March 2009 - Porsche Club of America San Diego Region

March 2009 - Porsche Club of America San Diego Region
region of the year 1998 and 2006
March 2009
Largest Porsche Event in the West!
April 3-5, 2009
Autoclub Speedway • Fontana, CA
The California Festival of Speed, with its PCA Club Race and the many other
events that make up the Festival, is a great opportunity to see the most
fabulous collection of Porsches you’ll find anywhere on the West Coast.
Join us for some of the best Porsche racing in North America!
For more info on attending or participating, please visit:
PCA Club Race
PCA Enduro
Time Trial
Concours d’Elegance
Vendor’s Row
Lunchtime Track Tours
“Taste of the Track”
Car Corrals with Porsche
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Volume 50 Number 3
March 2009
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Volume 50 Number 3
Got Parade fever
yet? This is a shot of
the Charlotte Parade.
This year?-Keystone!
region of the year 1998 and 2006
Photo by Greg
March 2009
Windblown Witness
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Windblown Witness
March 2009
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Volume 50 Number 3
Windblown Witness
Windblown Witness
March 2009
By Dave Gardner, President
he Driver’s Dinner was held on
February 8th and was a huge
success. It was a very nice low
key get together where winners
gloated and the others gave their excuses. I was in the excuse category.
Katina Gonzalez did a wonderful job
arranging the event with help from
Tami Ibbetson, Lori Chesley and
Mark Rondeau. I’d like to thank Mike
Brown and his company, Computer
Integrated Machining Inc., for sponsoring the event. In addition to sponsoring the event Mike also made
the Time Trial trophies. These were
works of art modeled after a Porsche
brake rotor and caliper. Mike says
he’s working on an even better trophy for next years Time Trial series.
The Zone 8 California Festival of
Speed is coming up this April 3rd
through the 5th. It will be held at the
Autoclub Speedway, formerly California Speedway in Fontana, California. For all of the Club Racers and
Time Trialers this is one of the premier West Coast events. Don’t miss
this event if you can help it. If you’re
not a driver there is still plenty to
see and do over the 3 day weekend.
There are plenty of Porsche race cars
to see, as well as vendors with displays of many products for all cars.
There are also parade laps during
Volume 50 Number 3
From Behind the Wheel
We’re Off and Running!
lunch where you can drive your car
on the track to get a driver’s perspective of the track. If you plan on going
and can volunteer a couple hours of
your time contact Angela Avitt. Angela is the San Diego volunteer liaison to the CFOS this year. The San
Diego region gets reimbursed for
every hour our volunteers work at
the CFOS. Here’s an opportunity to
attend a great event, work for a few
hours and benefit our region. I hope
to see you there.
looking around like he thought there
was a CHP officer near by. Maybe
there are too many Porsches in SoCal. For a period of time one out of
every 4 Porsches made came to California. Maybe people don’t know
of this old tradition. Maybe no one
cares any more. I find it interesting
how traditions change over time and
regions. If anyone remembers this
tradition stop and talk to me about
where and when you knew about it.
So much for the old days.
In the Old Days
I never thought I’d become one of
those people that starts a sentence
with “In the old days…” but here I
go. I must be getting old. So back in
the 70’s, the 1970’s, when I lived in
Central New York, I purchased my
first Porsche. It was a 3 year old 1970
914-4 and I loved it. I only had it for 9
months until it met with an untimely
demise. If you need the gory details
stop me and ask me about it sometime. 2 weeks after the “incident” I
purchased a 1970 911T for $4500.
Try and buy one of those for that
price today. Anyway, the point I’m
heading to, (yes there is a point to
this), is that back in those days when
you passed a Porsche on the road going the other way you flashed your
lights at them. Most Porsche’s would
flash back. I can remember weekends when the Porsche club would
be at Watkins Glen for an event and
you would flash your lights at 10 or
12 Porsches in a row. I ended up selling my 911 in the early 80’s and went
without a Porsche in my life for too
many years. I moved to San Diego
in 1999 and in 2001 I purchased my
1996 993 and was back living the
dream. The first 2 days I had the car
I flashed a couple of Porsches I saw
coming the other way on the road.
No reaction at all. One driver started
Once again I am here asking, begging and pleading, for volunteers.
We are into March and still need several volunteers. If you think you can
offer some of your time to help the
club please contact a board member
to find out what chair positions are
available for you to take advantage
of. Volunteers are what allow the
club to operate. The events you attend, this magazine, the website and
so much more are all done by volunteers. Even the club officers and
board members are volunteers. I
doubled the board’s salary this year,
we now all get paid 2 times zero.
When you volunteer to help with a
chair position and someone comes
to you and says “Thank you” for a
great event, you can’t beat that feeling that your efforts are really appreciated by someone. If you have some
time to volunteer, please do so.
Windblown Witness
Event Capsules
M a r c h
2 0 0 9
Saturday, March 7, 2009
Sunday, March 1
Windblown Witness submission deadline for April issue
Sunday, March 1, 2009
Desert Classic Concours d’Elegance
9:30 a.m.-3 p.m.
O’Donnell Golf Club, Palm Springs
A world class exhibition, featuring the finest
example of automotive excellence. The beautiful setting allows
visitors to relax and enjoy rarely displayed automobiles, many
from private collections. This is not a Club concours, but you
are sure to see Porsches!
26th Annual Porsche Literature, Toy/Model
and Memorabilia Swap Meet
9 a.m.-2 p.m.
$30 at 7 a.m., $10 at 9 a.m.
Los Angeles Airport Hilton Hotel
5711 West Century Blvd
Over 225 tables of collectibles. Vendor info: Wayne
Callaway, 1504 East Cedar Street, Ontario, CA 91761, phone
909-930-1999, or go to the website at www.lalitandtoyshow.
Saturday, March 14
SDR DE West Lot
Wednesday, March 4
Monthly Members and Board Meeting
6:00 p.m. – Social hour and food
7:00 p.m. – Meeting
Neil and Julie Heimburge
6290 Camino Corto
San Diego, CA 92120
The monthly meeting provides an opportunity
to mingle with some of the club’s most active leaders and to
watch the Board of Directors in action. Food and beverages are
provided before the meeting. All members are welcome.
See page 10
Thursday March 19, 2009
Tech Session
6 p.m.
Mirage International
8448 Miracrest Place, Suite F
San Diego, CA 92121
See page 27
Saturday, March 7
SDR Autocross SE Lot
See page 47
For email notification of events please send your email address
with a request to join the PCASDR eList to: emaster@pcasdr.
Windblown Witness
March 2009
Saturday, April 18, 2009
SDR Last Tuesday Social
Pioneer Tech Session
6 p.m.
Mandarin Garden
8242 Mira Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92126
Owner and Porsche Enthusiast, Rene Doctolero,
warmly welcomes the PCASDR to dine at his restaurant. He
graciously accepts coupons which can be found on his website. The restaurant is located
on the corner of Mira Mesa Blvd and Camino Ruiz. Look for
Marshall’s and Vons or the Mira Mesa Bowling Alley, which
allows access to the rear of the restaurant for parking.
Time : Place:
A p r i l
2 0 0 9
Tuesday April 28, 2009
SDR Last Tuesday Social
6 p.m.
U p c o m i n g
Wednesday, April 1, 2009
Monthly Members and Board Meeting
6:00 p.m. – Social hour and food
7:00 p.m. – Meeting
Dave Gardner’s Home
10812 Elderwood Lane
San Diego, CA 92131
The monthly meeting provides an opportunity
to mingle with some of the club’s most active leaders and to
watch the Board of Directors in action. Food and beverages are
provided before the meeting. All members are welcome.
10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Pioneer Prosche
Mirnamar Road
San Diego, CA 92126
Pioneer will host a car clinic to outline
recommended maintenance for your Porsche, plus describe the
latest technology in the new 2009 Boxster and Cayman models,
which will be available to view. Lunch will be provided.
Saturday-Sunday, May 2-3, 2009
Zone 8/SDR Time Trial-Spring Mountain
See page 47
Wednesday, May 6, 2009
Monthly Members and Board Meeting
6:00 p.m. – Social hour and food
7:00 p.m. – Meeting
Corwin’s Home
Friday-Sunday April 3-5, 2009
California Festival of Speed
Saturday, May 9, 2009
Details : Contact: Zone 8/SDR Autocross SE Lot
See inside front cover for details.
Saturday, April 11, 2009
Zone 8/SDR Autocross West Lot
See page 47
Motorhead Monday
6 p.m.
9353 Clairmont Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA. 92123
Volume 50 Number 3
See page 47
Friday-Sunday, May 22-24, 2009
SDR Performance Driving School
Monday April 13, 2009
E v e n t s
See page 47
Monday June 15, 2009
SDR DE Fontana
Cost is $150 with advanced registration. The price
goes up to $175 on the day of the event. We will be on the
infield track, with paid corner workers. Zone 8 requirements: 8
AX, DE or ODS days as a minimum level of experience.
Windblown Witness
Event Capsules
Tuesday March 31, 2009
Land Rover Miramar
9455 Clayton Drive San Diego , CA 92126
By Tom Brown
ctober 1987, a 911 created at a region beach party (sadly the photo was un-credited) was featured
on the cover of the Witness. Inside the magazine
is a photo of a pretty cool sand castle. Ruth Young’s article recapping the event stated that the 911 was over 3
hours worth of work, but ultimately fell victim to the rising tide as the event wrapped up.
Also in this month’s edition was an advertisement
for the annual Blood Drive and Brunch. What a great
idea, stock up on calories with friends and then donate!
Haven’t done this in a while, but maybe this is an event
we should bring back? Flip to the next page and I see
the editor’s column. What a coincidence, there is that
little poem that I used last month, “Do You Just Belong?”
which I found in that issue from 1972.
“I think from day one every Porsche owner’s desire
was to have a place to drive his (her) car fast and not
have to worry about the Highway Patrol.” So starts a historical piece by Bea & Wally Cole on our early region racing events. In February of 1962, Brawley (near El Centro)
opened their airport to us for autocrossing and speed
runs. This became an annual tradition that lasted through
1966. They even repaved it each year in anticipation of
our arrival! Starting in 1967 we switched to the Holtville
airport (also near El Centro), where we had 50 cars show
up for the first event in March. It was such a success
that we did it again in May with 115 drivers attending.
A third event was added for the Fall of ‘67. Thereafter it
was semi-annual event, each Spring and Fall, for about
35 years (ending when we finally decided the pavement
Volume 50 Number 3
was no longer suitable for high speed events).
First Impressions
Playing in the Sand
Continuing with a second historical piece, the Cole’s
also wrote about their history of attending Parades. They
attended fourteen of them, with their last being San Diego’s 1977 event. Which leads me to Nancy Rydbeck’s article on the 1987 Parade. That year it was in Fort Worth,
Texas. (Yes, Peter Porsche does love water parks. I’d always heard that but Nancy witnessed it firsthand.) Both
of these articles ended with great quotes about Parade
and why you should attend. Since registration for this
year’s event opens in March, it seems timely to quote
them now. Nancy writes: “I think what I most want you
to know about the Parade is that you can make it whatever you want. You can go to everything, work at some
of the events, or just participate at your own leisure. You
can be in the thick of it, or just slip into whatever suits
you. There is a variety of events to sample. There are
warm and friendly people to meet and enjoy. You can
participate at your own level. I recommend a Parade to
everyone….are you going to give it a try?”
The Coles quoted Panorama Editor Betty Jo Turner’s
closing sentence from her article on the 1977 Parade:
“For twenty-two years, friendships have been made and
renewed at the Porsche Parades. That is what it is really
all about.”
We are up to 53 Parades now. Registration opens
March 3rd for number 54. I hope to see you in Keystone,
CO, June 29 through July 4.
Windblown Witness
-Our Newest Social Event continues in 2009
es were
Motorhead Monday’s are held at a local restaurant where members share a relaxed meal together.
It is a combination Social and Driving event where participants from the recent Time Trial event
can share their in-car videos, stories and mostly “excuses” about why they didn’t get into the “TOP
TEN.” This year SDR will host 3 Motorhead Mondays. Please save these dates.
• April 13, 2009, to celebrate, TT#1 SOW, TT# 2 Big Willow & TT#3 CFOS- Fontana
• May 11, 2009, to celebrate, TT#4 Spring MTN- Pahrump
• Nov 30, 2009, to celebrate, TT#5 Spring MTN- Pahrump & TT#6 Buttonwillow
The sun
was in
Please refer to the Event Capsules in the Witness and at for times and locations. Participation in TT events not a requirement!
Windblown Witness
March 2009
By John Straub, Archivist
f you think about it, sometimes were lucky enough to
have someone walk into our lives that has a positive
influence on us if we let it. If we take the time to open
our hearts and minds we can learn from them. I know it’s
hard because we get so wrapped up in everyday life of
work, hobbies and such.
Bill “Bogie” Bogusch was one such person that came
to the Porsche Club and contributed so much. He passed
away this last January 15th. Let me tell you a little about
Bogie, as I know a lot of you don’t know him as he has not
been that active the last few years.
Bogie became our first official “Equipment Chair” taking on that job with vengeance. He was charged to procure our second club trailer after the first one had been
stolen with all of the contents. He did it well! Giving us
a bigger and better trailer, it even had running water!
That trailer lasted until we got the one we have today.
He didn’t stop there however, he was an Autocross Chair
and Timing Chair as well. In 1989 he was given the honor
of being selected as that year’s “Enthusiast of the Year”.
At the funeral as I was walking away from the grave
site, I glanced at all the grave stones and thought, all
these people have some sort of a story to tell. Well those
of us that knew him, know that Bogie had indeed quite
a story to tell.
Monique and I knew Bogie not only as a club member,
but also as a personal friend, he has gone to a special
place reserved for special people. Godspeed
will be missed.
Unfortunately we also lost another member, Bill Bohorquez. I believe that there is an article on Bill also in
the Witness.
Now onto the year 1989 with our history. Art Wrightson was President, Jim Rydbeck was Vice President, Herb
Courington Treasurer, Doug Hanson Secretary with Keith
Nelson, Vince Knauf, and Tom Hauseur Jr. as Board Members.
Some of our Chairs were, Jim and Shirley Douthit
Membership, Nancy Rydbeck Activities, Bob Lemke Tech
Sessions, Pat Scanlon Concours, Steve Hall Auto Museum
Rep, Borden Covel Witness Editor, Keith and Nance Nelson Goodie Store, Bill Myrick Insurance, Joe Weber Witness Mailing, Jerry Buchane Driver Training, Bill Bogusch
Autocross/Timing/Equipment, P.J. Feldman and Nancy
Bogusch Social, Paul Young Rallies, and I as ‘92 Parade
Our membership was at 830 as compared to 1450 today. Our Treasury had a total of about $8,500 in it.
Volume 50 Number 3
Our first event of the year was a “Streets of Willow”
Time Trial. This was the first time we as a Region held
an event at “Streets”. I remember this as members were
saying...going to Holtville was done, the word was, it was
no good any more. Little did they know at that time, we
would continue to go to Holtville until after 2000 as it
made a comeback as a great place to learn high speed
driving. I’ll do a little editorializing now (tune it out if you
wish), but there seems to now be an attitude, that if you
are not driving on a “Named” road course today, you’re
not really driving. That’s too bad you don’t know how
much fun your missing.
Our next event was an Autocross at the Stadium. As our
Autocrosses started off we decided to replicate some of
the US road courses The January one was Del Mar. Some
of the members running were Bill Smith, Doug Clarke,
Monique Straub, Vince Knauf, Bill Myrick, Tim Comeau,
Otto Obrist, Steve Dente, Keith Nelson, Don Clark with
Margie Smith-Haas taking TTOD in her 914/6.
In February our Autocross was the Fire Bird track. We
were doing BBQ’s after the days driving at these events
which added a little social to the driving. And through
the first half of the year we continued to hold Tours and
Brunches, A PCA-POC Challenge Autocross, Wine Tours,
Rallies, another Holtville event, Tech Sessions, a Swap
Meet at Alan Johnson’s Porsche, a Progressive Dinner,
and an Autocross each month.
One other interesting thing that happened at that
point in time was a “Vintage Race” held at the Stadium.
I’m not sure how many of you know this, but when the
Stadium was chartered with the city, part of that charter
said that it could be used for “Road Racing” when it was
built. As it was - SCCA held several road races there that
I have written about in previous articles. These Vintage
Races were to re-enact the SCCA races.
Windblown Witness
Back in the Day
Saying Goodbye to a Friend
Windblown Witness
March 2009
By Michael Harris
he San Diego Auto Museum’s initial offering for
2009 is “Hot Rods: Then and now.” The display offers lots of Fords, as would be expected, a wonderful 1955 Chevrolet, and two Studebakers. The first car to
greet visitors is a 1928 Studebaker “Barn Find.” It lacks any
manufacturer badges and the hood and radiator shell are
not on the car so it looks like any old car of the late 1920s,
complete with 10 wooden spoke wheels. A placard describes “Barn Find” as an old car secured from the elements in a barn that ranges in preservation from nearly
new to a vehicle in rough shape that contains most of its
parts. The display car is definitely of the latter category,
being more or less in one piece but needing lots of work.
The other Studebaker is a modernized and streamlined
1937 Roadster in gleaming red and cream paint, modern
V-8 engine and totally updated mechanical components.
The styling was conservative, as hot rods go, but very elegant.
Classic hot rods are defined as automobiles built from
the early 1930s until 1948. After 1948, cars no longer had
flowing fenders and running boards. These cars are also
often classified as Custom Cars or Hot Rods. Hot Rods
were usually hopped up to be race cars while Custom
Cars were uniquely styled, and lowered to the point of
being almost undrivable. Some later hot rods also were
lowered too low as well, so were no longer really drag
cars, but more of that distinction later. The Museum
presents a video that chronicles some contemporary hot
rod builders and their cars. This group builds “Rat Rods.”
These car builders are younger men who are metal artists, and could sculpt things other than cars. Some are
also stripers and painters who are also mechanically inclined. They produce cars that are not only unique/one
of a kind designs, but are constructed from discarded
parts and even junk. The purpose is to build a car like
no other, and to recreate a style of hot rod reminiscent
of the early days of hot rodding. Hot rods were huge in
Southern California after WW II. Young men came home
from the service or defense jobs with money, basic mechanical skills, and an interest in cars at a time when cars
were almost impossible to find. Many of these young
men also wanted increased power to drag race or race on
dry lakes for top end speed. Having little money but a lot
of interest and ability, they fabricated cars from various
available car parts and built for themselves what was not
available commercially. Speed equipment, as we know of
it today, was not available. So if you wanted a multi-carburetor manifold, you fabricated it yourself. High comVolume 50 Number 3
Auto Museum Report
Hot Rods: Then and Now
pression heads were not available so you had the heads
milled to increase the compression, and so on. Few could
afford an expensive paint job, so most cars were finished
in grey, black or rust primer. The Rat Rods of today look
very much like these “original” hot rods. The film looks at
several car constructors, their cars, and ends with a huge
Rat Rod Show in Las Vegas, and is a fascinating glimpse of
one area of current hot rodding. The film alone is worth
the price of admission.
One of the display cars was a 1950 Lakester. This car
was powered by a Riley 4 port four cylinder motor and
named “Ladybug.” This dry lakes racer is built from a P-38
wing drop tank. Being shaped like a tear drop, it offered
less wind resistance than other forms of race cars and
was cheap to purchase and easy to build. The wing tank
only cost $7.00 from a military surplus store in 1950. “Ladybug” sported a new tube front axle, purchased new
from a Ford dealer for $7.00, rear brakes only, a simple
padded seat and straight exhaust. The car ran a top speed
of 116mph at El Mirage. In 1952 the Indy 500 was won
with an average speed of 128mph. The same year a P-38
tank lakester with a 296ci flathead V-8 ran 198mph on
the dry lakes.
In addition to the American Grafitti deuce coupes and
roadsters, a modern hot rod is on display - a customized
and built up 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible. In addition to the beautiful paint, upholstery and custom features, the car also goes, being powered by a 406ci small
block V-8 and manual 4-speed. This car is definitely show
and go. Another example of 40s and 50s car culture is
the Suicide or Brodie Knob display. These are small round
turnable knobs that were attached to the steering wheel,
pivoted on the mount that would allow the knob to freely turn 360 degrees so the driver could quickly turn the
steering wheel, step on the gas and as the car started to
Windblown Witness
Good example of early Hot Rod and similar to today’s Rat Rod.
Primer black, Ford 5-window coupe with pickup bed attached,
modified V-8 flathead with hi compression heads and ram
manifold with 2 Stromberg 97 carbs with velocity stacks
spin its tires and lose traction, the driver could rapidly
turn the knob causing the car to burn rubber and spin
more. Very adult, as well as socially and ecologically responsible. The knob could also feature “art work” as well.
This usually consisted of small photos of nubile young ladies in various forms of dress, usually a bathing suit or
less, encased in plastic atop the knob.
Outstanding Custom. A 1937 Studebaker. Who would have
The exhibition runs through the end of March. For
anyone with any interest in Hot Rods, this is your show.
In addition to the film, there are a number of displays
explaining the origin of Hot Rods, and definitions of the
more common terms used in their construction. There
are also three new and extremely rare vehicles in the
regular display, and we’ll tell you more about them next
This is a true early hot rod being based on a ‘27 Ford T roadster with a modified 4-cylinder flat head motor that was converted to
overhead valves, juice brakes, and a 12 volt electrical system. To the left is a Model A Hi Boy roadster with a V-8 Ford flathead with
modified heads, cam and two Stromberg 97 carbs with velocity stacks. Original 1928 Studebaker “Barn Find” to the left.
Windblown Witness
March 2009
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To learn more about this unique experience,
please contact Porsche owner and enthusiast:
Christopher Whalen, Financial Adviser
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Volume 50 Number 3
Windblown Witness
Parade IS for Families
Text by Wendy Shoffit
hat do you mean, “Take my family to Parade
for vacation?” As if they could possibly have a
good time and not hate me for the rest of the
year. If that sounds like you, keep reading. Our family has
a great time at Parade every year! That includes our 11year old daughter and whatever friend she chooses to
bring along!
Modern Parades are different
10, 20, 30 years ago--I’ve been told Parade was different then from what it is now. Kids were not really
included in the week’s activities. Sure, they could meet
others their own age and if they were outgoing enough,
actually develop friendships. Of course, that meant the
parents would need to bring them year after year to build
the friendly bonds with the kids from across the country.
Communication now for teens, pre-teens, tweens, and
any of the kids old enough for their parents to buy them
a cell phone is much easier (and cheaper). Long distance
calls and texting are extremely inexpensive and email is
downright free (if your household already has internet
service, which let’s admit... most households with kids
nowadays do). But I’m getting ahead of myself here.
Let’s address how kids now are included in Parade activities. First of all, there’s a chairperson on the committee to deal specifically with kids’activities. This person’s
sole responsibility is to make sure kids of all ages have
a good time while their parents are, too. For the past
few years (and for the foreseeable future), there’s a Kids’
Hospitality room. Kids can go there to play video games,
watch movies, do craft activities, and so on. It’s a place
for them to meet and greet each other casually while doing something they enjoy doing. In Charlotte there was
not just one room, but two of them! One was for kids
probably 9 and younger and the other one for older kids.
The younger room had things like the Candyland board
game, crayons, and Thomas the Train videos. The older
room had XBoxes with games like Rock Band and Guitar
Hero. If your tween is anything like mine, she could prob16
ably spend most of the day playing video games (if we
let her). When she was younger, though, she truly loved
working on the arts and crafts and watching movies. Let
me caution, though, the rooms aren’t a drop off babysitting service, particularly for the younger ones. Parents
need to stay with the kids, BUT it gives them something
to do that’s not in their sleeping room! Activities change
often, so they don’t get bored.
Speaking of getting bored... Have you ever taken your
child to the Concours or Victory Banquet? Both dinners
can be exciting for those winning trophies, but they’re
relatively long and kids can tire easily. Besides, spending
THAT kind of money for kids to turn their noses up to
Beef Tenderloin and Prawns seems wasteful. Parade of
old would require parents to find a private babysitter for
those nights, which could be iffy and pricey. Now, Parade
offers reasonably priced babysitting for the kids during
these times, often involving food they love - pizza, chicken fingers, and ice cream sundaes. Food that is much
more suited for their tastes. These services utilize trained
professionals, so you don’t have to wonder if Brittany the
teenage babysitter is inviting her boyfriend over and eating all your bonbons. One less thing to worry about!
Intense Competition
Now, on to the really exciting events for the kids. Now,
you might not think much about remote controlled (RC)
cars, but what about your kids? There’s an RC competition that can get a bit emotional for the contestants. No
self respecting adult wants to be shown up by a 7-year
old little girl and no self-respecting 14-year old boy would
be caught dead getting beaten by a 60-year old grandfather. It can get a little dicey. *wink* But, it’s always
in good fun. If your kid doesn’t have his or her own RC
car, not to worry... the loaners are GREAT! In fact, most
people use them anyway!
Competition for the little ones continues at the Kids’
Autocross. Kids of all ages hop on bikes, skateboards,
roller blades, scooters, strollers and just plain ol’ running
Windblown Witness
March 2009
shoes to compete with kids their own age. They get a
taste of what the grownups experience on the autocross
course. Again, if your 911 doesn’t happen to have a bike
rack installed on top, there are plenty of loaner “vehicles”
available. One year, a girl’s talent was cartwheeling, so
she cartwheeled the entire course. While it may not have
been the fastest way around, I’ll bet she had the most fun
AND was the most fun to watch! I’ve seen many a parent
also put their wee little ones in the stroller and give that
kid the ride of his or her short little life. Yes, the red mist
comes even while pushing a baby stroller. Who knows
what long term benefits learning an autocross course at
an early age will have on these kids. When they reach age
16, they can get into a REAL Porsche and compete in the
Junior Participation Program (JPP). Trust me when I say
that daddy will feel much more comfortable if junior has
some idea of what an autocross course looks like when
he hands the keys to HIS baby over.
Not only can the older kids compete in the JPP Autocross activity, but they can also be great partners in
the rally competitions. Dad and daughter, J and Jessica
Toney, have proven to be quite a great TSD rally team, as
have Tom and Lisa Gould. Teach them right while they’re
young and the sky is the limit!
Kids can be shy at times and might not be quick to get
to know other, which is why there are so many oppor-
tunities during the week for them to meet one another.
They start the week off at either a teen mixer for the
older ones or a simple kids’ mixer for the younger ones.
This puts everyone in the same place so when they see a
familiar face at the kids’ food table at the welcome banquet (seriously, how many 6 year olds eat sauerkraut?),
they can feel a tiny bit safer at saying hello. Trust me, by
the end of the week they’ll have made at least one best
friend. Which brings me back to my first point about improved communication. If they meet a friend one year,
spend a little effort communicating with them during the
next year, when you bring the family back to the next Parade, the instant friend makes both families a lot happier! Just ask Aubrey Sutton and Jess Holzer who grew
up thousands of miles apart, but were/are best friends
because of Parade. Imagine how much easier that friendship would have been with kids’ activities and text messaging?
So, please don’t shy away from Parade as a summer
family vacation. Kids of all ages will have a fun week of
activities. Make driving there part of the fun and you’ll
have them hooked for life. What better way to raise the
next group of Porsche enthusiasts and perhaps the future President of PCA! You just never know. See you AND
your kids in Colorado!
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from the list at the left.
You’ll find a vast array of items just waiting to
be snapped up, including a wide assortment
of clothing with the PCA-SDR logo, plus items
of special interest to Porsche aficionados.
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Try it out today (1 of 2)3/31/2008 12:20:41 PM
Volume 50 Number 3
Windblown Witness
Personalized Autohaus, INC.
*Precise chassis set up / shock tuning Corner weighting
*Street/competition “zero tolerance alignment”
*Air cooled engine tuning / building
*Computer engine management systems
*Carbon / Kevlar / FRP
composite body panels
*Brake upgrades / BBS wheels
*Time trial / club race
latest safety equipment
*Track support,
arrive and drive programs
*By appointment only
Scheduled maintenance and service
for all Porsches from 1951 through the ‘90’s
356 Tall 4th gear available - 28/21 ratio
Quality 356 Repair & Restoration
Vintage Race Preparation
356-911 & 4-Cam
8448 Miracrest Place Ste. F, San Diego, CA. 92121
Windblown Witness
(858) 586-7771 FAX (858)586-1669
March 2009
Volume 50 Number 3
Windblown Witness
2009 PCA-SDR
Installation and
Charity Banquet
Text by Keith Verlaque
Photos by Greg Phillips
Legendary race car driver Vic
Elford signs a 1/18th model
of the Porsche he drove at
Le Mans
t took almost a year for the planning committee, comprised of Tami Ibbetson and Katina Gonzalez, to organize the Installation and Charity Banquet and with nationally famous MC Mark Shevitz managing the evening,
and famed racing driver Vic Elford as a featured speakerfor those in attendance, it was well worth every minute!
Thanks are due in large measure to Tami and Katina for
managing the huge task of putting this event together:
from securing the location, selecting the menu and wine
choices, to drying out sand for the centerpieces (more
below). They even ordered the evening’s spectacular
sunset over Mission Bay, which was best seen from the
balcony outside the ballroom at Paradise Point resort.
As to why the event has “Installation” in the title, it
comes from the event’s original title as SDR’s annual Installation Dinner - which was an evening to recognize the
Region’s many volunteers throughout the past year, to
thank the outgoing Board of Directors, and to officially
install the new San Diego Region Board for the coming
year. Over the years, the event has evolved to include the
culmination of our year’s fund raising activities for our
selected charities and the presentation of our donations
to representatives from those charities.
The evening began at 4 p.m. with the President’s Reception, a social gathering of Region chairs and board
members by invitation of the president. At this gathering,
in the room where the silent auction for charity was held,
champagne and hors d’oeuvres were served and outgoing President Martha McGowan gave a brief thank you
Silent Auction
For those unfamiliar with the silent auction, this part
of the evening is where many items donated by local
businesses and members alike are on display and available for attendees to bid on. All proceeds from this year’s
event will be donated to Monarch School and Rady Children’s Hospital.
There were approximately sixty items for auction,
some Porsche-related and others not. Items ranged from
several Porsche racing posters donated by Terry Wells,
former PCNA West Coast Manager, to Porsche parts and
services from local supporting businesses, to a “Giclée”
or master print from an oil painting of our guest speaker
for the evening, Vic Elford, at the wheel of Porsche’s fa-
Windblown Witness
March 2009
mous 917 on the Mulsanne straight at 150 mph at night
in the rain. This limited edition artwork was both commissioned and donated by Vic himself. Vic was available
to sign copies of his latest book on Porsche performance
driving until around 5:30 when Club members lined the
balcony and watched the glowing sun sink into the clear
blue waters of Mission Bay.
At 6 p.m., all were invited to head into to the ballroom
where dinner would be served on elegantly decorated
tables with fascinating centerpieces each made by hand
by the multi talented Tami Ibbetson. They consisted of a
miniature beach scene, complete with a mini beach with
sea shells, tiny palm trees and starfish. This may explain
why she was rumored to have been observed earlier on
the shore of Mission Bay with a bucket and spade, filling
her hat, purse and pockets with sand.
Awards and Sponsor Appreciation
The jam-packed program of awards and speeches took
place under the guiding hand of master MC Mark Shevitz
who has MC’d all but four of PCA’s National Parades since
1983 (he assured us he started young).
Our sponsors for the evening, Pioneer Centres Porsche
and Hoehn Porsche, were recognized and thanked for
their generous and ongoing support and our honored
guests were welcomed - including Michael Dolphin, PCA
Zone 8 representative, Terry Wells, formerly of Porsche
Cars North America, Paula Kelly and Sarita Fuentes representing Monarch School and Lori Mathios representing
Rady Children’s Hospital. Thanks for year round support
also went to Pioneer Centres Porsche, Hoehn Porsche,
and Black Forest Porsche and BMW Service.
In brief, this year’s charitable benefactors were Monarch School - which provides an environment where
homeless and at risk children can improve their lives
through education, and Rady Children’s Hospital - San
Diego’s only area hospital dedicated solely to pediatric
The 2008 Board of Directors: Martha McGowan (President), Jim Duncan (Vice President), Kim Crosser (Treasurer), Jennifer Reinhardt (Secretary), plus Dave Gardner,
Christy Copeman and John Straub (Directors at large) and
Ted Myrus (Past President and Board advisor) were called
to the stage and presented with thank you gifts for their
service throughout the past year by outgoing 2008 President Martha McGowan, as were the cadre of almost 70
SDR event chair and committee members who were the
volunteers responsible for organizing and running our
Region’s events throughout 2008.
The incoming event chairs and committee members
for 2009 were then introduced and brought up for a
group photo, as were the 2009 Board of Directors: Dave
Gardner (2009 President), Curt Yaws (Vice President),
Kim Crosser (Treasurer), Rikki Schroeder (Secretary), and
Volume 50 Number 3
(Directors at Large) Neil Heimburge, Chuck Sharp and
Jennifer Reinhardt.
Then followed special recognition awards which the
Board of Directors had selected to award to members for
outstanding achievement in 2008. This included Susan
Brown and Margi Knight for their countless hours of volunteer work as Editors of our Region’s Newsletter “The
Windblown Witness.” Roberto Montoya of Mexi-Cocina
was recognized for his continued generosity and support of our Region on many occasions – unfortunately,
Roberto was unable to attend due to health issues, but
sent his regards.
Next, SDR charity chairs Ralph and Annette Linares,
who very successfully managed the evening’s charity
auction, joined Mark Smith (General Manager of Pioneer
Centres Porsche) at the podium to present the checks for
amounts raised for 2008 charity.
Pioneer Centres Porsche has for several years generously donated $100 for every new or pre-owned Porsche
sold throughout the year to our joint charity drives. As a
result of selling 380 Porsches Mark presented one check
for $19,000 to Lori Mathios of Rady Children’s Hospital
and another for $19,000 presented to Paula Kelly, VP,
and Sarita Fuentes, Principal, from Monarch School. Additionally, Ralph and Annette presented each charity with
an additional symbolic check for a little over $3,500 as
half of the profits from the evening’s silent auctions.
Club Enthusiasts and Family of the Year
MC Mark Shevitz then passed the microphone to the
recipient of last year’s PCA-SDR Bill Myrick Enthusiast of
the Year award, Keith Verlaque (bon vivant, raconteur
and all round neat guy), to announce the Board of Director’s selections for 2008 Enthusiast of the Year and 2008
Family of the Year.
The Region’s award for Enthusiast of the Year is named
after a truly great man and exemplary enthusiast, Bill
Myrick, who contributed significantly to San Diego Region for many years before passing away in 1998.
This year’s recipient for Region Enthusiast of the Year
award was the hard-working-behind-the-scenes with
rules and website and Tech Inspection and Tech Inspector
training, plus always helping out members with car troubles, plus much more, Steve Grosekemper. This proved
to be a very popular decision as a surprised looking Steve
got a well-deserved standing ovation as he received his
The Region Family of the year award was presented to
the Kinninger family, with Katie working hard all year as
a shining light on SDR’s social committee, husband Mark
being key at all driving events as an instructor and “go to
guy” for Porsche problem diagnosis and son Erik being
the Region safety chair, plus a driving instructor and ace
hot-shoe having a choke-hold on top time of day award
Windblown Witness
for most of the year.
Awards also went to 2008 Board nominees for Zone
8 Enthusiast of the year – Neil Heimburge-Zone 8 autocross chair, plus the nominees for PCA National Family of
the Year - Tom and Susan Brown whose extensive contribution to PCA throughout the year was not only at local
Region level, but also at Zone level, and at National level
with Tom as National Parade Chair and Susan as National
Parade Registrar.
Vic Elford
Next came what was for many, the highlight of the
evening, our guest speaker Vic Elford, a man whose racing career reads like a Hollywood script.
Vic was one of the fastest drivers of the sixties and seventies... and without doubt a Porsche hero. Nicknamed
“QUICK VIC” by his peers, to this day he is heralded by
many as one of the most versatile drivers of all time.
For example, Vic’s 1968 season began with his win in
the prestigious Monte Carlo Rally, which was followed
by a win the next weekend in the legendary Daytona 24
Hours. A month later he was second at Sebring, then in
May scored an epic victory at the Targa Florio. This particular victory came after he lost 18 minutes due to wheel
trouble on the first lap and is considered to be the greatest win in Targa history. Two weeks later Vic won the Nürburgring 1000 Kilometers. Then in his first F1 race in July
Vic took a badly out-classed Cooper to a stunning fourthplace finish in the soaking-wet French Grand Prix.
Vic is one of the world’s great sports car drivers who is
one of only two drivers ever to record six major wins at
the Nürburgring and also competed with outstanding re-
sults in Can Am, TransAm, off-road events in Africa, even
Outright lap records held by Vic included many of the
world’s most prestigious races such as: Targa Florio, Nürburgring, Daytona, Sebring, Norisring, Monza, Buenos
Aires, Road Atlanta, Laguna Seca, Riverside, and Le Mans
- where he was the first driver to lap at over 150mph in
the Porsche long-tail 917 in 1970!
During the 24 hours of Le Mans, when a Ferrari crashed
in front of him, Vic stopped in mid-race to extricate the
driver from his burning car. TV cameras caught the action and Vic was named Chevalier de l’Ordre National du
Mérite by French President Georges Pompidou for his act
of courage and heroism.
For roughly an hour and a half Vic regaled us with
tales of world class drivers in the sixties and seventies,
viewed by many as the last true gladiators competing before many of today’s safety devices existed. His open and
straightforward speaking style and his casual “matter of
fact” way of describing extraordinary situations both on
and off the track being both fascinating and entertaining
made the time literally fly by.
With the action packed program it is hard to see how it
was possible to fit all of the above in–plus several breaks
throughout the evening for door prizes–plus a remarkably good meal at elegantly decorated tables and still
have music and dancing by 9:30 p.m.
If you didn’t make it to this event, you missed out on a
truly spectacular evening, but don’t be too upset! There
will be another PCA-SDR Installation and Charity Banquet
in early 2010 so watch the SDR website calendar
Bill Myrick Enthusiast of the Year
Enthusiast of the Year
Steve Grosekemper
Keith Verlaque
Bob McLaughlin
Gary Burch
Mary Clark, Larry Clark
Dan Chambers
Greg Phillips
Bill Smith
Marlee Shaw
Skip Carter
Windblown Witness
Bob Schang
Susan Brown, Keith Verlaque
Diana Schang, Bob Schang
Steve Hall
Paul Young
Bill Myrick
Chrissy Roberts
Susan Tracy-Dente
Bob Lemke
Bill Bogusch
Cecelia Knauf, Vince Knauf
Steve Hall
John Straub
Margie Smith-Haas
Bill Bartee
Ralph Hurty, John Straub
March 2009
San Diego Region Presidents
Dave Gardner
Martha McGowan
Ted Myrus
Margi Knight
Michael Harris
Bill Allen
Tom Brown
Ron Mistak
Rich Caccese
John Straub
Keith Verlaque
Bill Smith
Roger Roberts
Skip Carter
Jerry Beauchane
Jim Rydbeck
Al Schlegel
Steve Hall
Bob Lemke
Tom Hauseur Jr.
Art Wrightson
Paul Young Sr.
Nancy Rydbeck
Bill Myrick
Keith Nelson
Carol Muir
Slim Durham
Margie Smith-Haas
Tom Hauseur Sr.
John Straub
Art Wrightson
Tom Van Zant
George Thwing III
Bea Cole
Tom Hauseur Jr.
Ralph Hurty
Dieter Vongehr
Ernie Paschoal
Joe Ramos Jr.
George Thwing III
Dave Carsten
Gordon Bartow Jr.
Dick Barbour
George LaDam
Tom Hauseur Sr.
Jack Rober
Keith Ewton
Wally Cole
Rowland Johnson
Maj. Roger B. Thompson, Paul Madigan
Keith Ewton
John Bowman
Volume 50 Number 3
Windblown Witness Editors
2009 Susan Brown
Larry Clark, Margi Knight, Susan Brown
Greg Phillips, Larry Clark
Greg Phillips
Greg Phillips
Greg Phillips
Greg Phillips, Jim Bohorquez
Skip Carter, Jim Bohorquez,
Greg Phillips
Skip Carter, Harvey Cain
Skip Carter
Skip Carter
Skip Carter
Skip Carter, Pete Albrecht
Skip Carter
Howard & Lois Wasserman
Howard & Lois Wasserman
Royce Ann Higgins
Debi Norris, Royce Ann Higgins
Debi Norris
Monique Straub
Louie Butler, Borden Covel,
Randy & Margaret Mardis
Monique Straub
Fred Fraley
Fred Fraley
Robbin Herring
John Straub
John & Denise Straub
John & Denise Straub
John & Denise Straub
John & Denise Straub
Grace & Tom Hauseur Jr.
Hal Nash, Grace & Tom Hauseur Jr.
Hal Nash
Ivan Richmond
Bill Haggerty
Bill Haggerty
Ernie Paschoal
Ernie & Carol Paschoal
Judy & Cliff Berryman
Bea Cole, Judy & Cliff Berryman
Windblown Witness
Dave Carsten, Wally Cole,
Joe Ramos Jr., George Berryman
Jerry Robinson, Dave Carsten
Charles King
Charles King
George LaDam
George LaDam
Keith Ewton
Wally Cole
Wally Cole
Roland Johnson, Jerry & Dawn Lehrer
2008 Board: (L-R) Martha McGowan, Dave Gardner, Kim Crosser, Christy Copeman, Jennifer Reinhardt, Jim Duncan, John Straub and
Ted Myrus with MC Mark Shevitz at the podium
The 2008 event chairs gather in front of the stage
Windblown Witness
March 2009
2009 Board: (L-R) Martha McGowan ‘09 Board Advisor, Neil Heimburge, Kim Crosser, President Dave Gardner, Curt Yaws, Rikki
Schroeder, Jennifer Reinhardt and Chuck Sharp
The 2009 event chairs
Volume 50 Number 3
Windblown Witness
1. Mike Brown
2. Keith bossy-boots Verlaque
3. Legendary MC Mark Shevitz
4. Monique Straub
5. Dan Chambers & Monica Bockman
6. Vic Elford books awaiting his signature.
7.(Event organizer) Katina Gonzalez with Mark Shevitz
8. SDR Family of the Year Erik, Katie and Mark Kinninger
9. Dan Chambers, Greg Phillips and Vic Elford
10. PCA Zone 8 Rep Michael Dolphin
11. PCA founding member Jack Case
12. Rapid Roland Schmidt
13. Bill and Tami Ibbetson (event organizer)
14. The Welcoming Committee
15. Jennifer Reinhardt
Windblown Witness
March 2009
orsche Suspensio
on Tunin
ng Tech Session March 19th
6 – 9 p.m. Miragee Internatio
onal 8448 Mirac
crest Place,, Suite F (o
off Miramaar Road) Mirage w
will review wh
hat the key co
omponents arre of a Porsch
he suspension
n and explain their importance to impro
oving your car’s handling p
performance. The Suspension Tuning TTech session is of benefit to all Porschee owners to u
understand w
what is under yyour car that makes your P
Porsche a spo
orts car and h
how hand
ding performaance can be ffurther enhan
nced by suspeension tuning. Fo
ood and soft drinks will bee provided. In additio
on the Time TTrial Tech Team will perforrm a tech insp
pection on a ccar so that drrivers will be m
more familiar on w
what to look for on their o
own cars befo
ore driving at a major trackk event. w
www.miragein / 858‐581‐1101 Volume 50 Number 3
Windblown Witness
3M Crystalline Automotive
Window Films the ability to
reflect up to 97% of the sun’s
infrared radiation with high
visible light transmission.
“Hands Down The Best Car Care Products
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Automotive Window Films provide a total Sun
Protection Factor (SPF) of well over 1,000.”
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Vinyl Graphics
Windblown Witness
•Vinyl Vehicle graphics
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• Race number s
• Magnetics
• Banner s March 2009
• Custom decals
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engine machine work
1625 Coolidge Avenue
National City 91950
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with integrity & diligence
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• Free pre-purchase inspections,
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• 911 to 89 and VW Type I
100,000 mile engine specials
"I Provide"
• Preventive maintenance,
brakes, suspension, transmission, electrical, engine rebuilding
with 100,000 mile warranty
• Race set-ups, mechanical restoration and a full line of Amsoil
synthetic lubricants
• Legal "Fun sleepers" built from
early Bugs, Campers, Buses 911,
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• German Porsche and VW
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911 & VW air-cooled off-road & street engine specials
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The Most Qualified and Honest German Car Repair!
7953 Mission Gorge
Volume 50 Number 3
Windblown Witness
993 Intake Oil Leak
By Steve Grosekemper
s the last of the air-cooled 911s celebrate over a
decade of service to their owners, they seem to
more closely emulate their earlier air-cooled ancestors.
You see, back in the day… Porsches leaked oil to one
extent or another and that was just the way it was. Hopefully, it was just a small leak that made it smell like a 911
and not something like an elusive James Bond driven DB5.
993s are air-cooled 911s and as they age, they too, will
leak some oil. Some of the leaks seem like a major deal,
but are easy to fix like the lower valve covers. Some are
not so easy to fix like the case through-bolt o-rings.
But not everything is as it appears and that is where
we start our story today.
About the worst leak a 993 can have is leaking case
through-bolts because that means almost complete disassembly of the motor for proper repair. The good news
about this leak is that there is a relatively easy-to-repair
item that tries to disguise itself as leaking case throughbolts.
This item is the lower intake resonance flap seal which
can be found on 1996 and later 993s with the VarioRam
intake system. The resonance flap can be found attached
to the bottom side of the intake manifold just left of center.
This unit looks like a standard throttle plate that simply
changes the length of the intake air flow tract to give the
engine a broader torque and horsepower curve. As time
marches on, the engine wears and creates more blow-by.
Blow-by is oil vapor in the crank case. This vapor is then
drawn into the intake system to be burned by the engine
and cleaned by the emission control devices.
The older an engine gets, the higher the quantity of
oil vapor created in the blow-by gas. A portion of this oil
vapor mix will condense in the cool intake manifold. The
portion that does not get burned by the engine will pool
on the bottom of the intake manifold.
It pools right on top of the seal for the resonance flap
and it leaks out onto the top of the motor (see image).
Leaking intake resonance flap with blower and ducting
As this item continues to leak, the oil cascades down
the left side of the motor and eventually covers the case
through-bolts with oil. That would be the disguising part
of the oil leak.
Repair is not as difficult as it might seem. The flap is
wedged between the intake manifold and the fan housing with about 5mm of clearance. The problem is the unit
is about 75mm in height.
The trick is to separate the intake manifold from the
port flange on the left side so it can be raised high enough
to be able to slide the flap out the bottom of the intake
But before we get carried away, let’s take a closer look
to see if this is really the source of the oil leak. To start
with, we need to get that big blower assembly on the left
side of the engine out of the way.
The resonance flap is hiding under all that black plastic!
Windblown Witness
March 2009
 Remove the 2 mounting screws on the air intake
snorkel (10mm socket). Push this hard plastic air snorkel
to the left and pull it up and out of the car.
Unplug the electrical connector from the front
of the rubber elbow boot just below the two mounting
screws you removed above. (Squeeze metal release bail
on plug to unlock and pull off.)
Loosen the forward hose clamp and pull the large
rubber boot out of the car.
Remove the electrical plug from the left side of
the fan motor. (Carefully squeeze the top and bottom of
this plug to release the plug locks.)
 Loosen the two long 6mm mounting bolts at the
left side of the fan assembly (10mm socket). Be sure not
to misplace the spacer between the fan and the intake
manifold on the rear-most mounting bolt.
 Disconnect the electrical plug (2 red wires) and
the lower vacuum line from the fan blower assembly.
Gently twist and pull this vacuum elbow off as yanking it
will break the delicate plastic vacuum switch. Air will rush
in when the vacuum line is disconnected (if not, you have
a vacuum leak and you need to fix it).
 To really see if it is leaking we need to get a little
better access and remove the rubber air boot on the top
of the of the cooling fan housing. To do this remove the
two 6mm mounting bolts and pull the unit up and out
towards you. There are clips holding the other end in
Now you can get a good look at the resonance flap to
see if that is where your leak is coming from. If it looks
like the one in the beginning of this article, you have
found the source of that oil leak.
Now that we can see the problem all we have to do is
replace that faulty unit and our leak will be gone. Sound
easy enough? Then read on…
Loosen the hose clamps at the top of the rubber intake boots. Use an air nozzle to blow any dirt away
from boots and/or manifolds as you don’t want any dirt
entering the engine when the manifold is lifted up.
Volume 50 Number 3
Loosening the upper clamps will make reassembly easier
 Unbolt the metal sensor plug bracket attached to
the #3 intake manifold leg.
 Using a prying device, lift the left side of the intake manifold up.
 After lifting the manifold, disconnect the vacuum
hose from the resonance flap.
 Reach around the left side of the flap with your
left hand and remove 6mm bolt from the back of the
resonance flap assembly. (Using a ¼ drive ratchet, 1-inch
extension and 10mm ¼ drive socket will give you the best
clearance and leverage to get this bolt out.)
 After the rear bolt is out, remove the front 6mm
mounting bolt and pull the resonance flap and gasket
down and out of the intake manifold.
 With the unit removed, thoroughly clean the
mounting surface of the intake manifold as well as the inside. Stuffing some high quality (absorbent) paper towels
inside the manifold is the best way to get the oil puddles
out. After several minutes of soaking, pull the towels out.
Repeat until the towels come out clean. “Out” is the operative word here. Don’t leave any part of the towel in
the motor. I know, seems silly to even have to mention it
 Carefully install the new resonance flap
993.110.061.03 and gasket 993.110.263.01 making
sure the upper end of the shaft of the resonance flap is
smoothly inserted into the top bushing. Do not force the
assembly as doing so could damage the bushing requiring
Windblown Witness
complete intake manifold removal for repair! The easiest
way to do this is to open and close the flap as the shaft
enters the bushing.
 After the flap is in place, install the mounting
bolts and slowly tighten them alternating from the front
to rear bolts and operating the flap at the same time. This
will ensure nothing is damaged upon installation and will
also avoid any bushing alignment or binding issues.
 Reattach the metal bracket at the #3 intake runner taking notice of the rubber 4-way connecting piece
in the upper left corner of that bracket. If the connector
looks oily, deteriorated or collapsed you should replace it
with a new unit. 993.110.573.00
With the flap assembly replaced and the intake manifold reattached, we will need to do some clean up. Find
some good engine cleaner and soak the entire top of the
motor so it can get everywhere the oil leak did. Remove
the lower engine cover if you haven’t already done so.
Put a pan under the motor to catch all the dirt and oil as
there will be plenty.
After the top of the engine is shiny and clean, you can
reassemble the top of the motor in reverse order. Just
start by reading this article backwards.
Vintage Auto Supplies
with ZDDP Anti-Wear Additives
P.O. Box 901, Yucaipa, CA 92399
Good luck.
Brad Penn
Racing Oil
Windblown Witness
March 2009
Volume 50 Number 3
Windblown Witness
2008 Charity Wrap-Up
Text by Annette and Ralph Linares
Photos by Greg Phillips
s we reflect back on this past year in our role as
Charity Team chairs, Ralph and I are overwhelmed
by the generous support we received from club
friends, members and sponsors alike. We smile with satisfaction knowing that because of all of you, we as a club
have accomplished a great deal to improve the lives of
children throughout San Diego.
Book Drive
We began with the tremendously successful Juvenile Hall Book Drive. This was the creative brainchild of
long-time club members Bob and Kathy McLaughlin.
They shared with us the simple needs of the kids at Juvenile Hall – paperback books. It seems that although
there have been plans for a library at Juvenile Hall for
many years; it has never become a reality. The kids spend
much of their day either in school or confined to their
room, and while in their room, the kids are restricted
from having any recreational items (not even pencils or
pens) other than paperback books. We shared with you
the need, and the club members responded! Throughout the month of September, at all the club events we
were rewarded with your paperback book donations.
When the final count was complete, we had collected
over 600 books to donate to Juvenile Hall. Bob and Kathy
McLaughlin stepped up and took care of their delivery–
Thank You Bob and Kathy!
Socks and Underwear?
Not to rest on our laurels, in October we had a big
month planned for one of our primary charity recipients,
Monarch School. Monarch School is a very special school
that serves homeless children in San Diego. Located in
downtown San Diego near Little Italy, they have created
a sort of sanctuary for these kids, providing education,
breakfast and lunch, medical and dental services, afterschool enrichment programs and the much needed stability that is lacking in other aspects of these children’s
lives. Ralph and I were very fortunate to take a tour of the
school and interact with some of these bright, wonderful kids. The school currently provides 2nd -12th grade
education, and many of the kids enter the school several
grade levels below expectations, but through the wonderful curriculum, most are able to make-up at least 2
grade levels in one year. One of the needs identified by
the school for these special kids is the basics: socks and
underwear. We set out to hold a new sock and underwear drive at all PCASDR events throughout the month
of November. At the completion of our drive, we were
able to collect and donate 339 pairs of socks, 285 pairs
of underwear and 10 t-shirts. The success of this drive is
greatly due to the generosity of one particular club member, Roberto Montoya. Roberto overwhelmed us with a
very large donation of socks and underwear, and anyone
who knows Roberto also knows that his generosity towards kids is famous – thanks Roberto!
Special Dinner
We also planned another special event in November
for the families at Monarch School – a family dinner. This
is a dinner that the school helps organize with the assistance of volunteer groups such as ours to provide a
healthy, hot dinner to the kids and parents of Monarch
School, in order to bridge the gap between home life and
school life and strengthen the parents’ involvement with
their child’s academic pursuits. Mark Smith and Pioneer
Porsche very graciously offered to sponsor the entire dinner, while club member Roberto Montoya and his restaurant Mexi-Cocina did all the cooking. On November 10th,
Michael Harris, John and Monique Straub, Ralph and I all
met with Roberto Montoya and his crew from the restaurant to set up the feast that they had prepared. We all
took a guided tour of the school with the Principal, Sarita
Fuentes and Director of Development, Paula Kelly. We
were all impressed by the terrific programs they have cre-
Annette making a bid at the auction
Windblown Witness
March 2009
economic challenges facing everyone these days, that we
may have some difficulty obtaining donations to the auction or there might be limited bidding activity the night
of the event–boy, were we wrong! Businesses, club members and sponsors alike answered our call for donations,
and by the night of the event we had over 60 items up for
auction. Auction attendees did not disappoint either, as
we had vigorous bidding on all of the auction items. We
were both pleasantly surprised at how things seemed
to run smoothly overall, and the positive feedback we
received from attendees proved our observations to be
correct (thanks for the great feedback from everyone,
but I give Ralph all the credit for having us as organized
as possible and keeping a cool head at all times!) At the
conclusion of our 2 hour auction we had raised a total of
$7,026 for Monarch School and Rady Children’s Hospital. We all should take pride in knowing that in our own
small way, we are helping to improve the lives of children
throughout San Diego.
Ralph with his trusty laptop
ated to make a difference in these children’s lives. After
the tour, it was time to roll up our sleeves and serve the
60 kids, parents and staff members the delicious dinner
that Roberto and his crew had prepared. It was a memorable and moving evening for us all and Michael Harris
was kind enough to write all about our adventures in an
article in the January 2009 Witness. We are extremely
appreciative of Mark Smith and Pioneer Porsche for
sponsoring this dinner, Roberto Montoya and his crew at
Mexi-Cocina for cooking and setting up a beautiful buffet,
and to John and Monique Straub and Michael Harris for
giving of themselves and their time to help serve dinner
to these families.
Silent Auction
The grand finale of our year was the annual Charity
Auction at the Installation Dinner. This year, the event
was held at the beautiful Paradise Point Resort and our
Silent Auction was meant to be the largest fundraiser for
the year and would benefit both Rady Children’s Hospital
and Monarch School. Neither Ralph nor I were novices at
the auction, as we had been involved with several over
the past few years. That experience certainly helped us
immensely in our planning and preparation for the event.
Ralph was instrumental in setting up computer programs
to keep us organized (I definitely do not have any technical skills to offer in that arena!) We also recruited a bit
of extra help for the night of the event, with John and
Monique Straub as always willing to lend a hand and
Steve and Sharon Grosekemper stepping up to assist
with check-in and check-out at the auction (thanks John,
Monique, Steve and Sharon, you all were a tremendous
help!) We were a little concerned that with the current
Volume 50 Number 3
John Straub, bidding pen in hand
We cannot adequately express our gratitude to all of
the sponsors, businesses and club members who helped
to make our charity auction a success. Ralph and I were
truly amazed by the generosity and support everyone
has shown us throughout our time as the charity chairs,
without all of you, none of our events would have been
successful. We have truly enjoyed the experience – Thank
you all!
Windblown Witness
On behalf of PCASDR, the Charity Team
wishes to express our sincerest appreciation to
these businesses and individuals who helped
us raise over $7,000 at our Installation
Dinner Charity Auction supporting Monarch
School and Rady Children’s Hospital. Through your generosity, we
have been able to help improve the lives of San Diego children.
Angela & Tiffany Avitt
Michael & Sue Harris
Birch Aquarium
Hoehn Porsche
Black Forest
John & Bonnie Rickard
John Kinkaid
The Kinninger Family
Bling Ragz
Leslie Shirley
La Jolla Cove Suites
Neil Heimburge
Kenyon Blower
Martha McGowan & Keith Verlaque
Blue Jeans & Bikinis
Monica Bockman & Dan Chambers
Mirage International
Jae Lee
Tom & Susan Brown
Jack & Ginny Case
Katina Gonzalez
Mary Clark
Dick & Rikki Schroeder
Roger Castle
Skip Products, Inc.
Skip Shirley
Vic Elford
Monique Straub
Goldfish Consulting
Jad Duncan & Ralph Linares
Terry Wells
Steve Hall
Paul & Ruth Young
Windblown Witness
March 2009
With the addition of our new Escondido location, it’s even easier to save time and money on all your
Auto Reconditioning needs. PCA Members can take advantage of a 5% discount on all services at either
location (parts excluded). Please stop by either location for a free written estimate on any of our services.
Volume 50 Number 3
Windblown Witness
Brake Fluid Basics
By Yolanda A. Facio
topping power is an all-too-critical element Porsche
owner’s expect and demand from their cars. Although the brake system has many important components, for this article we want to focus on just brake
fluid. Brake fluid is an often times neglected service issue
and, yet, brake fluid can be the difference between stopping and the alternative; not stopping.
Brake fluid is a type of hydraulic fluid. Brake fluids are
specified DOT based on minimum specifications outlined
by the Department of Transportation. Dot 3 and Dot 4
specified fluids, which have poly glycol ethers in them,
are hydroscopic. Hydroscopic means that the fluid is water absorbing; this allows the fluid to mix with water and
still perform adequately. Brake fluid has several different important characteristics including compressibility,
viscosity and boiling point. Because the hydraulic brake
system relies on the compression of the brake fluid to
transfer braking force to your vehicle’s brake calipers,
the fluid must have a low compressibility point even with
temperature variation. A brake fluid must also maintain
a constant viscosity under changing temperature conditions. You wouldn’t want to have frozen brake fluid in
your fluid lines while skiing up in Northern Arizona!
Finally, the most critical feature of brake fluid for
Porsche owners is boiling point. Brake fluid has two different boiling point measurements, ‘dry’ and ‘wet’. The
‘dry’ boiling point refers to the temperature that the fluid
will boil with no water present in the system. The ‘wet’
boiling point refers to the temperature at which the fluid
will boil with 3% water by volume in the system.
Because hydroscopic brake fluid will actually draw
moisture in from the surrounding air it starts accumulating water immediately after it leaves the fluid container.
For that reason, it is important to never use fluid from
an opened container. If you must store remaining fluid,
it must be tightly sealed and even then, should not be
stored for more than six months.
At Exotic Motorwerks, we find that brake fluid maintenance is one of the most neglected areas. It is often times
missed when cars are brought in for repair work and not
service work. This is why getting on a scheduled maintenance plan with your shop is so important.
Porsche recommends that brake fluid be changed every 2 years. It is also recommended that the brake fluid be
changed more frequently if the car is used on the track.
If you can see your brake fluid reservoir and the fluid is
not a light clear Karo syrup color, it should be changed. If
you have changed your fluid to a high-temp racing style
fluid, you are not “off the hook”. High-temp fluids are
not less hydroscopic, so they will still absorb moisture.
Because the brake system is under extreme heat and
endures more heat cycles the fluid should be changed
more frequently. High-temp fluids should be changed on
the factory recommended schedule whether or not they
“look” okay.
It is important to note that the brake system is not a
completely sealed system so moisture will accumulate in
the lines, cylinders and calipers; it is inevitable. Because
in Arizona we have a dry climate, brake fluid remains
more useful throughout the 2 years than if you were to
live in a wet climate. A dry climate does not, however,
mean that the fluid can be left for years and years.
Condensation can occur from the heating and cooling cycles the brake fluid undergoes. Once moisture and
condensation build up beyond the DOT specified 3% by
volume, pockets of water can be created. Moisture/water left in the brake system becomes highly corrosive. It
will rust calipers and break down rubber components like
caliper seals and diaphragms in brake cylinders. A vehicle
with brake fluid changed per factory recommendations
will rarely have a caliper failure or brake cylinder failure.
Track Use Specifics
Condensation at the race track creates even bigger
problems. Because water has a boiling point of just 212
degrees Farenheit versus a wet boiling point for non-race
factory brake fluid of 356 degrees Farenheit, it heats up a
whole lot faster. The bigger issue is that water will evaporate leaving air pockets. These air pockets can create a
soft pedal to no pedal at all, leaving the driver without
braking power.
For most casual track drivers, a factory brake fluid will
be sufficient for stopping power. However, if you are a
‘hard-charger’ you may need to switch to a higher temperature fluid. For typical street use Genuine Porsche
Brake Fluid or Pentosin Super Dot 4 are good choices. For
track use, ATE Super Blue or Super Gold are good choices.
For Do-it-Yourselfers, remember that brake fluid is
corrosive and will damage paint. Also, on most every
Porsche the clutch system and brake system share the
same reservoir and fluid, so it is important to flush/bleed
both systems.
Windblown Witness
March 2009
Chassis Masters
Finally, for dedicated track cars with high-use and highheat braking cycles, such as a Cup car, the recommended
brake fluid is Castrol SRF. This fluid differs from the others
we’ve discussed in that it is a silicon based fluid which
means that it is less hydroscopic or less moisture absorbing. Because it is silicon-based, it cannot be mixed with
conventional glycol-based fluids. You must completely
flush the system in order to make the change. One drawback is that the silicon-based fluid has a lower ‘wet’ boiling point and because it absorbs less moisture, corrosive
moisture pockets are created more easily, so more frequently fluid changes are recommended. Another drawback is price, between $70 and $80 per liter.
Other services also available
By Appointment Only
7847 Raytheon Road San Diego, CA 92111
Porsche Locking Differential – PSD
One last area where brake fluid must be changed
regularly is in the PSD system which appeared on early
90’s 928s and 911s. As these cars age, this is becoming a
critical maintenance area because the PSD components
are expensive and some are becoming discontinued. The
928 is especially critical as it has a separate reservoir that
must be flushed.
Happy motoring!
Reprinted by permission from the February edition of
Going Places, the AZ region newsletter. Motorwerks, Inc.
Volume 50 Number 3
Windblown Witness
Windblown Witness
March 2009
We are pleased to welcome the
following new members to the San
Diego Region.
Douglas Close
San Diego, CA
1978 924
Oliver Feldhausen
Carlsbad, CA
1999 996 Cab
Ken Fiorelli
Cardiff By The Sea, CA
2006 Cayman S Coupe
John Grant
Solana Beach, CA
1996 993
Peter Greenberg & Brandon
San Diego, CA
2004 911 C4S Coupe
Mark Hattendorf &
Peggy Hattendorf
Encinitas, CA
1985 911
Dallas Jones & Sharon Jones
La Mesa, CA
2003 986 Cab
Erwin Mascardo & Nina Mascardo
San Diego, CA
2008 Cayman Coupe
John McGuiness
Winchester, CA
2009 Carrera 4S & 2008 Cayman S
Hyder Rabbani & Anna Rabbani
Escondido, CA
2003 Carrera 4S Coupe
Fredric Rapp
San Diego, CA
1986 944
Mark Richey & Carolina Richey
Carlsbad, CA
1971 911 E Targa
Hee West
Poway, CA
2006 911 Cs Coupe
Edmond Young
La Jolla, CA
2006 C 2S Cab
Linda Young & Martin Mattingly
San Diego, CA
2003 Boxster Cab
Five Years...
Gordon Cruse
Doug Dawson
Mark Garriott
Michael James
Laura Manz
New Members
Ten Years...
Russell Dickerson
Gloria Fishkin
Chris Friddle
Jose Galeano
Rod Mountain
Ron Ramirez
Ronald Rice
John Simone
John Turk
Twenty Years...
Ed Allen
J Butsko
San Diego Region’s membership
currently stands at 1414 ­primary
members and 1096 ­secondary members, for a total of 2510.
Join, Renew, Update
Membership in San Diego Region
is handled by PCA’s national office.
To join, renew, or change your membership information, visit www.pca.
For questions about your
membership status or delivery of
your Windblown Witness, send
e-mail to membership@pcasdr.
The World needs more KINNINGERS
I want to publicly say a big THANK YOU to Mark and Erik Kinninger. Erik Kinninger was performing a tech inspection
on my car at the January autocross at Qualcomm stadium. Erik notified me that my front brake pads were right at the
wear limit. He called over his dad, Mark, who confirmed Erik’s findings. Mark told me that the Black Forest shop was
open and if I wanted to go and get some new pads, he would install them. As I have a tendency to be a tad anal, I try to
be prepared for almost anything that could go wrong with my Porsche when I go to the track. I carry around a box with
various car incidentals, including a new set of brake pads. I also have my jack and lug wrench stashed away in that box.
I showed Mark I had everything necessary to change the brake pads. I think he was a little surprised that I had all the
needed items at my fingertips. After he was done with his tech inspection duties, he showed up at my car with his tool
kit and went to work. With the help of Keith Verlaque, the new set of brake pads were installed on my car, the wheels
back on, the wheel nuts torqued, and everything was ready to go in less than15 minutes – I was amazed!!
I thought this was an extremely generous offer on Mark’s behalf and demonstrates why the Kinninger family was
selected as SDR Family of the Year. Once again, this showed me what a wonderful region San Diego Region is as I see
selfless gestures like this time and time again.
I owe a HUGE thank you Mark and Erik for helping to keep me safe! Thank you Erik for clearly exhibiting integrity in
handling your tech inspection responsibilities and for not being afraid to tell me I wouldn’t be able to drive on worn
brake pads! Thank you Mark for taking time to help me. I’m proud to be a member of San Diego Region – we really
are the best! Martha McGowan
Volume 50 Number 3
Windblown Witness
Monthly Board Meeting
February Meeting
The following highlights are adapted from formal meeting
minutes prepared by Secretary Rikki Schroeder. Members
who wish a copy of the full minutes should send e-mail to
The February Board of Directors meeting was held at
the home of Curt and Janet Yaws. Board members in attendance were Dave Gardner, Neil Heimburge, Curt Yaws, Kim
Crosser, Chuck Sharp, Martha McGowan, Rikki Schroeder
and Jennifer Reinhardt. The meeting was called to order at
7:05. Minutes from the January meeting were approved
Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Kim Crosser reported on account balances
reconciliation. Major income sources in January included
the Autocross, Installation Dinner reservations, Windblown Witness advertising and Time Trial Pre-Registration.
Major expenses in January included the Installation Dinner, the Willow Springs Time Trial/DE and the Autocross.
Two months of covers for the Windblown Witness were
purchased. Finally, California sales taxes for Goodie Store
sales were paid.
At the Installation Dinner, we recorded $7,026 in Charity Auction sales.
In recognition of Bill Bohorquez’ long tenure and extensive contributions to the Club, $250 in his memory was donated to “Bill’s 4-H Memorial” fund.
President’s Report
Dave Gardner thanked Martha McGowan, Tami Ibbetson and Katina Gonzalez for a great Installation Dinner. The
event was certainly a success.
Dave Gardner reported that there are still open Chair
positions: Charity, Goodie Store. Volunteers are needed.
A Tech session will be held at Mirage International on
March 19. They will show how a car is inspected for various performance driving events.
Dave Gardner asked for a discussion on Board Meeting hosting expenses. The current budget is not enough
to serve 30-50 people, including beverages, and was set
several years ago. Prices have increased significantly. The
amount of $450 was suggested. Kim Crosser moved approval and Neil Heimburge seconded the motion. In discussion, Jennifer Reinhardt added that noise and other issues will be monitored and that the Board can re-visit the
issue in the future if deemed necessary. The motion was
approved unanimously. The new limit for dinner is $450/
Dave Gardner submitted a budget request for 11 Regional Procedures Manuals (RPM’s). Neil Heimburge and
Curt Yaws made the motion and seconded it respectively.
The motion was approved unanimously.
An Equipment Chair is badly needed. It is the only way
that events will move smoothly. A description of this Chair
position will be sent to Dave Gardner and he and the AX
Chairs will try to fill the position at the next AX. No action
was taken.
It was agreed that business cards are only needed for
the President, Membership Chair, and selected others.
Chuck Sharp reported that he can do them if the number
needed by each is under 20. Dave Gardner will work with
Chuck Sharp to get business cards for those who need
Martha McGowan showed a prototype badge. She will
order 75 badges the cost of which is within the budget approved at the January meeting.
Dave Gardner again asked for a liaison to work with the
California Festival of Speed volunteers. Some names were
suggested and Dave Gardner will contact them.
Chair Reports
Autocross. (AX, pre-reg, reg, CW, equip, logistics, safety,
tech inspect, tech adv, timing) Tom Brown submitted a
budget request for wireless adapters for the timing system in the amount of $800. These will allow wireless
connection to the displays. Chuck Sharp moved approval
and Neil Heimburge seconded the expenditure. It was
approved unanimously.
Tom Brown noted that he spent several hours on the
phone with Race America, the makers of the new timing equipment. He explained that new infrared emitters
and additional software improvements should reduce or
eliminate the problems noted at the last AX. Neil Heimburge moved to upgrade all 3 units at a not to exceed
price. Kim Crosser seconded the motion which was approved unanimously.
Bill Behun submitted a budget request for AX through
June. Kim Crosser moved approval and Chuck Sharp seconded the motion which passed unanimously.
Bill Behun submitted a budget request for additional
concrete that was used to repair the Qualcomm parking lot. The January approved amount was not nearly
enough. Rikki Schroeder moved approval and Neil Heimburge seconded the motion which was approved unanimously.
Tom Brown asked what the Board would like to do
with the old displays and cases. Curt Yaws offered to try
and sell the old equipment on E-Bay.
Auto Museum. Correction to last month’s minutes: Mi-
Windblown Witness
March 2009
Volume 50 Number 3
Tours. Martin Lipp requested approval of tour dates.
February 15-Borrego Boogie-Type 2; March 21-Black
Diamond-Type 4; April 26-Type 2; June 6-Black DiamondType 4. Jennifer Reinhardt moved approval of the dates
and Curt Yaws seconded the motion which was approved
Web Team. Keith Verlaque reported that we must have a
good showing at the Symbolic Tech Session.
He also reported that the Web team met last Saturday
to divide duties. They requested that Dave Gardner be
the only contact to avoid duplication and misunderstanding. He submitted a budget request to buy a new version
of Dreamweaver. Curt Yaws moved approval and Neil
Heimburge seconded the motion which was approved
Witness Team. Susan Brown asked for assistance on
event flyers. Several people are needed to meet the
need. Jennifer Reinhardt volunteered to put out a call for
volunteers on the Forum.
Unfinished Business
New Business
Kim Crosser reported that those who pre-register for a
DE or Time Trial, but then cancel, have 5% of their prepaid
feed subtracted from their refund, while AX cancellations
are fully refunded, despite a consistent cost to the Club
of 4% of the pre-registration fee for the on-line service.
Kim Crosser moved that the prepaid AX cancellations be
fully refunded minus a flat fee of $2 and that prepaid DE’s
and Time Trial cancellations be fully refunded minus 4% of
their pre-registration charges. Rikki Schroeder seconded
the motion which was approved unanimously.
Dave Gardner asked when this would be implemented.
It was decided that this would be started in March. Faxed
in entries will be discontinued in June.
Old Business
Martha McGowan presented several budget reconciliations for the Installation Dinner, Vic Elford’s speaker expenses, awards and the yearbook printing. Rikki Schroeder
moved approval of the revised budget reconciliations and
Jennifer Reinhardt seconded the motion which was approved unanimously.
Jack Case provided corrections for the membership
The meeting was adjourned at 9:40. The next meeting
will be held March 4 at the home of Neil and Julie Heimburge.
The Yaws were thanked for hosting the Board meeting.
Windblown Witness
Monthly Board Meeting
chael Harris gave the report rather than Bill Allen. Dave
Gardner noted that the new Museum show is about Hot
Rods. Club members were urged to support this show.
John Straub noted that there is a Cars and Coffee event
sponsored by the Museum on February 15. On February
19, 6:00 pm, Parnelli Jones is speaking at the Auto Museum.
Charity. A new Chair is needed for Charity. Annette
Linares reported that the Auction raised over $7,000
through the sale of 61 items. There are supplies left over
for next year.
DE. (DE, pre-reg, reg, CW, equip, logistics, safety, tech
inspect, tech adv). Carl Scragg submitted two budget requests for a DE on March 14 and for a Monday event at
the California speedway on June 15. Curt Yaws moved approval and Chuck Sharp seconded the first motion which
was approved unanimously. Kim Crosser moved approval
and Curt Yaws seconded the motion which was approved
Goodie Store. A new Chair is needed to operate the
Goodie Store.
Insurance. Tom Golich handed out additional waiver
forms. He noted that he has applied to National for insurance certificates for all the upcoming events except
tours. He was trying to get the master permit for Qualcomm events.
Social. Angela Avitt agreed to set up the Motorhead
Mondays. She has three currently scheduled for April 13,
May 11 and November 30. Rikki Schroeder moved approval of the dates and Jennifer Reinhardt seconded the
motion. It was approved unanimously.
David Gardner noted that we still needed someone to
volunteer to set up a Mystery Weekend, Progressive Dinner and other “one-time” events.
Sponsor Liaison. Curt Yaws reported that he met with
Hoehn Motors. They are interested in doing a Tech Session about the new Panamera.
Tech Sessions. Sheila Steverson reported that the Tech
Session with Pioneer will be held on April 18. They will
introduce the new Boxster and Cayman. The Porsche Car
Clinic will be held at the same time. There will be a session at Bumper Doc on June 13 at the Escondido location.
She asked for approval of those two dates. Curt Yaws
moved approval and Chuck Sharp seconded the motion
which was approved unanimously.
Time Trial. (TT, pre-reg, reg, equip, safety, tech inspect,
tech adv, timing) Chuck Sharp submitted rough budget
reconciliation for the Time Trial. Other minor corrections
were made and it was noted that the event made money.
Curt Yaws moved acceptance and Rikki Schroeder seconded the motion which as approved unanimously.
Car Trailer For Rent - great open top car
trailer, has an optional tire rack, storage box,
all equipment, ready to go.
or (619) 299-6645
RACE CAR RENTAL Local AX, arrive and
drive, 944 spec rental. $300 w/ instruction from
23 yr PCA driver. 944’s also available for big
track DE’s & TT’s. Tim Comeau 619.994.0919
Street Cars
$8,000. 911 CARERRA RS or RSR Own the
vintage Porsche you’ve always dreamed about
owning, while retaining the reliability, and performance, of a newer car. All for as little as
$8,000. (if you supply the donor car). How
about a ’73 911RS, in white with red scripts?
Or an RSR in Martini Racing trim? We specialize in inexpensively, quickly, and beautifully
back-dating 1978 to 1989 SCs, Carreras, and
cars from that same period with Turbo flares.
Give us a call to discuss your budget and your
vision. Call Larry at 619.955.3974 or Jason at
619.867.6637 at GT Motorsport USA. Ask for
our FREE e-brochure. Or email us at larry@ or
1968 911L Rare soft window Targa. Newly
upholstered seats with black/white checkered
inserts. No accidents or rust. Very nice driver
with excellent mechanicals. $38,000 (858)
1973 914-6 conversion Black/ Black - Great
track car candidate or fun street car. New
brakes but still needs work. Asking $6,500.
Call Clark (760) 603-8593
1974 911 Targa 2.7 Ltr Gold Metallic with
black vinyl interior. VIN9114110048. Very
good driver with excellent mechanicals. Smog
exempt. $12,500 OBO (858) 586-7771
1974 914 2.0 Yellow w/ Black Interior. Very
good condition and alot of fun. $8,500 call
Clark. (760) 603-8593
1978 911SC Coupe Blk/ Blk, 82K original
miles, strong motor/ trans, factory short shift
kit, new tires/ shocks, $10,000 (858) 6885977
1979 911 SC TARGA 2nd OWNER ..great
condition! have all svc. records must see
$9,350.00 must sell !email for pix, jweitlsr@ (619) 248-8195
1980 911 SC Original metallic blue, complete
exterior restoration, sunroof, sport seats, A/C,
limited slip, interior perfect, cleanest you will
see. $22,000 firm (760) 436-1807
1985 Carrera Coupe Fac Whale tail Blk/ Blk
Superb Condition. 101K miles. Always garaged/ covered. Never Autocrossed. $22K
Firm. Contact for photos/ info. waynebostic@ (619)464-6723
1986 Porsche 944 162k mi blk/blk. Rblt
motor@129k. Religiously maintained. Great
daily or track car. please email for details or call Andy (619) 9520534
Black leather, , everything looks, works like
new. 225/40 and 255/35 F-1 18’ turbo wheels
(760) 716-4486
Mint 1999 Carrera 996 Silver/Blk, 64k miles,
tiptronic, loaded, 6 CD, everything original
$26,500 Call for Pics (619) 520-2303
1989 944 S2 Kinninger owned 944 S2 coupe
123k, very clean, and well maintained, runs
very strong, turbo twist 18 inch wheels. $7000
obo (619) 929-8269
Porsche 2001 911 75Km. Clean CARFAX. Blk
on Lt Gry. Custom Porsche car cover, K&N air
filter and Cat-back exhaust system beefs-up
HP to 315. Turbo twist 18 inch wheels. Maintained by Black Forest Porsche – all records.
$30,900 OBO. for photos.
(619) 575-0363, (619) 534-9546. (619) 5750363
1991 911 Carrera 2 - $19,500 Green exterior, leather tan interior. Tiptronic, A/C, sunroof, power seats. 110,000 miles.; (858) 385-0040.
See Auto Trader ad;
1991 Black 944 s2 gray interior, good condition, all records, original parts, all stock, 200+
k miles, iPod ready, josejoshua73@yahoo.
com, $14,000 O. B. O. (619) 760-3256
1991 Carrera 4 White w/tan soft leather. Excellent condition, new Bilsteins and H&Rs,
rear tires, H4s, 30K service. 180K miles, all
records. $21,900 OBO (619) 997-7552
1995 993 Cabriolet 59000 miles, manual,
black metalic, Litronic, Carbon Fiber, owned
this car for 10 years as a second car., near
perfect $34900 (858) 869-4669
1997 993 For street, DE, TT. Roll bar, suspension by Mirage Int’l. Many extras and records.
62K miles. $35,000.,
(760) 518-6220
1998 993 Cabriolet Glacier white exterior with
midnight blue interior. New top & rear window.
87K miles. Meticulously maintained, garage
kept, no accidents, clean title. Serviced at
Black Forest. Features: 6-speed manual, 18
inch turbo twist wheels with painted Porsche
crests, oval stainless-steel exhaust tips, aluminum shift knob & brake handle, litronix
headlights. Looks & runs great! $26,500 (obo)
(858) 354-5742
SWEET 924 1978 924 no it’s not an “S” sweet
is the price. does not run. needs fuel distrubitor work. new tires/wheels. $200.00 (619)
1984 Europ. Spec. 911 Carerra Targa-231
hp 3.2 Liter. Orig registered in Zurich, Switzerland. Garage kept, excellent condition, well
maintained show/weekender, black $26,500
(619) 850-5885
Track/Race Cars
89 944 Turbo #151 KI Well sorted POC/ PCA
& street legal. Info at http:// www.geocities.
com/ main.html E-mail: mats@ $20k (858) 794-6910
1993 RSA D/E T/T RACE ready. Needs nothing. OEM & BBS wheels. New 710’s. Sparco
6pt. Bar, fire system... priced to sell. 619-9523663. $38,500.
2001 Boxster My LS Boxster is going up for
sale. Top ten car, blast to drive! 15,700 details carl v. Cell 619
8469800 (858) 456-1216
94 964 C4 Street/Track Factory Widebody;
Silver/ black; beautiful condition; R6 POC
&GT3S PCA race legal; street legal; $36000/
BO (858) 456-2480
2002 TWIN TURBO $54,995. 9,625 Miles!
Always Garaged! Silver Metallic Exterior/
Grey Interior. Metal Door Sill Model Insignas.
Manual trans. Has all the standard goodies!
95-993 Race Car $32,500 Priced to sell: Call
for list of all modifications; trailer included
(760) 223-6678: Steve
911 street / track car. If your looking for a 911
with all the trick stuff, this is the one. Complete and ready to go, 3.2 conversion, Carrera
brakes, suspension upgreads, to much to list.
Call John Simone @ (760) 940-1244
Barter: Trailer 4 storage Barter use of 20 foot
enclosed TPD trailer in excellent condition for
secure storage. Steve
(858) 663-7861
944 Concours Show Car 1984 Porsche Zone
8 Class Champion. Meticulously cared for top
to bottom. 35K original miles, 2.5L, 5-speed,
air, sunroof. Garaged. Featured in European
Car Magazine 2/2005. $18K Contact :Steve
Krein (805) 630-6078
2001 911 Carera Coupe Jungle green/light
tan. Most options, well maintained, 6 speed,
recent rear tires, 70k miles, $35K, Carlsbad,
CA (760) 602-0664
MERCED-BENZ SL500 Roadster Cnv SL
500 Convertible. Red with Hard Top and Black
Soft Top. 16,000 miles. 1995 Mint condition.
Best offer. (858) 454-3113
1987 Carrera Coupe 26,900 57K MILES,
Beautiful original paint, Red with guards.
Pristine 82 911SC Targa Beautiful jet black
exterior with custom-ordered cork leather interior including dashboard. New rear brakes/
upgraded valance/ polished alum. Fuch 7’ &
8’s, new Michelin Pilot Sport tires, new momo
leather wheel & shifter, both front seat bolsters
replaced, new Targa folding top and much
much more recent mechanical & cosmetic
work performed. (858) 837-0726 $21K OBO
Windblown Witness
944S Seats Tan leather 944S seats w/3 point
belts. Driver side power seat, passenger side
manual. Tear in center of each. $200 obo.
Mark (858) 864-3163
911 Carrera stainless muffler Band B style
low restriction. Will work on 911SC. $200.
Also Carrera front radiator cooler. $250. Carrera a/c parts (call with needs) (619)733-5500
(619) 593-4053 (619) 593-4053
Boxster S Wheels Two 7Jx17ET55, two
8.5Jx17ET50. Good condition. Includes used
Michelin PilotSport Cups, still good for DE’s
ora track weekend. $650 Russell rdshon@ (858) 442-7466
March 2009
SPARCO SEAT evo 3 (large body) used once,
no rails/up rights, sat on shelf. small sratches
on back. also bottom holes. 02 on bottom.
$300.00 (619) 952-3663
Goodyear F1 GSD3s 265/40-18 2 New,
never mounted Goodyear F1 GSD3 tires,
size265/40-18, perfect for 997/987s. Great
Max perf street tire. $450 Russell rdshon@ (858) 442-7466
’77 PORSCHE 911S 2.7L ENGINE 81K miles,
intact, in car, excellent condition. Drive it before I transplant it. $3000
Factory harness roll-over bar for 911 coupe
(99-09) in stainless steel with installation kit.
Brand new, still in original package. 890$. (917) 826-9100
944 Weltmeister Harness Bar almost brand
new harness bar for a 944. Used it one weekend on the track, moving up to full cage. $100/
bo Rims, tires ’02 MY 5 spokes with Hankook Z211 track tires, 10 heat cycles 1500.00.
1-265x35zr18 & 1-285/35zrx18 Dulop SportRace loose tires 50.00 ea. (760) 745-4404
BBS motorsport wheels 18” 18 x 8.5 + 10.0
for 993. used $2800 18 x 10 + 12 for 911 w/
fenders $3000, call jae
(858) 581-1101
Bridgestone RE-01Rs 235/40-17 2 Bridgestone RE-01R tires, size 235/40-17, ~70%
tread (6/32”), great condition. Great street/
stock tire. $220 Russell
(858) 442-7466
Stebro BoxsterS Racing Exhaust NEW,
never mounted. 100% Stainless steel, thrumufflers, minimal weight, perfect for 986 BSR/
Race car. Or just Bloud. $600 Russell (858) 442-7466
225/255-17 Kumho Victoracers New set of 4
Victoracer V700’s, 2 x 225/45-17, 2 x 255/4017, full tread, never mounted, stored ingarage.
$550 Russell (858) 4427466
18” Turbo Twist $900 Wheels/ tires, painted
caps included. Front: 7.5Jx18” wheels, Potenza 225/40 ZR 18 tires. Rear: 10Jx18”, Potenza
S-02A 265/35ZR 18 tires. (858) 673-8972
15x7 and 15x8 Fuchs fuchs/center caps/alloy
lug nuts. looking for phone dials/cookie cutters
and some r888’s. Make an offer or trade. 714280-3608
Porsche 911 Transmission Model #902/2
- Fits Porsche 911-1967 model SERIAL
#225687 This is a complete unit which had a
routine rebuild performed by a Porsche factory mechanic. Transmission is ready to be
installed. Filled with Royal Purple synthetic
75-90 gear lube. Tranny can be delivered for
a fuel fee in Zone 8 PCA (Southern California,
Nevada and Arizona). Outright cost is approx.
$2,000 with 12 month warranty. Without warranty, cost is $1,800 approx. Exchange price
for proper model is $1,500, approx. Call Volker
Bruckmann at 619-219-1048 cell; 619-4490262 or 760-765-2149 & leave message. Ask
about other Porsche engines and Transmissions-custom units available. (760) 765-2149
944 Turbo Performance Parts test pipe
(hollow catalytic converter) $200, Lindsey booster enhancer (great with test pipe)
$60, harness bar (fits any 924/944/968)
Volume 50 Number 3
‘65-73 911 Wanted Looking for a coupe or
Targa for a reasonable price, nice example or
a project considered, call (909)583-1894
looking for a 2.4 6 cil 911 targa complete engine email
PORSCHE 1971 911T ENGINE 2.2 Engine
and transmission from a 1971 911T, good running conditions, complete with carburators
3500.00 619) 207-5618
Wanted: Truman Motors, San Diego Motor Imports or other Porsche Dealer License
Frames. Porsche books, Posters. Also Minilite
8X15 or 9X15 wheels. (619) 667-4423
WELTMEISTER (front sway bar kit...) DROP
LINKS ONLY single side threaded, complete,
cheap $30.00 (619) 952-3663
Wanted dead or alive 3.2 Carrera coupe.
High miles ok. I also buy race cars. Mark Kinninger (619)733-5500
TRACK DOT TYRES (2)NEW 275/40/17
KuhmoV710 $400. (2)NEW 275/40/17HoosierR3S03 $300. (2)NEW 315/35/17HoosierR3S03 $400. (619) 952-3663
WTB 16x8 Fuchs Am looking for a pair of reasonable condition 16x8 Fuchs for an 87 911.
Black center or polished petals OK. (760) 9449576
Removable Hard Top for 2001 Boxster, Lapis
Blue, excellent condition - $750 (858) 4878276
WTB: 03/04 Boxster Conv Top: Looking to
buy a complete convertible top from 20032004 Boxster, black top preferred. (619) 3022136
19” Zone 3 Chrome Wheels Wheels are 19” X
8.5” front and 19” X 11” rear with 4” lip. Wheels
only. (I run 315/25/19 and 235/35/19s). Off of
a 996 Turbo, will fit all 996 wide body cars.
Near perfect condition. $6,000 when new.
Asking $3500.00. Bill (760) 208-7939
B&M Short Shifter Kit Brand New, fits all
986/987 Boxster, Cayman, 996/997 Carrera/
Turbo/ GT2/ GT3. Still sealed complete kit
with two sets bushings and grease. $200/ obo.
(619) 302-2136
964 rear drop links. Pair of lightly used drop
links from rear of 1990 C2 (964). $20. Call Kris
@ (858) 775-8744
Colgan Custom 2-piece bra for 2006 Cayman S. Black, hood piece used on one drive.
Free to club member. Ralph (951) 704-5876
964 spring plates. Pair of used spring plates
from rear of 1990 C2 (964). Free to PCA member. Call Kris @ (858) 775-8744
Schroth harness pads Set of four used
Schroth racing harness shoulder pads. Black
with yellow logos. $10. Call Kris @ (858) 7758744
996 2003 Carrera Targa wheels two front 8J
x 18 H2 50 mm offset, two rear 11JX18 H2
63 mm offset. $800
(760) 643-9495
FUEL PUMP 1975 came off a 911s, oem,
works great, $100.00.# 619-952-3663.
1990 Carrera 4 stock wheels 16” set $150.00
obo (619) 266-2025
1979 911-SC Project Car I have a 1979 911SC Coupe with a 3.0 litre engine and 5 sp
trans that I disassembled in 1984 with hopes
of creating a real show stopper. However, I
have never gotten beyond the dissassembly
stage and am now forced to sell it. It is light
metallic blue with black leather interior and
has most options available for that year model,
including, AC, power windows, power sunroof,
power antenna and fuel inj. Because it is disassembled, it cannot be driven and requires a
trailer to be moved. The car is currently in storage and available to be viewed by interested
parties. All original parts are either with the car
or stored in boxes. Call Mark Renard for more
info. (619) 944-3890
Windblown Witness
old sign 18”x24” outdoor sign with black lettering and border on reflective white ground.
$75.00 Sign reads in three separate lines:
(2”h) CARR-CHLOS (2”h) --------> (3”h) CAR
PARK (619) 990-6978 Elizabeth
Aerial Photography and Video Low level
aerial photography and High Definition video
service. Remote Control Helicam allows the
capturing of unique aerial photography. (858)
ATTENTION: Calling all Auto-Crossers and
Time Trialers, this is your opportunity to save
$$ when it comes time to change those worn
out used up tires. Bring them to me, ‘Ron’s Tire
Swap’. Using the newest and latest tire changing and wheel balancing equipment I can service all your tire changing needs. Rates are
as follows: Tire Removal, Installation, and Balancing included for $25.00 per wheel, That’s
right, just for $25.00 ea. I will even dispose of
your old tires if you prefer for as little as $4.00
ea., or you can take them with you. Call for
your appointment today @ 858-583-8440.
(858) 583-8440
Best Performing Engine Oil Amsoil Synthetics:! Best Performance and Wear
Protection! 5W-40 European Blend and 0W30 in stock: Local Delivery! Call/email today! (951) 479-8483
BOXSTER STUFF Wind deflector (needs
tabs) $75. Radio, stock $75. Porsche backpack $25. All in good shape. (619) 295-9702
Hot Lap timer $140. G-Force arm restraints,
driver & passenger, $20. Charlie (619) 2249317
Old Panoramas Free to a good home -10
years of Panorama in excellent condition. Call
to arrange pickup. Tom at (858) 755-4986
CAR STORAGE ! Store your car / truck Indoor, safe, secure. Monthly / Yearly. San Diego (858) 581-1101
Business Directory
BetterBodies Motorsports Porsche Polyurethane Body Parts For 997, 996, Boxster, 993,
Fuchs, 15x7 & 15x8 Great condition, both
platinum and black centers, will sell in pairs,
contact Don Middleton - email: Don@midkam.
com, or phone: (619) 668-4822
964, 930, 911. Spoilers, Bumpers, Fenders,
Wings. Visit our San Diego Showroom (619)
High Performance Motorsports Porsce,
BMW, etc. Buy any new (Factory), used,
leased, auctioned vehicles at Dealer Wholesale pricing. All Vehicles. (858) 735-1013
High Performance Motorsports Buy
Porsches w inspection reports, carfax receipts
under blue book. Porsches Approx 10% to
50% under KBB (858) 7351013
Classified Ad Policies
Members of San Diego Region PCA may place, at no cost, ads of up to
25 words to buy, sell, or trade specific items. Member ads of more than 25
words are charged at 20 cents per additional word.
Non-member, business, or commercial ads are charged at 40 cents per
All classified ads must be placed through the club’s web site:
The classified ads service is managed by the AD2AD Network (www.
Pictures by Mark Rondeau
Windblown Witness
March 2009
Performance Driving Events
PCA-SDR offers a variety of performance driving events for drivers of all skill levels.
Autocross (AX)
An autocross is a fun, competitive event, normally held on a
large parking lot such as the ones
at Qualcomm. Traffic cones are
used to define a twisty course,
which drivers attempt to navigate,
one car at a time, as quickly as
You’ll need only your car’s normal equipment (seat belts, etc.),
plus a helmet that meets Snell
2000 safety standards or better.
The club offers helmets for rent.
Plan to arrive early with a full tank
of gas, and remove anything that’s
loose from the car’s interior. Your
car must pass a brief safety inspection.
Inexperienced autocrossers will
be provided with instructors at no
additional cost. The club also offers
a biannual Performance Driving
School, which teaches techniques
that are useful in autocross.
The standard autocross registration fee is $40 per car if preregistered (by the Tuesday before
the event), or $60 after that.
Driver Education (DE)
Driver Education is the next
step beyond autocross. A DE lets
you experience continuous lapping and limited passing in a highly structured fashion. Speeds are
generally faster than in autocross,
but DEs are not timed.
DEs are usually run in large
parking lots or other open areas,
using traffic cones; occasionally
they are run on race tracks. Unlike autocrosses, where cars exit
the track after each lap, DE cars
remain on the course for an entire
session. Since they run the course
in groups, not individually, they
must also deal with traffic. Limited
passing is expected.
DEs are not entry-level events.
At least eight days of autocross experience is required. Safety equipment requirements are more
stringent than for autocross. Instructors are always available to
assist students or those wishing to
improve their skills.
The entry fee is normally $60
per car if pre-registered, or $80
­after that.
Time Trial (TT)
A time trial is a competitive
driving-education event, often run
on a major race track over a weekend. During practice runs, multiple
cars are on the course simultaneously, running continuous laps,
just as in a DE. Passing is expected
and required.
Saturday’s program usually provides practice runs. Sunday offers
practice runs in the morning and
timed runs without traffic later
in the afternoon. Although this is
a competitive event against the
clock, it is not wheel-to-wheel racing.
Time trials are not entry-level
events. Safety equipment requirements are more stringent than
for autocross. Participation is limited to licensed participants or
students, who must have at least
eight days of autocross experience. Instructors are available to
assist new student drivers.
Time trials typically cost $295,
with a $50 discount for first-time
drivers; late registration fees
For complete information on all types of events, including safety requirements, rules, and eligibility,
consult the club’s web site,, and the Zone 8 web site,
Policies for Stadium Events
• Car must be completely empty, tires
changed, and ready to go, when you arrive at the Tech Inspection line.
• A $10 late fee will be assessed if your car
is not in tech line by 7:30 a.m.
• You will not be allowed to register if your
car is not in the Tech Inspection line by
8:00 a.m.
• All cars must have a car number and class
designation on both sides at all practice
and timed laps. Shoe polish may not be
used for numbers.
• Helmets must meet Snell SA00 or M00
requirements or newer.
Volume 50 Number 3
Stadium Schedule
Tech Inspection
Track Walk
Drivers Meeting
First car out
Contact the Chairs
Driver Ed
Time Trial
Performance Driving School
Windblown Witness
Advertiser Index
356 Services..................................................... 12
All German Auto............................................ 12
Autos International........................................ 37
Black Forest Porsche/BMW Service............... 4
BumperDoc..................................................... 37
Chassis Masters.............................................. 39
The Dent Dude............................................... 40
Dieter’s Porsche & BMW Service................. 32
European Motor Sports................................. 37
Euro-Trim Upholstery................................... 40
Executive Detail.............................................. 33
La Jolla Audio................................................. 33
Land Rover........................................................ 8
Mexi-Cocina Restaurant & Tequileria......... 33
Mirage International...................................... 18
Modern Image................................................ 28
Motor Works, Inc............................................ 29
Ocean Beach Upholstery............................... 19
Pelican Parts.................................................... 29
Personalized Autohaus.................................. 18
Pioneer Centres Porsche...............................BC
RMS Transport................................................ 40
Roger Roberts, Realtor................................... 19
Signature Resources....................................... 15
SpeedZone Paint & Bodyworks................... 29
Symbolic Motor Car Company................. IBC
TAG Motorsports........................................... 19
Trovena............................................................ 40
Velvet Touch Wheel Services........................ 27
Vineyard Specialties....................................... 40
Volker’s German............................................. 29
West Coast Specialties................................... 18
Works Vintage Supply................................... 32
Wheel Enhancement...................................... 29
Special Event Fliers
For display advertising contracts and billing
information, please contact:
Susan Brown
All rates are quoted per month with a minimum commitment of three months. Ads may be
prepaid or automatically billed to credit cards.
Width x Height
7¼ x 9¾”
7¼ x 4¾”
3½ x 4¾”
3½ x 2¼”
Key ­Position
Sizes are strictly maintained. Bleeds are
available only on full-page ads.
We prefer that materials be submitted in
.JPG, .TIF, .EPS or .PDF format. Please send files
to We ­reserve the right to
edit or refuse to print any ad.
Deadline for submitting new ads or changing
existing ads is the first of the month preceding
the issue date. To start, cancel, or inquire about
an ad, contact the Windblown Witness eidtor,
Susan Brown at
NOTE: Information in this section
applies to display ads only. For
information on classified ads,
please see the sidebar within the
classified listings.
SDR DE............................................................ 10
Motorhead Mondays..................................... 10
Goodie Store Online...................................... 17
Mirage Intl Tech Session............................... 27
California Festival of Speed........................IFC
Performance Driving Events........................ 47
Windblown Witness
March 2009
(858) 454-1800
Join Us At Our
2009 Spring Event • March 28 • 10AM – 2PM
at our Service & Restoration Center (below)
OEM Parts and Accessories
Manufacturer’s Warranty
Scheduled Service & Tune-ups
General maintenance & Repairs
Premium Body and Paint Facility
Brake & Suspension Diagnostics & Repair
Hard-to-find Parts and Accessories
Accurate Research & Rebuilding
Engine Rebuilding & Tuning
Complete Powertrain Service & Repair
Remanufacturing of Damaged Parts
Machining and Fabrication Specialists
On-site Event Support for Shows & Races
(858) 350-1393
Susan Brown, Editor
MOVING? Send change of address for the Windblown Witness to:
PCA Executive Office, P.O. Box 5900, Springfield, VA 22150 or submit change via
©2009 Porsche Cars North America. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times.
Is your Porsche tuned to perfection?
You won’t want to miss this first-time event to find out if your Porsche is in top running condition.
• Complimentary 27 point vehicle inspection report
• 15% off any recommended service/repair with appointment made the day of the event,
10% off within 30 days of the event
• Introduction and test drive of the new 2009 Porsche Cayman and Boxster
• Catered lunch by Tio Leo’s Mexican Restaurant
• Complimentary Porsche pen and poster with vehicle inspection
Call today and reserve your opportunity to make your Porsche as perfect as it was meant to be.
Pure Porsche Clinic. April 18, 10am-2pm. RSVP Only.
Pioneer Porsche
Miramar Road
San Diego, CA 92126
Parts and Service
Mon-Fri 7:00AM-6:00PM
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