built-in sequence of
events recorder and full software HMI. Apply an SEL-3010 Event Messenger for telephone voice callout of critical alarm conditions.
SEL-2523 Annunciator Panel
SEL-3010 Event Messenger
Breaker Failure Protection and Control
SEL solutions provide breaker failure protection, breaker control, and breaker monitoring. Benefits
of the SEL-352 Breaker Failure Relay include a cost-saving data recorder and a sophisticated
controller to reduce maintenance and manual operations. The relay features circuit breaker failure
protection, including failure to trip for fault or load conditions; failure to close, including pole
disagreement; failure while open (flashover detection); failure to complete a trip or close due to
stuck resistor switches; and loss of dielectric pressure.
SEL-352 Breaker Failure Relay
Line Protection
With SEL, you can protect any transmission line using a combination of five zones of phase- and
ground-distance and directional overcurrent elements. A graphical user interface system provides
logic and application templates for typical line protection schemes while patented coupling
capacitance voltage transformer (CVT) transient overreach logic enhances the security of Zone 1
distance elements. Best Choice Ground Directional Element® logic optimizes directional element
performance and eliminates many directional settings. Apply the SEL-421 Protection, Automation,
and Control System for high-speed distance and directional protection and complete control of a
two-breaker bay. Use synchronized phasor measurements (synchrophasors) from SEL relays and
meters to detect and correct islanding, interarea oscillations, and other dynamic system conditions.
SEL-421 Protection, Automation,
and Control System
Capacitor Control
Simplify relay settings, application, and inventory by using one relay for all of your capacitor bank
needs. The versatile SEL-487V Capacitor Protection and Control System can handle grounded and
ungrounded, single and double-wye capacitor bank applications. It provides sensitive voltage differential and current unbalance protection with compensation adjustment for small voltage differential
levels due to variations in individual capacitor elements from manufacturing, potential transformer,
or instrument transformer measurement error. Each differential and unbalance element provides
three levels of detection, low set alarm level, trip pickup level, and high-level trip pickup level, each
with its own definite time delay. Instantaneous- and time-overcurrent elements, as well as voltage
elements, provide backup protection.
Information Processors
SEL information processors integrate power protection, automation, control, and monitoring
by communicating with a variety of microprocessor-based devices. With the SEL-3530 RealTime Automation Controller (RTAC), you can integrate station control, reporting, and logging
through one reliable system. acSELerator RTAC™ Software simplifies the design of integration and
automation while the embedded RTAC web interface speeds setup and monitoring of critical data
on network access, user accounts, and system performance.
SEL-487V Capacitor Protection
and Control System
SEL-3530 Real-Time Automation
Controller (RTAC)
Satellite-Synchronized Timing
SEL provides a reliable, accurate, low-price time source for synchrophasor, relay event correlation,
and other high-accuracy timing needs. The SEL-2407® Satellite-Synchronized Clock provides six
demodulated IRIG-B time-code outputs with three user-selectable outputs for 1 PPS or 1 kPPS output.
SEL-2407® Satellite-Synchronized Clock
Services and Support
Engineering Services and Consulting
SEL’s team of engineers is ready to assist you in the following areas:
• Arc-flash hazard studies
• Engineering studies
• Security studies
• Power management system design
• Custom panel solutions
• Power system studies and relay settings
• Protection and automation scheme design
• Integration system design, testing, and settings
• HMI design and programming
Regional Technical Support
SEL provides personalized, regional technical support to our customers
in more than 135 countries from 75 regional technical service centers
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© 2010 by Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
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