K20 Clamshell AG Bulk SOP
K20 Clamshell SOP AG Bulk 620-4737
1) Take the HSG (604-0221). Check the Cosmetic.
2) Take the Camera module (631-1008),check cosmetic.
3) Take the LCD (646-0590), Check cosmetic and clean it
4) Apply four foams (875-4071*2 875-3970*1 875-4090*1) to LCD panel with
5) Take the RCC cable (593-0995). Insert Camera cable into camera board
6) Apply one Mylar (875-4088) onto Camera Board
7) Fasten one screw (452-1778) to fix RCC cable. Insert Camera module into housing.
8) Fasten two screws (452-1733*2) to fix camera, Routing RCC cable into housing edge
9) Take LVDS cable (593-0949), routing LVDS cable into housing.
10) Insert LVDS cable into LCD connector, Cover one Mylar (946-1669).
11) Place LCD panel into Housing, and insert three protect shim into GAP between
LCD and Housing.
Note: these three shims is just protective fixture
12) Remove left/right LCD trim VHB, and fasten two screws (452-1709*2) into
13) Place LCD into Fixture, Remove three shims, fasten two screws (452-1709*2).
15) Assembled left/right END CAP (604-0365/ 604-0366) to LCD
15) Press the left/right END CAP with fixture.
16) Test LCD/Camera/Sensor/RCC cable/LVDS cable function with K20 base and
golden AP card.
17) Apply two EMI Gasket (875-4054*2) to LCD
18) Take the Bezel (605-0496), Check the cosmetic.
19) Remove the Bezel 4pcs VHB. Press Bezel into LCD
20) Take Left/right Clutch (604-0216 / 604-0217), Fasten six screws (452-1518*6)
21) Assembled one antenna (631-0890). Fasten four screws (452-1777*4)
22) Test Antenna function with fixture.
23) Fasten two screws (452-1738*2), which is used for fixing AP card.
24) Assemble the right HOLDER (818-0529), fasten one screws (452-1643)
818-0529 /452-1643
25) Assembled one barrel (604-0352) into clamshell.
26) Apply printed LCD SN label and Apple part number (661-5905) onto LCD
protective film
Packing the Clamshell
1) Check the finished Clamshell the cosmetic, packing the Camera and LVDS Cable with
two Anti-static bags. Packing the clamshell with the Anti-static bag and Anti-static Label
2) Packing the clamshell into bubble bag
3) Place the packed clamshell into folded box.
Note: the capacity of box is 20 units
End of SOP
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