TANNOY Definition DC8Ti floorstand speakers 8"dual

TANNOY Definition DC8Ti floorstand speakers 8"dual
TANNOY Definition DC8Ti floorstand speakers 8"dual-con + 8"bass 89dB
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The smaller floorstanding loudspeaker in the Definition series, the DC8Ti is
capable generating the power and dynamics of a full scale orchestral score
yet capable of resolving the smallest details. This commanding loudspeaker
for the discerning listener features Tannoy’s latest 200mm (8.00”) Dual
Concentric drive unit with WideBand™ tweeter, augmented with a precision
matched 200mm (8.00”) inch bass driver. The mid-bass drivers of both
units use precision matched cones formed of a Tannoy proprietary paper
fibre pulp mix, terminated with a rubber roll surround and bonded to a
44mm edge-wound voice coil.
The exceptional rigidity of the port tuned plywood enclosure and extensive
use of Tannoy DMT™ material allows the 8” drivers to work in perfect
harmony with the 43 litre rear ported enclosure. The Deep Cryogenically
Treated straight path crossover, silver plated OFC and pure silver
conductors, extensive use of Tannoy DMT™ technology and Tannoy’s
unique fifth speaker terminal for driver grounding ensures the DC8Ti’s
class leading fidelity and articulation. The extreme power handling of up to
400watt peaks, 90db/Watt sensitivity and bass response down to 33Hz
defines the DC8Ti as a truly potent floorstanding loudspeaker.
Bold, imposing yet effortlessly elegant, then Definition DC8Ti cabinet is crafted from the finest grade plywood specifically
chosen for its natural acoustic properties. The complex curve reduces resonances and internal reflections, improving mid-band
clarity and greatly enhancing micro detailing. A special bracing mechanism, incorporating Tannoy’s Differential Material
Technology™ (DMT), rigidly couples the driver/enclosure interface, further improving Definition DC8Ti’s accuracy in
instrumental timbre.
The DC8Ti cabinet is supplied with a new sculpted plinth that visually extends the smooth lines of the design while delivering
substantial benefits. It’s top-adjust spikes make for easy set-up and levelling while its integrated energy grounding stabiliser
weight ensures the DC8Ti delivers incredibly tight and articulate bass. Each Definition DC8Ti cabinet is hand finished to an
exceptionally high standard in a choice of high gloss lacquered real wood veneers or high gloss black with subtle aluminium
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trim and magnetic grille mount.
Introduction - Definition series - For those looking for the ultimate in music and movie sound, Tannoy's Definition series is
Tannoy's flagship multichannel loudspeaker range. Definition distils and refines the very essence of Tannoy’s loudspeaker
heritage, technology, innovation and acoustic design, into the company’s most accurate, revealing and involving loudspeaker
series to date. Blending contemporary style, cutting edge technology and traditional values in a seamless form, the range offers
very high efficiency, extreme power handling and thrilling performance. Definition captures the fundamental dynamics of music
and movies with ease yet majors on revealing the finest details and effects.
Combining the very latest Dual Concentric drivers, Deep Cryogenically Treated components and precious metal materials in an
all-new cabinet craft from the finest ply-woods, Definition pushes the boundaries of sound reproduction in the home.
Exceptional imaging with point-source accuracy, the ability to reveal the finest detail and effects within the most complex
soundtrack and breath taking dynamics define the Definition sound. From generating the power and passion of big orchestral
scores to communicating the smallest nuances and inflections in dialogues, the Definition range stimulates and inspires.
Fluid lines, the highest quality fittings and an exquisite deep lustre finish mark Definition as one of the most aesthetically
accomplished loudspeakers available today. Ambitious and contemporary, even the precise curve on the extensively braced
ply-wood cabinet is a result of extensive acoustic testing. The range is available in a number models, from the Definition DC8
stand mount with its single 200 mm (8.00”) Dual Concentric driver up to the stunning DC10Ti floorstander with its two 250mm
(10.00”) drivers and the capability to achieve near 120dB dynamic peaks. The truly exquisite definition DC10A floorstander with
is 250mm (10.00”) Alnico powered Dual is visually stunning and effortlessly sophisticated.
For multichannel sound the Definition range is completed with the Definition DC6 LCR centre channel speaker and the
imposing Definition Subwoofer. However you configure a Definition multichannel set-up you can be assured of a beautiful,
acoustically breath-taking and effortlessly sophisticated result.
Drive Unit
At the heart of the Definition range is the very latest evolution of Tannoy’s proven 150mm (6.00”), 200 mm (8.00”) and 250mm
(10.00”) Dual Concentric™ drivers, reinforced by auxiliary bass drivers in the ‘Ti’ suffix floorstanding models. The definition
DC10A uses a unique 250 mm (10”) driver that can trace its heritage back to the 1967 Tannoy Monitor Gold Dual Concentric.
Featuring Alnico power, a pepper pot waveguide and a raft of technical innovations, the DC10A stands as a worthy flagship of
the range.
The Wideband tweeter used in all but the Definition DC10A is an ultra-rigid titanium dome driven by a pure neodymium magnet
assembly, itself rigidly coupled to the rear the acoustic cavity. By positioning the tweeter at the centre of the advanced
multi-fibre low-frequency cone, the result is outstanding time coherence and true point source articulation. With superior
dynamic drive and high power handling, Definition offers Tannoy’s most formidable proprietary DC technology to date.
Further refined with high-tech materials and engineering, the Definition DC10A driver uses the latest iteration of Tannoy’s
aluminium alloy tweeter with PepperPot WaveGuide™. Mid and low frequency reproduction is handled by a multi-fibre cone
specified and tuned to realise the smoothness and musicality inherent of the Alnico magnet system. Each driver is hand
assembled by Tannoy engineers before mounting into the cabinet with Tannoy’s patented Differential Material Technology
(DMT™). This results in unsurpassed rigidity of the driver/enclosure coupling and optimum performance of the DC10A’s unique
Dual Concentric driver.
Definition’s substantial ported cabinets are constructed from the finest grade birch plywood, sourced from cooler,
slower-growing regions to further improve the natural acoustic properties of the laminate. With performance paramount,
Definition’s form is derived from its function: the cabinet’s trapezoid shape and complex parabolic curves being precisely
engineered to minimise resonances and internal reflections. Each driver is coupled to the cabinet with a unique bracing
mechanism incorporating Tannoy’s Differential Material Technology™ (DMT) for unsurpassed rigidity of the driver/enclosure
Inside Definition, the performance-driven brief has been met with an all-new crossover featuring high-end components and
benefitting from revolutionary Deep Cryogenic Treatment (DCT) of the entire board. Using a ‘simple, straight’ design
philosophy for an ultra-clean signal path, the crossover incorporates low loss laminated core inductors and superior
polypropylene capacitors that are acoustically damped using Tannoy DMT material. Once fully assembled, the entire crossover
is super-cooled to -190<> and thawed over a set period of time using a proprietary DCT process.
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This permanently reduces internal stresses in the microstructure of the crossover’s components, joints and conductors, leading
to further improved signal transfer and greater resolution of fine detail.
High-purity silver-plated OFC wiring and pure silver wiring for the HF circuit, selected by extensive audio testing, is used
exclusively throughout Definition loudspeakers and the terminal block features substantial electro-plated brass speaker binding
posts from WBT™. Tannoy’s unique fifth speaker terminal is incorporated across the range, giving users the option to
electrically ground the driver chassis to reduce potential RF interference in the audio system.
Definition’s smooth lines and deep-gloss finish are further complemented with fixing-less aluminium trims and discrete Tannoy
branding for a truly distinctive and elegant design. Floorstanding models DC8Ti and DC10Ti are supplied with a bespoke plinth
featuring an energy grounding stabiliser weight and top-adjust floor spikes with large locking wheel. Available in deep-lustre
black, or lacquered real wood veneers in cherry or dark walnut, each Definition cabinet is hand-finished to the highest
Recommended amplifier power (Watts RMS) - 30 – 200w
Continuous power handling (Watts RMS) - 100w
Peak power handling (Watts) - 400w
Sensitivity (2.83 Volts @ 1m) - 89dB
Nominal Impedance (Ohms) - 8
Frequency response (-6dB) - 33Hz – 35kHz
Dispersion (degrees conical) - 90
Dual Concentric™ high frequency 25mm (1”) Titanium dome with Tulip WaveGuide™
Dual Concentric™ low frequency 200mm (8”) treated paper pulp cone with rubber surround.44mm (1.75”) edge wound voice
Bass Driver - 200mm (8”) treated paper pulp cone with rubber surround. 44mm (1.75”) edge wound voice coil
Crossover frequency - 250Hz, 1.5kHz
Crossover type - Passive low loss 2nd order LF, 1st order HF Deep Cryogenically Treated
Enclosure Type - Rear ported
Volume - 43L (1.52 cu. ft.)
Dimensions (H x W x D) excl grille - 1025 x 271 x 260mm (40.4 x 10.7 x 10.2”)
Weight - 28kg (62.839lbs)
Finish - High gloss black / High gloss cherry / High gloss dark walnut
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