1 Connecting the Digital Color Printer via the Ethernet

1 Connecting the Digital Color Printer via the Ethernet
Connecting the Digital Color Printer via the Ethernet Port
Valid for printers with firmware110513_d and earlier installed.
The following procedure is written for network systems that do not provide an automatic IP Address. In this
case a static IP Address must be entered into the printer's "network status and configuration" window.
Note: For network systems that automatically provide the IP Address: Connect the printer to the network via
the Ethernet connection, then run the Printer Software (Printer Driver) installation. Once you are prompted to
choose the Printer Connection, skip to Step 8 below.
1. Run the Printer Software (M Series Driver and Toolbox) installation. When prompted to choose the
Printer Connection, select “Configure to print via USB”. Then click Next.
Note: Initially the USB connection is needed in order to configure the printer’s network settings.
2. Open a Web Browser window
(Internet Explorer) and type
into the address bar.
Tip: If the above address doesn’t
allow you to connect; try
3. When the Printer Toolbox opens;
select Network Settings.
4. When the “Network Status and
Configuration” window appears;
configure the printer's network
settings as needed. See example.
Check with your IT support person for
help with these settings.
Be sure to click on SAVE after
entering new information.
Network Setting Tips:
The information shown on this page
is just an example. You must
use settings that are compatible with
your network and settings that are not
in direct conflict with other devices on
the network. Running "ipconfig" from a Command Prompt may help you determine some of these
settings. In general you can use the same "Subnet Mask" and "Default Gateway" that are shown in the
"Windows IP Configuration", but you need to provide a unique "IP Address" for the printer. For example if
the "Windows IP Configuration", IP Address for your computer's connection is shown as you may be able to use for the printer; if this IP Address is not in use
by some other device.
If you want to check for an open IP Address you can ping the address before you save the settings and
connect the printer. Type "ping your-ip-address" (Example: ping at the command
An open IP Address will show "Request timed out".
An IP address that is working and in-use will show replies (Reply from
Check with your IT support person for help with these settings.
Connecting_Digital_Color_Printer_via_Ethernet-(110513_d).doc Rev. 12-15-11
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5. Using a Cat5 network cable; connect the printer to your network via the Ethernet port.
Then click on the Refresh button in the browser window.
If you have entered compatible network settings for your network and the printer; the "Network status:"
line in the Printer Toolbox, shown above, should change from "disconnected" to "connected". If the
status doesn’t change to “connected” please contact your IT support person for help with the network
6. Close the Printer Toolbox (“Network Status and Configuration” window).
7. Run the Printer Software (Printer Driver) installation again, but this time choose "Add another printer".
8. When prompted to choose the Printer Connection; select "Configure to print over the Network".
Then click Next.
The install program will search the network for printers. It should automatically locate the "M_Series"
printer at the IP address provided by the network or that you configured in step 4.
In this example the M_Series printer has the IP Address
Note: If the driver install program can not locate the printer automatically, then you will be presented with
a window to enter the Host name and IP Address for the printer. Enter the IP Address for the printer and
click Next (You do NOT need to enter a Host name). If the printer is found at the IP Address provided;
the driver install will continue automatically (skip to 10).
If the printer is not found then, in general, you have not provided a valid IP Address or network
configuration for the printer. In this case CANCEL the driver install and repeat from Step 1. Please obtain
help from your IT support people.
9. Select the "M_Series" printer that is displayed. Then click Next
10. When the “Finished software installation” window appears; displaying “Network Connection Successful”;
select if you want to “Print Test Page” or “Set this printer as the default printer”. Then click Finish.
If selected, a test page will be sent to the printer to be printed.
Launching the M Series Toolbox utility from an Ethernet only connection:
If you try to open the Toolbox utility from the Start/All Program/Memjet/M Series Driver folder; it will not work
unless you are connected to the printer via USB.
Use the following procedure to open the Toolbox when connected thorough an Ethernet only connection.
- Open a web browser window (Internet Explorer)
- Type the printer’s IP address followed by “/config/home”, into the browser address box.
The web browser will make a connection to the printer’s EWS (Embedded Web Server) and open the
Toolbox utility.
- Once the Toolbox opens; save this web page to your favorites, in your web browser, so you can
open the Toolbox utility easier in the future.
- Once you have established a way to connect to the Toolbox utility via the network connection; you
can disconnect the USB cable from the printer.
Tip: You can obtain the printer’s IP address by printing out a Configuration Page from the printer driver
properties, while connected via USB. To print this page; right click on the printer driver and select Properties
or Printer Properties (for Win7). Click on the Preferences button. Select the Services tab. Click on the “Print
Configuration Page” button.
NOTICE: Some of the M Series Driver features may not work when connected via the Network connection.
For example; the Services tab features in the M Series Driver may not function.
Connecting_Digital_Color_Printer_via_Ethernet-(110513_d).doc Rev. 12-15-11
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