Hello, after many hours of use and discussions on the french forum

Hello, after many hours of use and discussions on the french forum
Hello, after many hours of use and discussions on the french forum, here are our some
suggestions :
> Problem : Inability to have 3 decks FULL + sampler
> Description : The sampler allows a maximum size of small format, users can not have all the
information (including timecode control) which can be troublesome in the context of use 3 decks +
> Solution: Set up sampler full size 8 pads or creating a skin for the full-size sampler 4 decks.
> Problem : Implementation tedious at the launch of Traktor Scratch Pro 2 with Audio 6 / 10
> Description : At the launch of TSP2, the decks are automatically switched to audio THRU, forcing
to do 3 clicks per player : Click on the arrow, click on enable Deck, click OK, which become quite
problematic for the fast implementation of software.
> Solution: Create a menu at the opening of the software for the THRU feature for audio 6 / 10 sound
cards to streamline and optimize the implementation of TSP2. Based on the audio setup menu in
routing section, making a similar window that opens when you open traktor when audio 6 or 10 is
connected (see below). As it is engaged in a click or the decks you want "normal" (media + digital
audio file Timecoded classic), or maybe two decks (A + B / A + C / B + D / C + D ), or finally all
decks at once with all the button. It must not be very complicated to do as it is based on a principle
already integrated and more convenient than too much hassle in the evening to initiate and confirm the
touchpad each deck one after the other not?
> Problem: Confusion between relative marker and absolute marker on the stripe.
>Description: During mix on Timecoded media, when creating a loop in the software, the relative
marker (the playing position in software) stay "stuck" in the loop while the absolute marker (marker
position of cell on vinyl or laser / CD) continues to move in the stripe. Similarly, when calling cue
points, the distinction between the position of software playing (play position into the software) and
the absolute position reading (playing position on the physical timecoded media) become confused.
> Solution: Change playback markers at the stripe (color difference) or ability to disable the marker
absolute position.
> Problem: Unable to assign ranges of adjustment controls (LSB / MSB)
> Description: In some music software (eg Ableton Live), it is possible to assign a value range for a
given control. In fact, I wish I could say so and so's Kontrol X1's knob control of such value to such a
value so, for example, walking in 3 favorite playlist instead of the 12 or so, assign the shift + Dry /
Wet knob was the selection of the first quarter of effects, shift + parameter 1 knob to 2nd quarter ...
etc. So if I accept 20 effects, rather than only 1 knob control the 20 scrolls effects, I have 4 knobs of 4
groups of 5 effects, which is much more convenient.
> Solution: Implement a control range.
> Proposal: Improving the management of audio media in the browser.
> Description: Use the Stripe for its integration into an option as the comments that you can not view
or which would have an overall view of the track before loading (sound (spectrum mode) architecture
> Proposal: Export and import the TSI file in text format
> Description: On complex MIDI mapping (Kontrol S4 Xone DX, MC 6000 ...) It is sometimes
difficult to get an overview of the mapping to find errors or possible improvements due to the small
size of the window control manager. Allow export and import control file in text format, allow for
easier and faster editing of midi controllers.
> Proposal: Beatgrid "magnetic"
> Description: Unable to have stalled on the grid tracks BPM variable.
Solution: Create a beatgrid, which detect the color of the waveform so that the grid will hold directly
on it.
If beatgrid was based on these transitions, we observe the phase meter move right or left (yellow
arrow) from the master track. In manual mode, it would suffice to adjust continuously (eg jog S4). In
sync mode, we would see the pitch (red arrow) to move either up or down automatically to be always
in tune ....
The idea and pushing a little further, including the snap and quantification, this would give a
dimension traktor live more flexible ...
> Problem: Ability to load a sample into a slot in reading
> Description: There is no protection against the loading of a sample on a slot inadvertently read like
the tracks on the decks.
> Solution: Implement a function "load-only slots Into Stopped"
> Problem: Unable to use the tempo fader control timecode
> Description: Some users on turntables use the tempo fader control vinyl to increase the range of
effect of pitch fader with + / - 16% for example in order to sweep the entire range of pitch 33tr/min 8% to 45 rpm + 8%.
> Reset the fader control tempo like on a TSP.
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